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Brook & Renee


I watched the sweet, slow, sway of her hips as she moved through the "jungle" of vines, laughing to myself . This "Yankee girl" wasn't any 18-year-old virgin. In fact, while I detected some apprehension, I knew that she knew she was putting on quite a show for me, and determined to teach her a very sweet lesson in seduction… Southern style.

As we passed under a canopy of honeysuckle, I caught her wrist and stopped her progress for a moment.

Deliberately, I plucked a fresh sweet blossom from the vine and gently extracted the pistil and stamens from the bloom. A glistening drop of nectar clung to the base and I pressed it gently to her lips. "Taste the aphrodisiac of the south, Renee," I whispered.

Her lips had hardly touched the drop when her eyes softened, the lids becoming full and heavy. As the moisture touched her tongue, her breath seemed to stop. With eyes closed, she savored the sweetness of the flower. "I can see why you call it an aphrodisiac" she moaned softly, moving into the embrace of my arms.

A gentle breeze stirred the air around us and the scent of aroused female mingled with the heavy scent of honeysuckle. As she turned her face up and pressed her warm lips eagerly to mine, I could feel the tautness of her breasts against my chest. Her nipples stiff and straining against the soft cloth of her bra and blouse increased my arousal until it was full and obvious beneath the denim of my jeans.

Determined not to lose control, I gently pushed her away and set the picnic basket and blanket I was carrying on the soft leafy ground. It didn't calm the arousal, but I was able to regain some control as I spread the soft cloth under the overhanging foliage. This woman at this moment was my ultimate fantasy, and I wanted nothing to break the spell. Renee was as palpable in my mind as the mixed scent of her need and the cloying honeysuckle were in my olfactory senses. I knew that at the moment, she wanted me as much as I wanted her, but a fine wine only improves with the patience of aging.

Once the blanket was spread, I relaxed and stretched out on my back on the soft cloth. I left her to open the picnic basket and spread the food out. (I have to admit I was thinking of some scenes from the movie "Tom Jones," which today would be rather mild, but back then were VERY sensuous.) At that point, I began to wonder about my age and the difference between us. Little did I know that Renee had also enjoyed those scenes, recognizing the subtle innuendo of the "feast" scenes as a prelude to a sexual orgy.

Without warning, I found Renee stretched out on top of my supine body, with a warm and inviting smile. Her mood was infectious, and while the basket lay unopened, we began to roll and tease each other in the shade of our leafy bower.

I lost all sense of time as we played in the soft grass, kissing and teasing each until I found myself on top of her, arms pinned above her head, and her firm breasts suddenly thrusting up at me. The smile on her face changed from challenge to desire and as I lowered my lips to hers, I felt the surrender in her body.

Her legs spread and her pelvis rocked up against me in obvious need. As her thighs locked over my hips, I looked into the softness of her eyes and realized I had never seen such a beautiful shade of blue. "Love is Blue," a long ago tune by Claudine Auget, came to mind, and I knew at that moment why it had been one of my favorite songs. If ever in my life I had observed love in someone's eyes, it was at this very moment.

The tension between us had become so strong that as I began to undo the buttons on her blouse, her breath caught with each. Slowly I bared the soft white flesh of her breast. Beneath the plain white blouse, she wore a sheer bra through which the hard pink nipples thrust up beneath my gaze. I wondered why she bothered with such support, because there was no sag to them, and at the moment it was just an impediment to my warm lips.

I kissed slowly down the side of her cheek, neck and gently down to the displayed cleavage. As her breathing deepened, I stopped long enough to remove my shirt, baring my chest in anticipation of feeling her flesh against me. I felt the light touch of her fingernails against my nipples and down across my stomach and shivers ran down my spine.

Gradually, I moved her blouse down until it fell off her arms. Deliberately, I planted warm kisses on her nipples through the bra until I could stand it no longer, and released those lovely breasts into the warmth of my mouth. With each breath she took, I felt them swell and strain upward. The nipples were distended now, and her back arched to push them more fully into my welcoming warmth.

