tagLoving WivesBrother-in-Law's Masseuse

Brother-in-Law's Masseuse


I'm a short petite woman with very strong hands and fingers that know how to get to all the tension and stress points in a man and make them into jelly. Scott's brother, Terry, was visiting last weekend and over some small talk and beers, Scott bragged about what a great masseuse I was after Terry complained of some muscle aches in his back and shoulders. We had never included Terry in our sexual activities (his wife is prudish) and I was shocked when Scott conversed about our time in Korea and the massage parlor training I experienced. Terry called his bluff and asked us to prove it, so Scott told him to go into the spare bedroom and undress and that he would send me in to massage him. I was wearing tight shorts and a top that showed my large firm tits and tight ass. When I entered the room, I found Terry lying face down on the bed nude, his huge balls dangling between his thighs.

Terry suggested to me that I should work in the nude, especially since he was naked on the bed for me to work on him. He has never seen me nude before, and he gasped as I pulled my top over my head and then unfastened my bra to reveal my 36DD's. I told him that this was as far as I was going for now and started on his lower back, with his arms at his sides and nothing covering his muscular body. Terry is over 6'4" with bulging muscles and a large thick veined penis. I moved up to his neck and shoulders, trying to get the muscles relaxed and some of the weeklong tension out of his body. The initial massage got a little painful, but after a few minutes, he didn't want me to stop. From the top, I moved down onto his legs and feet before moving back up to his thighs. There, just like I did with his shoulders, I put a lot of effort and time into getting his sore muscles to relax.

As my fingers massaged his thighs and buttocks, I spread his thighs and gently massaged his balls that were clearly exposed as he lay there face down. At first I'm sure he thought it was casual and unintentional, but after several seconds of massaging his balls with oil, my fingers moved quickly up and down the crack of his ass and I rubbed warm oil all over his anus and gently probed it. Terry's cock began to come to life and he squirmed as he was laying there trying to make space for his growing hardness. When I realized what was happening, I moved back to his balls and quickly cupped them in my hands. By this time, he was arching his hips upward and moved slightly onto his knees to allow his now erect cock to be free. I continued back and forth between his balls and his asshole, and then used my finger to gently ease into his anus.

The first sounds out of his mouth since we talked in the beginning about my huge tits and nipples, became a low moan, and he did not want me to stop. My finger was now deeply inserted inside him and I began to thrust it in and out. He was being fucked in the ass for the first time in his life. After awhile, I gently withdrew my finger from his well-oiled asshole and massaged his buttocks and lower back so he could lower himself back on to the bed. Terry's cock was now almost back to its normal size when I asked him to turn over onto his back. He seemed disappointed when I placed a small towel across his crotch and his once very hard cock was covered up. I massaged his hairy chest and shoulders and gently squeezed his nipples with my expert hands. The warm oil on my fingers allowed me to rub them without any concern of sensitivity.

My hands quickly moved to his legs, and had one leg lifted high into the air and over my shoulder so I could get to his calf and thigh easily. However, each time my hand moved up to his thigh, Terry's cock kept getting harder and harder until he had a perfect white tent over his crotch. I eased his leg back down and moved to his other leg, again it was over my shoulder and my hand movement on his inner thighs kept his tent pole straight up in the air. This time when I lowered his leg down, I moved to his side and removed the towel draped over his rock hard cock and told him that it wasn't needed anymore, as it wasn't covering much up. I turned to get my bottle of massage oil and generously poured it on my open palms and rubbed them together. From there, they quickly moved to his shaft of steel, both hands cupped and massaging his cock.

I then took his balls into one hand and the other was rubbing oil over his entire length. Terry's moans were not very low any more. He wanted to reach out to touch me, but I told him to relax and leave his hands to his sides. That was not easy for him, but somehow he managed. I continued stroking his cock; the warmth of my hands and the oil was erotic and sensational. I slowed the pace down, slowly and completely stroking his cock while massaging his balls with my other hand. My pace would quicken and then slow almost to a stop, but Terry told me not to stop, "please don't stop". My fingers tightened around his shaft and I squeezed his balls tightly in my hand. My hand began to move up and down at a steady pace, and then I picked it up as I felt it get harder and bigger one more time.

This time as I was jerking his cock, I felt his balls start to move and I knew Terry was about to cum. I squeezed his balls tighter as I could feel them ready to explode, and then I knew he was coming. All of a sudden, rockets of cum spurted out of him and all over my hands and his abdomen. He let out a blood curdling scream and this just made me go harder and faster. I wouldn't stop and continued to jerk him off and massage his balls. I didn't stop until the last drop had oozed out of his cock, and his once erect rod of steel was now just a limp, soft and spent penis. Finally, my hands relaxed their grip on his manhood and I gently laid it down against his inner thigh and cleaned him up with a hot, wet towel. There was not one ounce of tight muscle in his body at this point. Terry was now completely and totally massaged and drained. All he had to do was try to find the energy to stand up and get dressed.

