I first met Brookie in the Autumn, just as classes were starting at the local University (the very same school where I'd met Melissa.) Brookie was working at the Campus Bookstore, a place I like to hang out, if only to look at all the hot co-eds in their Florida-Finest attire! (Actually, ANY place on that campus is a great place to see hot babes, scantily dressed! But I digress...)

Brookie was an 18 year old hottie. I could tell that from the get-go! At 4ft. 10 in. with long, (to mid-back,) dark brown hair and a very cute smile. She was kinda skinny but she had a look in her eyes that spoke volumes! She almost tells you everything you could ever want to hear in one look from her dark eyes! Which is a great blessing for her because, well, this girl is a mute. Yes, that's right, she cannot speak.

We sorta' hit it off right away because I know a little bit of sign language (ASL.) I saw her in the bookstore and immediately I went into my "DOM"-mode and asked her if she'd like to discover more about herself than she'd ever learn in a book or from any of the "dickheads" that constantly hit-on her in the bookshop, there. I said this, just as a dumb jock, ignoring the fact that she was having a conversation with an older man (Me.)

We ignored "Mr. Jock McDickhead" and made a date for that evening.

We met at a café near my home, during which we talked (well, I talked--she listened) about Life experiences, etc, etc. As soon as I asked her, however, if she knew what a " submissive" was, her eyes widened with great excitement! She became very attentive to my every word and I just knew that I had her --- Or rather, that I WOULD have her!

But seeing as it was a Tuesday night and she had classes the next morning, we made plans to meet that Friday, after her last class, at my home.

I gave her a gentle hug and told her to go home and think about all the things she'd ever wanted to try, sexually. She nodded her head, then stood up on her tip-toes to kiss me on the lips.

Mmmmmm... I could tell from that single, brief kiss that she'd be receptive to my every whim, from that day forward!

That Friday night-- well, Afternoon, really --I called Brookie's phone # to give her directions to my place. After leaving those on her answering machine, I gave her a few additional instructions: What to bring (toothbrush, for staying overnight.) What to wear (cotton t-shirt, comfy shoes, short skirt with NO panties,) and she was to shave herself completely bald between her legs!

I told her to be there at "Eight PM, SHARP!" accenting the "sharp." Then I went about preparing my home for the arrival of my young guest.

I cleaned the bathroom, made my bed and prepared a meal of seafoods that would provide protein to give us energy. I'd bought some shrimp, scallops and cod and sautéed them in a sweet, white wine. ---Mmmmmm, the place smelled fantastic!--- Just a hint of garlic and some rather expensive, imported olive oil made the apartment smell like a five star restaurant!

At eight PM the doorbell rang and I answered it in my apron and invited Brookie in with my best cheesy, French accent. "Come een, mah Deeahr. Yew ahre joost een tahm foahr zee deenaire!" I said.

She smiled, as if to laugh and I knew my efforts were not in vain.

Oh, that smile! I am a sucker for a young girl's smile! It just warms my heart to see them smile at me!

As we sat down to eat, Brookie told me she was very impressed with my culinary skills. She told me this by writing it down a pad of paper which she carries around with her. I gave her the sign for "Thank you," and we proceeded to eat in silence, smiling at each other through the meal.

After dinner she re-iterated her earlier praise to which I signed "Your thanks are more than adequate." Then I ordered her to stand up! She looked at me with slight confusion in her eyes until I smiled and this time, it was her who was put at ease by my soft smile.

I told her that there would be no need for her to write anymore this weekend and that every consideration had been taken and all her needs would be met, as long as she promised to listen and learn. I had wanted to say "obey my every command" but I did not want to scare her off and lose whatever good we both might experience if this relationship were to progress like I'd hoped it would. My words seemed to put her even more at ease and she began to trust me. I sensed this and told her that I would never betray her faith in me. I also said that any good D/s relationship must begin with absolute trust; that both parties want the same thing, desire the same goals, destination and outcome. I asked her what she wanted out of a relationship with a "Dirty Old Man" like me? She "said" (signed) that she wanted to learn about "SEX!" Giving herself completely to a man she trusted NOT to hurt her, seemed like the best way to do that.

