tagNovels and NovellasBrother and Sister Go Too Far Ch. 01

Brother and Sister Go Too Far Ch. 01


It was so long ago. They were both so young. Yet, she'll never forget how her brother made her feel wanted, loved, and special. He was as horny as she was.

The relationship she had with her brother was the closet she ever felt to a man. With nothing to hide, with her brother knowing her as he did, she felt a freedom from playing games that she never felt since with other men she dated. There she was naked for the first time and vulnerable to a man who accepted her for who she was and she accepted him for who he was. They had no preconceived notions; they were just brother and sister. There wasn't anything that he didn't know about her. They had no secrets and left nothing unsaid.

Even in marriage, she couldn't duplicate the complete relationship she enjoyed with her sibling. In retrospect, had she found someone who was as passionate, loving, and considerate as was her brother, maybe, she'd still be married today. She wished she had that kind of relationship she had with her brother with her husband. She wished she could have opened up to her husband and her husband could have opened up to her in the way that she did with her brother and in the way that her brother did with her.

How perfect that would have been instead of playing silly games, butting heads, and arguing over nothing? She never argued with her brother. They connected.

Fifteen years ago, she was 21-years-old and her brother was 18-years-old. Still living at home, they talked about everything, about pop culture, about music, about dating, and about their relationships. Open and honest, without harboring any secrets or petty jealousies, they were not only brother and sister but also close friends. As their bond grew, so didn't their sexual attraction to one another and their curiosity for erotic exploration.

They were always hugging. She loved his body. He was tall, thin, and muscular. Every time they hugged, he felt his hand rest on the top of her buttocks. She wished, just once, that he'd drop his hand and cup her cheeks. If he did that, if he felt her ass, she'd cum in her panties.

They didn't mean for it to happen, it just did. It happened naturally, as a next step progression to their unique relationship when siblings bond in the way they did. They were so close that they were psychically connected. It happened when they both were drinking and smoking some grass one day when their parents weren't home. The stimulants lowered their inhibitions, no doubt. With their guard down, they were open for whatever was to happen.

There was nothing dirty about what they did. She had no regrets and neither did he. It was just a woman and a man sharing their love for one another physically and intimately, as well as emotionally and spiritually. Sure, they were brother and sister, but if you just ignored the labels put on them by society, they were just two people who needed one another and who were lucky enough to find one another at the time.

Had you not known that they were brother and sister, had you seen them interacting with one another from afar, laughing and talking and having a good time, you'd think that they were just lovers. The relationship had quickly progressed from siblings, to friendship, to lovers. They both had what one another needed at that time. It was a coincidental occurrence. It was being struck by lightning. It was beautiful.

Their parents were never home. Her father was a traveling pharmaceutical salesman and her mother was a pediatrician. If they ever discovered the she was having sex with her brother, they'd have them both committed to an insane asylum. They wouldn't understand their obvious connection. They were uptight when it came to free sex, especially free sex between brother and sister. Her parents would never understand their special relationship and close bond. Yet, after she convinced herself that there wasn't anything wrong with taking their friendship that they had a step further, she looked forward to having some intimate time with her best friend, her brother.

They took strict measures not to have her get pregnant. She was on the pill, which she never trusted, so she had him wear a condom, which he hated. Yet, that was the agreement and that was the unbroken rule. Whenever there was vaginal penetration, he had to wear a rubber, no argument. A pro-life nurse, she wasn't the type who could have an abortion and she certainly didn't want to raise a baby born between the sexual lust of their incestuous affair. Surely, that kind of baggage would ruin her life. She could just imagine introducing whoever was her fiancé at the time to her brother and their baby.

"This is my fiancé. And this is my brother Jason and our bastard baby, Incest."

When she thought back about the first time, her brother used her and tricked her into having sex with him. Yet, it was okay and she was glad he did it and glad it happened. Surely, it wouldn't have happened otherwise. She never would have made the first move. They were both a little bit drunk and a little bit high and that allowed their inhibitions to crumble as well as their horniness for one another to blossom.

