tagLoving WivesBrooke Claims Her Prize Pt. 03

Brooke Claims Her Prize Pt. 03


Brooke turns towards me with a devious smile. "There's no going back now baby." She says to me with attitude and confidence.

I'm uncertain how to respond. I know I want this. At the same time I'm nervous about how things are going to go.

"Come on, lets go to my apartment. I want to take more pictures of us." Brooke says as she grabs my hand and begins walking towards the parking lot. "That's my car right there. Follow me to my place, and if your phone rings you better not answer it."

Before Brooke I had no idea how much of a turn on it was to have a woman take complete control. Her confidence, demanding nature, and playfulness have me captivated.

Moments later I'm in my car following Brooke. My phone is ringing off the hook. A combination of calls and texts ensues for the next 20 minutes. Finally we arrive at Brooke's apartment complex. It's not exactly what you would call fancy. Somewhat run down, in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood. I pull into a parking spot right next to Brooke, shut the car off, and hop out.

Brooke is already out of her car and walking towards me. "Did she call you?" Brooke asks me.

"Pretty much continuously." I respond.

"But you did as I told you right?" Brooke asks.

"Of course." I tell her.

That amazing smile of hers again. A minute later we are walking into her apartment. Considering how well she is dressed, I'm surprised at how unkempt her place is. Clothes and boxes everywhere. I guess she did just move across country. I'm sure she's not always this messy.

I look over at Brooke in that amazing blue dress. Any concerns I have about her apartment immediately fade away. She's looking at me. Actually staring intently at me.

Brooke bites her lower lip in a seductive way. "Jake, I want you to take care of me now." She tells me. "Let's make this something to remember. I want to start off right." She continues.

At that I move towards her and grab her firmly by the waist. I pull her towards me and our lips come together with force. The kiss is explosive. Our lips fit together...perfectly. Our tongues dance in and out of each others mouths. She takes my tongue into her mouth and bites down on it gently before beginning to suck on it. She has me in heaven. I hope beyond all else that i can do the same for her.

Brooke grabs my button up shirt at the middle with both hands and yanks her hands apart. I watch as the buttons fly off my shirt and onto the floor. A second later she's got my nipple in her mouth and is biting down...hard.

I resist the urge to yelp. Biting my lip to hold the pain in. She then moves to my other nipple, but this time she uses her tongue and plays with my nipple flicking it with her tongue. I'm focused on her tongue against my nipple when I feel her hands on the front of my shorts. My cock is hard, and she's stoking it. I'm completely lost in the moment.

Brooke works her hands magically and undoes the button and zipper like a pro. She then yanks my shorts down, underwear and all. With my shorts around my ankles Brooke drops to her knees and grabs my cock and squeezes it hard. She keeps a very VERY tight hold of it, bordering on painful. She holds the grip for what seems like an eternity while looking up at me.

"This is mine." Brooke says with authority. "You don't touch it unless you're thinking about me, and you definitely don't cum unless I'm there to make it happen."

I nod my head in affirmation.

"Do you understand that?" She asks me.

"Yes, absolutely fucking yes." I tell her with one hundred percent sincerity.

"Excellent." Brooke says.

She releases her death hold on my cock and gives it a kiss right on the tip. She then licks the pre cum from the tip of my cock. A second later she grabs onto my cock again. Brooke rises and turns to walk away, still holding onto my cock. I have no choice but to follow, or more accurately, to be dragged behind her. Brooke drags me through the living room and down a hallway before pulling me into her bedroom.

Her bedroom is dark. Everything is dark. Burgundy curtains are closed and blocking out most of the light from the window. Two lamps with black shades cast a dim light across two corners of the room. Her bed is a giant four poster. The posts rise from the headboard and foot board about six feet high. Her bedding matches the curtains. Several dark candles sit on her dresser and bedside tables.

While I'm taking in this almost macabre room, Brooke lets go of my cock.

"Lie down lover." She demands.

I obediently do as she demands. As I'm laying back I watch as Brooke reaches behind her and undoes her bra. The straps drop to her side and the only thing holding her bra up is her sexy dress. She then reaches up and pulls both of her straps over her shoulders and moves her hands down to her sides. Brooke begins shimmying her body sensually causing the dress to slip down. The dress and bra both slowly drop down her body to the floor exposing her entire body. All she has on now are heels. Apparently she wasn't wearing panties. Why does that not surprise me?

