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Brother and Sister


"That little prick," Suzie thought and then giggled at the truism of the statement. Tonight was the night she was supposed to fuck her boyfriend Thomas. Only Thomas got a little too excited and left her hanging. She barely got his pants down and reached in his waistband to grab his cock when he released. He mumbled a quick embarrassed apology but she was too pissed to hear it. Slamming the car door, she yelled how he was less than a man and stormed home.

Now she was sitting on her bed horny beyond belief. The five mile walk home did nothing to satiate her desires. In fact, the feeling of her nylons brushing together with each step made her pussy moist.

She laid back on her bed allowing her hands to slide into her sweater and caress her firm tummy. Her left hand moved up and started to rub her breast through the lace of her bra while her right hand found it's way to her skirt. Massaging the soft wool above her panties she released a soft moan. Reaching behind herself she arched her back, undid the button of her skirt and unzipped it. She allowed her hand to massage her ass before moving to her panties covered pussy. Her panties were wet to the touch. She began to finger fuck herself through her panties.

"Mmmm. God I need a cock. I need to cum. Shit!" She thought of her brother Stephen. Stephen was 21, just two years Suzie's junior. He was in good shape with baby blue eyes and a chiseled butt. She thought about grabbing that butt as her brother rammed his cock deep in her pussy. She often thought what it would be like to fuck her brother. To take his cock into her warm, wet mouth and twirl her tongue around his cock head. To have him cover her tits with his love juice so she could lick them clean. Even to feel his manhood in her ass. She was grinding her mound against her hand, bucking strongly, just thinking about his cock.

"Ahhh ..." she moaned. Her thighs quivered as her orgasm passed.

A few minutes later she sat up. "Well that helped a little," she said aloud. "Let me go take a shower and try to relax." She got up and stripped out of the outfit she wore for Thomas, a tight sweater that showed her 35C tits nicely and the small wool skirt that accentuated her legs. Naked, she looked at herself in the full length mirror. She smiled at her athletic, runner's body. Firm breasts, taut stomach and tight ass. "Oh well," she shrugged. "Thom's loss."

The shower was warm. She picked up the bar of Dial and twirled it in her hands enjoying the sudsy feel. She started to lather and soap her breasts, thoughts of Stephen still in her mind. She kneaded her breasts and the luxuriating silky feel of the water and soap started getting her aroused. She pinched and twisted her nipples, feeling a slight jolt of excitement between her legs. "Stephen, you don't know what you missing." She reached a soapy hand down her stomach and started rubbing her clit. She was moaning in pleasure. One hand rubbing her clit while the other used the soap as a little dick. She was pumping the soap in and out, in and out. She could feel the tension start to build again and pumped harder and faster with the soap.

Her revelry was broken by a voice. "Hiya Sis. Whatchya doing?" Stephen was standing at the edge of the shower wearing a pair of faded gray sweats and a tee shirt.

"Shit, you scared me. How long have you been watching me?"

"Long enough to see you are really hard up. What happened with Thomas? Wasn't tonight the big night?"

"I don't want to talk about it," she said. "Right now, I need a cock so bad." She looked over at his sweats and saw his tent. "Looks like you were enjoying what you were seeing. Wanna help your sister out of a jam?"

"Eww, no. That's gross. Besides, I just got back from Chevy's with the guys. I smell like an ashtray."

"So come on in lil brother, and I'll wash your back." She winked playfully.

Maybe it was the four beers Stephen had. Maybe it was the fact that he had been sneaking peeks at his sister since he was sixteen and wishing to taste her sweet pussy. Maybe it was because he knew this night might never come again. He pulled his shirt over his head, dropped his sweats and stepped into the shower.

"My God, sis. You're beautiful." He said and kissed her deeply. His tongue tracing circles around her mouth. She returned his kiss and slid a soapy hand to his cock. She started to pump him slowly, tenderly. He moaned into her mouth.

"Stroke my cock, sis. Stroke it. Damn, that feels good." He started to lick and nibble her breasts. He bit Suzie's nipple softy and sucked.

"Oh yes. I love that Stephen. Bite my nipples hard. Oh my pussy is so wet." He bit harder on Suzie's nipples and she pumped him faster. The more pressure Stephen applied to his sister's nipples the harder she stroked his cock. Suzie was stroking her brother's cock with reckless abandon and Stephen never let up the suction on his sister's tits.

He reached his hand down to her delta and started to massage her clit. Suzie pressed her pussy closer to his hands. "Oh fuck Stephen. That feels good." Stephen slipped two fingers into his sister's pussy and start to fuck her hard. "Oh God. Oh yes. Don't stop, please."

"That's two. Want to try three?" he asked and inserted his ring finger also. Suzie screamed and Stephen was afraid he might have hurt her.

