tagGay MaleBrother Fills In For Absent Sister

Brother Fills In For Absent Sister


Jack was buried balls deep in Lee's tight asshole. Lee was flattened on the bed face down as Jack drove his 9" cock deep into the bowels of his lover. Lee's ass moved under Jack but Jack's strength and drive kept Lee pinned under him. Jack's powerful buttocks clenched and unclenched as he pummeled Lee's ass. Jack's thick cock drove into Lee and then retreated until only the head remained in Lee's rectum. Lee felt the powerful shaft drive in and out of the anal passage like a piston causing Lee to cry out.

"Oh God your cock is so thick in my ass, so deep. Oh fuck yeah, fill me with your big dick. Cum in me, I want your spunk shooting in my ass," Lee exclaimed!

Jack continued to fuck the shapely firm ass of his lover driving his cock into the warm recess. Jack sensed his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that within minutes he would cum in Lee's hot ass. Jack felt the pressure in his scrotum just before he unleashed a torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass underneath him. Jack felt Lee's anal muscles tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of spunk out of it.

"Oh shit, I feel it. I love it when you cum in my ass. I love your hot seed flooding my ass," Lee cried out.

Jack stayed hard and he slowly fucked Lee's ass as the semen coated his shaft. Lee sensed that Jack was up for another round and whispered, "Jack if you are going to keep fucking my ass let's roll on our sides."

Jack rolled to his side keeping his cock in Lee's ass as he pulled Lee to the side. Jack's hands wrapped around and caressed Lee's body. Jack ran his hands over Lee's breasts and tight abs as they moved toward Lee's pubes. The back of Jack's hand brushed against Lee's erect cock causing Lee to gasp.

"Please hold me and jerk me," Lee pleaded.

Jack took hold of the 6" cock of his girlfriend's younger brother and stroked it as he fucked Lee's ass again. Jack was not interested in another man's cock but he didn't mind jerking off Lee and he loved to see Lee shoot. Lee had an amazing capacity for ejaculations. Lee would have volcanic like orgasms when he came and his semen would shoot four or five feet at times, particularly with his first orgasm of the day.

Jack kept fucking Lee until they both came. Lee came twice before Jack came in Lee's ass a second time. The first time Lee ejaculated his cum shot passed his face and hit the headboard. The second time he came his seed hit him in the face and neck. Then Jack lost it and dumped another powerful load in Lee's ass. The two of them rested on their sides as Jack's cock slowly deflated and slipped from Lee's asshole. By the time they were ready to get out of bed their spunk had dried on Lee's body.


Jack was entering his senior year at college as was his girlfriend Linda. Although they attended different schools they continued to see each other and date. Linda and jack had been dating and fucking since their senior year of high school. Linda loved to fuck but she was not into anal sex at all. She would suck on Jack's cock to get him hard but she never let him cum in her mouth. Jack had tried to persuade Linda many times to let him cum in her mouth and to fuck her in the ass but to no avail. Still Jack loved having sex with her and he accepted the terms of their relationship.

Jack was a good looking young man who was blessed with an above average cock that was 9" long and over 5" around. Linda had actually measured it one time when he was erect. He was in great shape as he worked out all the time and there wasn't an ounce of fat on his 6'2" 175 pound body. He had short brown hair and hazel eyes. Linda was a very pretty natural blonde with blue eyes. She too kept in excellent shape and her 34-22-35 figure showed off her efforts.

Linda's 18 year old younger brother Lee had just graduated high school and he would be attending the same college as Jack. Linda went to school out of state but Jack attended the state college just 2 hours away. This summer Linda had decided to join some of her sorority sisters on a European tour. She would be gone most of the summer.

Jack was invited to hang out at Linda's house during the summer whenever he wanted. It was a beautiful house set in a very private yard complete with a swimming pool and hot tub. Linda's mother Sally was thrilled that Jack was around most of the time since she worked and her husband Jim traveled extensively. Sally felt that Jack could keep an eye on Lee and that he would be a good influence on her son.

Jack spent most of the weekdays at the pool as he loved to swim and work on his tan. Sometimes when Jim was away on the weekend Jack would keep Sally and Lee company at the house. There were times when Jack caught himself starring at Sally as she sunbathed in her bikini. Sally really looked like an older sister instead of Linda's mother. She had an excellent figure and Jack often wondered what it would be like to fuck her. Many times as he watched her he felt his cock harden into an erect state. His erection was quite obvious in his Speedo swimsuit and he did not try to hide it. Jack had not fucked anyone for a couple of weeks and if Sally was interested he knew he would go for it.