"Do you like what you see Jake? Brooke asks me.

My cock is sticking straight up. I look at my cock, then at her. "You are breathtaking. I have never been more attracted to a woman in my entire life." I tell her honestly.

"I know you're telling me the truth." Brooke tells me.

"How do you know that?" I ask her.

"I can see in your eyes that I have you wrapped around my finger. I've gotten into your head. You are like a puppy dog, waiting for my approval and affection." Brooke tells me. That pretty much hit the nail on the head.

She watches as her words cause my cock to bounce up and down, and my breathing becomes more rapid. "See, my mere words cause your heart to beat faster and your cock to come alive. I bet no other girl has done that to you. Especially that bitch wife of yours." Brooke continues.

I shake my head. "No woman has ever made me feel like you do Brooke." I tell her.

Brooke then kicks her shoes off and walks over to me. "Did you grab the ring like I asked?" Brooke asks me.

"Yes, it's in my shorts." I tell her.

Brooke walks out of the room and grabs my shorts. As she's coming back into the room she reaches into the front pocket. A second later she slips her hand out holding the ring. She walks over and hands it to me.

"Here, slip it on my finger." Brooke instructs me as she holds out her left ring finger.

I slip it over her long, slender finger. It's a little loose, but fits surprisingly well. Brooke then walks over to her dresser and grabs her phone. She walks back over to me, then grabs my cock with her left hand, twisting her hand so that the ring is facing her and is pressing against my cock. She then aims the phone at my cock and snaps a pic.

Brooke then slips up next to me so that we are shoulder to shoulder. She pushes her head up against mine. The feeling of her soft hair against my skin is amazing. The smell is equally amazing. Brooke extends her arm as far out as she can to take a selfie.

Looking at ourselves in the screen I am awestruck at how great we look together. Just within the frame of the screen you can see her perfect, large, and firm natural breasts. Brooke is smiling into the phone with her standard devious smile.

"Smile baby." She tells me. I do as I'm told.

While she's holding the phone out with her right hand Brooke extends her left hand out making sure the ring is showing. She then extends her middle finger out.

"Flip her off." Brooke demands. I again do as I'm told.

The flash goes off.

Brooke pulls the phone up as she leans into me so I can see what she's typing. I see that Jess has sent her several messages. They are not friendly. Brooke begins to type.

After she finishes typing she holds the phone up to me. It reads:

"Listen bitch, you need to calm the fuck down. See your wedding ring? It's mine now. Your husband just slipped it on my finger. I told him to make sure he brought it with him, he's a good boy. He does exactly as I ask. That's what a real women can get your husband, or should i say, ex husband to do."

She then attaches the picture of us flipping off the camera and the picture of her holding my cock.

"Wait, I think we need to attach one more picture. Baby, run out to the kitchen and grab a piece of paper and a sharpie would you."

"Of course." I tell her. I jump up and do as she asks. A moment later I'm back in the room.

"Write this down on the paper." Brooke instructs me.

"Her pussy is so much better than yours XOXOXO, your ex-husband."

I look up at her. I briefly have a moment of hesitation about being this cruel. She sees my hesitation and gives me a stern look. My hesitation fades away. I smile at her and move over to write the words on the paper.

When I'm finished Brooke tells me to come back over to the bed.

"Now lie on your back again lover." She tells me.

Once I'm on my back. She slides up and lowers her pussy down onto my face. She's perfectly shaved and her pussy looks perfect in every way. Her pussy smells intense, in a good way. There is a small black spade tattoo about an inch above her pussy where there should be pubic hair. I'm completely mesmerized.

"Taste me." Brooke demands. I stick my tongue deep inside her. She's very wet. Her pussy tastes different. It's strong. Unlike anything I have ever tasted before. I wonder to myself, how have i been so lucky to meet such a goddess?

If i could find a way to describe the taste of her pussy, it is slightly salty, but with an almost electric taste, like delicious grapefruit. Lingering after those tastes fade is a hint of sweetness. Just amazing.

As I'm letting my mind get lost in the amazing taste I hear Brooke's voice.

"I told you i taste better than her." Brooke says.

Her juices are all over my face.

"Hold the paper right beside your head." Brooke tells me.

Brooke then reaches down with her left hand and grabs a handful of my hair, again making sure the ring is facing the camera. A second later her pussy is pressing hard against my face. Flash. Another picture.

