Sylvester Tweed violated his wife's rectum, ignoring her screams that she'd changed her mind, and inflamed in desire he rammed her into a submissive blubbering heap. Tweedie as he liked to be called, was upset sufficiently by his wife's uncooperative attitude and unseemly behavior with so much crying to suggest perhaps they ought to split up.

Rita didn't even need to think. She shouted "Yes!" and Tweedie who prided himself on his popularity and had only made that offer to make his wife plead for a second chance began to panic.

"But why," he bleated.

"Because you're an insensitive moronic asshole who deserves to have his nuts cut out, that's why."

Aghast, Tweedie shouted: "Then go ahead an divorce me and pay the costs you stupid bitch. You'll not get a dollar beyond my paying my share of legal fees. Fucking you is like fucking a dead coyote."

The 35-year-old brunette Rita didn't bother asking how was he able to make that comparison. But she made a mental note to throw the carcasses of 10 coyotes into the pool and then to kick her insensitive, self-centered husband in after them.

The couple had no children, although they'd tried for pregnancy in the two months before marriage and in the three years since marriage. The small-minded business owner assumed Rita would walk away with next to nothing and smiling he signed the papers and returned them to the attorney Rita had hired without bothering to read what he was signing or looking into all aspects of divorce.

It was only when the 45-year-old was called to a settlement conference and contacted his own attorney that he learned his much younger wife had a legitimate claim on half of their joint assets including the business, in which Rita had been working as company accountant and secretary and was listed as holding 48% of stock, and their mortgage-free home. The company leased their cars.

Tweedie was gutted and pleaded with Rita not to proceed with the divorce but she remembered the pain of his anal assault and humiliation and said just two words: "Drop dead."

When it was all over following the court order confirming the negotiated settlement based on a clean break between the couple, Tweedie was almost insolvent. The house sold below market value, his ex-wife taking half the net proceeds and he'd borrowed to the hilt to pay her $1.87 million for her share of the assessed valued of their business he'd made over to her at the time of their marriage. Tweedie was anxious to be seen as a successful operator because the Professional and Business Association had chosen him to contest the Lambton City mayoral election. There was wide dissatisfied with the incumbent Mayor who since being elected two terms ago had divorced his wife and married a former night club stripper.

Following her divorce settlement Rita reverted to her maiden name of Riley.

Divorcee Riley thought she'd date a dozen or so guys and then find a suitable guy to marry, definitely a guy not into anal sex.

Simple. A brilliant strategy, or so she thought.

She had returned to live with her parents while sorting out her life and replaced their ageing sedan with a new one of his father's choice but unhappily she was unsuccessful with romance, being forced to pay for sex because no one had come calling.

She chatted to the madam of the brothel about her predicament.

"Rita your problem is you live in a rather small community. Everyone who matters has heard word from your ex-husband you lost your temper and rammed a broom handle up his ass and that's why he divorced you. No man in this city will touch you now. That's why my elite male worker Frank insisted on handcuffing you before having sex with you and you may have noticed he hand a butt plug inserted and insisted I lock our broom cupboards."

Rita gritted and said she'd sue Sylvester Tweed and sighed when Mrs Smith warned if she took Mr Tweed to court then everyone would know full details. The news media would report a the case of the husband's allegation of Rita slamming a broomstick up his ass and then Rita giving her explicit version of what really happened to trigger divorce action.

"My dear I suggest you are done in this city. With the alleged broomstick story spreading through bars like wildfire you're being cast into a sexual wasteland. No man and for that matter no woman will wish to associate with you sexually. That means you are being classified as a pariah.

Rita went home depressed and wondering how a retired prostitute running the city's most discreetly sited brothel was aware of the existence of a word like pariah. She recited to herself a memorable line from childhood reading that she revisited in English studies at high school and also at college. It came from Mark Twain's 'Tom Sawyer': 'Shortly Tom came upon the juvenile pariah of the village, Huckleberry Finn, son of the town drunkard'.

