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Brother Froced To Work Naked


Welcome to my fourth story. This one is a bit long but has several climaxes, you may not make it through in one shot so come back and read it more. Please leave feedback, let me know what parts you liked and didnt like. Was there any part or paragraph that got you going? Check out my other stories too!

Thanks for ready. I hope you enjoy it...


Serve breakfast-in-bed; Wash, dry, fold; Deliver clothes collect breakfast dishes; Mow lawn, wash car; Sweep, mop, spray and wipe; Do dishes, clean clean clean ... That's was my day, everyday; I did everything except cook. It was my 18th summer, my first since graduation high school and it was going to be the worst.

It didn't used to be like that, before my father died our mansion was full of maids, gardeners, butlers and other people who did I don't even know what. But then my stepmother squandered most of the money. More money still comes in from old investments but not at the rate she spends.

Last month everyone had to go, everyone except Tony the chef, he was kept on. I didn't wonder why, not only was he the only one who knew how to cook, I had heard them having sex several times. He was about midway between our ages, and muscular, athletically built.

My stepmother doesn't let on about her money problems though; she still goes out frequently with her aristocratic friends to lavish parties. Don't get me wrong, there still seemed to be plenty of money for things she wanted, but why spend money on things she could have me do for free?

My work load was tripled when my stepmother's two do-nothing daughters got home from school. My evil stepsisters; Amanda is a my age and went to a boarding school until her recent graduation, Lori is a year older and goes to an all-girl college on some mountain in Europe; Amanda will be joining her there next semester. Lori spends her time lounging out, living on what money we have left. Amanda seems to enjoy ordering me around; they both make more work for me than I can handle.

Serve breakfast-in-bed; Wash, dry, fold; Deliver clothes collect breakfast dishes; Mow lawn, wash car; Sweep, mop, spray and wipe; Do dishes, clean clean clean ...

"MIKE!!" It was Amanda. I dropped what I was doing and walked quickly to her room. She was sitting on her bed talking on the phone with the TV remote hanging down between her thumb and index finger. "It needs batteries" she said. I took the remote and went to get batteries.

"MIKE!!" It was Lori this time. I headed down the long hallway to her room. She was standing in front of her opened closet. "This is all wrong!!" she yelled, "blouses go here and shirts go there!. I'm going to a party; make sure you have this fixed before I get home".

I got the batteries, returned the remote and moved onto my next job. How could two people be so lazy and still have such gorgeous, toned bodies?

The next day I finished my afternoon chores ahead of schedule; mostly because Lori didn't get up until almost noon. I needed a shower badly. I usually had about ten minutes before someone called for me to do something for them.

I had stepped in the shower and quickly soaped up and rinsed. My privates got a lot of extra attention; I loved the way my slippery hand felt sliding along my dick. Having a few minutes to spare, I took advantage and stroked myself hard, thinking about Tiffany, one of Amanda's friends. I imagined her taking her clothes off, I had never been with a girl before but I saw magazines.

I quickened the pace; I closed my eyes and saw her standing there naked, red hair and tiny tits. She smiled at me and said.... "Get Out, my shower is messy and WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" My eyes popped open and saw my stepmother standing there in a towel with the shower door swung open. My cock was pointing straight up on the verge of exploding.

"N-Nothing I was just taking a shower." I stammered. While she had never seen me in the shower before, she had come into the room at times; I knew that I wasn't allowed to lock the bathroom door; in case someone needed something.

"Don't give me that" she said "I know what you were doing in there, you pervert."

I tried to deny it, I was too humiliated. It didn't help that I was still standing there wet and naked and hard. She looked very angry but didn't take her eyes off of my erect dick.

"Tell me what you were doing. Do I have to make you show me?".

"No Please" I answered.

"Or better yet" she went on, ignoring or enjoying my pleas. "Since we seem to be tied, lets gat a second or third opinion. AMANDA... LORI... come here please." She called out. I heard two doors open, one after the other from down the long hallway.

I didn't have more than a few seconds, "ok, I was jerking off" I quickly admitted with my head down.