Nonetheless, their sexual relationship was a positive and bonding experience. Even though they no longer have sex and haven't had sex since that long, hot summer when they were both so very young, they are still very close.

She figured it was the testosterone. He was always horny. He was even hornier than she was. It must run in the family. Her mother was the horny one.

Married to her second husband, after divorcing her father fifteen years ago, her Mom and her step-dad were still going at it like newlyweds. He was banging her nearly every night that he was home. She could hear them in their master bedroom suite whenever she muted her television. Her Mom loved giving blowjobs. Like mother like daughter, she did, too.

The incestuous relationship started when her brother approached her with a sad, pity me story. He told her that he wasn't having any luck getting a second date with the women he liked. A good looking man, she didn't understand why he would have such difficulty getting a second date. Moreover, he lied to her when he told her that he wasn't getting to second base on any of his dates. With the thoughts of how much she enjoyed her dates feeling her breasts, she felt sorry for him that her baby brother didn't even get to feel a woman's breast.

How awful for him, the poor boy. He must be so sexually frustrated. No wonder why he jerks off all the time. Even though he tries to be quiet, she can feel the vibration of his squeaky bed when he is going at himself with his hand. If she listens, she can even hear the moment he cums.

The fact that he masturbates next door to her room was always a total turn on for her. More than once, she wanted pretend she was unaware and barge in his room and catch him with his hand around his cock. More than once, she wanted to ask him if he needed a hand. She was so wicked that sometimes she'd even imagine him jerking off when she masturbated.

Unable to come up with another reason, after replaying the dates in his head and recalling the conversations that he had with each date and sharing those with his sister, he wondered if it was his kissing that was ruining his chances for him. Pretending to be embarrassed to ask her, he asked her to kiss him to see if he was doing something wrong when kissing the girls he dated.

She fell for it. She was happy to kiss her brother. He was as good looking as she was hot. It runs in the family. Their mother was a knockout, too.

Looking back now, it was a good ploy on his part to get things started, heated up, and to get in her pants. Only, what did it matter? It was just a kiss, a peck on the lips really and she loved her brother. She had kissed him many times before for birthdays and graduations, but not sexually, never sexually.

Besides, this kiss was more clinically. Think of it as sexual therapy. She'd do anything for her brother, even kiss him. Only, she never expected that a mere kiss between brother and sister would progress any further than that and as fast as it did.

She was agreeable to helping her brother learn the correct kissing technique. She was a good kisser after all and was very proud of her kissing technique. She never had anyone complain after being kissed by her. Matter of fact, she had many boyfriends moaning for more of her lips and tongue.

Besides, there was no harm in kissing her brother. It was purely innocent on her part. It was just a kiss. C'mon, get your mind out of the gutter. What can possibly happen from giving a kiss? It wasn't like they were French kissing or kissing while naked.

Only, she didn't know that her brother had ulterior motives and another agenda completely different from what she had expected with a harmless kiss. Until those first few kisses turned into him asking her to teach him not only how to kiss and but also how to French kiss, she was totally clueless. Duh!

The red flag should have flashed through her mind and the warning bell should have sounded then when he asked her to slip him some tongue, but it didn't. Besides, with horniness running in the family, with her mother being a total slut, she was just as curious about French kissing him as he was about French kissing her.

That French kiss was the point of no return. At first she felt awkward French kissing her brother, but as soon as they started French kissing, they started making out. Blanking her mind and removing all her conscious thoughts from reality, his kisses were turning her on and it took all the self control she possessed not to reach down and fondle his cock through his jeans, unzip him, fall to her knees, and blow him. His kisses made her momentarily forget that she was kissing her brother.

