tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrooke's New Car

Brooke's New Car


Brooke drove the old Ford toward the dealership. She was excited to be finally trading in the old car for something new. While the car had served her well through college, now that she was working and living on her own, it was time to get something special for herself.

At the light, she glanced at the back seat and had a flashback of her and Tim back there just the night before. She wasn't certain, but she thought she could still smell the sex from the seats. Actually, when she thought about it, it wasn't full on sex -- nothing but a blow job while she worked her own clit with her hand.

Tim had promised to take her to a movie and dinner, but after he came in her mouth, he said he was tired and wanted to go back to his house. He still lived with his parents and they couldn't fuck there. Lucky for Brooke, she had manipulated her clit during the blow job so she came just seconds before Tim did.

As the light turned green, Brooke decided that today was going to be all about change. That meant Tim was going to the curb, along with the old Ford. He never wanted to do anything with her unless it was sexually related. And of course, he was only concerned about his orgasm and never about hers. Brooke laughed at the fact that Tim had never made her cum with his mouth and when it came to rubbing her clit, his fingers fumbled around everywhere, but seldom hit the clit.

Brooke needed stimulation. More than what Tim could offer. At first she had liked his body, but what was the point if he didn't use it to her advantage. She thought that maybe she could get one of her old college friends to show him how to do things, but then again, he wasn't to smart and he would probably never pick up on what he was being taught. No, Brooke smiled to herself, I'm not going to waste my time with that anymore. She wasn't going to settle, after all, since she had gone to college, she had led quite an adventures sexual life.

Thinking about all of her sexual adventures that started back in college and her first ever encounter with a cock, got Brooke's blood pumping. She drove past the street to turn off of for the car dealership and before she knew it she was a half mile away from where she was supposed to be. Brooke spotted a Park and Ride next to the highway. She thought about pulling over and bringing herself to orgasm, but the new car was waiting.

Brooke didn't mind pleasing herself. One of her friends in college had taught her about masturbation for those "lonely nights". Though, with Brooke's long, sexy legs, perfect 38 D tits and beautiful face, she really never had many lonely nights.

Brooke made her way back to the right street and came up on the car dealership fairly quickly. As she pulled up, a tall, beefy salesman with sandy, brown hair came striding up to her car. He put his hands on her door and peered in, his eyes coming to rest on the thin material and deep v-neck of her top. He immediately recognized that she was not wearing a bra. He stared at her cleavage for several seconds before speaking.

"Welcome, my name is Chuck. How can I help you today?"

Brooke paid him no mind and looked around for Linda who had helped her with the car before. "I'm looking for Linda. Is she available?"

Chuck's smile grew brighter, "She's with another customer, I think. Can I do something for you?"

Just then, Linda came around the corner and spotted Brooke. She smiled at Brooke and hurried toward her as fast as she could in stiletto heels and a tight knee skirt.

Chuck moved back as Linda approached. He let his eyes roam freely over Linda's backside as she leaned into the window.

"Hey Brooke!" Linda smiled, nice perfect teeth behind, full, red lips. "Is today the day."

Brooke smiled back. "It is."

Linda opened the door of the Ford. "Come on. Chuck can park this car, let's go look at what you're buying today."

Brooke stepped out, her long sexy legs caused Chuck to stare again. The short skirt she was wearing almost revealed her tiny, hot pink thong as she stood up. Chuck smiled broadly at her, his eyes never leaving her body; Brooke could clearly see the bulge in his pants. She smiled to herself that leaving Tim was going to be quite easy.

Linda took the keys from Brooke and handed them to Chuck, then took Brooke by the hand and led her off toward the new cars.

Brooke was smiling, so happy to be getting her new car, so happy to be with Linda who treated her not so much as a client as she did a friend. Linda was talking while they walked.

"Lucky for you I got you away from the wolf pack. Us girls have to stick together."

They passed a row of convertibles and Brooke spied the yellow convertible she had liked so much, but it was out of her price range. Still holding her hand, Lisa guided her toward the sports cars that were in Brooke's price range. Suddenly, Lisa stopped and turned back to Brooke, "By the way, thanks for the personal e-mail. I seldom give out my personal e-mail, but I felt quite comfortable with you."

Brooke thought about the e-mail that had basically said 'thanks for your help and I appreciate your sincerity and candor about my car options.' She saw Linda looking into her eyes. "You treated me well, Linda." Brooke said after a moment. "You treated me like a friend. That meant a lot to me."

Linda put an arm around her shoulder and hugged her to her lightly. "We're going to put you in a nice, hot car that will have the guys howling for you."

They continued walking past a row of sedans and over to the row of sports cars. Linda held out a key and pointed to the red car. "There you go, Brooke."

Brooke felt her heart leap in her chest. It was just what she and Linda had talked about. She hit the unlock button, the car chirped at her as she strode around taking it all in. She liked the styling, the details, even the minimal amount of trim. She opened the passenger door and quickly climbed in grasping the steering wheel firmly with both hands. She looked to her right and her heart sank. "It's a manual."

"What?" Linda came around to the driver side and leaned on the door. "I told them an automatic, I know I did."