The following day, Terry asked Scott if he could "borrow me" again and couldn't wait for the day to end so he could see what kind of massage he was going to get. All day long he walked around with a rather noticeable bulge in his pants, as his cock was eager to be handled by my magical hands. Finally, the time arrived and I quickly welcomed him with an embrace and several glances at his crotch that still displayed a rather large hard-on. It was even more noticeable when we hugged and our bodies were together for a few seconds. Quickly, Terry got undressed and somehow managed to lie down on his stomach after some strategic maneuvering to allow his cock to get into a comfortable position. As I began massaging his shoulders and neck, I commented that he seemed a little tense and would have to help him relax.

Just as I did the previous day, my hands seemed to spend a little extra time on his thighs and buttocks, giving them some extra work and rubbing the massage oil deep into his skin. From there, my hands were all over his ass and I massaged his anus with lots of attention, but never actually finger fucking him. After working his body over well, I instructed him to turn over onto his back. When he turned over, I noticed that he was already rock hard and told him that a towel was not going to cover anything up, so I left him naked on the bed for a minute or two while I stared at his erect cock. Then I took my bottle of massage oil and gently and slowly poured the oil all over his cock and balls, thoroughly soaking them. My hands quickly took over and each hand took its turn stroking the length of his very hard cock.

With every stroke Terry moaned louder and louder! I didn't know how long he was going to last until he exploded, and I really didn't care. I moved one hand from his cock to his balls, cupping them in one hand and massaging them with all five fingers. Just as I thought, I could feel the cum building up to a climax and I moved my hand, reaching below his balls, and quickly fingered his asshole. This time it was all the way inside, and at the same time, I continued to stroke his cock with my other hand. I began to fuck his asshole, my fingers expertly massaging his prostate. Terry's body tensed and suddenly said this was the time and shots of hot, white cream began to spew forth and covered almost everything in sight. My breasts, face, hair, and all over Terry! I didn't stop either the jerking off of his cock or the ass fucking.

My hands continued to work him until his now very soft and limp cock seemed to slip out of my hand. My index finger remained inside him, not moving but still penetrating him to the hilt. As his body relaxed, I slowly removed my finger and wiped him down with a soothing and hot towel. I had cum all over my shorts, so I pulled them off and exposed my shaved bare labia and clit to Terry for the first time. My nipples were erect and seemed to be very dark rosy in color. I then resumed his massage, as he must have dozed off into blissful heaven. Terry told me to turn around and lean over the bed. He took a little bit of the oil from his crotch and began to rub my ass, starting at my anus and moving all the way to my clit. I stopped him and told him the oil was not needed, and besides, it could cause a yeast infection if it got inside my vagina.

Then I guided the tip of his rock hard tool towards my pussy, rubbing it up and down before gently and slowly allowing it to penetrate my labia. His cock was so hard and so rigid that it quickly slipped all the way inside me and I was moaning as it filled me up. He held my hips tightly and pulled me back against him to make sure every inch was inside me. He was large and it was so tight, squeezing his cock and almost sucking it inside me. I asked Terry to go slow, as I had never had his ten inches before, but I wanted to enjoy every minute and every inch. Slow was good for him too, because if he had started pumping me very fast, he would not have lasted more than a minute. He slowly took his cock all the way out of me, asking me if I was okay, and all I could say was to put it back inside and don't stop or take it out again.

Of course, that is exactly what Terry wanted to hear so he slid back inside me until I could feel that he was in as far as he could go. He began to thrust himself into me, in and out while I was moaning. After about 4 or 5 minutes, I propped myself up onto my extended hands and arms, allowing Terry to cup my full DD cups of flesh and feel my erect nipples. Terry squeezed my nipples and my moans began to turn to screams of passion. His thrusts continued while squeezing my tits, feeling my beautiful mounds of flesh for the first time. Then I felt a tightening around his cock and I let out a powerful scream as I reached an orgasm and my juices were flowing all over his cock and out of my pussy. He pounded his cock into me so I could have all of it until I almost collapsed on the bed and his thrusts became slow and gentle.

