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Brother in Law's Birthday Gift


Sunday during football season usually finds our three kids with their aunt, my wife's twin sister, Jan, because she hates football while her husband, John, loves football as do my wife, Cindy, and me.

On this particular Sunday, John, was over watching football with us when somehow the subject of masturbation came up, or more specifically women masturbating. John is always joking around and finding ways to embarrass my wife with sexual inferences and innuendos especially when Jan is not around. John's little reference had an immediate impact on Cindy as her face turned a bright crimson red.

Cindy's embarrassment only served to cause John to go further as he asked Cindy pointedly, "Do you masturbate Cindy?"

Before she had a chance to reply I jumped in, "Of course she does. She even has a special 'friend' to help her." Causing Cindy to shift uneasily in her seat and her face to burn even redder and adding to her embarrassment and John's and my amusement.

"Really," John said in an exaggerated mocking tone and we both started laughing.

After that Cindy was the victim of John asking some very uncomfortable questions and me mercilessly answering and divulging details of Cindy's most intimate secrets. This went on until "Stop it you guys!" Cindy suddenly demanded half serious and half joking, "this isn't funny." She sat in her chair with her arms folded pouting which told John and me the conversation was over. But I also knew she was more interested in the conversation than she showed.

I went over to her and put my arm around and apologized and gave a kiss on the cheek. This brought a smile to her face and a quick "OK" as we returned our attention to the game.

Nothing else was said until couple of weeks later we were together again watching football when Cindy asked John what he wanted for his birthday.

Immediately, John answered, "I want to watch you masturbate."

"What?" Cindy said in shock.

"You asked me what I want for my birthday and what I really want is to watch you masturbate," he said, "it's all I've been thinking about."

"Well, you better think of something else because there's no way you're getting that bucko," Cindy countered defiantly.

Several minutes of awkward but fun conversation followed until our attention returned to the game and things returned to normal.

Later that night, "Can you believe what John said he wanted for his birthday," Cindy said to me as she sat back on our bed naked with her feet together and knees splayed apart, lewdly displaying her womanly charms for my admiring eyes. "Can you imagine what Jan would say if she knew."

As I continued watching and listening, well mostly watching, Cindy mindlessly let her hand drift down between her legs and she started diddling herself. She was still babbling something about John and his request but I was not paying any attention. I stared trancelike at what Cindy's hand was doing between her legs.

Deftly her hand slid up and down her womanly folds and creases bring immediate reactions of pleasure and delight from Cindy as she touched her magic spots. Her swollen labia apart opened up like the wings of a butterfly, giving me a clear view of her intimate treasures which were slick and wet with copious amount of Cindy's sex cream oozing out from deep inside of her.

She dipped her fingers into the slippery liquid coating them liberally before she moved her fingers up her crease, leaving a slick trail as she went.

It hit me that Cindy was giving me John's birthday present even if he did not get to see it.

Cindy's hand repeated its trek up and down her cleft several more times building delightful sexual tension Cindy's body. Each time she reached the top of her cleft she paused to work her small nub protruding from its hiding place.

Quickly, Cindy's breathing became heavier, rougher more ragged. The muscles of her body tightened and her breasts sat on her chest like balls and her nipple stood up erect, tall and proud.

She was no longer talking; instead she hummed long tones of vowels, "oooooooooo, uuuuuuuuuuum, aaaaaaaaaaaaah."

Her hand no longer followed her vertical crease. All of her effort was concentrated at the top of her V as her hand furiously rubbed her clitoris with all of her might. Then in a flash all of her movement stopped as her sexual pressure built to the point of no return.

When she started moving again her body trembled from the force of orgasmic pleasure washing through her and anguished cries of pure ecstasy poured from her mouth for what seemed like an eternity.

Gradually, though, her shaking slowed and then stopped. Her breathing too became less and less frantic and Cindy returned to reality.

"Wow," I said, "that was fantastic. I can't believe you let me watch" as I went to her and wrapped my arms around her. "I never knew you could come like that."