"Now doesn't it feel better to tell the truth?" she said, "Now, my shower is a mess. You better clean it and I mean like it was new." She went on, in a normal tone as if I wasn't still naked with my two sisters only seconds away.

I told her I'd get it done and went to leave. She held me by the shoulder and looked down at my situation, "and we'll have no more of you making your own messes, EVER. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do" was all I could get out before I ran from the room as fast as I could just as my sisters got there. They were too surprised to notice at first but they definitely got a good look at my bare ass as I ran to my room. "Oh my god, what a jerk" Lori said. "Woo Hoo" was the reaction I got from Amanda.

My heart was beating hard as I scrambled to get some clothes on. I spent so much time doing work, my stuff never got done. Most of my clothes were old and stained and worn out.

I crept to the door, I could hear very little of the muffled conversation. Apparently my stepmother told Lori and Amanda what had happened, what I had been doing. I didn't know how I'd be able to face them. I couldn't think of anything more humiliating. "That disgusting little wimp! And he folds my underwear with those hands!?" Lori said sounding upset.

"Mom, how can we make sure he doesn't do that again" Amanda asked. "Should we check on him when he showers?" She went on, sounding a little too anxious.

"No dear. I wouldn't make you do that. I'll have to do that myself." Their mother answered.

Luckily I was able to avoid them for the rest of the day. I went out to clean the pool area while they ate dinner. It was one of few times during the day when I didn't have to serve them. When I was sure they were gone I came in to clean up and then went into the kitchen to eat my own dinner after Tony had left.

Lori went to her party and Amanda had some friends over to use the pool; that I would have to clean again. My stepmother had a function to attend and didn't get home until very late.

A couple days later my stepmother again entered the bathroom while I showered. She opened the shower door and looked to make sure I hadn't been touching myself. She made me prove to her that I hadn't just finished doing anything bad by getting myself get hard while she watched.

It was extremely embarrassing to have my stepmother see me naked, let alone forcing me to touch myself until I went from soft and hard. The only think that could be more humiliating than this was if she had her daughters watch me too.

She did this for several days and as much as she kept a stern face and posture, I could tell she was enjoying it, maybe because she was just evil. Each time, she got there sooner and stayed longer; each time making me continue stroking myself longer, sometimes until I was the edge, but always forcing me to stop before I could finish.

When she was apparently satisfied, she would turn and walk to her bedroom without a word. She left me standing there with the door wide open, naked, rock hard and wishing I could cum.

On the sixth day though, before she left she told me she needed me to help her with something. Having my shower cut short was nothing new for me, but this time she told me to come to her room in exactly two minutes. I had enough time to rinse and dry but not to dress, so I wrapped myself in a towel and made it the her room before the deadline.

Her room was the biggest in the mansion. When I got there I went in and stood inside the doorway, I didn't want Lori or Amanda seeing me in just a towel. "May I please have a moment to get dressed before I help you?" I asked hoping to not sound as if I was disobeying her or asking for more than I was allowed.

"No, there will be no need for that" she answered, her voice coming from the bathroom which was part of the master suite." Come in and lock the door behind you, then go to the table next to my bed and put on the mask there." She said.

On her night table was her black frilly sleeping mask. I put it on as I was told and stood there unable to see a thing. I heard her come into the room, then silence for a few seconds before the sound of her feet came closer. I could hear her get on her bed. "You may drop your towel and keep your hands behind your back" she said, in a kind voice, as if it was some sort of favor to me.

This was much different that a shower inspection; my heart was racing. I was scared of what to expect. I hesitated, but not long enough to make her tell me again. I felt my towel land on my feet, still unable to see anything in the brightly lit room.

"Am I being punished? I swear I'll never jerk-off again" I said.

"No dear, this isn't punishment" She answered almost sweetly. "I just need your help with something. But I have to tell you if not for your transgression the other day and you forcing me to watch you touch yourself in the shower, I may not have ever thought of this. So I guess should thank you for the wonderful idea."

Everything was still, but I knew she was looking at my naked body. She moved off the bed and around me. I felt a breeze, or was that warm breath on my dick. The sound of the sheets told me she was on her bed again, sitting or lying I couldn't tell.

