tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrooke Cleans House

Brooke Cleans House


"Rick will pay you in cash when you finish the job. I know he's good for it," Al Cooper insisted to Brooke, his beautiful 18 year old stepdaughter. "All he needs is somebody to help him tidy up the place and get it ready to be inspected by potential buyers. It won't take you more than a couple of hours at the most."

The young African American had some doubts. Richard Phillips, the man she was supposed to be working for that morning, is known to be something of a lecher, especially for young hotties such as herself. She wasn't all that bothered by that, because she loves sex of all kinds, maybe more than the man she would be working for. The only reason for any reluctance was that, she likes to choose her own partners, and the 40 year old white friend of her step-father did not have much appeal to her.

However, she had no problem with doing a little housework for him, and she could certainly use the money, so she put aside her doubts. After telling him she would do it, Al called his friend's cell phone to let him know they were on their way, and she rode with him to the house where she would be working that morning.

"Hi, Rick," they both greeted him when he opened the door to let them in.

"Hi, Al. Hi Brooke," he returned their greeting, shaking his friend's hand and smiling at the beautiful young woman he had brought with him.

She is certainly somebody to smile at, with her dark eyes and long, black hair which she was wearing pulled back away from her pretty face with the clear, mil- chocolate complexion. Although her face is attractive, it cannot compare with her voluptuous figure, with luscious breasts barely contained in the white t-shirt. As usual, Brooke was not wearing a bra, and her big, dark brown nipples stood out clearly through the thin fabric. Below her waist, she was equally alluring, wearing red shorts that were stretched tightly over her curvy ass and clearly displayed a cameltoe in the front.

This was her normal attire; she was not particularly putting on a show for any man, least of all one who did not appeal to her sexually. She just likes to dress in that provocative manner.

After chatting for a few minutes, Al Left, and Rick turned to the sexy young woman who was alone in the house with him. "Let's get started in the kitchen," he suggested. "Before we get too busy, though, how about a cold drink?"

That seemed like a great idea to Brooke, because it was a hot day, and she was thirsty and perspiring already. Rick was very aware of this last fact, especially from the way her tight t-shirt was starting to turn translucent and cling to his sexy helper's gorgeous breasts. They started for the kitchen, where he got a fifth of vodka and ice and orange juice from the refrigerator.

Brooke had been expecting Kool-Aid, or maybe even a small glass of beer, but she said nothing when two ice cubes were placed in a large tumbler, well over five ounces of vodka was added, and the glass was filled the rest of the way with orange juice. Rick also prepared a drink for himself, with not even close to that quantity of vodka, and watched, smiling, as she thirstily drank the strong highball. When Brooke's glass was empty, she picked up a cloth, wetted it in the sink, and climbed to the top of a step stool to start wiping the doors of the kitchen cabinets.

Rick stood and watched the young hotty work. For one thing, he admired the way her sexy body, especially her ass, swayed as she applied the elbow grease. More importantly, he wanted to be there when the vodka hit her, first to keep her from falling but mostly so he could carry Brooke off to the nearby bed and do what he had been wanting to do ever since he first saw her. He had paid Al handsomely to bring his stepdaughter over for what he expected to be a hot sex session, and he would be paying her the agreed upon amount for as much time as she spent in the house. The total cost to him would be quite substantial, but he considered the expense to be well worth the pleasure he planned to get from her gorgeous body.

As she swished the wet cloth over the wooden surfaces, Brooke started feeling a bit dizzy, and wondered what was wrong with her. At her age, she was not at all accustomed to hard liquor, although she did drink an occasional beer or small glass of wine. She didn't believe there could have been enough alcohol in just that one drink to have much effect on her, certainly not nearly enough to make her feel the way she was starting to feel. Concerned about falling off the step stool, she turned to the man who was standing close behind her to ask for his help.

"Rick, can you help me down from here? I don't know why, but I'm feeling sort of off balance."

"Of course, Brooke. We can't have you falling down and getting hurt now, can we?"