Brooke climbs off and scoots next to me again.

"Don't worry babe, you'll get to taste her again in just a minute. Here, how do these pics look?" All three look amazing. Brooke then adds a little more text to the message and pictures.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of your ex-husband. Once he's done eating my pussy and making me cum all over his lips and tongue, I'm going to let him inside me. I'm sure he'll cum in seconds since he's never had pussy like this before. I'll let him cum inside of me. I'm fertile right now. Maybe we'll send you pregnancy picture updates while we're getting ready for the baby that you could never give him. Your husband's new lover, Brooke"

My mouth is agape at how cruel this woman can be. I've never met anyone like her.

Brooke than presses the send button. We both keep our eyes on the screen. The message takes a while to send because of the attached photos. About a minute goes by before the message shows "delivered". A minute later it says "read".

Brooke laughs. "I wonder if she's crying yet?" Her cruelty seems to know no bounds.

"I need you to make me cum." Brooke says. She the slides down onto her back and spreads her legs. "Eat my pussy and make me cum before you fuck me Jake." She demands.

I scoot down and move in between her open legs and start licking her pussy. Slowly at first before I start shoving my tongue deep inside her. I swear, her juices are like a narcotic. I cannot get enough of the amazing taste. This is the kind of pussy that would make ANY man do anything she asked.

As I'm licking her pussy I stick my a finger in her and hook it up. This gets her going. Brooke wraps her legs around my shoulders and grabs my head and pushes me into her pussy while grinding hard. She then starts bucking her hips.

"Mother fucker! Eat that pussy Jake. I love it." She screams.

A second later she is gushing. My face is drenched. I had never been with a squirter before. I thought it was a myth. I'm lapping up all of her juices as fast as I can. This is glorious.

Brooke must have cum for over a minute before she finally stopped flowing into my mouth and onto my face. She was bucking like wild and moaning the entire time. When she finally stopped she pulled her legs back from around my shoulders and placed both of her feet on my shoulders. With one of her feet on each of my shoulders she then pushes me back away from her pussy. She keeps pushing until I am at the foot of the bed.

"Get on the floor Jake." She tells me. "I want you on your knees."

I move from the bed to the floor and sit on my knees facing her. Brooke scoots herself to the edge of the bed and puts one of her feet back up on my shoulder. Just feeling her touch gives me goose bumps. She takes her other foot and holds it just in front of my face.

"Do you like my pedicure?" She asks me.

Her petite, perfectly manicured toes are painted dark red. "They are perfect." I tell her. "Just like the rest of you."

Brooke smiles down at me. "Lick." She instructs as she pushes the bottom of her foot up to my mouth.

My heart is beating heavy and the butterflies are racing around in my stomach at the mere thought of submitting to her like this. I eagerly stick my tongue out and begin slowly, sensually licking the bottom of her foot. I began at her heel and make sure I cover every single millimeter of her foot until I had cleaned her entire sole. I then focused my attention on her toes, getting my tongue in between her toes.

"Here, let me give you a little treat." Brooke says to me as she forces her toes into my mouth. It is a treat. I take first her big toe, and then several more into my mouth and suck on all of them, making sure my tongue dances in between each of her toes. Eventually she forces all of her toes into my mouth. Once all of her toes are in she begins pushing the entire front of her foot in and out of my mouth.

"Open wider lover." She demands. I open my mouth as wide as I can.

She's basically fucking my mouth with her foot. She sees that I can take no more and pulls her toes out of my mouth. Saliva is all over her toes and dripping from my mouth.

"Your turn." She says as she pulls her other foot off my shoulder and tells me to do the same thing for this foot. I pay every bit as much attention to that foot , licking it from bottom to top, and then sucking on her toes until I can no longer take any more into my mouth.

When I'm done she smiles down at me. "You are my perfect match Jake." She tells me. "So eager to please. So obedient. I think I might just have to keep you."

"I sure hope so." I tell her.

"Now get up here and fuck me Jake." Brooke tells me. "And fuck me like your life depends on it. I have very high expectations. If you don't fuck me good enough I might just have to find another lover."

"No pressure." I reply to her as I stand up. My cock is still rock hard and pointing straight at her.

"Give me that cock lover!" Brooke demands.