She left the city and drove for almost 280 miles before turning off the interstate and booking into the Social Outcast Motel although it was actually named the Flamingo.

Miraculously she attained release to her sexual frustration. In the bar after dinner a guy came up to her and offered her a cigarette. She said no she didn't smoke and he said he didn't either and she thought that was a little strange. He bought her a drink and then another and then to her astonishment this guy calling himself Gilbert invited her to his room to watch TV.

She said okay.

Well that guy was really, really lucky. They didn't switch on the TV and he had a rather small dick but Rita was so thrilled to be hauled out of the wilderness of sexual deprivation that she had poor Gilbert holding on to the bars of the bed-head for dear life as she bucked him, screwed him, and yodeled very badly riding him cowgirl. During Gilbert's battering they both came four times before she ran out of steam.

Poor Gilbert. He was covered in sweat and appeared half dead but the heavy panting suggested life was left in him.

"Please go now," he pleaded. "Please go."

"Thank you for extricating me from the sexual wasteland."

"Shove off, you're talking rubbish and I need sleep."

Rita dripped her way into his bathroom and showered and when leaving for her room saw poor Gilbert on his back with his mouth wide open and breathing like she'd image someone would breath like running up the mile-long steep include. The silly man; he shouldn't fuck someone like Rita Riley unless he believed he'd last the distance.

Rita decided to stay another night at the motel and in the bar after dinner and guy hit on her. She decided she ought to make some cash out of being in demand.

"All right I'll come to your room for four hours but it will cost you five hundred bucks."

"What are you mad? I've never paid for it in my life."

"You are the one who is mad arrogantly thinking you can get casual pussy without charge. Fuck off you miserable man."

The guy fled.

About twenty-minutes later, a guy who'd been eying Rita came over and invited her to his room.

She said sure and she'd stay with him for four hours but it would cost him five hundred bucks.

He finished his whisky and looked her over.

"What about two-fifty and we dispense with anal?"

Rita agreed immediately. Hell she'd forgotten about guys wanting her ass.

'David' as the guy claimed his name was a skilled seducer and worked on Rita until she was near liquidized in ecstasy before he shafted to her and was obviously delighted that she banged back with vigor and unlike many of his casual women didn't squeal like a stuck pig into release well before he was ready to fire.

"You're very good."

"Thank you David. You worked we up brilliantly and that resulted in a really good fuck, helped by your smooth action I must say."

"Thank you. Tell me, why did you charge when clearly you're not a prostitute?"

"I just feel happier charging for it. I didn't charge the first guy last night and this morning thought I was silly because it would be useful spending money."

"I see. Are you recently split from your husband?"

"Yes how did you know that?"

"You are confident and sexually competent for a woman in her later thirties and have a wedding ring and yet didn't attempt to hide it."

"Good guessing. It's a quality ring so I kept that and my ex took the engagement ring."

"Well here's the $250. You can either go or stay and have supper up here with me."

"We'll pay for supper out of this money."

"No my company will pay it as an entertainment expense. Why did you choose to stay on with me?"

"I'm not worth $250 an hour."

"I could easily disagree with that. You might be surprised to know how many women fuck badly and my wife is one of them. You rippled my senses this evening. When I said you were very good that actually was an understatement. You engage with the understanding in every way that sex also involves the other person. Most women in my experience only think that the fuck is all about them."

"God the bitches."

David laughed and said, "Calling my wife a bitch are you?"

"Oh David no..." She then realized her didn't really mind so called him a big tease and he liked that.

"Tell me what went wrong with your marriage," David said as he called through the supper order and then poured two wines.

David was really interested in Rita's detailed account of the things she thought he'd like to hear.

"You are right, he was an asshole and you did the right thing Rita but I'd like to say you are doing the wrong thing running away. I suggest you return and try to humiliate the asshole because he's the one who ought to be carrying the fallout, not you. You then should attempt to re-establish yourself in your hometown. Why leave when you really have no wish to?"