He held out his arms, and she leaned on him, pressing her succulent breasts against his chest, and stepped off the stool. He held her snugly against his body before setting her on her feet on the floor, with his arms still around her, but with his hands cupping her curvaceous ass cheeks.

They stood like that for a few minutes with his hands gently caressing her ass. Brooke realized she had never before noticed how strong Rick was, and how handsome, nor had she ever been aware of how nice it felt to be held in his arms. Even his hands stroking her ass and hips felt good, because she loves sexual attentions of any kind from almost any man or woman, and the guy holding her up had just joined that very large group.

"Do you want to lie down?" the very desirable man asked her.

"Where? Do you have a bed here?" She looked up at him and grinned impishly when she queried him about the presence of a bed. Sex was never that far from her mind anyhow, and it was getting much closer as she relaxed against the sweet and handsome older man's chest.

"Yes, it's in here," he replied as he picked her up and started to carry Brooke to the living room. "I knew I would be staying here for a few days, so I brought my bed over." As he carried her, she wrapped her arm around Rick's neck, blew a kiss into is ear and giggled drunkenly.

The bed was the only piece of furniture in the house, which was being offered for sale, and he gently lay her down on it. Brooke rolled onto her back, looked up at the man standing above her and wondered again why she had never noticed until then how strong and handsome and desirable he was. She smiled and raised her arms in an unmistakable invitation to him to join her.

Without hesitation he accepted, and she turned onto her side to face him. He slid his right arm under her waist, pulled her willing form against himself and leaned toward her for a kiss. Her face came forward to meet him and, as their lips met, Brooke opened her mouth wide and thrust her tongue forward so it could get better acquainted with his. While both pairs of lips were grinding together, Rick slid his free hand under her t-shirt to gently take hold of one big, soft breast, elated to discover that, as he had been sure of, it was completely natural.

She pulled her tongue free from his mouth, giggled and made him another offer he could not refuse. "Can you get a good enough feel like that or do you want me to take it off?"

Before he could answer, Brooke sat up and crossed her arms in front of herself to take hold of the hem of her t-shirt and pull it off over her head. Her gorgeous breasts bounced and swayed as she wadded up the wet garment, threw it onto the floor and lay back down facing Rick, who quickly cupped his hand under one of the enticing globes. So far, his plan was working even better than he could have hoped for.

Kissing her lips had been fun, but Rick had better things to do with his mouth. He pulled his other arm out from under her and cupped a breast in either hand so he could move his face back and forth and pay the homage due to Brooke's twin treasures. As he kissed and licked them, he could hear her deep breaths and feel her delightful body squirming against him.

"Here, let me help you," she murmured, and rolled onto her back to hold her breasts up for his mouth to pleasure.

It was a great deal of help, because the lovely mounds with their erect nipples were more accessible to his mouth than they had been, and his own hands were free to caress the rest of Brooke's sexy body all the way down to her soft Mount of Venus. From there, one hand slipped down into her shorts -- they had an elastic waistband rather than a belt -- where it met only skin, and no cloth and hardly any pubic hair. As he had thought, the young hotsy wasn't wearing any undergarment there either.

While his tongue and mouth were worshipping her lovely breasts, Rick reached down with his hands, hooked both thumbs in the elastic and started to push the shorts down. Brooke grinned lewdly at him and, while still holding her breasts up to his mouth, raised her ass from the bed. He eased her only piece of clothing down around her hips and cheeks and moved down toward the foot of the bed to finish removing them from her body. Before pulling the shorts the rest of the way down around her feet, he took off her sox and sneakers. When he was through, the beautiful young woman was totally naked, grinning lasciviously, and lying on her back while holding her breasts so they could continue being pleasured by Rick's mouth.

That's not the only thing she had in mind. "Why don't you take off your clothes too?" she suggested. "It's a lot more fun for both of us that way."

He could think of nothing he wanted to do more than have as much fun as he could so, while keeping his pants on, he peeled off his shirt and sat on the bed to remove his own footwear. When he was done, he lay back down beside the hotsy and resumed licking her adorable breasts. Brooke responded exactly as he hoped and expected, squirming under his face and cooing in pleasure.

