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Brookie's Hairless


Life has been getting very "interesting," lately. Which, in some circles, is considered a curse. In my existence, however, it's merely a fact! This has kept me away from many elements of my life which had previously enjoyed a higher ranking on my list of priorities. One of these priorities is my little friend, "brookie." You remember her, right? My little friend from the local University who had come to me for training to become a proper submissive?

In my absence from my young, submissive lover, she had gone and done a very lovely thing for herself and her Master (that'd be ME...) She had all pubic hair removed by laser! Yes, my little slut is as smooth as a little girl, permanently! (I guess that all the shaving and waxing had really irritated her skin so she decided, "What the hell?" and had it all surgically removed!


I just loooo-oooo-oooove licking her tender labia til she's as wet as a fucking faucet! Then, I tell her to get on her hands and knees and reach around and spread her pussy lips so I can sink my erection as deeply as possible into her cunt and I'll be darned if she doesn't cum twice before I'm balls-deep in her tight, hot, smooth-as-silk, buttery cunt!

And thankfully, she's been on the Pill, so I don't need to wear a condom while fucking her anymore!

And here's the best part, for Me, anyway... The laser procedure also included her anal orifice!!!!


Fucking her ass is like nothing I've ever fucked before! It's just IN-fucking-CREDIBLE!

I mean, we both experience new sensations from a rear-attack on her body! I'm not really sure what that laser did to her but it sure made her skin more sensitive to my touch! All I need to do is talk to her about her "naughty bits" and she starts to get damp, down there. Then, when she takes off her clothes (which she does as soon as she comes through the front door,) and I get a look at her bare, smooth pussy and she sees me looking at her, her vagina gets wet! And as soon as I touch it (usually a minute after she's come through the door, unless I decide to make her wait for it, which I do, often) her cunt starts to drip down her equally smooth thighs! Then, of course, I cannot let a drop of that lovely fluid go to waste, so as soon as my tongue touches her inner thigh and I lick upward, toward that heavenly smelling hole we all should call her cunt, she starts flowing... Like a spigot! And at this point, all pretensions are lost and the only way to put a stopper in this thing is to fuck it til it can't produce anymore moisture! So, we do! And we do it again! And then... we do it again!

I only fuck her until she has cum, though! I only fuck her pussy that way. I had, up until lately, only fucked her pussy that way, I should say, for fear of unwanted pregnancies and things like that! (Keep in mind that she IS still basically, a kid, just 21 years old and still in college with her whole life ahead of her!) But now that she's taking oral contraceptives, well, that just means that we get to fuck each other's brains out and NOT have to worry about any baby BB's running around! (LOL!)

Now, like I said earlier, her anus is like butter, too! Yes, it still needs lubrication, of course, but without any hair or stubble back there, it doesn't take much lube to get my good friend buried-to-the-hilt inside her asshole! And because of her new, heightened sensations, she is able to cum without ANY other stimulation to her body! All I need to do is get my whole erection inside her tightest of orifices and begin to move in and out again and she cums!

No, I mean, she CUMS!!!


It is truly incredible, watching the sensations that anal sex gives this little girl! Her body comes alive with SOUND! And her being a mute, this is incredible to behold!!! I have never heard a noisier orgasm in my life! And I used to have an orgasmic-screamer for a lover, so I know what I'm talking about.

Of course, after her second, sometimes third or even fourth Anally induced climax, she will drift off to a deep, contented slumber, whether I have cum or not, makes no difference. (I have her trained that way... She knows that I will get MY orgasm when she wakes up, so it's all right for her to drift off. I have never ever interfered with someone's need for sleep. That's what being an insomniac will do to a person. It did it to Me, anyway.)

She usually doesn't sleep for too long anyway. Just twenty minutes to an hour, tops. Then, I get to cum!

Like I said before, her buttery pussy is now "Open For Business!"

And we love using it for just that purpose, too!

Don't get me wrong, we have both loved it when I fill her ass full of my cum. We still do, too. Heck, we will probably continue doing that for as long as we're together.

But, man, I tell ya', using her pussy for a depository for my man-seed is one of the great joys of my life, right now! I like to just cum inside her and then stay inside her, until she uses her inner-pussy muscles to massage me back to hardness, which she has been practicing to great affect, I must say.

(I will give you a quick breakdown of how she was able to do this: After we had been fucking for over a year, we noticed that her vagina had been getting a bit stretched-out from all the toys that she'd been using... All the 8", 10" and 12" vibrators had really taken their toll on her once-tiny, not-so tight cunt! And because she'd never experienced this before, it started to distress her. So, I told her to take a peeled banana and insert it all the way, into her vagina. This, of course, was the fun part. Then, once it was all the way in, she had to mash it, flat, using only her inner muscles! The first week was pretty funny watching her attempts. I would quietly sit on the other side of the room and stifle my laughter, as she kept at it, getting frustrated after awhile. But over time, a few days of consistent attempts, she got it! And she was able to turn a fresh banana into a banana smoothie--- Drinkable and everything!)

Mmmmmm.... I do sooo love it when she makes me a smoothie, now! It always has an extra taste that you can't find in any of the smoothie stores down here: Banana-vagina Smoothie with a shot of protein juice! Mmmmmmm! It can't be beat!

(Of course, the "protein juice" is in there from MY semen, but that just means that we both get to enjoy it!)