It wasn't hard to put in a superstar performance considering how turned on she had me, how sexy she was, and how much I cared about pleasing her. Usually the first time you have sex with a person there are a few growing pains. Brooke and I had talked for so long that we each knew exactly what the other person wanted. It was almost like we were old lovers re-acquainted.

For hours on end we fucked. Every position imaginable. As the early morning rolled around we both realized that this fuck session eventually had to come to an end. My cock was raw. My pelvic bone red and sore. I had scratch marks up and down my back and bite marks all over my chest.

Brooke looked every bit as battered. Her loins were red and swollen, her ass cheeks were red and I had left bite marks all over her upper back and shoulders.

As we layed back in bed, shoulder to shoulder, drenched in sweat. The sheets soaked in a mixture of sweat and cum I looked over at her. Brooke was already looking at me.

"Did I please you?" I ask her.

She gives me her trademark sly smile. "You were amazing Jake." She tells me.

She then rolls over onto her shoulder so she's looking directly at me. I roll over so that we are face to face.

"Tell me!" Brooke says from out of nowhere. She adds nothing else to those two words.

Tell her what? I think to myself. My mind is racing. What does she want me to tell her? She's a demanding goddess. I don't want to say the wrong thing. I decide that the only thing I can tell her is the truth.

I look even more intently into her eyes. "I love you. I belong to you. Everything I have is yours, and everything about me belongs to you and you alone." I tell her.

An even bigger smile crosses her face. "Exactly what I wanted to hear Jake." Brooke tells me. "This has gone even better than I'd hoped for, and even quicker than I'd expected."

"So you had a plan for how this was going to go?" I ask Brooke.

She laughs. "Of course I did silly boy. I didn't think I'd have taken you completely away from your wife on our first meeting. I thought it would take a little longer than that. But i knew it would happen." Brooke tells me.

"So what now?" I ask her.

"Well, we go to sleep and when we wake up we fuck some more." She tells me. "And then you take me out to breakfast and we discuss the details."

"What details are those?" I ask.

"Well, we figure out if you are moving in with me, or if we are going to kick that bitch wife of yours out and live in your place. It's probably nicer than my place, so I'm thinking that's where we'll live. Maybe your ex-wife can move into this shithole." Brooke says with a laugh.

"What kind of car does that bitch drive?" Brooke asks me.

"A Mercedes C350." I tell her.

"Is it in your name or hers?" Brooke then asks.

"It's in my name." I respond awestruck at the depths to which Brooke will go in her conquest. I wonder to myself if this is as much about her domination over my wife as it is about claiming me for herself.

"Perfect. I'm tired of my Honda. You'll find a way to make the Mercedes mine won't you baby." Brooke asks of me.

"Of course I will." I tell her.

Brooke leans towards me and kisses me softly on the lips. "What an evening it's been. Goodnight love." Brooke says to me.

"Goodnight my love." I tell her.

Brooke places her head on my shoulder, drapes her arm across my chest, and sweeps her leg across my thighs.

I am both physically and emotionally exhausted. I need to sleep, but my mind won't stop trying to process all that's happened the past 12 or so hours. How am I going to do everything Brooke is demanding of me? It's obvious that I'm now getting a divorce, but it's not like Jess will just lie down and let me give everything to Brooke.

Maybe Brooke was just getting caught up in the moment when she said that we should move into the house, and give Jess' Mercedes to her. But maybe not. These thoughts are racing through my head when I'm startled by Brooke's voice.

"I can tell you're not sleeping." Brooke says.

"I just can't turn my brain off." I tell her.

"What exactly is on your mind? Brooke asks.

I tell her all the things I've been thinking and all of my concerns about how things are going to play out with Jess.

"Look at me Jake." Brooke tells me. I turn my head towards her.

"Jake, I see that you just don't get it. I chose you because you are an ambitious man, a man of action, and because you stimulated me mentally. Thank god you know how to stimulate me physically too." Brooke says with a little chuckle. I lie there looking intently into her eyes.

"The way I have bent you to my will was not an anomaly. I have that affect on people. Just give me a little time with that wife of yours. After I've confronted her several times she'll come around. When I show up at your house, at her work, and when you guys have arranged a time to talk, and I just show up unannounced, she'll realize that there is nothing she can do about it. She'll understand that I am the better woman. That I am smarter, more devious, and that I have a hold on you in just a short time like she never had in all your years together." Brooke tells me.

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