Cindy was wide eyed and blinked her eyes trying to clear the cob webs from her head before she was able to talk. "I know, I know, I can't believe it either but after what John said...and then I thought...and you were there...the look on your face... and it was so much better with an audience...wow...I never thought."

As disjointed as her speech was I knew exactly what she was saying and in some ways I was thinking the same way she was. Wouldn't John have loved to have been standing here and watching this I thought? My mind went to the many stories I have read of husbands' sharing their wives with other men. Cindy and I have read the stories together and even played out some them but never actually considered involving another man but somehow this was different.

I went to Cindy and cuddled with her. My mind awhirl as I started reasoning things out. All John had asked was to watch I thought nothing else. Would it really hurt to let John see? I know John would be shocked as hell. And since Jan was Cindy's identical twin sister it was not like he had not seen Cindy's naked body. After all seeing one naked is just like seeing the other.

I know because once when I was over at John and Jan's house working on their computer I found the super secret folder that was not so secret. In it were hundreds of photos of Jan ranging from the artistic to the absolute pornographic with ultra close ups of her most intimate places. And I sort of accidentally downloaded them onto my flash drive and I sort of look at them from time to time.

So I know that Jan has the exact same mole on her right breast that Cindy has and she has the same birthmark on the left side of her vulva, too. So seeing Cindy naked and Jan naked is really like seeing the same person I reasoned. Also, he has seen Cindy in a bikini a million times and seen her naked breasts several times when she nursed our three kids in front of him. So maybe giving John the birthday present he requested was not as farfetched as we originally thought.

By now Cindy had rejoined me in the land of the living and noticed my super hard cock needed attention. She immediately straddled my legs and quickly impaled her vagina with my rock hard cock and started riding me up and down with her body.

Her face was the image of pleasure and her blue eyes were as bright as I had ever seen them. I was so distracted by her riding my cock that when she asked, "What cha thinkin'?" Without thinking, I told her the truth. "I'm thinking about what John asked you for his birthday."

She looked me in the eyes but she never missed a beat as she ground her pussy into me. "Me, too," was her simple reply.

Wow was all I could think or maybe I was not thinking. If she is thinking about it, it might just happen.

Cindy rode me for a few more seconds before I exploded into her like I have many times before especially now that I had been fixed. With a self satisfied smile she dismounted me and lay down beside me, cradling herself in my arm with her head on my shoulder.

As we lay there together she was fidgeting with her long blonde hair when the discussion started with Cindy saying, "He'd never see it coming..." We talked about it for over an hour, alternatively talking ourselves into it and out of it. That was the way it was for the next week.

We would decide to give John what he wanted and then decide against it. Cindy even brought up the Jan's pictures I have; a surprise to me because I thought I had hidden them when I had encrypted the folder. Cindy said, "It would only be fair since I had spent so much time ogling Jan's dirty pictures."

The weekend finally came and it was still up in the air about whether or not Cindy was going to give John the birthday present he requested. There was nothing out of the ordinary when Jan dropped John off to watch the game with us and took our kids for the afternoon.

Cindy was dressed in her normal jeans and t-shirt. The first game ended and nothing about her talk or actions indicated she intended to do anything but watch the game. I was feeling a little disappointment after the build up through the week but it was probably for the best.

John and I were concentrating on the game and did not notice Cindy slip out just before the first half two minute warning. It was not until the first half ended that I noticed Cindy's absence. During half time John and I took care of personal needs and gathered our provisions for the second half.

As we settled in for the second half there was still no Cindy. It was not until just before the kick off that she reappeared. Immediately I knew John was getting his birthday wish because she came in wearing a black silk shorty robe that barely covered her ass and had a red ribbon around her waist and a big bow in front. In her hand she carried her "special friend" a pink wand type vibrator with a round vibrating head.

She went and stood directly in front of John and told him, "Happy birthday" before bending over and giving him a peck on the cheek. Her robe rode up in the back giving me a complete view of her bare ass.

When she straightened back up she gleefully said, "Time to unwrap your present."