An endless few seconds went by and I heard a soft moan, then I heard what sounded like hair cutting clippers. I thought she was going to shave me, I wondered where. The sound continued as did the moaning for several minutes but nothing touched me.

"Come over here" my stepmother told me, sounding short of breath. The sound stopped as I blindly made my way over, I bumped into the side of the bed and she told me to kneel down.

I felt her hand on the back of my head then her cold feet on my back and then finally her smooth thighs on either side of my head. She pushed my head forward and said "lick". I finally realized that she was naked too and what the sound had been.

Now, she wanted me to use my mouth to finish what she started. I obeyed. She used her hand to direct me. My lips and tongue tasted my stepmother's pussy; she had no hair, not even stubble. Her pussy was shaved clean. I wanted to see her so bad. I had never thought about her before but Just knowing she was naked made my cock erect. I imagined her big tits and her thin body; I knew she would look great without her clothes.

She rubbed herself over me until my face was completely wet. I did my best to make her feel good as she moaned loudly. Then finally she pressed my soaked face into her and held me in place, I continued to suck her until she let go. She let out a loud sigh then I heard her panting but not moving.

When she caught her breath she commanded me to get out; adding that I was not to take off the mask, there was no way I would be allowed to see her. I couldn't find my towel so I had to leave without it. I felt for the door. "Hurry up and get yourself cleaned up. And don't you even think about doing anything else in the shower" were her parting words.

In the hall I pulled off the mask and stood there for a second. I had just eaten my first pussy. My stepmother had just used me to give her sexual pleasure. I was confused about how I should feel; though my persistent erection gave some indication of what I was really feeling. I had just about made it safely to my room when my worst fear happened.

Amanda appeared from around a corner, we both stopped short just a foot away from each other. Our eyes made contact for a second before hers went down. She didn't turn her head or look away; she took in my entire frontal nudity, staring at my erection. I tried to step around her but she blocked me, keeping me in front of her.

"Now what are you up to?" she asked. "I should tell mother".

I couldn't tell her that I JUST been with her mother. I managed to get behind a large plant in the corner. She couldn't see me but she was trying. I had minimized the damage; I didn't think she got too long of a look. "Please let me go" I begged my little step sister. "It was an accident".

She seemed to enjoy the power she had over me which now went beyond making me clean up after her. "I said I should" she continued, "but maybe I won't".

"What do you want?" I said, desperate to get out of there.

"I want you to show me what you were doing in the shower the other day" she said, looking up into my face, lightly biting her lower lip.

"I can't, I'm not allowed to" I said.

Before she could say anything else Lori called her from down stairs. "Hey Amanda, come here you're going to want to see this".

Only loud enough for me to hear, Amanda answered with a sinister smile, "Hey Lori, you're REALLY going to want to see this". We both heard Lori approach the stairs.

Amanda realizing she shouldn't be in this position either, left the scene to see what Lori wanted.

I let out a sigh of relief. I managed to get myself cleaned up, dressed and back to work. I was way behind my chores.

My stepmother acted no differrent than before, as if nothing had happened. Several days passed without her coming into the shower. Still, I didn't dare touch myself there or in my room. About 3 weeks went by since the last time I came.

One afternoon while I was picking Lori's dirty laundry up off her floor, my stepmother came in. "I will need your help with something in the kitchen at exactly eight o'clock" she said then left. The way she said it was the same as the last time I heard those words. Though I didn't know what she would be doing in the kitchen.

I watched the clock go by, six , seven, almost eight o'clock. The closer the time came the more nervous I got. I told myself she probably needed me to do some dirty job that's all, but a sinking feeling wouldn't leave.

Eight o'clock arrived and I went to the kitchen. My stepmother was there, her face was flush and her hair was a bit messed. On the other side of the room was Tony. "I have a very special job for you" she told me. "You see we've fallen a little behind paying our wonderful chef here. He has very generously offered to continue until I can pay him next week".

"However" she went on, "there is something he wants in return".

What could he want that she needed me for? I asked her this.