She could feel his erection throbbing against her belly and it felt so big and so hard. She was excited that she could generate that kind of lustful and incestuous feeling from her brother to make him get such an erection. The feel of his stiff erection against her made her even hornier and she loved rubbing herself against it knowing that her rubbing against her brother's big cock was turning him on more. She was such a tease. Then, when he started feeling her big tits through her sweater, he made her so horny that she wanted to suck his cock.

For her, her nipples were her erogenous zone and all it took was for someone to finger her nipples, even through her sweater, blouse, and her bra for her to get turned on enough to want to fall to her knees and suck his cock, even if it was her brother. She loved sucking cock. She got off giving blowjobs. Every boy she dated, she rewarded by giving him a blowjob at the end of the evening. When some girls were making a big deal about giving goodnight kisses, she was giving goodnight head.

She dreamt about giving head. Her fantasy was doing five men at once, a gang bang where they force her to blow them. She fantasized being blindfolded and tied up after being stripped naked and touched everywhere. She imagined kneeling in the center of a circle of five men and taking turns blowing them. She imagined after she sucked them all off and after she swallowed their cum, they'd jerk off for her and give her a cum bath.

Every time her brother kissed her, he'd start feeling her boobs. He was so bad. He was such a horny guy. Back then, she had C cup tits and she was proud of her tits. They were as big as they were firm and shapely. She loved her tits and she loved men feeling her breasts when kissing her. To her, there was nothing else more arousing then being felt up while making out and French kissing. She loved throwing her arms around her date's neck while kissing him and giving him the unspoken go ahead and free access to her big boobs.

She loved being felt up in her cheerleading outfit. She loved how the thin material of her uniform felt against her body and against nipples. She especially loved it when one of the football players fingered her nipples. She loved how they could just stick their hand down her top and down her bra for easy access to her nipples, as they kissed and kissed.

She loved it when they forced her head down making her suck their cock. It excited her to be forced and to be manhandled, so long as they didn't hurt her. She loved teasing them and pretending that she was shocked by their actions and resistant to their lustful desires and wanton needs. She loved it when they took her over their knee, pulled down her pants or pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panty, and slapped her naked ass. It turned her on even more if they did it in front of another guy.

At first, his kisses blanked her mind so much that she didn't realize that he was feeling her tits. At first she left his hand there, that is, until he started feeling the impression that her erect nipples made through her sweater. Once he started touching her nipples is when she began losing all control. Once he started fingering the impression that her nipples made through her clothes, then it had gone past the point of no return.

His fingers probing her nipples through her bra and blouse made her uncomfortably horny. His touching quickly got her aroused. She'd feebly swat his hand away, but in doing so, his big palm brushed across her nipple arousing her even more. As soon as she swatted his hand away, he'd put it back with the very next French kiss and it took her until he started fingering her nipples to notice that he was feeling her tits, again.

It took all the control she had not to remove her sweater, blouse, and bra and have him suck her big nipples before she fell to her knees to suck his big cock. She loved having her nipples sucked. She could orgasm just from having her nipples sucked.

Again and again, she'd swipe his hand away, but he was as persistent in feeling her tits, as he was in pushing her hand down to touch his cock through his jeans. She wanted to feel his cock through his pants, but she pretended that she was embarrassed and offended. She wanted to unzip him, take out his prick, and wrap her little hand around the girth of it, but she knew it was wrong. Had he not been her brother, she would have been all over his cock by now; she was so wet and ready to be fucked.

When she finally submitted to him by allowing him to take her hand and place it on his cock is when things started to heat up even more. Feeling the impression that his big bulge made in his jeans got her even more aroused. She could feel that he had a big dick. It felt so very hard when he pushed it against her soft belly. She couldn't help but wonder what it looked like, as she couldn't help but wonder what it felt like and what it tasted like.