Brooke sank into the seat, the car was everything she wanted, except for the manual transmission. For a split second she thought she might cry -- she had gotten her hopes up high and now, they were dashed. How long would she have to wait for the right car?

Linda came around the door and crouched down next to Brooke. The look of disappointment was plain on Brooke's face. She put her hand on Brooke's thigh. "We have to make this right, Brooke. I will make this right for you."

With that, Linda stood up and pulled her little cell phone from her pocket. She walked a few steps away from Brooke and started talking. Brooke ran her fingers over the steering wheel and checked the feel of the seats. In the background, she could hear Linda saying: "Fix it", "Now", "When?" "Where?" "I'll come and get it."

A moment later, Linda leaned into the door, the top of her blouse gaping so, Brooke could see the black lace bra she was wearing. "I have to go pick it up. They fucked up -- sorry for my language, but that's what happened."

Brooke bit her bottom lip. The thought of driving the Ford back home and coming back again was horrible. "Where do you have to go?"

Linda squatted down again, bringing herself close to Brooke, "It's about forty minutes away. I'll go down there in a little bit, pick it up, we'll go over it here and I'll call you tomorrow when it's ready to go."

"Can't I go with you and get it now?" Brooke asked, her voice nearly pleading.

Linda stared at her for a long moment. Finally, she said, "That's not how we're supposed to do it." She bit her bottom lip thoughtfully. "It's just one more day, Brooke."

"I was supposed to pick it up today." Brooke said doing her best to keep her voice down.

"I know." Linda sighed. "Well, I like you, Brooke. I want to help you, I do."

"Please Linda." Brooke said giving her her best sad look. "I really want that car."

Linda put her hand on Brooke's thigh again. "Okay. I know. We'll get it for you today. Later today?"

Brooke grabbed Linda's hand and squeezed it. "I'll drive down there myself to get it. I'll do anything, but let me get that car today."

Linda's eyes widened and a new thought appeared to cross her face. She looked at Brooke's hand wrapped around hers then to Brooke's long legs, up her torso and the thin material of her top to her lovely face. "Okay, I'll break the rules for you, Brooke. You and I will go and get the car."

Brooke reached out and pulled Linda to her, "Thank you, Linda." She hugged Linda's neck to her shoulder.

Linda pulled back after a moment and looked Brooke squarely in the eyes. "Okay, but you're going to have to do what I say." Linda stood up. "Now, you wait here and I'll be back with a vehicle to drive us down there, okay?"

Brooke jumped up and down in her seat. "Thank you, Linda."

The car Linda grabbed to drive down to the other dealership was a big, old SUV with dark windows and dark paint. The vehicle reminded Brooke of one of those vehicles from the movies that CIA agents drove. She looked in the window, but couldn't see anything. Linda rolled down the passenger side window and waved to Brooke, "Get in the back seat, okay?"

Brooke jumped in without question. The seats were leather and very comfortable. The back seat was big enough for a party. Looking over her shoulder, Brooke looked into the storage area where two other seats were folded down. There were several shop towels and a blanket in back. Brooke felt small in the large space.

As they drove, Linda adjusted the mirror and talked to Brooke's reflection in the mirror. She smiled constantly while she talked. Brooke was so excited, she didn't really notice how Linda's eyes roved over her reflection in the mirror.

Linda asked her a lot of questions while she drove: How's the job? How do you stay in shape? What are your hobbies? Are you dating anyone? Brooke answered kind of absent-mindedly. She talked as she watched out the window, thinking about her car, about getting her car and moving forward with her life. The car was a symbol of freedom for her and a symbol of change. It meant everything to her.

When the car pulled off the road Brooke was kind of pulled from her trance. When the car came to a stop, Linda smiled into the mirror then opened her door.

"Where are you going?" Brooke said, stunned.

The back door on the driver's side opened and Linda appeared. Linda stepped into the back and closed the door shut behind her. She leaned against the door and stared seriously at Brooke.

"Is everything okay?" Brooke asked, genuinely concerned.

"That depends." Linda said.

"What?" Brooke's eyes widened. "Is there something wrong with the car?"

Linda had both of her hands on her lap. She curled her fingers around the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, revealing thigh high stockings with garters and tiny g-string panties.

"You're a beautiful girl, Brooke."

Brooke had a quick flashback to a girl in college who pushed her into a corner and kissed her at a party. After a few more drinks, Brooke admitted to herself that she liked the kiss. She never acted on it during that semester, but the thought had always stayed with her. However, this was different from a college party and the last thing she was thinking about was sex.

"Look, Linda," Brooke blushed, "I'm not sure what you're doing, but --"

"It's not what I'm doing." Linda interrupted, "It's what I want you to do."

"What do you want me to do?"

Linda pulled aside her thin panties. Linda pressed her long, delicate finger between her pussy lips and came up with a wet digit. She pushed the finger toward Brooke's face. "Taste me."

"What?" Brooke asked and as he mouth opened, Linda pushed the finger into her mouth. The taste of Linda's musky pussy flooded Brooke's mouth.