The longer Rita thought about what David had said the more it appealed to her. After supper she suggested why not have more sex and ended up staying the night with David.

They had a great time.

As Rita was leaving the room in the morning David gave her his business card and Rita found his name really was David. David Faulkner was director of sales for a pharmaceutical company.

"If it doesn't work out at Lambton City and you end up not knowing what to do then gave me a call. We could have some fun while you await your next opportunity."

"Thanks," she smiled.

"What not kiss?"

Rita kissed him soundly and stroked his fringe and said goodbye. "You have single-handedly restored my faith in men."

David looked rather astonished.

Rita stayed the next night with her parents and the next day found a furnished apartment with immediate possession in the building that had been her first choice. The lease was for a minimum of six months with provision for six-monthly renewals and that suited her just fine.

She then went to the city's largest firm of accountants and waited for an hour before another lovely man called David came out with clients at the end of their meeting.

"Rita how lovely to see you again," David Gill said. They'd gone through university together. Come through. I can give you fifteen minutes. Coffee?"

When he sat beside Rita on the sofa David said, "I heard about your divorce."

"And the reason for it?"

He grinned and said the alleged reason. "You are too nice to be fiery enough to stick a broom handle up your husband's ass. Let's forget it."

"No David. I want to tell my side to it."

She told him. There was no embarrassment between them. They'd often fucked at university before David began going steady with Claudia and they'd later married.

"Well that sounds more like the truth and I do believe you."

"David, my reputation notwithstanding, can you get me a place here as an accountant?"

"Sure, join my team. We specialize in small business and you're probably known by most of our string of clients personally. But at the outset it would be best if you assisted and gradually build up your own clients through new clients coming to us."

"That's fine, as good as I could reasonably expect. But won't you have to consult your partners first?"

"No but I will tell them about you and give them your counter to the broom up the ass story. I'm currently managing partner so make non-referral decisions."

"At your peril."

"At my peril."

"David I'm not sure this is a good idea."

"Well I'm comfortable about the decision."

David then thought for a moment and said, "What about this. I'll call a partners' meeting for 5:00 today for them to meet you and I'll suggest it will be the time to voice any objection."

"Fine I'll find that's the way this should be done under the circumstances."

"Good and believe me, they will find your acceptable. You are bound to know some of them."

"Great and if you are agreeable I'd like to tell them what happened myself. I'm not ashamed of being violated and want as many people as possible to know."

Rita arrived right on 5:00 and partners were already drifting in. David began introducing Rita to individual and when everyone had arrived said, "Well guys I've hired Rita but she's concerned some of you at least may have heard the claim of her ex-husband Sylvester Tweed whom some of you will know. Tweedie claims he divorced Rita because in a fit of rage she rammed a broom handled up his... up his anus. Rita would like to tell you what actually happened."

"Good evening. I'll keep it short. My ex husband assaulted me by engaging in anal sex and I pleaded him to stop, saying I'd changed my mind, but he ignored my pleas and went at it with gusto. After the act he said if I didn't like him anymore how about a divorce and I said yes and he said go ahead. A court search will show I was the applicant and so it was I divorcing him. I deny categorically that I ever took to him with a broomstick or ever assaulted him physically in any manner. I am a very competent professional and am confident that I will serve this firm well. However some people believing my ex-husband's story may not wish to deal with me and may even decide not to use the services of any firm that hires me. And so I felt the need to front up and make that statement and answer any questions you might have. Thank you."

David said, "I hereby disclose that Rita and I were in the same class as me at university and we graduated together. As far as I'm concerned I have no misgivings about Rita's professional competence or her moral standards. She will be employed here as an accountant subject to this meeting approve of her being hired. Any questions?"

David waited fifteen seconds and said there were no questions and then said, "I propose that Rita Riley be hired as a general accountant in this practice and build up her own clientele."

All partners raised their hand in favor.

"Thank you everyone. Rita is leaving now and will start here in the morning."

As Rita walked to the door several of the partners, including two females shook her hand and congratulated her. Rita was aware she had taken the first big step in her social reinstatement.

