tagLoving WivesBrother Cucks Brother: Or Does He?

Brother Cucks Brother: Or Does He?


The following is a story of two brothers ... and ultimately their wives. It's a true story. All sex described involves only characters 18 years old or older. I hope you'll enjoy it...

Thursday night, early September 2007

"C'mon, it's early," I lured as I stood next to my brother in front of the row of stained urinals. The beer we'd been drinking for the last two hours had finally started to flow out the other end. It was time to get out of this dump -- the girls were waiting.

"Shit, I gotta get home. Caitlyn will kill me if I don't--"

"Adam, its Thursday night for Christ's sake. We play some ball, then we go for a few beers with the boys, then we go see some naked woman."

"She was pissed off at me for weeks after you made me go the last time."

"Made you go? Poor little baby. Fuck, has she got you pussy whipped bro," I interrupted as I shook the last drop of piss from the end of my cock and tucked myself away.

"Screw you, you're not married asshole," my big brother answered as he pulled up his zipper.

"C'mon, just for an hour or so... I thought you said she was out with the girls tonight."

"Still," he delayed but I knew I had him.

"Christ Adam, you should see some of the little sweeties they got dancing over there now."

"You and your bloody titty bars," he complained as we looked at each other in the mirror over the sinks. But there was a grin in his eyes. "It's time you settled down, got married."

"You're starting to sound like mom ... and Vanessa," I grumbled as I dried my hands.

"Oh I'm really going to laugh the day Vanessa gets you to walk down the aisle little brother."

"Fuck you too," I said as I slapped my brother and best friend on the back as we walked towards the exit. Ten minutes later we were comfortably ensconced in a "private" booth that overlooked the mirrored stainless steel floor of the ScouriesWorld Gentlemen's Club. Soon after, Nadia, a recent immigrant from Romania and a lovely, clean shaven young beauty, was perched naked on a stool she'd set between my knees.

Giving yours truly a twenty dollar lap dance. It was a dance that involved more of her rubbing herself against my body than it did actual dancing. Which was just fine with me. She had a great set of perky little, pink tipped, puffy nippled breasts on her. Of course I got a hard-on.

Then, in spite of his protests, she danced one for my brother. She did a little rubbing on his crotch too. The two timing slut!

"Caitlyn will kill me," my twenty-five year old brother complained, referring to his wife of three years. "Christ David, you shouldn't have done that, her perfume's all over me."

"Stop complaining. Did you see the snatch on that girl?"

"How could I miss it? Not a hair on it. And she had it like two inches from my nose. Fuck, smell my shirt," he said as he leaned over towards me.

"Didn't stop you from getting a hard-on though bro, did it?"

We each had downed another couple of beers and had enjoyed another lap dance each, this time from a bouncy little busty blond from California, a girl who apparently liked to run the bottoms of her feet up and down the crotches of men she didn't know, before I turned to my big brother and told him I had something serious I wanted to talk to him about. I'd wanted us both feeling pretty good before I sprung my news on him.

"I got something to tell you too," he answered back.

"What? You do?"

"It's about me and Caitlyn," my brother mumbled nervously.

What the fuck was this I wondered as I looked over at him. He started to blush. "You and Caitlyn?" Christ, don't tell me they're having marital problems I thought to myself. Here I'd been working myself up to tell him my big news and now he's springing this on me.

"We've got a problem." I just watched him without responding but my mind was whirling. "She's having a problem... I mean we are." I waited for him to continue. "We can't have babies," finally spilled from his lips.

"Huh? Something's wrong with her? I mean she looks--"

"It's me."

"It's you what?" What the hell was he talking about?

"I can't get her pregnant."

"What, you've forgotten where your dick's supposed to go?"

"It's serious ... I'm serious." I suddenly realized he wasn't joking around.


"If we want to have kids we may have to adopt."

"Adopt? Like what, some Asian? Or some black crackheads baby?" I spat out. It was impossible for me to mask my disapproval.

"Or we could go the artificial insemination route."

"This is bullshit! There's nothing wrong with you. Christ bro, remember that little sweetie from Savannah when we were back in college? She said she'd never seen a guy so full of cum."

"It's not about quantity Dave. They say there's something wrong with it."

"Who did?"