My hands worked down her back and lifted her to meet the tickling caress of my tongue. Her breasts seemed made to fit my eager ministrations. I have never been attracted to huge breasted women, and Renee fit my ideal without a second thought. I could take most of one into my mouth at one time, enjoying the feel of the stiff nipple rolling against my tongue, while I gently massaged the other with my free hand.

The increasing rock of her hips against me was having an effect that I wanted to prolong, so I pulled back once more… despite my most urgent desires.


Two could play at this game. I moved my hands inside her thighs and began to tease her, running my fingers under the waistband of her skirt. I felt the shudders run through her belly as my fingers lightly brushed the soft down above her sex. Without another word, Renee stood up and slid the skirt off, exposing herself to me completely. For a second she stood as Aphrodite, goddess of love, turning slowly to display the flare of her hips and the curve of her perfect legs.

She bent forward from the waist slowly, and I could see how ready she was. The swelling of her mons was as obvious as the sheen of lubrication moistening the slightly parted lips. The scent of her was compelling and I wanted to press my lips to those flowing petals and taste a nectar even sweeter than the honeysuckle around us, but before I could act, she lowered herself onto my belly.

Gently she straddled my loins, the wetness of her desire coating me and enlarging my already aroused maleness. As she slid backwards up my chest, she began to gently tease my stiffened shaft with her fingertips. The sensation was overwhelming, and I was on the verge of losing control. The spread of her lovely cheeks was so close to my face now that I could make out the steady trickle of her welcoming secretions.

I placed my hands on her hips and guided her sex to my eager lips. My tongue gently probed her and she shuddered with obvious pleasure. I let my lips caress hers, kissing the soft skin of her inner thighs and finally teasing the stiff bud of her clitoris. The effect was electric. The flow of her coated my lips and chin, running in rivulets down the side of my neck and filling my nostrils with sweet musk. I felt her tongue touch the end of my shaft, gently tickling the opening and causing my own lubrication to begin.

Renee slid down and stood up again, turning to face me as she did so. Her eyes were heavy lidded and her mouth full and sensuous. As I held her gaze, she lowered herself slowly onto me, her sex opening wider in anticipation as she squatted over my distended organ.

I reached up and guided her hips down and as we both watched, the tip slowly penetrated the heated tunnel and slid deeply into her welcoming belly. She let out the breath she had been holding in a long, deep sigh of pleasure as her loins pressed hard against mine. I felt the tight squeeze of her vaginal muscles gripping me in that luscious furnace, and I dared not move. Her heat and wetness surrounded me and I knew I was on the verge of filling her with my seed.

An eternity seemed to pass before either of us dared to move. Slowly she raised herself, exposing my now glistening shaft. As if reluctant to release it, her lower lips distended as it began the slow journey out of her.

Renee arched her back, supporting herself on hands and feet. Her swollen breasts and stiff nipples raised to the sky above, she exposed herself completely. I arched up to thrust once more into her as she began lowering her pelvis again. In moments we were thrusting with ever increasing need.

Just when I knew I could hold out no longer, she cried out, calling for me to take her and in seconds, I felt the gush of additional fluid drench me. The stream of hot liquid flowed down the length of my buried shaft and ran like hot oil over my balls and buttocks. Immediately, I felt the spasms start as I joined her in joyous release. The shudders rolled up my legs and my belly as I arched hard up, gripping her hips and burying myself as deep in her as possible. I seemed to extend in length as my hot jets burst into her over and over again.

Renee writhed and sobbed, grinding her warm sex hard against me as she reached a second, stronger orgasm. I felt the viselike squeeze of her inner muscles and came even harder, working myself frantically deeper into her, as we both gasped and quivered. Our whole world focused on the fleshly link between us.

Entranced, I watched as small beads of sweat ran from her breasts, dripping onto my chest from her nipples. Slowly the world came back into focus. As our heartbeats and breathing slowed, Renee went limp and lay her head on my shoulder. I was still inside her as she kissed the side of my neck and cheek in sweet silence.

In moments, her breathing deepened as she drifted off to sleep in the warm afterglow and musky smell of our mixed sexual secretions. The last thought I had as I drifted into relaxed sleep was that I had searched for all my life for this woman and I would never let her go.

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