She answered me, "There are some things Tony and I do together as you know".

I told her I had no idea what she meant but she told me she knew that I had heard them before and accused me being a perverted spy. I didn't dare contradict her again, especially since she was partially correct; I had heard them.

She continued, "But what he's always wanted to try, what he really wants to do, is beneath me. You wouldn't want your step mother to have to do something that demeans her, do you?".

"No ma'am" I answered, still not exactly sure what she needed me to do.

"Good" she said, "so it's settled, you are going to let Tony fuck you".

"WHAT?! oh no no," I almost fainted "I can't" I was hoping I had been misunderstanding all of this.

"Well yes yes dear" my step mother said, "You can't expect ME to do that. And we can't let Tony leave and not come back until next week."

I didn't dare ask why Lori or Amanda couldn't do this, at least they were girls.

She instructed me, "Before anything else you will need to help Tony get ready. It may take a little while for Tony to get hard enough to fuck you since he came just before you got here. So get on your knees, he'll get hard faster if you use your mouth on him".

Tony walked towards me from the other side of the big kitchen. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He wanted me to see the tool he'd be using to violate me as he approached. I watched his huge limp cock swing back and forth as he took several steps towards where I was on my knees waiting. It was so much bigger than mine.

I thought about running away but I couldn't disobey my stepmother. She knelt beside me as Tony stepped closer. His dick was level with my nose; I could smell my stepmother's pussy on it still. Soon I knew I would be tasting it on him.

My step mother took Tony's limp dick and pushed my head towards it. She rubbed his head along my closed, wet lips a few times. Without arguing I opened my mouth wide and took him in. I closed my eyes and felt him on my tongue. I did what I could to make this go faster; to get it over with I sucked his dick the best I could. I had never even gotten a blow job before and now I was giving one.

My stepmother was right; it took Tony forever to get erect. I felt him slowly grow in my mouth. Each time his head slid along my tongue and past my lips he was a little harder. When he was completely ready my stepmother warned me to stop. "You wouldn't want to swallow his cum and then have to start all over. Would you?".

I heeded her warning and stopped. Tony stated to stroke himself to maintain his erection. My stepmother gestured for me to get up; she walked me over to the counter and tapped her palm on it. I bent over with my chest on the counter. She pulled down my pants, exposing my bare ass and my vulnerable hole. "Don't be nervous" she said, sensing my fear.

If I thought she would leave I was wrong. She decided to stay for the show. She even did her part to help. She held my ass cheeks apart and took a bottle of oil off the counter. She poured the entire bottle over my back side. Tony let his dick run along my crack to get it lubed up.

With his hands on my hips and my stepmother holding me open, Tony slowly guided his cock into my ass. He gave me the full length of his tool before stopping. I tried not to make a sound as I clenched my teeth. With his dick buried deep inside me he started to kiss my stepmother.

He pulled out completely and let his head rub all over the outside of my hole. When he was ready, he slid into me again. He did this several times and by the tenth time my own dick was as hard as his. My stepmother took notice and made a comment. She and Tony both laughed that I must be enjoying my first ass fuck.

He was going so slowly I could feel every inch of him. My stepmother was getting hot watching me get penetrated. She came around and sat herself on the counter with her legs hanging down on either side of me. I saw she had on no underwear as she lifted her skirt, revealing her saved pussy. No mask this time, I could see my stepmother's pussy inches from my face.

I didn't give her a chance to tell me what I knew she wanted. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me; she moaned as my tongue danced over her clit. She leaned back on her hands and put her bare feet on my shoulders. I continued to eat her as Tony continued to fuck me.

Watching Tony and seeing my hard dick got my step mother worked up so that she came pretty quickly. She let out a series of short yells and her body convulsed. I kept licking her until she was done. She didn't get up but still sat there with my face between her legs.

When Tony eventually had enough, he started to pump me faster and harder until I could hear the flesh of his muscular stomach slap against my ass and feel his balls hit mine. He was about to come but instead of pulling out again he slammed into me harder and deeper than ever before. This caused my own cock to explode onto the floor as Tony's exploded in me.

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