She was no virgin, she told me. She had had sex a few times but it was never very enjoyable. Her first time had been with a boy who came too quickly and she broke up with him shortly thereafter because, "he was an asshole!" (Her words, not mine.) The next boy wasn't much better. The third boy practically raped her by taking advantage of the fact that she was mute and couldn't cry for help by fucking her in the back room of the bookstore. He came in her and pulled out right before she was able to climax, herself. This was the same dickhead jock that was there the day we'd met. He'd been trying to convince her to let him do it again!

Seeing her signing this, I could see the rage in her body language. I calmly told her that she'd never need to deal with any of these boys again. And that she'd never have want for anything, sexually, for as long as she desired satisfaction of this sort. Of this, I was sure I could provide and I told her so. That same, warm smile crossed her face, as I told her to remain standing and "Lift your skirt up. I want to see how well you followed my instructions," I told her.

As Brookie stood before me, I could see her timidity take over and her face turned red with embarrassment. I told her reassuringly, that she need fear nothing when we were alone. She must have sensed my sincerity, for she appeared to resign herself to just have fun.

As soon as she lifted her skirt above her hips, I could see that she had, indeed, followed my instructions: Her pubis was shaved smooth, free of hair! My heart leaped with excitement as I asked her to take off the skirt and t-shirt; I wanted to see her completely nude. She complied after my very approving looks and comments. Her breasts are very tiny, just the way I like them and I told her so. Upon hearing that, she turned around, sensing that I wanted to see her bottom. Her ass is oh-so-nice and tight, yet still very soft and feminine! I could only choke out the words, "very nice." These words, however, seemed to give her enough confidence to walk over, throw her arms around my neck and hug me, kissing me on my cheek. Then she kissed my lips and we started kissing in earnest--Shoving our tongues deeply into each other's mouth; all the while her nipples got harder and harder! And I could definitely detect the odor of an excited pussy in my presence. I felt my cock get very stiff as we kissed, too... And I hadn't yet taken a Viagrow!

We broke our kiss and I asked her, straight out, "Are you willing to give over your body and will in order to learn more about yourself and your own limits than you've ever dreamed possible?" She just smiled and nodded her head.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom to take a viagrow and make sure the bedroom was ready. When I came back out to the dining room, I found Brookie in the kitchen, doing the dishes. I, smiling, thanked her then told her to stop, turn the water off and get her ass down the hall and into my bedroom! She followed me into the darkened room as I led her to the bed. I placed a blindfold over her eyes and turned on the lights. She proceeded to sign something which I couldn't understand but told her to trust that I knew what I was doing; which she did but with obvious trepidation.

I put her flat on her back on the bed. Then I took some soft, nylon rope that I'd attached to the legs of the bed and tied her arms and legs to the four corners. Once secured, I was free to take my time. I slowly took off my own clothes and grabbed a sheepskin mitten and started to rub her whole body---Fingertips, wrists, arms, underarms, shoulders, etc. etc.---down to her toes and the souls of her feet. This drove her mad with desire, I could tell, as her vagina started to leak copiously!

I purposely neglected Brookie's erogenous zones, as I wanted to prolong the torture and her pleasure until it hurt. That's the way I always break-in a new submissive: Tease them with Pleasure til they can't distinguish it from Pain (sort of the opposite from other Doms, I'm sure but, there you have it!)

This torture went on for 45 minutes; all the while I continued instructing my new, young friend that she was NOT allowed to cum until I gave her permission! She was straining to comply with my orders, I could tell: By the 30 minute mark I saw tears dripping down the sides of her face, past the blindfold. The poor thing really needed to climax but I kept telling her, "NO, DO NOT CUM!"

After that last 15 minutes she was delirious from the pleasure/pain so I took the fleece mitten off my hand and twisted her left nipple, which was as hard as a rock already but it became even harder. This torture brought her mind back to reality but before she fully regained her senses, I plunged a finger as deeply into her soaking cunt as it would go! All the way, up to the 3rd knuckle! Then I told her in a very quiet voice to cum.

She opened her mouth as if to scream and proceeded to shake like an 8.2-rictor-scale earthquake, that I'm sure would have caused a tsunami had we been anywhere near the Pacific Ocean!!! Luckily, she was still tied down to the bed or she would have thrown me from the bed! Meanwhile, she soaked my hand, my WHOLE hand, up to my wrist, with all of her girl-juices!