"The doctors, the labs."

"What's wrong with it? Maybe they're wrong," I said, still unable to accept the fact that my brother wouldn't be able to father any babies.

"Maybe," Adam answered but there was no hope in his voice.

"What did Caitlyn say? What does she want to do?"

"We don't know. It's hard."

"I don't like the adoption idea," I said even as the thought of another man's sperm being pushed up inside my sister-in-law flashed through my head. It was a disgusting thought.

"I think she'd like to have a baby herself, experience it at least once. It would all be anonymous. We'd get to choose from a list of potential donors ... things like height, eye color, body type, smarts. But the donor would never know." As he talked I could hear the distaste in his voice.

"Yeah but it wouldn't be a Montgomery. Can't you get your sperm fixed, purified or something?"

"No." there was a sad finality in his voice.

My brother had been made to be a father. And his wife to be a mother.

"What's your news anyway?" he asked after we'd been sitting silently, lost in our own thoughts, for close to five minutes.

"My news?"

"You said you had something to tell me."

"Oh that." After what he'd just laid on me I had no desire to go there. "It was nothing."

"So what do you think? What should we do?"

How the fuck was I supposed to know? The whole thing sounded like bullshit. Was my brother, a famous jokester, having me on I wondered as I watched him? There was no way he couldn't have kids. Made no sense at all. My mind was whirling as I again considered, then rejected, adoption. The whole artificial insemination crap gave me the heebie jeebies.

There was no way my nephews and nieces should be Chinese or the product of some tube inserted between Caitlyn's legs. And then, without thinking, I spoke the idea that had just flashed into my head. Words I never would have uttered if I'd been sober. "What about my sperm? Could they use that?"

"Your sperm?"

"At least it would be a Montgomery. I mean it would have our DNA, your DNA."

"What, you want to fuck my wife?" An angry question but there was no real anger in his voice. Instead only a sad resignation.

"Don't be stupid, they could artificially insert it or whatever they do," I answered even though the truth was I'd wanted to fuck Caitlyn since we'd been classmates our senior year of high school.

"I just don't know what to do," Adam, normally one of the most forceful and confident guys you'd ever want to me, said sadly.

"I could get you another dance," I offered, trying to ease the tension

"Fuck you," the person I loved most in the world answered.

We left it at that. Finished our beers and then both left the bar to go to our respective homes. I dreamt of fucking my sister-in-law half the night. And I still hadn't told my brother my news.

It was only years later that I learned what, and who, Caitlyn dreamed of that very night.


My name is David William Montgomery, and the day that my brother and I went to the girlie bar and had the above conversation I'd been twenty-two years old. A guy who'd graduated from University fifteen months earlier and then had immediately gone to work at the company my father had started forty years before.

My brother Adam, who was two and a half years older than me, my boyhood hero and now best friend, also worked for dad's company. He was married to Caitlyn Reagan, a girl my age, and someone who'd lived across the street from us when we'd been growing up.

Sometimes, late at night, after I'd spent an evening in their company, at a family dinner or maybe after a night the three of us (and maybe with one of my girlfriends) had spent just hanging out it might hit me. The uninvited thought would cross my mind that if I had just been a little quicker, if I'd just been a little braver, that it might be me who was married to her and spending the night in her bed.

I'd almost asked her out! So fucking close. Maybe a week more, two weeks max and I've have asked her out and everything would have turned out differently. I was a shy guy growing up, a slow developer physically who'd suddenly exploded into sexual maturity and teenage horniness at the end of my junior year of high school.

I'd been steeling myself to ask her out those first few weeks of our senior year. And Caitlyn had been giving me signals that my approach would be welcomed. Well, I can say that now that I've got some experience of girls, but honestly, thinking back, I was so nervous then that I had no idea what my pretty neighbor was thinking. I'd been afraid she was going to shoot me down. I'd delayed.

And then it was the end of October and Adam came back from University for a long weekend visit and a couple of Halloween parties. And the fates got me when Adam almost hit Caitlyn with his car when he turned onto our street. Five minutes later she'd agreed to go to a costume party with him that night.

And that was that! He took her out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights before returning to school on Sunday. They were officially dating. And yours truly was shit out of luck.

