tagFetishBrooke, Sexy Sister-in-Law Ch. 01

Brooke, Sexy Sister-in-Law Ch. 01


It was Memorial Day weekend when I and my wife went to visit her mother's. It would be a full house as her sister and husband would be staying as well. I was told that we might go swimming and I secretly hoped my sister-in-law would pick a small bathing suit.

Her name was Brooke and I had a big crush on her. She was thirty years old which was about eight years older than I was. Brooke was a dark brunette with glimmering blue eyes and pale red lips. I would guess she was a couple inches over five feet and about 130 pounds. She had beautiful double-D breasts that didn't drag like so many other busty women with a very luscious ass. She was a prime cut of woman.

Sometimes we kind of flirted. Nothing big but there were little things. For instance, I was sitting in the living room and she bent over to rummage through a magazine pile. She bent over in a way that tightened her dark blue jeans around her succulent ass and revealed an inch or so of her butt crack. With the fan on, she knew that her pants were pulling down but she kept both hands on the magazines.

Then there was another time when she came out of the shower with just a towel on. She walked around in front of me with her wonderful tits nearly popping out. I knew she was showing off and trying to make me uncomfortable. I just wanted to pull that towel off and start sucking her nipples.

The day came when we went swimming. She had chosen a two piece black bathing suit. As we swam I kept glancing at her tits and ass hoping that no one noticed. After we had swam for a couple hours we returned to my mother-in-law's house. Brooke jumped into the shower and all I could think of was that she was naked in the same house I was in.

Eventually, she finished her shower and I heard her brushing her hair. At one point, she left the bathroom with the light on and her hygienic stuff out to go and talk to her mom. I stole into the bathroom under the guise of "having to go real bad". Then I saw them hanging around the door handle. I knew I was seconds away from smelling the sweet cunt of my sister-in-law. In the meantime, I looked through her stuff on the counter.

I pulled my pants down and used her brush to comb my pubic hair. I unscrewed a bottle of lotion that had an opening about an inch and a half wide which allowed me to stick the very tip of my penis in it. It was fun putting by cock on her personal items (I had rubbed my dick on her sunglasses the night before). Finally, I grabbed her bathing suit and sat down on the toilet with my cock out.

I looked at the crotch and smiled. Thanks to the black fabric, there was some residue where her pussy juice had dried. I sniffed it and was instantly filled with the scent of her pussy. My cock throbbed and I felt my heart begin to beat faster. I draped the bathing suit piece around my face and began to stroke my cock. I took deep breaths through my nose and took in the superb smell of her moist pussy.

I knew that I would cum very quickly with Brooke's cunt filling my nose. I moved the suit a bit to smell where her ass would be. I couldn't really make out the smell of her ass this time and I felt a little disappointed. I moved it back to the crotch area and took another draught of my sister-in-law's cunt. I licked the crotch a little bit trying to taste her.

With my hurried breathing hushed, I blew my hot load all over my hand. Some of my semen dripped down onto linoleum. I took some toilet paper and washed the cum off the floor before washing my hands. I carefully put her bathing suit back on the handle and left the restroom.

The next day, we returned to the house again from swimming. I knew I had to smell Brooke's sugary pussy again. She decided to shower in her mother's bedroom but I figured I could wait until someone was in the other bathroom and pretend like I needed to use the other one.

A few minutes after she was out of the shower, I went into the bathroom. I took down Brooke's bathing suit from the back of the door. I sniffed the crotch and smiled. The smell of my sister-in-law's vagina was stronger than ever before. Then I smelled the ass area of the bathing suit and almost came in my pants. I could smell my sister-in-law's asshole. I had dreamed of her ass so many times while jerking off. It was gorgeous and curvy with nice plump butt cheeks.

As I smelled the seat of her bathing suit, I pictured my cock sliding up her warm butt hole. It was tight and hugged my penis affectionately. I spread her cheeks and the musky smell of her ass hole drifted up. I could feel my cock going deep into her ass and when I reached the base Brooke would let out a soft moan.

I imagined myself popping my dick out of her ass before ramming it right back in. I repeated that several times. Then I pushed my cock in her butthole all the way to the base and began humping wildly. My balls smacked her dripping wet pussy. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I emptied stream after stream of hot, sticky cum in my sister-in-law's ass.

Brooke turned to face me and squatted. She stuck her hand under her ass and began to push my cum out of her brown eye into her open hand. She put her pale red lips and nose up to her hand. She sniffed the mixture of my semen and her ass juice. Her tongue slid out and softly licked the mixture. Then she slurped it into her mouth and swallowed.

I placed her bathing suit back on the door and walked out.

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well writen panty fantaisy ! keep it up !

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