Besides those reactions, as she grew more sexually excited, her pussy started lubricating, releasing a truly delectable fragrance into the air. Rick knew what to do about that so, although they were the most beautiful breasts he had ever licked or fondled, he left them and kissed and nuzzled his way down her sexy plump body toward her pussy. When he reached her mons, he kissed the soft brown mound and got off the bed to get back on at the foot.

Brooke had been watching him and, when Rick approached her widely spread legs, she asked him "Do you wanna eat my hot little pussy?"

"Yeah. More than anything." He ducked so she could raise her legs and rest them on his shoulders.

"Okay, but you gotta stick your finger in my hot little booty." In case he had any trouble understanding what she meant, Brooke reached down to spread her ass cheeks for him.

This was another thing Rick had no problem doing, so he wetted the middle finger of his right hand and eased it into the hole she was holding open for him. While slowly moving the finger in and out of the cooing woman's ass, he wrapped his left arm around her waist so his face was inches from her pussy.

From a distance, the aroma of her juices had been delectable; from a few inches away, it was almost intoxicating. While the middle finger of his right hand was plunging slowly in and out of Brooke's ass, he spread her slit with the fingers and thumb of his other hand. A great cloud of her fragrance arose to pleasure his nostrils, and he looked into the pink aperture, which was wet with her juices. Some had already spattered onto her thighs, and he licked them off, finding them just as delicious as he expected them to be.

"Mmmmm, that feels good," Brooke encouraged him. "Keep doing that, to my pussy and my booty."

Rick needed no encouragement, because the hotsy's pussy was probably the most beautiful one he had ever seen. She closely trims with a clipper, but does not shave her pubic area. There was a lovely expanse of soft, brown skin that ended at a thin line of curly black hair bordering on the slit which had been the source of the delectable aroma that had delighted his nostrils. She was highly aroused, and her pussy lips, dusky pink and swollen with her lust, had blossomed all the way through.

There were a few more drops of the fragrant juices that had trickled onto her thighs from the pink hole that was their source, and Rick bent down and licked it off one of them. It was so delicious he avidly applied his tongue to the other leg until that one was clean also. From there, he started licking her crotch, catching all the freshest nectar that was dripping from her adorable pink hole until he had gotten all that too. Besides the ambrosia her pussy was producing, he was rewarded by hearing the beautiful young woman cooing in joy and feeling her body squirming under him.

Eating Brooke's gorgeous pussy was an even greater treat than Rick could have imagined, but the greatest sensation of all was the way she felt to his tongue and lips. Her thighs had been truly a delight when he licked her there; her crotch had slightly more texture and, when he started on an outer lip, she was as soft and smooth as the finest satin, but alive and vital. Her pussy had started to writhe under him, and those erotic movements made the whole experience even more heavenly.

Taking his time, and reveling in what he was doing, Rick's tongue caressed that outer lip all the way to Brooke's mons, where he kissed her and raised his face to see her reaction to what he was doing. He couldn't have asked for anything better. The brown hotsy's sexy body was writhing in front of him, while her breasts swayed enticingly. Her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow, with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open in a smile of bliss. He smiled too, and his mouth returned to below her pink hole, where he devoured all the fresh nectar before starting to do the same to her other outer lip.

His tongue fondled this one the same way, but moving more slowly, as Rick reveled in the exquisite smoothness of the skin. She had apparently trimmed her pussy hair just before coming over, because there was no stubble, just brown skin, so soft and smooth and vibrant it felt like a silk scarf that had been left in the sun. Once again, he stopped when he reached her mons and kissed her there. Her sexy body was still writhing under his face; her pussy had started to involuntarily fuck up against his mouth and her ass was thrusting out against his hand, as if to take his finger even more deeply inside. When he looked, Rick saw Brooke's precious clit was so swollen it had pushed its way almost all the way out from under its protective hood.

He could have taken the engorged morsel into his mouth then and brought the hotsy to an orgasm, but eating her pussy was so much fun he wanted to keep doing it until she had reached the apex of her sexual excitement. After feasting on all the fresh nectar, Rick turned his right hand, while continuing to thrust the middle finger into Brooke's ass. He rested his chin on the back of the hand and started probing the tip of his tongue against the bottom rim of her dripping pink hole, catching the drops of fresh juices that flicked out to please his taste buds.