Before he left, my brother, having no idea of my feelings towards Caitlyn, had asked me why the hell I'd never asked her out.

They went out at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Adam told me much later that they'd had sex for the first time that Christmas. She'd been a virgin. I lost my virginity a few months later to a girl I didn't like half as much as Caitlyn.

They didn't get married right away. While I followed my brother to the same University my parents had gone to after I'd graduated high school, Caitlyn went off to a small liberal arts college out of state.

And during the two years Adam and I overlapped at school, including his senior year when we shared an apartment, Adam wasn't sitting at home Friday nights waiting for a call from Caitlyn. And I can tell you that he didn't live a celibate life those two years. We partied hard. We did things all horny college guys do. And getting laid was always at the top of the list.

But, while not going steady, every time Adam and Caitlyn were back in the hometown, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter or summer, they'd hook up. And I think all of us knew, including our parents and Caitlyn's parents, that it was only a matter of time.

They got married during the Christmas vacation of my junior year. I was best man. Caitlyn dropped out of school as the two of them set up home four blocks from where they'd grown up. Adam went to work for Dad while Caitlyn got a job as a manufacturer's rep for woman's lingerie.

I went back to school. I had sex with nine coeds during that spring semester. The funny thing was they all ended up looking and sounding like Caitlyn while I was in them...


"He can't have babies? Why not?" It was the Saturday morning two days later and I'd just told my girlfriend Adam's news. We'd spent the previous night in my bed. She'd been angling for months to get invited to move in but I'd been delaying, mainly because I knew that I was about to move.

"They're not sure, they're still testing."

"I'm not marrying you if we can't have babies," Vanessa said, surprising me completely. It had never crossed my mind that she'd immediately see it as our problem. In fact since Adam had told me his news I'd never asked myself if I might have the same problem. I'd been too worried about Caitlyn and him.

"What, this isn't about me." Who the fuck does she think she is I wondered, then added, "who asked you anyway?"

"I'm serious Dave, it won't work if we can't have children."

I'd been going out with Vanessa for the previous year and we'd been slowly winding our way towards marriage. I'd been debating for weeks whether to ask her to come with me when I moved. As soon as I heard her words something clicked in my brain and I knew I wouldn't be taking her south with me to Miami.

I backed off. "It's probably just a fuck up. He's going to get tested again, this week, I'm sure he'll be fine," I answered.

"You should go too," she threw back.

And I did get myself tested. Not because of her but because I, who'd never even considered it at first, was all of a sudden scared shitless that maybe I was infertile or whatever the hell they called it. But I didn't tell anyone else what I was doing.

Ten days later I got the results. By then I'd broken up with Vanessa. I passed with flying colors. I had a high sperm count, my little sperms were shaped perfectly and my motility was in the top two percentiles. My cock was a fully certified baby making machine.

And yes, as soon as I got the results, I couldn't help thinking about pushing a thick, heavy, creamy load of healthy Montgomery sperm deep into Caitlyn. Of putting my baby inside her.


"You've been ignoring us again," my brother's wife chided with a welcoming smile when she opened the door. It was Friday night and they'd insisted that I come over for dinner. It had been just over two weeks since Adams and my talk. We hadn't discussed it since. I had my 'sperm report' in my pocket.

"Hi hon," I answered as I gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. My sister-in-law always smelt better than other girls.

Ten minutes later, with the three of us settled in their den with beers in our hands, I told them my news.

"WHAAAAT!" my brother demanded.

"You can't," Caitlyn protested.

"I am, I'm leaving the company," I repeated.

"No fucking way," my brother insisted.

"I have to. It's not working," I said softly.

"Of course it's working."

"There's not enough for me to do. Christ, Dad doesn't trust me to empty the waste basket."

And he didn't! My father loved me, always had, and I'd known it growing up, but I'd also always known I was number two in his eyes. Adam had always been held up as what I could be. I'd never quite made it!

Looking back on it now it's a miracle I didn't end up hating my brother. Being continually compared unfavorably to him. It was just an unending stream of comments, comments like: 'Why can't you be as good as your brother', or 'but Adam got ninety in math his first year', or 'Adam scored fifteen touchdowns', and on and on. No matter what I did, dad immediately compared my accomplishment unfavorably to my big brother. And he'd never realized how much it had hurt me.

