I stood terrified and shaking, my hands cuffed, and an ankle chain attached to the ring embedded in the floor. In 1793, I had just turned 22 years old. My muscles were huge, having worked in the fields for sixteen hours or more per day. My former master had died, no grief there, he had been a sadistic man who worked his slaves like farm animals. He had no kin and hadn't made any arrangements for what was to become of his slaves in the event of his death.

I was on the auction block, listening to the yelling of bids when a white woman stepped to the front of the crowd and made the highest bid. It was very unusual for a woman to be at such an event. She was dressed in a very expensive gown and her white hair was elegantly swept up upon her head. She took the end of my ankle chain from the auctioneer and led me to a nearby wagon. She told me to climb in the back, clicking the end of my chain into an iron ring embedded in the bed of the wagon. She climbed to the seat, unassisted, took the reins and slapped them against the horses' rumps.

She drove us through Charleston and out the dirt roads to a large 2-storied house. I had no idea what was to be expected of me. I saw no slave quarters, no fields but I did notice the nice sturdy cabins that stood in the backyard as we drove to the barn. She climbed down and unhooked my ankle chain. She told me to unhitch and stable the horses. I did so silently as she unlocked the cuff from my ankle. I did not try to break free, I knew what happened to runaway slaves and would not take the chance of being beaten or killed.

She told me take one of the cabins in the back of the house. She explained that my duties here would be to take care of the white men who frequented the brothel. I stared at her, aghast, I had no sexual experience with women or men. I didn't know what to do. She explained that until I learned my duties she would instruct the men who used my services to tell me what they wanted me to do. I was also to be hired out for stud services because of my huge muscles and hard body. She said I would be a good breeder and left me to walk slowly to the backyard cabin.

There were ten cabins and from some I heard screams and moans. Black men sat in the doorways of the cabins not in use with a look of hopelessness in their eyes. One looked at me and pointed to an empty cabin. Compared to the slave quarters I had lived in on my last plantation, the cabin was very nice. I had a bed with a straw tick stuffed with cotton in a wooden box fashioned with legs. It had a solid bottom of wooden planks that would be more comfortable than sleeping on the dirt floor. A small table and two chairs sat by the window.

A small tin tub half filled with water and a block of lye soap sat in the third corner. A small square of linen hung on the side of the tub with a larger linen towel hung on a nail in the wall. The Madam had warned me to wash daily. I had to be clean for the men who would use me. I had also been provided with one other outfit of clothing and loin cloths made of different colored silks which I was to wear for the customers.


My first night passed in fear. I had no idea when I would be required to perform the duties for which I had been bought. I slept fitfully and when the sun rose I headed to the cook's cabin for breakfast. After I had eaten I saw a tall white man coming toward the cabins. He looked us over and motioned me inside. I followed him and undressed as he began to remove his clothing. I saw his hard-throbbing cock as he told me to kneel before him and start licking it. I did as he bade, running my tongue over the head of his dick and up and down the sides. His breathing grew ragged as he grabbed my head and shoved my mouth down on his cock, forcing it to the back of my throat.

I ran my lips up and down his rigid cock, pulling as hard as I could. He started to moan as he told me to bend over the table. He shoved his pulsating cock into my tight virgin asshole. I screamed as I felt my asshole sting and the blood seeped down onto my balls. He fucked me hard but in total shock I was surprised to feel my body start to respond. My ass felt as if it were on fire, but the pain seemed to transform into an intense pleasure as my cock grew hard, my breathing harsh from his rough thrusts that grew faster until I felt his gooey cum explode into my ass.

Still breathing hard, he grabbed my huge cock that hung almost to my knees, stroking it. He told me to lie on the bed. When I had complied, he knelt between my thighs, licking my balls, sucking them between his lips as his hand kept squeezing my throbbing cock. He sucked at the head of my long thick cock as my body trembled with sexual desire. When he pushed his mouth down on it, sucking hard, my body arched toward his sucking lips. He sucked in as much as he could, using his hand, wet with saliva to stroke the rest. My breathing was ragged, my dick, erect and pulsating as he straddled my hips. He grabbed my stiff cock and started working it slowly into his ass.

I shoved upward into his asshole as he rode me. Gasping and groaning, he jerked himself up and down hard on my throbbing cock while he stroked his hardening dick in his hand. He gave a loud yell as he shot the cum onto my belly. As I shoved harder in to his ass I felt my own cum explode inside him. I jerked convulsively as my body orgasmed, my cum dripping from his ass. He collapsed on top of me, surprising me when he kissed my lips, his tongue gently caressing my own tongue, as his hands caressed my chest. After he had rested he dressed and dropped a coin on my table. He told me he had enjoyed his time with me and that he would return to see me again.

I got up, cleaned myself off and laid back down in the bed. I would give the coin he had left to the Madam but right now I had no strength left. I didn't want to think of what had just happened or what I had done. I wondered how I had been able to feel such intense pleasure from having sex with a white man. I had been lying there for almost an hour when another white man opened my door. I stared at him as he entered. He undressed as I watched. He grabbed my ass pulling tight against his hot pulsating cock as his hands untied my red silk loincloth. I again felt the sexual pleasure surging through me as he as his hands ran up the crack of my ass. He pulled me to the bed and told me to lie face-down on the blanket. I felt his tongue stroking my asshole as his hands spread wide the cheeks of my ass. He pushed into my ass steadily shoving himself deeper into my ass as my own cock became harder with each thrust.