Linda pulled her finger free. "How's that taste?" Linda put her finger in her own mouth and sucked on it. "You want to get the car, Brooke?"

Brooke stared at Linda in stunned silence. She wanted the car, but this was so -- so unexpected. She looked back at the door behind her and thought about jumping out of the vehicle. Trouble was, she hadn't been paying attention and she really didn't know where she was.

Linda reached down and spread open her pussy lips with two fingers. "You want the car, you have to work with me Brooke." Linda scooted down a little against the door. "I'm going the extra mile for you. You need to go a little extra for me."

Brooke was trembling. The idea of eating a woman's pussy wasn't completely repulsive, it was where she was and how it was going down that concerned here. "Linda, I like you and I think --"

"Start licking my pussy, Brooke or you're going to be walking to get your car." Linda interrupted.

Brooke looked at Linda's open pussy and then at her face. She felt herself leaning forward. Her arms trembled, she could see the moistness of Linda's pussy. She edged forward more as Linda said, "That's it. That's it, honey."

Linda's hand went to the back of her head and pulled her down. Brooke now smelled the musky scent of Linda's pussy. She was so close, she could see the lips and the swollen clit and the design on one of Linda's red nails. She opened her mouth slowly as Linda pulled her down to close the gap.

Linda groaned loud. "Yeah, suck on that clit, baby." She worked a hand into Brooke's top and squeezed her tit roughly. "You're a sexy bitch, aren't you. Such nice tits."

Brooke closed her eyes and worked her tongue on Linda's hard clit. Linda was very wet and Brooke was stunned by the feeling of her juices on her bottom lip.

"Use those long fingers of yours. Yeah, that's it. That's it." Linda guided her.

As Brooke continued to lick, she tried to remember things she had read about long ago and about things that she liked men to do to her. Linda kept one hand on the back of her head and some times it was difficult for Brooke to manuever. Her fingers inside Linda's pussy were drenched with her juices, Brooke found that she liked the idea of getting another woman so wet.

Suddenly Linda pulled her head back by her hair. She leaned into Brooke's face and licked her own juices from Brooke's lips, then kissed Brooke violently. When she broke the kiss she pushed Brooke's face down into her crotch again. "Eat me, baby. Eat that wet pussy."

Brooke did as she was told. As she lapped up Linda's juices she wondered what was next. Linda's moans were making her horny and Brooke started wondering if Linda was going to eat her as well. She felt her nipples harden at the idea of seeing Linda's pretty face between her legs.

Linda started to tremble as her hand pressed hard against the back of Brooke's head.

"Yes. Yes." Linda groaned. "Now, stick a finger in my ass."

With two fingers in her pussy, Brooke extended her ring finger, felt the nail slip in past the sphincter, then the tip of the finger. Linda started to buck and moan loud and strong. Her pussy pulsed around Linda's fingers then gushed a flood over them and into Brooke's mouth. Still, Brooke licked, sending wave upon wave of orgasm through Linda's body.

Linda pulled on Brooke's hair, pulling her away from her pussy. The two women gasped for air. Finally, Linda's eyes opened and she leaned forward and kissed Brooke in a deep, passionate kiss. She pulled back and licked the moisture from Brooke's chin.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Linda still held tight to Brooke's hair. "No." Brooke said, timidly.

"Did you like licking my pussy?"

Brooke nodded lightly. "I guess."

"Would you like more?"

"I -- I just don't know." Brooke answered honestly. "What about the car?"

"You're gonna get your car." Linda smiled and kissed Brooke. Her hand came up to Brooke's breast and squeezed her breast as she kissed her. She pressed harder into her, pushing Brooke back. Then Linda was on top of Brooke, kissing her passionately while her hands caressed Brooke's figure. At first, Brooke didn't fully respond to the kisses and the touching, but then she felt herself enjoying the, deep, wet kisses from this attractive woman. She was amazed at how Linda's hands were so eager for her body. The feeling of concern and fright slowly slipped away as she relaxed and allowed herself to enjoy the experience.

Linda pulled up Brooke's blouse and covered her left tit with her mouth. She moved down, kissing Brooke's torso. Linda stopped and looked up at Brooke.

"Do you want more?"

Brooke felt a cold wave rush over her. Why did Linda stop? What was she getting herself in to? "I'm not sure. What do you mean?"

Linda sat back, with her hand on Brooke's exposed stomach. "Would you like me to eat your pussy?"

Brooke hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?"

Brooke shrugged. "I'm so... confused. I feel like I've been thrown into a tornado."

Linda looked down at the seat. "We have to get this car cleaned up." Her demeanor seemed to change, her hand pulled away from Brooke's stomach. She pushed her skirt down. She ran fingers through her hair attempting to straighten it. "I don't live to far from here. Let's take the car over there and get it cleaned up." She looked at Brooke's face. "We should probably get you cleaned up too."

Brooke sat up, feeling unsure about what was going on. "Then we'll go get my car?"

Linda opened the back door and got out of the SUV. A second later she jumped behind the wheel. "We'll get your car." She smiled in the rearview mirror at Brooke as Brooke attempted to straighten herself up. "You just sit right there. We're going to get you everything you need."

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