So I shoulda hated Adam. Except I never had. I'd started off worshipping the big brother who always had time for me, who always invited me along on excursion with his friends. Who'd always complimented me on my accomplishments.

And by the time I joined him at university we were best friends. Even if he was dating Caitlyn Reagan.

I'd debated joining Dad's company when I'd graduated. I'd been afraid that I'd be the extra, and unneeded wheel. Adam had talked me into it even though I'd been ninety percent convinced I'd be better off trying something of my own, even if only for a few years. I'd been right.

We were eating dinner a half hour later when we got to the next big question. Caitlyn asked it. "So what are you going to do? Have you looked for a job?"

"I'm moving to Miami," I started.

"Are you crazy?" Adam demanded. He hadn't got over my first bit of news and now I'd hit him with this.

"You can't leave us, we won't let you" his wife insisted fiercely. She hadn't seemed too upset or surprised at my news that I was leaving the company but her shock at my potentially leaving town was clearly written on her face.

"Fuck you, I swear I won't let you, you're staying here." my brother promised.

So I spent the next fifteen minutes telling them my plans. Of how the guy I'd roomed with my last two years at school, a Miami native and a guy Adam knew from his last year at school, had finally convinced me to come down and take a chance.

We'd been e-mailing and texting each other almost daily over the seventeen some months since we'd graduated. And it was mainly about the idea for a business we'd come up with during our senior year.

Mike had called again in late August. He delivered an ultimatum. "Dave, if we don't do it now we never will. If you don't come down I'm going to go ahead on my own," he'd threatened.

The call had come on a day I'd had another argument with my dad about work and my future role at the company. It hadn't been a particularly bad argument, just the latest in a series, just another small skirmish, but as it happened it was the one that broke the camel's back.

So, on the spur of the moment, I'd agreed to go south.

"I gotta try it Adam, I just gotta, if I don't I'll regret it for the rest of my life."

"It's a stupid idea, you already have a company to work for. Our company," Adam complained but I knew I was wearing him down.

"We'll miss you so much," his wife added, conceding the inevitable.

"This whole thing is fucking stupid. You know Dave, this wasn't what we wanted to talk about tonight anyway." I arched my eyes up in an unasked question at his words. Then he said, "FUCK IT!" and turned away.

"I'll get the coffee, the dessert honey," Caitlyn said as she sprang up from the table and retreated. Neither of us said a word until she got back. Nor said a word until the coffee was poured and the dessert plates put in front of us.

"We wanted to talk about the other thing, the baby thing," Adam said, his embarrassment clear, as we sipped our coffee. A big piece of Caitlyn's specialty, banana cream pie, sat before me.

"We've decided we want it to be you, we want you to be the father." Caitlyn added, a new, shy pleading tone suddenly in her voice.

Father? Oh fuck I thought. "It was a stupid idea, I'd had too much to drink that night, both of us did," I answered after seconds of silence.

"It's the best option ... Adam and I have looked at it from every angle."

"I don't think we should."

"I talked to the clinic... it's no problem, easy as pie," Caitlyn argued.

Yeah sure I thought as I mumbled, "Jesus". We talked and discussed it for the next hour before I finally succumbed to their pressure. I knew it was a mistake the second I said yes.

"No one can ever know," I insisted. "NO ONE!"

"What about Vanessa? Will you tell her?" Adam asked.

"She isn't coming to Miami," I quickly answered.

"Right away you mean?"

"Ever," I said in a tone meant to close the subject.

"You two broke up?" Caitlyn asked.

"Are you fucking nuts?" my brother demanded. "You're quitting the company, dropping your girlfriend and moving to la-la land? Are you on drugs?"

"She wasn't the one," I answered softly.

"Tell him Caitlyn, tell him he's just doing what he always does. Running away as soon as some girl falls in love with him."

"I never liked her," my sister-in-law told my brother. I'm not sure whether it was Adam or I who was the most surprised at that answer.

"You didn't?" he asked, beating me to the punch by half a second.

And so it was settled. I was going to sperm my sister-in-law! After I'd told dad I was quitting the company and moving to Miami. Without my girlfriend.

Four Weeks Later, late October 2007

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