Yes, this "kid" is going to go far in life!

And I am the most grateful S.O.B. you will ever meet because I met her first!

I forgot to tell you about our most recent time together:

This happened just a couple nights ago.

My friend, brookie, had come over for a fuck! Her exams were finally over and her libido was as heightened as it could get (seeing as how we hadn't had sex in three weeks, yeah, she was gonna explode from pent-up hormones!) And I, the horniest Dirty Old Man the world had ever seen, wasn't doing much better!

So, she came over and stripped naked, as per our usual agreement, as soon as she walked in the front door.

Mmmmmm, just seeing her beautiful bare body, standing there, in the foyer, had us both quivering with the excitement of the moment! We just could not get enough of each other. I couldn't get her pussy onto my hardness fast enough and she couldn't stop cumming from all the energy that she'd had built up in her body! We fell to the floor and continued to fuck each other silly, pausing only briefly to laugh at each other's noises, once in a while! (Thinking back on it, it was pretty silly, actually... I know she'll laugh when she reads this!)

Now, remember, brookie is a mute, so no words are ever exchanged, even when we're NOT trying to swallow each other's face and/or sexual organs...

Anyway, once we had both sated, for-the-moment, each other's desires (leaving a puddle of sweat and sex juices on the floor tiles in the foyer, there,) we adjourned to the bedroom where I was asked (using sign language) to tie-up my young friend and "spank-fuck" her, as we like to call it. ("Spank-fuck." I think the term's pretty self-explanatory.)

And Me, being the Dirty Old Man that I am, would not say no to such a request, ever!

So, once I had her restrained in the proper position-- with a few pillows under her hips, in order to facilitate her hips being thrust backwards, exposing both of her fuck-holes --I was ready for some fun!

I started stuffing my hard cock into brookie's tight cunt. This time it was tighter than it had been in a long time; partly because we hadn't had sex in so long and partly because she had been doing her "banana-mash" exercises! (Honestly, I think she could probably get juice from a cranberry now... She's that talented!) Either way, she was doing a number on my poor cock! Squeeze and release. Squeeze and release. It was like a hot, wet fist, wrapping around my cock! I didn't want this to end, ever! But all-too-soon, I felt my balls start to tighten and I blasted my first load of cum, deep in her pussy!

Upon feeling my sperm, injecting into her insides, she started to cum, too. Which, of course, just caused her insides to quiver and shake and massage the hell out of my wilting erection. The affects of which were incredible because, my erection would not die! I stayed as hard as granite! All seven inches were rarin' to go!

I asked if brookie was ready for more and she just looked over her shoulder, nodded, then reached back, spreading her butt cheeks and pointed with her index fingers, towards her little, pink star-of-an-anus!

I teased her for a minute, saying, "What, you want me to stick my dick in that little thing? Gee, ma'am, I don't think it'll fit... My dick's too big and it might hurt!"

Then I said, laughing, "Yeah, right! Like I care if this is gonna hurt! Fuhh-huck, bitch! I hope this DOES hurt!" At which point, I grabbed the jar of Sex Butter from the nightstand and rubbed a good-sized dollop all over my erection, getting it harder-still, in order to penetrate her tightness.

And mmmmm, was she tight! Pure heaven! I could only hope that heaven feels as good as her body feels when wrapped around my hardness!

We fucked like that-- with her tied, spread-eagle, hips thrust back and upwards to meet my thrusts, for another 15 or 20 minutes! And when I was ready to cum and fill her rectum with another load of seed, I pulled out and decided to make her work a bit more for it!

I untied her and picked her up and carried her out to the living room and tied her to the easy chair in front of the tv. I then put in a raunchy porno dvd and told her to just watch. Her arms were bound behind her so she could do nothing but watch: No masturbating for this girl. No, the only masturbation that was happening was in my chair, as I sat watching the same "dirty movie!"

I could hear her gasp as I stroked myself, too. I'd look over and see her staring intently at my wet, slippery hardness before she would look back at the screen. The motions were tantalizing, torturing us both. I then got the idea to open the blinds that open up the back door. It was getting bright outside, as we'd been fucking for four hours, straight. And since it had been two hours since I had last cum, I needed a release soon! So, I stood up, walked over to the blinds, opened them up, walked back to untie brookie's arms and just then, a neighbor walked by the back door! I don't know if it was a man, woman or a child or even if they saw us. All I knew was the excitement of being discovered really turned me on and just as I turned around toward my slut, I came, yelling, "Get over here, bitch, I'm coming!"

The little girl fell to her knees, opened her mouth and caught some of it! But most of it flew out past her face and landed on the floor, 5 feet away! The remainder, brookie took in the face, on her breasts and dripped down her hairless body to her pussy, which she scooped up with her fingers and licked it off.

Smiling up at me, she signed, "Thank you, Master. I love it!"

Then she stood up, on her tiptoes, pulled my face down to hers and planted a big, wet, sticky kiss on my moth, sharing my cum with me.

And because of my cookie diet of all those years, my cum is still the sweetest you could ever taste. At least, that's what brookie tells me! And I, for one, tend to believe anything this girl tells me! Heck, I'm just a sucker for a pretty face! And a sexy body. And a smooth, wet cunt. And a sweet, tight, fuckable ass!


Now I'm all-hard again!

Shit, where is that girl's supple body when I need it?

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