tagIncest/TabooBrother Helps Brother Ch. 02

Brother Helps Brother Ch. 02


I drove home rather distracted. I had just sucked the juice out of my brother’s bone. Not once but twice I’d sucked his dick. And though I was thoroughly disgusted, it was nearly the most erotic experience of my life. The honor for most erotic experience still rested firmly with my unbelievably sensuous college girlfriend. She had made me cum in ways no woman had since. We had made each other cum as our world shook with passion so deeply shared it beggars for words to describe it. And yet my world trembled a little as big brother unloaded in my mouth for my first taste of boy goo.

After closing the door behind me, I went straight to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and tongue before using nearly half a bottle of mouth wash. I tossed the toothbrush in the trash, opened a new one. I knew I was being silly, but it was still a bit disgusting, that thought of the first cum stream hitting the back of my throat and I had swallowed it like some two bit BJ whore.

I walked to the kitchen, my own tool stiff from the memory and aching for release. As disgusted as I was, somewhere deep inside I knew I’d do it again because my brother needed me to. I could get him a whore, but with his luck she’d give him a nasty disease and he’d end up back in the hospital. I opened the refrigerator, pulled out a 40, opened it, knocked back a deep draught, then headed for the living room after pulling a second 40 out of the frig as the first was nearly drained.

I sat down at the computer, wrote an account of what happened and posted it on my favorite adult fiction site. Again I was aroused at the memory of my first time giving head, the steel hard satin soft flesh of my older brother’s inflamed member slipping in and out of my mouth, the feel of my tongue brushing the underside the way men love, his blowing his full nut in my eagerly sucking mouth, the gooiness of the cum as it trickled down my throat. It wasn’t my best writing, I was too eager to share my shame, to share the sheer erotica of the whole thing.

Sitting in my recliner, I was about to release little Willy C from his captivity in my pants. He’d been having bad thoughts, needed spanked until he cried from his single eye. I was surprised to find myself thinking of my girlfriend instead of what just happened as my hand reached down of its own volition. With belt unbuckled but zipper and button still in place, I heard the sound of a key in the front door. My girlfriend was home.

Against the sunlight streaming in behind her, her flaxen colored hair shimmered. The way she tossed her briefcase told me I was in for an hour of whining from the youngest woman ever to be made partner in the law firm. Sure enough, she began telling me what bastard liars lawyers are. I made a mental note to forget fixing dinner, we’d be eating out. I didn’t know how true that would be.

As she rambled on, I collected her in my arms and lightly kissed her lips. Not passionately, just that little lingering kiss which tells a woman she’s been missed and is dearly loved. I briefly wondered if she could taste cum on my lips, mentally slapped myself for being silly. She had on one of her midnight black “power” suits, a pantsuit almost cut for a man. I helped her out of her jacket, revealing the silky translucence of her blouse. I could clearly see the whiteness of her lace trimmed slip underneath, the jaunty protrusion of her boyish breasts pushed up and padded by a bra of miracles. Leading her to the couch, I seated her then kneeled at her feet to pull her four inch heeled shoes from her most certainly sore feet. She always liked it when I did that, when I pamper her, and she was smiling as I stood.

I went to the kitchen and returned with a wine glass full to the brim. She sighed contently after taking a sip as I set just behind her. She kept rambling as I firmly but gently massaged her shoulders, neck, and temples. Soon she tilted her head back, crimson colored lips seeking a kiss. My hands cupped her breasts through the layers of fabric, my fingertips tracing little circles on breasts and nipples. She squirmed a bit; my hands sought the buttons on her blouse.

A step back in time: My best friend from junior high onward was a beautiful lesbian. Through the years she taught me how to make love to a woman as only a woman knows how to. How to use lightest feather caress to when one should pinch, twist, pull, and turn. She taught me how to read a woman’s responses to my touch, how to guide the woman up the slow hill to her first orgasm, how to sustain it and draw it out into a second or even third. I’m no Mel Gibson but my women have always come back for sex even when the relationship ended badly.

She shrugged out of her blouse as my fingers continued to tease her breasts and nipples through the fabric of slip and bra. She slipped the straps off her shoulders, tugged bra and slip to her waist as one of my wandering hands snaked under the waistband of her trousers and panties in search of someplace warm and wet to caress. She lifted her ass and slid them to her ankles before turning slightly on the couch so our lips could meet in passionate and tongue filled kisses. One hand continued to play with her small breasts and engorged nipples while two fingers of the other slipped in and out of her growing wetness, clit slippery between the fingers. Her breathing became more rapid and little moans formed in the back of her throat even as we kissed.

I kissed my way down her neck to her chest then her breast until I began to suckle one nipple while my hand pinched and twisted the nipple on the other breast. Her hips took on a life of their own, thrusting up to meet the fingers sliding into her warm love tunnel. Her breath caught in her throat as tiny contractions inside her wetness revealed the first orgasm this evening.

As the wave subsided with my fingers still working her, she slid around a bit on the couch before unbuttoning my jeans and pulling down the zipper to free little Willy C. Her thumb played over the Willy’s head as I slipped my face between her thighs. Soon my tongue was probing and my lips sucking her clit as I watched her head bob up and down on little Willy as I looked between her tiny breasts. Soon her thighs tightened around my head as she ground her mound on my face. I pinched both sides of her ass, our signal to ease off me. She let little Willy C slip from her lips as moans escaped her now obstruction free mouth. I could again feel the tiny convulsions inside her, this time with my licking tongue.