John smiled broadly and his hands shook noticeably as he pinched the lose end of the ribbon and tugged releasing the tension holding Cindy's robe to her body. Without the ribbon holding it, Cindy's robe opened up in front and gave John his first glimpse of Cindy's pussy.

A simple shrug by Cindy and the black silk robe floated to the floor unwrapping John's present and leaving Cindy standing in front of John completely naked. He reached out to touch her breast but Cindy slapped his hand away telling him "He only asked to watch not to touch."

She turned to go to her chair, for the first time I saw her front and I immediately saw she had shaved off her pubic hair. A twisted her head and I noticed the video camera on the tripod recording the action so far and I knew she what she wanted.

I went directly to the camera and started working it to keep Cindy in its view and capture the action that was coming.

She settled into her chair, scooted her bottom toward the edge, put her feet together and spread her knees. Cindy sat nervously chewing on her lower lip as John and I took in the sight of my wife's private parts lewdly and completely displayed.

Mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful female in front of us, John and I moved closer. John knelt directly in front of Cindy, close enough to smell the heady aroma of her musk. He inhaled deeply taking in the intoxicating bouquet.

Before Cindy began, she looked at John and me in turn and giggled nervously. John and I smiled and laughed too; easing the intense nervous tension we were all feeling.

Our admiration of Cindy's spread wide open pussy was broken by the sudden buzzing sound of Cindy's vibrator as she prepared to fulfill John's birthday wish. Cindy flinched when she first touched her magic wand to her wet wide open cleft but she quickly settled into savoring the delightful feeling the gentle vibrations.

In seconds, Cindy was feeling and showing the pleasant effects as the first of numerous mini orgasms washed over her. Each of her subsequent orgasms was stronger than the previous as her body quivered and she moved closer and closer to the biggest one.

Cindy put on quite a show wiggling her naked body, thrashing about and opening and closing her legs according to the feelings of pleasure coursing through her body. Without warning Cindy's body tensed and shook almost violently and her breathing was rough and ragged as her body was rocked by the strongest orgasm she has ever had.

Meanwhile, I did not notice that John had stood up until I heard a dull thud caused by his belt buckle hitting the floor. He was naked and his cock stood out long and hard in front of him. Cindy had not seen it yet because she still had her eyes closed. She was still lost in the haze of her fading orgasm.

Once she opened her eyes, however, all she could see was the bulbous head of John's erection wagging in her face. Instinctively, she reached up and wrapped her hand around his hard male organ. Just as instinctively, she pulled him to her and sucked him in her mouth.

John was overwhelmed by the action of Cindy's mouth sucking his hard cock, which was enhanced by Cindy wrapping his balls in her hand. A hard and firm squeeze almost sent him over the edge so he quickly withdrew to save himself.

At first I thought he might be having second thoughts but that was not it at all. John's withdrawal was instead motivated by the desire for more. He hovered over Cindy and pointed his cock at the entrance of his intended target.

The whole time I stayed behind the camera enthusiastically videoing the action. Never did it occur to me that I was giving another man my wife's treasure.

Cindy hesitated long enough to look to me to see if I objected. Hearing none, she consummated her adulterous act and took John's hard pole in her hand, this time to serve as guide. With the purple head of John's penis properly positioned, John slowly pushed forward.

Instantly, the purple tip disappeared into Cindy. Cindy let go so I had a clear view of the strange cock lodged in my wife's intimate opening. I watched on the camera's small screen as millimeter by millimeter John's cock slowly disappeared deeper and deeper into Cindy.

My mind filled with the memory of the many wife watching stories and the many times I have imagined another man fucking my wife and the many times I had wished it to happen. I thought it would always be a fantasy that there would never be a time it would happen but now it was and I was beside myself.

John was not in any hurry, he was determined to savor the feeling of my wife's velvety soft pussy enveloping his hard organ. By the time their crotches met, Cindy was beside herself and she was anxious for John to get on with it and give her a proper fucking.