Jack's erections did not go unnoticed by Lee. Lee felt his own cock stir when he saw Jack's huge cock fill out the swimsuit. Often Lee would turn over on his stomach to hide his own erection. Lee was also a natural blonde like his sister. He was 5'8" at 150 pounds and in excellent shape. Lee was a member of the local figure skating team and he had the toned body and killer ass that so many skaters have. Lee was gay but he hid it well. He had a few flings with other skating team members who were also gay and he was somewhat experienced with oral and anal sex. Lee was infatuated with Jack but he dare not make a move on his sister's boyfriend. Besides if Jack would be offended he could seriously hurt Lee.

One day Jack and Lee were hanging out by the pool taking in some rays. It was so hot that day that frequent dips in the pool were required. Jack didn't know why he watched Lee so much that day because in the past he never paid attention to the boy's body. But today Jack watched him closely when he walked around the pool. Lee's golden tan body glistened with the pool water and Jack admired the boy's shapely legs and curvy ass. Jack thought to himself that many a girl would love to have an ass like Lee's. Jack found himself starring at Lee's bubble butt and wondering what it would be like to fuck him in the ass. Jack thought it wouldn't be any different than fucking a girls' ass particularly since Lee had a hairless body with flawless skin. Jack found himself getting an erection just thinking about Lee's ass. Jack snapped out of it and he was embarrassed that he had even considered it. It had to be because he was not getting laid while Linda was in Europe that his mind strayed to Lee.

Lee came back to the lounge next to Jack and he lay face down with his bubble butt sticking up in the air. Lee had one of those asses that just begged to be grabbed and fondled. Jack looked at his girlfriend's brother and his cock hardened again as he thought of butt fucking the younger boy.

"Jack would you mind putting some lotion on my back?" Lee asked interrupting Jack's erotic thoughts.

"No not at all," Jack replied as he swung his legs around to sit up on the lounge.

Jack moved over to Lee's lounge and he was aware of his raging hard-on in his swimsuit. He took the suntan lotion and poured in all over Lee's back. Jack rubbed the lotion in as his hands moved over the smooth skin of Lee's shoulders and back. Jack stared at the twin hillocks of Lee's ass as his hands moved to Lee's lower back. Unbeknown to Jack, Lee was struggling to keep his own emotions under control as his cock had hardened as well.

Jack asked, "Want your legs done too?" even though he knew that Lee was capable of putting lotion on his own legs.

"Sure, if you don't mind," Lee said his voice cracking noticeably.

Jack applied the lotion to one leg at a time and the two of them became increasingly excited but neither one of them took it to the next step. Lee finally looked over at Jack and saw the outline of his erect cock in his Speedo. Lee could hardly contain himself when he realized that Jack had a hard-on.

"Gees Jack, your cock is huge," Lee gasped.

"Oh sorry I must be thinking about your sister," Jack replied unconvincingly.

Lee knew that it was a feeble cover up and said, "Yeah, you must miss her and I bet its tough not getting any."

"Your right, lately I have been hornier than a three peckered Billy Goat," Jack replied.

Lee laughed and then pushed the envelope, "Can I see it? I have never seen a cock that big."

Jack was apprehensive but then thought what the hell, "Sure after all there is no one around, just us guys."

Jack pulled his Speedo down and freed his cock. The impressive organ leaped out of his swimsuit and stood straight out from him. Lee stared at it for a moment and then reached for it.

"Whoa, whoa what are you doing?" Jack said startled by the boy's response.

"I just want to touch it, okay?" Lee asked almost begging.

Jack let Lee touch him. Jack liked the feeling of a hand different from his own on his cock and he closed his eyes as Lee stroked it. Lee slowly stroked the big dick with one hand and cupped Jack's bloated balls with the other hand. Jack sighed as Lee's hands moved over the genitals.

"Can I kiss it? It looks so good I have this strange urge to kiss it," Lee stammered.

Jack didn't answer but just closed his eyes as Lee's lips kissed the engorged cock. Jack's body tensed as Lee's lips moved up and down the shaft and then Jack gasped as Lee's mouth engulfed Jack's cock. Jack thought to himself, "Oh my God he is going to blow me."