Once the second wave has washed over her, she straddled me and buried little Willie deep within herself. She began to make little circles with her hips as she also lifted then impaled herself me. She leaned forward until her nipple brushed my lips. I licked it, then sucked it hard before nipping it gently. As little noises escaped her throat while her passion grew, I let my teeth gently close on the nipple. My hands caressed the soft curves of her ass all the way up to her shoulder blades then back down so slowly. It sent her over the edge as she grit her teeth while nearly growling. Her passion tipped me over the edge and I blew my load like it was my first time.

Spent, she snuggled down on me, rested her head on my neck while little Willy lost his happiness still buried inside her. She mumbled something about it being right up there with the best ever. I switched into the “interested guy” mode, listened patiently, drawing her on, letting her prattle on and on like women so like to do. The other part of my mind was working through the day’s events. I had blown my brother, written about it on the Internet, made wild and passionate love with my girlfriend. I hadn’t thought once of having a big juicy cock in my mouth while we rutted, I wasn’t gay then. I must be bisexual.

The next day work dragged on and on. Having built my company from a small two man home remodeling operation into a thriving business of more than 130 people comprising more than 50 crews, no day was ordinary. Always someone who thought they should have more than they contracted for, always someone wanting us to make a palace out of their double wide pigsty. Around four I turned over the reins to my head salesman and set off for my brother’s place.

I didn’t go in right away, I opened his garage and pulled out his lawn tractor. I spent the time mowing the three odd acres wondering if I was going to be able to taste my older brother’s dick again. I hadn’t talked to him since it happened yesterday. I hoped he hadn’t come to his senses. Even as I thought about wrapping my lips around his dick I felt my stomach turn. It was such a nasty thing to do, it was such an erotic thing to do. Finished with what the tractor could mow, I finished off the lawn with the self propelled walk behind mower. I could feel my rock hard cock rubbing the rough inside of my briefs as I thought about how I was going to suck my brother dry.

I didn’t bother to knock or ring the bell, used my key to open the door. He was sitting on the sofa, watching TV. His sweatpants were tenting; he was either watching porn or thinking about my mouth on his meat. Glancing at the TV, it sure wasn’t porn, it was the Jerry Springer show. Appropriate, don’t you think?

My brother began to say something as I headed for the kitchen. I can back with an open soda half finished. I set the can on the coffee table, kneeled in front of my brother and quickly pulled his sweatpants down around his ankles before he could say or do anything. His rock hard tube steak awaited ministration by my lips. It didn’t wait long, waiting only long enough for my tongue to tease the head until his cock throbbed with anticipation.

I slid my mouth onto him, curved my tongue to conform to the bottom of his dick, and set to work as if I were an oil derrick sucking oil out of the ground. Up and down my head bobbed, my tongue eagerly awaiting the first nasty taste of nectar of man. I must be a good cocksucker, he blew his load very quickly. I kept sucking him until he was really limp then let it slip from my mouth. I gently pinched the head between thumb and forefinger so I could lick it clean as a policeman’s whistle.

“I can’t believe you.”, he said, a tear in forming in his eye. “How can I ever tell you how much this means to me.”

“Don’t worry about it.”, I replied, feeling a deep love for my older brother. “You’d do the same for me I know.”

“Want to fuck me up the ass?” he asked.

“No way you’re gonna fuck my ass.”, I retorted, misunderstanding what he was offering.

“No no man!” he about yelled. “You can fuck my ass because I can blow you because of my back.”

“That’d kill your back and legs.”, I said, little Willy straining against the front of my pants.

“No, see?” he said, lying over the ottoman, exposing his puckered hole centered in his hairy ass. “See, you can do it.”, he assured, handing me lube jelly.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”, I muttered as I released little Willy and greased him up good. I eased the head to the entrance to my older brother’s Hershey Highway, gently shoved my hips to try and gain entry. I was too low, reached over and pulled some cushions off the sofa. Still too low, my eyes scanned the room before falling to rest on a pair of phone books under the end table. These went under the cushions and little Willy was just the right height..

Little Willy’s head pushed against older brother’s asshole, slipped in an inch. My brother grunted as I gently eased in a little more. I stroked in and out a time or two before pulling out to relube little Willy. This time he slipped in easier, slowly I shoved him until he was buried to the balls. Without thinking much, I reached around my brother and found his woody. I took it in my hand and stroked it to match my thrusts in his ass. It was incredible, it was like my dick had speared him through and I was jacking myself off. It didn’t take long before I felt his pecker twitch and release sticky cum on my hand. That tipped me over, I spilled a major load up his ass. I kept the cadence until little Willy shriveled to a mere shadow of his former grandeur.

I helped my brother up, saw he had wood yet again. This time I lingered while blowing him. I’d bring him to the threshold of cumming then ease off. Soon he was pleading, begging for me to finish him off. He called me his little cocksucker brother, his nasty little cum eating cocksucker. I redoubled my efforts only to be rewarded with a most meager amount of cum. But it was his third shot in less than an hour. I finished slobber polishing his cock then left without saying another word.

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