He did not disappoint. In and out he went, slowly at first but building speed quickly. His pole was completely soaked in my wife's pussy juices. He developed a steady rhythm until he could not hold on any longer. With one last firm hard thrust he buried himself as deeply into my wife as possible.

By the convulsion of his balls, I knew he was pumping his seed at the entrance of Cindy's womb. Time seemed to stand still as John's semen went where only mine had ever gone before. For a few long seconds John stayed joined to my wife as he came down off of his orgasmic high.

Then it was over, at least for now. He fell back and sat on the floor, his rapidly deflating cock coated in his jism and Cindy's delicious juices.

I focused on Cindy's red and swollen labia and the stream of creamy white fluid leaking out of Cindy's just fucked love hole and down over her asshole.

It was at that point that the reality of our situation hit Cindy and she realized what a terrible thing she thought she had done. Her tears flowed and in a panicked voice she started apologizing, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she sobbed, "Please forgive me."

Quickly, I pulled her to me and reassured her that she had done nothing wrong, that I had encouraged her to do it and had given her permission and that she had nothing to be sorry about. Kissing away her tears turned into tender kissing which quickly turned into passionate kissing.

I was horny and needed a turn at my wife. There was a familiar sounding thud as my belt buckle hit the floor. No words were spoken; none were needed as I lay Cindy on the floor. Any lingering fear or remorse disappeared.

Cindy spread her legs and I took my rightful place between them. I needed relief and I needed it now. I was not interested in taking my time like John did. A quick thrust and my hard cock dived into where John's had just left. I had heard of sloppy seconds but never in my wildest imagination did I ever expect to experience it.

Cindy was wet as usual but she also felt sticky. I moved in and out of Cindy the same as John had earlier but with all that had happened I did not last more than a few thrusts before I shot my own load into my adulteress wife's vagina.

When I rolled off of my wife I became aware of John's presence for the first time. He had taken up where I had left off by continuing mine and Cindy's first pornographic video.

Also the hard cock standing out in front of him showed that he was now fully recovered. His illicit intentions became clear when he handed me the video camera and went to Cindy. He rolled her over and pulled her onto her hands and knees so that she was in her favorite doggy position. Taking his position behind her and between her legs he pointed his cock at the entrance to Cindy's already twice fucked hole.

I quickly positioned the camera under Cindy to capture John's second defilement of my wife. John wasted little time in impaling my wife on his fuck pole. With Cindy in the doggy position, John steadily worked his shaft in and out of her fuck hole.

A quick look at Cindy's face showed the ecstasy she was feeling from having this strange new cock fucking in and out of her hole.

Cindy still had not orgasmed since her masturbation exhibition but with all of the subsequent sexual stimulation she was almost ready so that when John reached around underneath her and fingered her clit her orgasm exploded in her.

Cindy almost collapsed from the intensity of her climax and the intense pleasant feeling coursing through her body. This sent John over the top and for the second time in an hour he thrust deep into Cindy and emptied his balls into my wife.

Fucking my wife twice had left John drained so he pulled out immediately and wandered off to the bathroom to clean up and recover. I moved in behind Cindy as quickly and as close as I could. I was in a frenzy to get a close up creampie shot.

I was not disappointed as copious amounts of John's semen poured out of Cindy. It was one of the nastiest things I have ever seen and I loved it even though this was my wife's pussy with another man's semen flowing out of it.

I did not get my second chance at Cindy because by the time I was through videoing there was barely enough time for Cindy to get cleaned up and dressed before Jan picked John up and dropped are kids off.

Jan popped in and handed our youngest daughter off to Cindy. She went to her husband and they kissed, if she sensed anything out of the ordinary she did not show it. Cindy and Jan chatted for a few minutes more before she and John got up to leave.

John could not resist grabbing Cindy's ass as he passed her on his way out. His parting comment was, "I enjoyed it" and "Let's do it again real soon."

I am pretty sure we will and a lot more too because with the marriage vow barrier shattered I have a list of things from these stories I want Cindy to do. The only question is where to start?

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