Lee was a very good cocksucker and in no time he had Jack ready to blow his load. Jack tried to prolong his orgasm as long as he could. Lee sat on the edge of the lounge and drew Jack in toward him. Lee caressed the back of Jack's legs and cheeks of his ass as Lee's warm, wet, wonderful mouth sucked on Jack's cock. Lee massaged the head of Jack's cock against the roof of his mouth. He circled Jack's cock with his tongue and Jack felt the light scraping of Lee's teeth. Jack's dick felt harder and longer than it ever felt in his life and he knew he was going to shoot soon.

Lee took Jack's cock out of his mouth and looked up at him as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged Jack's bloated balls. Lee then put it back in his mouth and took it out again then he gently blew on it as his fingers continually massaged Jack's balls. Lee tickled the cock head with his tongue and teased Jack's pee slit. Lee had Jack close to cumming a few times. Lee seemed to know when Jack was getting close, and he would do things making him last longer, torturing Jack in the process.

Lee looked up at Jack and smiled as he stroked the slick cock. Then he asked, "Ready to cum Jack"?

"God yes!" Jack replied.

Lee then took Jack's cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of the shaft, nibbled on the cock head and sucked Jack hard. Lee reached under Jack's balls and rubbed the hardness between his balls and anus. Jack felt his cock thicken and he knew he was going to cum. There was no stopping Jack this time.

Lee grabbed Jack's ass cheeks with both hands as Jack exploded in his mouth. Jack fired round after round of cum into his mouth and Lee sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. Rope after rope of semen shot into Lee's mouth as Jack seemed to have an endless supply. Finally the barrage subsided and Jack stopped cumming in Lee's mouth. Lee sucked on the thick firm cock until he had drained every drop from Jack's dick.

Jack felt weak from the intense orgasm so he sat down on the lounge across from Lee. Jack watched as Lee stood up and lowered his bathing suit to his knees. Lee's 6" boner jumped out and Lee quickly grabbed it in his hand. Lee stroked his own cock as he spoke.

"I need to get off I am so hot!" Lee said in an excited tone.

Jack watched his girlfriend's brother jerk off. Lee's hand flew rapidly over his hard cock in search of his own release. He then turned slightly just before he came and Jack watched as Lee ejaculated. Lee shot his load and the first couple of blasts must have traveled five feet before landing on the pool deck. Lee seemed to cum for at least 30 seconds as stream after stream shot out of his dick. Jack watched as Lee's buttocks tightened and then relaxed as he fired his load. Jack admired the boy's bare ass as it was lily white compared to the well tanned body. Lee had a beautiful ass and Jack felt his loins stir and his cock harden as he once again thought what it would be like to fuck Lee's ass. Lee looked over at Jack and saw that Jack had another boner. "Jack would you like to fuck me? Would you like to stick your big thick cock in my ass?" Lee asked as he wiggled his shapely ass in Jack's direction.

Lee took off his bathing suit and his 6" still erect dick wavered in the air. He knelt on a lounge chair and raised his ass in the air. Jack looked at him in this position and decided that he looked just like a girl with his smooth hairless body and his great looking bubble butt. Lee reached back and lubed his asshole with lotion. Jack saw this and applied a generous amount of lotion to his own cock. Jack stood behind Lee and stared at the incredible ass that he was about to fuck. He hadn't fucked an ass since before he dated Linda and now he was about to fuck her brother. Jack then spit on his dick making very slippery and eased into Lee's asshole.

Jack was gentle with him allowing Lee to adjust to the size of his cock. Soon he was buried to the hilt in Lee's ass and he fucked the young boy royally. Jack held on to the pretty twin cheeks of Lee's ass as he fucked him thoroughly. Lee had been butt fucked before but never with a cock this size. He couldn't believe how full he felt with Jack's enormous dick in his ass. Lee felt Jack tense and then fill his ass with cum. Jack continued to fuck Lee's ass and the jizm backed out of his ass and ran down over Lee's balls. Lee fired a blast of cum onto the pool deck this time without ever even touching his own cock. Jack eased his soft cock out of Lee's ass and Lee turned around took it in his mouth and sucked him dry and clean.

Lee and Jack then entered the hot tub naked. They left their bathing suits nearby just in case they had to put them on quickly. Not a word was spoken between them as they reflected on what just happened between them. Jack had just had the best blow job and ass fuck in his life and it was with an 18 year old boy. Not just any boy but his girlfriend's brother. Lee just leaned back in the hot tub and savored the moment. He had realized his fantasy of Jack's big cock.

