Brother & Sister Celebrate Nude Day


Faster and faster, she stroked my cock. Then, abruptly, she stopped.

"What are you doing? Why did you stop?"

"I want to go outside," she said. "I've been dying to go out and celebrate the holiday naked. C'mon, come outside with me," she said looking down at my still erect cock. "I'll give you a hand job later. Okay?"


"Maybe I'll even give you a blowjob."


"Yeah, sure, why not, I've had worse cocks in my mouth, than my brother's cock."

We went outside in the privacy of our backyard. With everything overgrown and needing to be trimmed, it was very secluded. I put down a blanket on the patio and we got comfortable together sitting side by side. She rested her hand in my lap with her fingers in constant contact with my cock and my fingers toyed with the back of her firm ass, while my other hand fondled her tits. Enjoying the sunny day, the warmth of the sun felt good on my naked body.

"This Nude Day is a Hell of a holiday," I said "A Hell of a holiday. I understand now why people enjoying being outside naked."

"Thank you, Tommy, for sharing my Nude Day holiday with me," she said taking my face in her hot hands and touching her lips with mine.

It wasn't a deep kiss, it started off just as a peck, that is, until I parted her lips with my tongue. I could tell by her reaction to withdraw that I had surprised her, but then she surprised me by surrendering her tongue to me. I was kissing my sister, French kissing her. There were we were sitting naked out in the backyard making out.

"Sandy, that was incredible."

Abruptly she got up and rushed in the house. I followed her to her bedroom.

"Tommy, I'm sorry, but this is wrong. We can't do this. We can't have sex."

"Why not," I said taking a step closer to her and as soon as I did, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we were kissing again. Only, this time with our bodies pressed so tightly against one another, her kiss was magical.

"Oh, Tommy," she exhaled, before kissing me again and again.

I pushed her back on her bed and reached down to touch her. She was soaking wet. She was ready. My cock found its way inside of her and as soon as it did, she gasped. She was so very tight, tighter than my old girlfriend. I was fucking my sister. I couldn't believe I was making love to my sister and my sister was making love to me. She rolled me over and was on top of me, humping me, jumping up and down on me, while I reached up and fondled her big tits and fingered her erect nipples.

We were hot and sweaty, but we didn't care. Never have I had sex like this before. There was no turning back and after fucking her for fifteen or twenty minutes I could feel myself getting ready to cum.

"Sandy, I'm going to cum," I said lifting my body ready to pull out of her. "Get up. I don't want to cum inside you."

"It's okay," she said putting her hand to my naked ass and inserting her finger inside my asshole. "You can cum."

Oh, my God, as soon as she fucked my ass with her finger, I rolled her over and was fucking her like a dog in heat. As soon as she said that I could cum, I exploded, gushed is more the word, cum inside my sister. Never have I cummed as much in a woman. All the while I was cumming, we never stopped kissing. Finally, it was over and I moved off of her to lay beside her.

"That was incredible," I said looking at her. "That was the best sex I've ever had in my life," I said making solid eye contact. Then, suddenly, I realized what I had just done and I was worried. "Are you still on the pill, Sandy?"

"You let me worry about that," she said and when she said it like that, I felt sick because I knew she wasn't. She had always wanted to get pregnant. She always wanted to have a baby and after breaking up with her boyfriend, she knew her days were numbered with her clock ticking the time away that she could get pregnant.

"Sandy, no, wait, answer me. Are you still on the pill?"

In the way she looked at me, I knew that she wasn't, just as I knew that I had just impregnated my sister. Already glowing, she knew it happened just as I knew it happened. Never had I cum so much and so deep in a woman.

She moved her body halfway down the length of me and took my cock in her hand.

"You have a beautiful cock, Tommy," she said fondling the head of it with her fingertips, while slowly stroking me.

Then, she did it. She took me in her mouth and started blowing me. I had just cum off more than I ever cummed before. I didn't think that I could cum again, but between Sandy cupping my balls and fucking me up the ass with her finger again, it didn't take me long to fill my sister's mouth with my cum.

My sister blew me. She really blew me. She sucked my cock, allowed me to cum in her mouth, and then she swallowed all that I gave her. Oh, my God. This, by far, was the best sex that I ever had in my life. I love my sister. I really do, and all because of Nude Day and our little Nude Day celebration.

Nine months nearly to the day, Sandy gave birth to a girl. She looked exactly like us, too much like us. Wow, the resemblance was uncanny. In keeping with the Nude Day theme, the day we celebrated that made us come together, we named our little girl Venus, the nude Goddess of sexual healing. If anyone needed healing, it was a man and a woman, who have come together not as a brother and sister but as husband and wife.

After we sold the house and moved away, we got married on the following Nude Day. We wanted to celebrate every Nude Day as our wedding anniversary. None of our friends and neighbors know we're brother and sister. All that they know is that we're in love.

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by Anonymous01/10/18


You are a beautiful woman, why are you writing as the brother?
I would like to see a woman's view on erotic stories.

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