"No. No. God no. That's wonderful"

They kissed long and passionately. Her hand on his cock. His three fingers in her pussy. Suddenly, Stephen twisted his hand so his finger's were stretching his sister's pussy and his palm pressed against her clit with each thrust.

"Oh God," Suzie screamed. "I gonna cum. God, make me cum little brother. I want to cum for you. I want to cum all over your goddamn fingers."

Stephen stopped. "No. I want to taste you, sis." He kissed her open mouth again. "Ever since I was sixteen I wanted to taste your pussy. Cum in my mouth." He knelt down in front of sister, kissing his way from her chin, down the valley between her breasts to her navel and finally her cunt. He licked her clit and was rewarded with a quick intake of breath. Stephen started to lick and kiss his sister's outer lips and then nibble her inner lips, finally sticking his tongue inside her pussy.

"God, yes. God, yes. Oh Stephen, you're wonderful. Eat your big sister's pussy. Fuck me with your tongue."

Stephen continued to lap at Suzie's pussy. He grabbed her ass and brought her close to his mouth so he could insert his whole tongue into her love canal. Suzie was grinding hard against his face, her breath was ragged and Stephen knew his sister was getting close. He jammed a finger up her ass.

"Oh shit. I'm cumming!! I'm cumming, Stephen. Oh, eat your bitch-whore big sister's cum."

Stephen stood up smiling, his sister's fresh cum coating his face. "Mmmm. Let me taste," she said and licked her cum off his lips.

"Oh damn, sis. That was so fucking hot. I love it when you talk dirty. I need to fuck you."

"Not yet," Suzie replied. "Now it's your turn."

She knelt down in front of him. His cock dangling inches away from her pretty mouth. Stephen looked down at his gorgeous sister. She was kneeling in front of his cock, hands on her knees, water beading off her head and back. God she was sexy. She look up at him with a look of sweet pure innocence and he nearly shot his load.

She opened her mouth and playfully flicked her tongue at Stephen's cock. She covered the head and base with kisses, teasing him mercilessly. She ran her tongue around his head and sucked gently, then more firmly and then gently again on the tip before sliding the length of his cock into her mouth. She slid her mouth down his shaft and back up. Licking and nibbling. Licking, nibbling and kissing.

"Oh sis. God that feels good. Ohmigod. Suck my cock." Suzie concentrated on sucking on the head and jacked the shaft of her brother's cock with her hand. "Shit. Suck your little brother's dick. You love sucking your brother's dick, don't you?" A muffled "Mmmm-mmmm" was all the reply Stephen received as his sister deep throated his cock. "Oh yeah, take it all the way. God it feels good." Suzie was sliding her mouth down and up the shaft. Her head bobbing while she massaged his balls in her hand. "That's it. Oh yeah, just like that." Suzie released her brother's cock and smiled up at him. "Fuck my face, little brother. I want you to shoot your cum down your big sister's throat."

Stephen grabbed Suzie's head and started to pound her mouth with his cock. He found he enjoyed the slight gagging sound Suzie made when he would reach the back of her throat. Stephen could feel his balls tighten and his cum start to collect. He was torn between wanting to cum in his sister's mouth and wanting to fuck her pussy. Suzie made the decision for him by placing her hands on his and prying her head and mouth loose. "Fuck me, Stephen. I want my little brother's cock in my pussy." She leaned over bracing her arms shower wall. The water falling in the middle of her back and running down her ass. Stephen positioned himself behind her and entered her quickly.

"Fuck!!" she cried. "Yes. Fuck me. Give your little cunt-whore sister your cock. Pound me, Stephen. Fuck my pussy." Stephen pistoned in and out of his sister's pussy. He could not believe how good she felt. Tight, warm, inviting.

"Oh sis, you feel great. Fuckin great. Your pussy is so tight."

"It's for you, Stephen. Only you. Your cockslut sister is yours for the fucking."

He continued to fuck Suzie's wet pussy. He could feel his balls climb up and almost disappear. He knew he was going to cum. "I'm going to cum, sis. Shit, I'm going to cum."

"Cum over my tits, little brother. I want you to watch as I lick your cum from them."

They got out of the shower and Suzie sat down on the toilet. Stephen stood in front of her jerking his cock. "C'mon baby. Cum for me. Cum for your big sister. Stroke that cock and cum on your big sister's tits."

Stephen was stroking his cock ferociously, his sister's words spurring him on to the biggest cum of his life. "Oh shit, sis. Here it comes. I'm cumming. Ahh ..." Pearl strands of love juice leapt from his cock and landed on Suzie's face and tits. She smiled contentedly. Stephen watched as his sister wiped his cum from her cheeks and lips with her finger and then hungrily sucked them clean. After, she grabbed her left breast and then her right, brought her mouth to them and sucked and licked them clean of her brother's cum.

"God, that was so sexy," Stephen said. "Are you really my cockslut, sis?"

"Anytime, little brother. Anytime." Suzie kissed him.

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