When he started fingering her nipples through her clothes is when it escalated from there. There was no turning back in their forbidden lust and desire for one another. He had lit the flame in her and she wanted to experience her brother, all of him now. The French kisses from her brother turned her on enough to persuade her to give him a hand job, a blowjob, and eventually to fuck him. Yet, all of that sexual activity came later.

She remembered when it first started; it was a rainy, depressing, and dismal day and their parents had gone away for a long weekend getaway. They both had been working so very hard and they needed some alone time. It was a few days after they had started making out with one another on the pretense of teaching her brother how to French kiss. His little kissing escapade was a complete success. He was a good kisser, now, as if he wasn't one before.

She thought that part of their relationship was over. She thought she gotten through it without doing something that she'd regret for the rest of her life. She was glad in a way that she French kissed her brother and was glad that nothing more than some touching progressed from that, but she was still hot for him. She was still so horny and she still wanted to blow him. She fantasized about blowing him when she masturbated and she dreamed about fucking her brother.

Before then, it was just making out with some heavy petting. She hadn't blown him or given him a hand job, yet. She'd only put her hand on his bulging cock through his pants and fondled him. He hadn't even taken her tits out of her bra. He only felt her tits through her sweater, blouse, and bra and fingered the impression her nipples made in her clothes while they kissed. It was all still so very innocent. They hadn't crossed the incestuous line, yet.

Only, this day was different. There was something in the air this day. It was the morning after a full moon and they were both feeling the effects of it from last night. They were both so very horny. This day, he came into her room when she was still in bed and just waking up.

She wondered how long he stood there watching her sleep. She wondered if he touched her as she slept. She wondered if he photographed her to post her photos on the Internet without her permission later. It excited her to think that some guy from another part of the country was jerking off over her nakedness. How would she know? She was sleeping. He could have done anything to her, she was such a sound sleeper and he knew that.

"Wake up, Julie," he said pushing at her shoulder. "Julie, wake up."

When she looked up at him, she realized that he was peering down her open nightgown at her tits. She enjoyed flashing her tits and it didn't matter if she flashed her brother her boobs. Besides, he couldn't see any more than if she wore one of her low cut tops without a bra, which she did all the time, when home alone with him. She was always flashing him her body. She loved showing him her panties. She loved to flash as much as she loved teasing him. She knew she was successful when he suddenly had a bulge in his pants and had trouble getting up or sitting down.

Excited that he was interested and horny enough to look, she was embarrassed at the same time. She was his big sister after all and she felt a bit uncomfortable taking advantage of his innocence, so she pulled the sheet up to cover herself. For the first time, feeling vulnerable, she was afraid of what may happen. That wasn't to say that she didn't want it to happen, she was just afraid.

They were alone for the first time since they had French kissed and felt one another through their clothes. She was still horny and thinking about doing him and she could tell that he shared her feelings.

"Jason, what's wrong? Is there a fire?"

"No nothing like that. It's just time to get up."

"Time to get up? What time is it?"

"It's after seven."

"It's only seven? Are you crazy? Get out of my room! It's way too early to get up. I'm still sleeping. Come back around ten."

"C'mon, I made you coffee," he said handing her a mug. "Let's do something today instead of lazing around in bed. I'm starting to get depressed with all this rain."

He was just wearing pajama bottoms without a shirt, but he had this huge boner that stuck straight out. She'll never forget it. His erection was huge and she couldn't remove her eyes from it. It was so big that it didn't look real. It looked ridiculous. It looked deformed. It looked like he had something stuffed down his pants for the effect of a comedy routine.

She was laughing and pointing at it. Her horny time was in the morning and to see his cock tenting his pajamas like that sent a twinge of moisture between her legs and immediately hardened her nipples. She wanted to fuck him. She wanted to suck him.

"Jason, get out of my room with that thing," she said pointing to his erect prick.

"Sorry, Sis, I always get a boner when I get up in the morning," he said looking down at where his sister was staring. He looked back up at his sister with a smug smile and made eye contact.

"Do you want to see it?"

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