Jack was the first to get out of the hot tub and announced, "I am going to grab a shower."

Jack picked up his bathing suit and walked naked into the house. He went up to the guest room where he often crashed for the night and then entered the shower. Jack relaxed under the hot water as he thought of Lee and how good it was to fuck his ass. Jack loved watching his cock slide in and out of the shapely ass. Jack then decided that it was no different being with a guy then with a girl when it came to getting a blow job or butt fucking. Jack felt his loins stir again just thinking of Lee's ass. After the soothing shower, Jack dried himself off and walked back into the guest bedroom. To his surprise Lee was in bed on all fours with his curvy bubble butt stuck up in the air. Jack felt his cock twinge as he looked at Lee's hot ass. Lee's body was delicate, hairless and flawless. He really did look like a girl in this position.

"Jack, I would like you to fuck me again," he said in a sultry voice. "You would like to fuck me again wouldn't you?" he asked.

Jack's cock hardened as he approached the bed. He knelt behind Lee and began to caress Lee's beautiful ass. Lee handed Jack the lotion and asked Jack to get his ass ready. Jack put an ample amount of lotion in his hands and rubbed it all around Lee's bung hole. Then Jack inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing Lee's ass for another ass fuck. Jack sawed his fingers in and out of Lee's anus and Jack was turned on by the thought of burying his cock in Lee's shapely ass one more time. Jack moved closer to Lee and lined up the head of his cock with Lee's anal opening. Jack eased his big dick into Lee's ass.

Lee reminded Jack, "Not too deep at first, then deeper."

Jack spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva all over his cock which made it very slick when combined with the lotion. Jack's cock head cleared the sphincter and he fed it to Lee a little at a time. Lee's ass chute was warm and tight as Jack went deeper and deeper into him. Soon he was all the way in Lee's ass and he started a slow fucking motion. Jack continued to pump Lee's ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts. Jack caressed Lee's smooth round ass as he fucked it.

Lee asked Jack to fuck him harder and quicker. So Jack picked up the pace and he pounded Lee's ass faster and faster. Jack's balls started bouncing off of Lee's balls and Lee moaned with each thrust of Jack's cock. Jack could feel his climax building and he knew that any moment he would shoot his seed in Lee's ass. Jack tried to make it last as long as possible but once Lee contracted his anal muscles Jack lost it.

Jack fired a barrage of cum in Lee's ass filling it to overflowing. Jack couldn't remember when he came so much. As Jack continued to fuck, his jizm backed up in Lee's rectum and oozed out flowing over Lee's balls. Lee used his talented anal muscles to milk Jack's cock and drained it dry. Lee's milking action weakened Jack and sent tingles through his body. Jack pulled out of Lee and collapsed on the bed next to him.

Lee rolled over on his back and jerked off once again. Jack watched as Lee stroked his cock. Lee fired another round of spunk into the air. The first blast landed on Lee's face, neck and chest. The remainder of his load landed on his abs and pooled around his pubes.

Jack decided that he needed another shower and Lee showered with him. Even though Jack had nothing left it was still fun to wash Lee's shapely ass and play with it. The two of them dried off, dressed and then Jack left for his apartment. Lee thanked him for a marvelous afternoon and said that he hoped they could get together some more. Jack was bewildered as he drove home. He had clearly crossed the line in more ways than one and he had to decide what to do next. Jack decided that he would tell Lee that although the sex was great that it was something they just couldn't continue to do.


That night Jack lay in bed thinking about how to let Lee down easy as there was no way they could have an on-going relationship. Jack fell asleep and when he woke up the next morning he had a raging hard-on. At that moment he wished someone was in bed with him. He thought of Linda and how they used to fuck in the mornings. Then he thought of Linda's mother Sally and how he would still like to fuck her. But then he thought of Lee and how much he enjoyed fucking him in the ass. At that point he didn't care who it was, he just wished one of them were in his bed to fuck that morning.

At Lee's house in was a very similar situation. Lee woke up thinking about Jack and Jack's big cock. As he recalled how Jack's cock filled his ass, Lee jerked off until he came. Lee's spunk flew everywhere with his first ejaculation of the day. The first shot of his spunk flew over his head and hit the headboard behind him. The subsequent bursts land all over his body and drenched Lee in his own cum. Lee lay cum covered in his bed as he thought about Jack and how much he wanted Jack to be with him at that moment.

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