Her pussy smelled of berries so I knew that she'd douched shortly before coming over to see me, that evening. I felt rather special that she had taken so much time to prepare for our evening and told her so. She just smiled at me through half-closed eyes and I asked her if she wanted to spend the weekend. She just nodded her head again and fell fast asleep---Dreaming the dreams of youthful innocence. I left her tied to the bed and laid my nude body right next to hers and slept with her on the bed.


We both woke up around 3 AM. She realized that something was amiss when she couldn't scratch her nose (because her hands and feet were still bound.) She panicked and began to thrash and tug at her binds. I told her in a soft voice to realax, that she was perfectly safe and felt her calm down as her breathing returned to normal.

Then I asked her if she was on any birth control. She shook her head, no, so I assured her that I would then be very careful with her for all our time together. I got up, went to my bathroom to grab a condom and came back to bed wearing the rubber. I climbed between her tied, spread legs and told her to relax and enjoy the sensations. "But DON'T cum," I also instructed.

I then inserted just the tip of my latex-encased cock into her pussy. Now, luckily, I'm not hung like a horse because my 7 inches was more than enough to satisfy this little girl's little pussy.

Oh, TIGHT! Did I say tight? She was so tight that I think a toothpick would have felt cramped in there!!! She has the tightest pussy that I have ever been in. It was slow going, as I watched her face crinkle beneath the blindfold. She looked like she was in pain until I was all the way in her. Then she relaxed and I knew it was safe to proceed. I eased my dick out of her until just the tip was parting her inner-lips, then forced my whole member deep inside her yet again! I asked her if she was ok. She shook her head, as if to say, "No!" I asked, "No?" and pulled back out, til just the tip of my cock was left inside her. I knew she was alright, though. She just wanted to be fucked to orgasm! That was it, too, for when I sank my meat back inside her and rubbed her clit with my right hand, she came again, just as hard as before!!! I rested my whole weight, all 200+ lbs. of me, on her little, 90 lbs frame and she still nearly knocked me to the floor!!!

It was a wild ride, for sure...

All that trembling and shaking matched what was going on inside her wet vagina, too! And this was having an affect on my manhood. I felt myself lurch forward as my cock got harder and longer, plowing into my young friend's deep, inner recesses and I blasted a load of cum inside the very condom that separated us!

We both passed out after that orgasm.

I awoke several hours later, at dawn and untied the still-sleeping Brookie. I got out of bed without disturbing the girl and made my way into the kitchen to make some breakfast for us. I guess she smelled the ham, egg and cheese omelet I'd prepared for us because she came walking out of the bedroom, rubbi9ng the sleep out of her eyes, still nude! I asked her how she slept and she signed, "Wonderfully! Thank you." I said, 'You're entirely welcome, my dear, but that was just the beginning."

She sat down with me to eat breakfast. We were famished, too. Mmmmmmmm.... I have always said (to whomever would listen) that there's nothing like a good breakfast to recharge your libido after a good night of great sex!

After we ate, she cleared the table and did the dishes, to thank me "for the hospitality," she signed. I just stood there and looked at her nude body as she worked in the kitchen.

The day had just begun and Brookie seemed restless after breakfast (and after last night's fucking) so I suggested that Brookie watch a DVD. She agreed to, and sat in the easy chair in front of the tv. (It was either that or cartoons, seeing as it was Saturday Morning.) I popped into the machine what I thought was a nice, light soft-core porn movie, just something to get her in the mood to laugh and then screw some more later. I then left the room to shower and clean up.

I came back, 40 minutes later, to find that the video I'd put on contained one of my favorite, raunchiest hard-core porno's, ever! At that moment, on the tv screen, there was a girl getting sodomized by a guy with a 10 inch cock!

Meanwhile, little Brookie was in a total daze: Her eyes were glazed over and she was furiously stuffing four of her little fingers into her foaming pussy, trying to achieve an orgasm at the same time as the girl in the movie!

Then it dawned on me---I could do practically ANYTHING I wanted to this girl and she'd go along with it! Hot-Cha!