Driving home Rita wondered how she could stick it to Tweedie without using a broom handle.

The 37-year-old dismissed thoughts of knifing his car tires and vandalizing his office or writing to Tweedie's bank manager saying her ex-husband had told her he would be unable to meet any further mortgage payments. They were all childish actions and could all land her in court as a result of police investigations and Tweedie probably would tell everyone talking to him in bars her letter to the bank was the action of a deranged woman who'd threatened to kill him. She could then be fired from Lambton Accountancy Services Partnership and her reputation would take a king hit. No she'd have to take on Tweedie publicly and humiliate him, but how?

Yeah how?

Next morning in Rita's first hour at the office four partners came to her in succession, each presenting her with the file of one of their clients whom they'd confirmed was happy to be transferred to Rita. Then late morning Jeff Hart arrived with two women and introduced them as Mrs Moira Fleming, president and Miss Stefani Crosetti, secretary, of the Lambton United Women's League.

"These ladies would be delighted to have a female accountant doing the books of the league that we do at reduced rates that apply to worthy community service organizations," said Jeff. "Well ladies I'll leave you in the capable hands of Rita."

"That you Jeff. Coffee ladies?"

They said yes.

"Jeff told us you have been slandered by your ex-husband dishonestly claiming you stuck a broom up his ass."

"Yes Mrs Fleming..."

"Oh please call me Moira."

"Yes Moira but there is little I can do about it expect to take him to court but that could give him a real opportunity to make more vindictive false accusations against me. If I'm to take any direct action it would have to be in public but not in a courtroom and then we could slug it out."

"Well he's standing for the mayoral election that's two months away. Why not stand against him. There's your forum and a perfect opportunity to slug it out."

"Good god Moira my reputation has been shattered in this city by my ex husband spreading that crazy claim about broomstick up the ass."

"Calm down Rita and please call me Stefani. You don't have to win election and you don't even have to have City Hall experience. As an attorney I can say if you don't have a criminal record and are over twenty-one years of age you can stand for election. We'll have no problem finding sufficient women who themselves have been victims of sexual brutality to sign your candidacy petition."

"Good heavens, how amazing. But unfortunately there is a big problem."


"Stefani I have no interest in standing because I'm not a political person and being under such a spotlight could affect me professionally and threaten my employment."

Moira smiled and said mysteriously, "Well never mind dear, just leave it to us and our network. Now let us explain the financial position of our society and say how happy we are to have a female accountant although Jeff was very charming and efficient to deal with."

Lambton Accounting was large enough to run an internal café for its personal and on her first day Rita took the last empty seat at a table of seven female support staff and said hi, she was new to the office.

A receptionist said, "Accountants don't usually sit with us Miss Riley but we do welcome you aboard."

"Well it's time accountants recognized they are part of a team, not the elite," Rita said. "I learned that between semesters at university when working in a small accountancy office and influenza had knocked out our six support staff who were crammed in the one office. I practically ran the office by myself for a week because none of the partners knew how to work the new photo-copier, who serviced it and what times were the courier pickups."

Everyone at the table looked impressed.

Rita said, "Look guys I want you to know something. I'm the woman rumored to have stuck a broom handle up the butt of her ex husband."

A couple of the women said yes they knew while the others looked agog.

"Well that rumor was my husband either attempting to put in knife in me or he was on some dope and hallucinating. Here's my account of what happened..."

The women chorused goodbye Rita when she left the table as soon as she'd finished and returned to her office. Someone emailed to every female working for Lambton Accounting details about the Rita and the broomstick and her response. Within two days everybody on the payroll appeared to know Rita and she was being treated like a cult heroine.

So far so good.

Then with Rita's approval a quarter page advertisement under the logo of Lambton Accounting appeared in the business section of the Lambton Herald. It read:

The Partners of Lambton Accounting Services announce the appointment of Rita Riley as a Small Business Accountant to reinforce our service in this section of our business.

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