He pushed me on my back as he straddled my head and reached back to spread the cheeks of his ass, ordering me to lick it his ass. I felt his hand reaching for my cock as I licked his ass, pushing my tongue in as hard as I could. I licked and sucked his ass as he pushed rhythmically against my mouth. He knelt on his hands and knees as he told me to fuck his ass hard. I pushed into him as hard as I could, fucking him with the ferocity of my intense desire burning inside me. He screamed as my cum shot into him. As the storm of pounding hot desire faded, I leaned back breathless. He told me to lick my cum from his ass as he continued squeezing his cock. I saw the cum shoot from his dick onto the blanket. He rested then washed off in my tub, his breathing still harsh and ragged. He dried off, dressed, and dropped a coin on my table. Without a word he walked out the door.


I was blown away a couple of nights later when a white woman opened my door. She seemed to be tense and embarrassed as I asked her to sit down. She had bought a bottle of champagne from the Madam that she shared with me, telling me that she was a widow and all alone. I had never had a woman, much less a white woman but I took her in my arms gently. I licked her lips slipping my tongue into her mouth. She trembled as she pressed tightly to me, sucking my tongue into her mouth. I undid the buttons of her gown and pushed it down around her feet.

I picked her up and sat her on the side of the bed, my hands working at the strings of her corset while I licked her lace-covered nipples. I untied her petticoats and pushed them to the floor with the corset. She pushed her pantaloons to the floor as well as I sucked her nipples hard. She moaned as my hand slipped between her thighs, gently tugging at her pubic hair before sliding my finger between her wet pussy lips. she reached down to direct my hand until I felt her clit under my finger. I had no idea what to do so I just made little circles on the soft tip then slipped my finger into her tight little vagina. She arched against my hand, moaning as she told me to lie on top of her. She sucked my hard-pulsating cock between her lips as I licked her clit and sucked the hot pussy juice from her vagina.

She screamed she was ready and asked me to fuck her hard. I moved between her thighs and slammed my huge dick into her small pussy. Her body arched upward to meet my hard thrusts as I felt the warm cum from her pussy dripping down my cock and onto the bed. Cum gushed from her tight pussy over and over as I pounded her as hard as I could. My cum seemed to explode from my cock as she screamed, her body jerking hard.

Her body was still shaking as I lay beside her, holding her gently in my arms. I caressed her breasts and played with her pussy until my cock hardened again. I rolled her on her belly as I spread the cheeks of her ass wide. I licked her ass, biting, and sucking until she started to shove hard against my lips. I gently started pushing the head of my dick into her tiny asshole. I was ready to pull out when she screamed, but she begged me to keep going. I pushed my dick in slowly as she told me the pain was exquisite and cum gushed from her again.

No longer able to hold back I pushed my long cock all the way into her ass as she moaned and pushed her ass harder against me. I fucked her ferociously, spurred on by her moans of pleasure. Cum spurted from my cock to fill her ass as I groaned and pushed into her throbbing ass as hard as I could. Collapsing, we again held each other tightly as we gently kissed and caressed. I was shocked when she told me she loved me and fell asleep in my arms.


Morning light shone through the cabin's single window. She stirred and smiled at me. We both got up reluctantly. After I had dressed I helped her with her ties and buttons until she was clothed and ready to leave. She dropped a pieced of paper money on my table. She told me her name was Amanda as I replied that mine was Sampson. She kissed me long and lovingly, holding me tight as she whispered in my ear that she would be back to see me as soon as she could. I watched her go, feeling a sadness in my heart. What had happened between had also affected me deeply. It had been the most wonderful night of my life.

The Madam came to my cabin as I finished eating. She told me that I would need to make myself ready to leave in half an hour. She had hired me out for stud services for a week and I would be taking the mule cart to a plantation in the next county. She gave me explicit instructions on how to get to where I was to go and who I was to report to. I bathed carefully and rolled up my second set of clothes into a bundle. I went to the barn to hitch up the mule and headed out of the driveway and down the dirt road. I had a travel pass from the Madam in case the road patrol stopped me. I followed her careful instructions and soon I pulled up in front of a huge plantation house with large columns across the porch. When I told the black man, who met me why I was here he pointed to a poorly constructed cabin on slave row.

I walked slowly down the dirt path and knocked on the cabin door. No one answered my knock, so I pushed the door open. A very pretty black girl was seated at the table. She started in terror as she saw me. She obviously knew why I was there. I tried to calm her fears, telling her I wouldn't hurt her. I sat at the table and asked her to tell me about herself. She told me she had just turned 21 but her former master had been a preacher and promiscuous sex had been strictly forbidden on his plantation. She said she had never been with a man before.