When Brookie had calmed down from her orgasm, I asked her if she was ready for the next step in her "training!" She nodded her head, yes and looked at me with those eyes again.

I told her that she was not allowed to look me in the eyes anymore when we were in Training-Mode. She was told to keep her head bowed down and her eyes toward the floor. I gave her a very stern look and she submitted to my orders perfectly. Now, this command would serve two purposes: One-- a good slave should not look her Master in the eyes, as it shows disrespect. And two-- Now I could command her without falling under the power that her adoring glances had over my heart!

It sounds rather sappy to me, too, even as I write this, but what can I tell you... I'm a romantic...!

I ordered her to follow me into the bedroom and kneel on the floor in front of the bed where I sat. I then told her to masturbate for me, as I sat there looking at her completely smooth, shaved quim! My mouth watered as I watched her fingers get wet and the strawberry smell of her perfumed pussy permeated the air! Every fiber of my being was electrified with lust for this little womanchild. And as I watched her orgasm overtake her with another seismic climax, I felt my own need intensify, as well. I was going to take her ass, right then and there and use it for My perverse pleasure!

I grabbed a bottle of lube, which I'd purchased especially for this weekend, and lubed my iron-like erection. As Brookie was twitching on my floor, still, I stroked my meat to the point of orgasm and shouted aloud that my slut was going to get a face-full! She looked up and caught a large spurt of my semen on her cheek, below her eye. The next volley landed across her nose and the other cheek. She opened her mouth for the third blast of my cum, caught it and swallowed it with a smile. Then she crawled over, on her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked me dry, reveling in the taste of my cum, mixed with the cinnamon-flavored lube! Once I was soft, she backed away until I told her to keep sucking! She did this with great joy, relishing her Master's juices and the feel of His engorging meat between her lips. And when I was hard again, I ordered her onto the bed. I put two big pillows under her hips to force her pussy upwards and told her to relax. I then poured the lube on her ass-crack and worked a finger into her rear passage while, at the same time, I pushed the thumb of the same hand into her dripping twat! This proved too much for her body and she jerked into another orgasm! (I quickly got a towel to place over the pillows before they got too drenched from her pussy!) I asked her to sign for me, the feelings of having one finger embedded in her asshole! She said it was "Different," at first. Then, "Great!"

I then stuck in a second finger and waited a bit while her breathing got less erratic and asked her, "And now?" She signed "Very odd but I like it!" I then stuck a third finger and she jumped! I held it there for a minute and then pumped all three fingers in and out for a minute before I asked her how she felt! At that moment, I put the thumb that was in her pussy this whole time, on her clit and felt her body shake from orgasm, once again! In the meantime, I was stroking my hard on with more lube to get it ready for a wild ride!

I pulled my fingers from Brookie's trembling orifices and lined my cock up with her ready, willing and able anal aperture. I eased the head past the first ring and slowly pushed in past the second ring of her anus. Once I was that far in I pushed the rest in---Hard! I realized that I was being brutal, especially during her first try at Anal Sex but I wanted to see if she could take it! I was also too horny and too turned-on (and maybe a bit too maniacal) to care anymore! This little slut was MINE!

I calmed down a bit and pulled out... Slowly... Only to ram it back in there again!

She later told me that she had tears in her eyes from the pain/pleasure of her anal assault. But when the orgasm came from having her body ravaged, like that, she said that she knew she'd made the right choice in coming to my home that weekend.

Then when she felt my cum, spurting into her ass, she knew that she would be happy being a submissive to a Master, like me!

We cuddled for a long time after that. Well, after I ordered Brookie to clean off my dick with her mouth (another "enjoyable experience" for her, she signed.)

It was late afternoon when we got up to have a snack. We had skipped lunch in order to fuck all day but now we were starving. So we decided to grab some "fun food" from the kitchen and take it into the shower stall to eat. As we sat there on the floor, we smeared food onto each other's body.

Chocolate syrup here---Whipped cream, there. I stuffed a thin slice of cherry pie up Brookie's snatch and had her stand up, over me, as I ate it out of her! She came so much, the pie literally dripped out of her cunt, right into my waiting mouth! MMMMMMM! I DO love food-n'-sex! The two go together, so well! Then it was My turn to be eaten!

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