Terry pulled his cock out of me and told me to turn over on to my back and he put my legs over his shoulders and shoved his cock deep into my pussy. His hands quickly squeezed my tanned tits and he pulled on my nipples, as they were very hard and erect. I kept moaning, but between moans, I urged Terry to fuck me. He knew he wasn't going to last too much longer so he leaned over and began to suck on my nipples. Terry leaned back and held my legs against him and slammed his balls against me and his cock penetrated further than before. This continued for almost five minutes until I felt his balls starting to jerk up to a massive explosion. In one massive thrust, he rocketed streams of cum inside me and it was not ending soon. Load after load filled me up until the sound of our juices was clearly sloshing around his cock.

He kept fucking me with his cock until it was so limp it simply fell out of me, and he leaned onto my chest and we began to kiss deeply. Finally, he leaned back and I quickly got off the bed and went to my knees, and suddenly his cock was inside my mouth. I sucked and sucked, licking it with my tongue until I could feel some movement inside my mouth. I couldn't believe it but he was getting another hard-on. My hand squeezed his balls while my lips went up and down on his shaft. My other hand reached around and found his anus and my finger penetrated his asshole so quickly and smoothly that he moaned in pleasure. My head was going up and down on his cock while my finger was buried in his ass. Then I felt his balls beginning to constrict again and I couldn't believe it, but he was going to cum again, and then it began to shoot its contents inside my mouth.

I swallowed as quickly as I could and as much as I could, but some began to drip from my mouth. Terry asked me to stand up and we kissed, and he tasted his own cum from my lips. After several minutes of passionate kissing, we walked hand in hand into the shower and we showered together. We dried each other off and then we lay down on the bed and he held me in his arms. Terry held one breast in his hand and I held his balls in my hand. We lay there and talked for almost an hour before we were joined by Scott. Next, Scott stood up for me to suck him. As soon as I had him in my mouth, he told his brother to help himself to a little thank you for the show pussy. It didn't take but a split second for Terry to kneel and start licking my clit like crazy. I was soon cumming again like crazy. Terry then looked up and said that not only was it lovely to look at but very tasty, and asked if it was still nice and tight.

Scott told him to see for himself, and before I could even think to protest, I had him deep inside me. While Scott pumped my face, his brother pumped my pussy with nice long, deep strokes, and I was shuddering in orgasm after orgasm. After about ten minutes, I got a huge load of cum pumped into me and Terry slowly pulled out. They started to run their hands all over my body and kissed and licked my tits and nibbled at my nipples that were so hard now. I could feel Scott's hands running down my belly towards my already wet pussy. His fingers started rubbing my clit and found their way into my wet hole. He then started to lick and suck at my hard clit. I was moaning loudly now, as he was making me cum with his tongue and fingers.

I reached for Terry's cock and drew him to me and started to suck on his hard cock, as he was still squeezing and playing with my breasts. I wanted more now, so I told Scott that I wanted to have him fuck me. With that he mounted me and I could feel his thick large cock start to enter me. I was so wet that he just slid inside of me, and I wanted all I could get from him. He started slowly then built up to thrusting in and out of me. Oh fuck me harder I was saying, as he pumped into me. I was still trying to suck on Terry's cock while Scott was fucking me harder. Then I said I wanted to change positions. Scott got on his back and I stood over him and lowered myself onto his awaiting hard cock. I started to slide up and down on his shaft, while he was holding my tits in his hands rubbing and sucking my nipples. Terry was standing beside me and I was running my tongue up and down his hard cock.

Then I said to Terry that I wanted him to get behind me while I was riding Scott and fuck me in the pussy at the same time. I always like to be double penetrated, and here was my chance. Terry slowly slid his cock into me while reaching around and playing with my clit. While his cock was buried deep into my pussy, he was thrusting in and out of me the same time as Scott was pumping into my soaked pussy. I started to have the biggest orgasm that I could have ever imagined. Oh god yes I cried, as I could feel myself cumming, as two cocks were ramming me and Terry was rubbing my clit. Then Scott and Terry both blew me full of hot cum, which made me cum even more. Then they both pulled out of me and I took the both of them in my hands and took turns licking and sucking them clean.

We then collapsed on the couch and they held me for a while. Terry asked if he could wash up, as he said he was running very late and had to get home soon, but did not want his wife, Vickie, to smell sex on him. While he was cleaning up, Scott took his place between my legs and started to give me a very hard fucking. He was just dumping a huge load when his brother came back into the bedroom to say goodbye .A nice hand shake for Scott, a deep kiss for me along with a few more feels and a "you two have fun" departing word. Later as Terry was leaving to go home we all agreed that we would definitely get together and do this again. For those couple of hours, we fucked ourselves until we were all exhausted and in every position possible for a MMF threesome.


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