Now I understood her fear better, but I didn't know what to do about it. I knew what I had been hired to do and I had no choice in the matter. If she didn't conceive I would be beaten badly. I tried to be gentle, but stopped as she began crying. I could not continue. Her tears tore at my soul. I also had no desire for her, my mind and heart were locked up with Amanda. I was amazed at how much I missed her and wanted to be with her again.

I stayed the week, sleeping on the bare floor, not touching the girl who slept on the corn shuck mattress. I accepted her promise to not tell anyone that I had performed my duty. I no longer cared if I was beaten. I wanted to go to where I could be with Amanda once more. I knew we could never have a relationship. A black man in this new country faced death if he was caught with a white woman. They would never believe that I had not forced or raped her. Even If we ran away to the north we would still be outcasts and I realized I loved her too much to allow that to happen.


The week finally ended, and I went back to the brothel. As I untethered the mule the Madam came out to the barn to speak with me. She said I had been bought by one of her customers. I was to pack my things and be ready to leave by morning. My heart sank, and I cried silent tears in my lonely cabin. I knew I would never see Amanda again. I knew my dream had ended. I would remain a slave. I had no idea where I was going or what would be required of me. I had lost all hope and could not sleep that night.

In the bleak morning light, I sat in the doorway of my cabin and waited while the wagon drove up the lane. It was one of the white men I had serviced when I first came to the bordello. All my hopes and dreams shattered. I would be his property to do with as he liked.

He climbed down from the wagon and cuffed my ankle, hooking the end of the chain to the ring in the wagon box. He told me to climb in and as soon as I was on the floor of the wagon bed, he slapped the reins on the horses rumps, I slumped, feeling lower than I had ever felt in my entire life. I no longer had the will to live, my broken heart tore through my body. After we arrived at his plantation I was taken to one of the poorly built cabins. The cuff from my ankle was removed. I didn't run. I just sat inside the rickety cabin staring into space, thinking of all I had lost.

In the middle of the night I heard the door slowly creak open and I saw the figure of a woman in dark clothing standing there, her face was covered with a black veil. She gestured for me to dress and follow her. Silently I put on my clothes and we slipped out the door. The night was dark as we stumbled our way across the field to her buggy. She untied the horses' reins from a tree limb as I helped her climb to the seat.

We rapidly started away as she finally lifted the veil. My savior was Amanda! She explained that the man who had bought me was her cruel brother whom she hated. She had tried to buy me from the Madam, but he had offered more money and the Madam had sold me to the highest bidder. He had planned to have me killed when he found out she had been to the brothel to see me. Amanda said he would do anything to keep scandal from touching the family name.

She had packed her clothes and valuables in the buggy and had come to rescue me from him. She said we needed to head north as quickly as possible before her brother hired slave catchers to find me. We rode through the night and in the morning, I took the reins, so she could sit in the back seat of the buggy and sleep. I followed the directions she gave me, and we were already in North Carolina when she woke.

When night fell upon us we cautiously stopped at an abandoned barn. I helped her down and allowed to enter while I gathered wood for a fire. She took out food tied in a cloth to share with me. I scattered hay on the dirt floor, spreading blankets over it. It was the best I could do to make a comfortable bed for her. She undressed with my help until she was naked in my arms once more. I held her tightly as I told her how much I loved her. Her open lips met mine as my tongue slid into her mouth, pressing my tongue to hers as my hands grabbed her ass, pulling her close to my body. Passion burned inside me as I laid her on the blanket, sucking her nipples, licking her soft belly as I spread her thighs. I heard her moan as my tongue slid under her pubic hard, tasting her warm musky pussy juices on my tongue. She writhed and arched against my lips. My passions seethed out of control as I shoved my throbbing cock inside wet throbbing pussy as her body heaved upward, meeting my stabbing thrusts. She screamed as her cum gushed down my thighs as I felt the my own cum explode into her.

I held her in my arms, amazed at the joyous feeling inside my heart. Just to be able to love her, hold her in my arms once more was worth all the danger. I had no ideal where we would go or how I would be able to support her but she when she whispered in my ear, telling me how much she loved me, I knew it was worth whatever risk and danger was involved.

After long days of steady driving and hiding, we finally reached the ferry boat that would take us across the Ohio River and to the freedom of the northern states. After many weeks of long hard travelling, she bought a small log cabin in the woods of Wisconsin and there I lived with her. She was cautious when I drove her to the small town a day's drive from the isolated cabin. she told the shop owner I was her servant as I carried out large sacks of flour, cornmeal, beans, and other essentials. The forest provided all the meat we needed as I hunted and attended the garden that was close to the cabin.

The joy of discovering she was carrying our first child was mixed with the fear that we would no longer be able to hide our relationship from the world. Each night we held each other close in our tightly locked cabin wondering what to do to protect her and my unborn child and, always, at the back of my mind was the thought of her sadistic brother would what he would do if he found us, fearing he would kill us both. Always as I went about my hunting and my chores, I carefully kept a cautious eye out for any strangers approaching but when I held her in my arms each night, feeling my child moving within her, our deep love for each other convinced me it was worth whatever price we might have to pay for the sins we had committed.

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