Her movements became even wilder as Rick started moving his tongue up one side of that pink hole, probing against the edge and exploring under her inner lips. Back and forth he moved his tongue between the soft sides of Brooke's precious love hole, dipping into the bubbling cauldron to taste the nectar every time he changed sides. When he reached the top of that hole, he kept thrusting his tongue against the edge while looking upward at the state of her clit. The sweet little morsel had pushed its way completely clear of its hood, and he also observed how her thighs muscles had turned slightly outward, presenting her pussy more fully to his mouth. She was as aroused as she would get, and it was time to take her clit into his mouth and suck until she climaxed.

"Yes! Yes! Suck my clit!" Brooke implored when she felt the little cutie being engulfed in Rick's mouth.

That was what he wanted to do, and his mouth started its sucking action in the same tempo as Brooke's pussy ramming up against his face. While his lips formed a seal at the base, his tongue caressed the top and sides of the swollen morsel while the sexy young woman's movements became even more erratic, until she uttered a joyous cry.

"Oh god! Oh, god! I'm coming. Keep sucking my clit."

He pulled his finger free from her ass so he could hold on with both arms, but Brooke didn't seem to notice. Her thighs clamped around Rick's head and she grabbed two handfuls of his hair, as if to keep him from leaving, although he wouldn't have wanted to do that even if the house had suddenly caught on fire. Her legs swung wildly from side to side as her ass bounced up and down on the mattress, jamming her pussy against his mouth. He hung on and enjoyed the wild ride until she sang out ecstatically as she climaxed. Her back arched, and all her muscles clenched, thrusting her pussy against the older man's face for a final time. If Rick had left his finger in her ass, it might have been broken.

After her great orgasm, Brooke totally relaxed, with her arms flopping at her sides and her legs releasing their grip but remaining draped over the shoulders of the man who had brought it about. He moved back slightly, then buried his face in her crotch to devour most of the juices she had just produced. He licked them from her legs, belly, crotch and lips, but left whatever was in the pink hole that had been its source. He urgently needed to fuck her, and the slippery fluid would be needed to perform its natural function of lubrication.

After swallowing everything he would allow himself, Rick backed off the bed to remove his pants and underwear. Before completing his disrobing, he took a plastic packet containing a condom from his pocket. When he was naked, he rolled the protection onto his cock and climbed back onto the bed where Brooke was still lying on her back with her eyes closed and a smile of bliss on her pretty brown face. When she felt him getting back on the bed, she opened her eyes and grinned lewdly at the big, hard cock that was aiming at her pussy.

"I love the way you ate my pussy, Rick. I hope you can get me off just as good with your dick."

He smiled confidently, knelt between her legs and leaned forward to support his weight on one hand while the other guided his stiff shaft. Brooke grinned even more lewdly and reached down to spread her pussy lips. When Rick felt the tip of his cock make contact with the delightful hole she was creating, he rubbed it in the wetness to spread her natural lubrication. With everything ready, he thrust forward and felt the head wedge between the edges of his goal.

"Ooooo, yeah," the sexy young woman murmured. "That feels really good. Keep sticking that big dick in me."

It felt really good to Rick too, and he thrust forward again and felt most of his shaft slide into the tight but dripping wet hole. Brooke's lush body was already writhing on the bed under him, and he marveled at what a hot piece she was. With one more thrust, the rest of his shaft was inside her, and he could feel his pubic hair brushing against the bare skin of her pussy.

Brooke felt it too, and the additional stimulation made her moan more loudly and her body move even more erotically. During fucking or whatever other sexual activities she is involved in, she prefers total nakedness and full skin on skin contact, so she raised her arms in another unmistakable invitation. Rick responded to this one too, and lay atop her, but with almost all his weight supported on his knees and forearms. He could feel Brooke's hands resting on his shoulders and her rigid nipples digging into his chest, but she was free to move under him as much as she wanted.

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