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Brother-in-Law's Seduction


Thank you so much tangentjoker for the editing!

I walk inside; bags of heavy groceries burden my arms and hands. From the back bedroom, I hear heavy snoring, from which I can tell is my husband. We were visiting with his sister and her husband earlier today, but ran out of a few food items for breakfast tomorrow morning, so I decided to go alone to grab some. My husband rarely sees his sister or her husband, so he begged me to go.

As I sat down the first load of groceries, a familiar voice startles me, "Would you like a hand with those?" I turn around and see John, my husband's brother-in-law. He grabs a few items from the first sack and asks me where each item goes, and I show him. Since we are alone, I decide to check him out a little as we put up groceries. He's on the taller side, 6'2, and he's a bit older than me, in his early 40's. My husband is the youngest in his family at 27, his sister being 40. I casually ask, "Where's Brittney?"

He places a bunch of bananas on the counter and replies, "She decided to turn in early. The long drive wore her out."

"Aren't you tired?" I ask.

"Not really. I'm used to driving long distances."

I smile and continue to put up the rest of the groceries, with his assistance. Walking into the living room, I plop down hard on the comfortable couch. John slides in beside me, but keeps about a foot between us. We have a rather interesting conversation about current events and our pasts, trying to keep as quiet as possible. Sometimes our voices stop long enough to hear a loud snore from one of the bedrooms before continuing our conversation in low, excited whispers.

By now we've moved closer on the couch, our legs are touching and I look warily at the clock, it's already 11:45!! I yawn and stretch, quickly apologizing to John, who tells me its ok, no need to apologize. As I tense my back, in the middle of yawning, I hear his breathing start to quicken and sound more ragged. He turns his head toward me as I finish and whispers, "That was the sexiest yawn I'd ever seen."

He leans in closer to my face, and I can see the corners of his eyes crinkle (very sexy) as he smiles. I decide to take the opportunity in front of me and place a gentle hand on his shoulder, feeling his muscles tense at my touch. The combination of our proximity, your eyes, and the feel of my hand on his skin makes my panties wet with anticipation of what could happen. I didn't think it would go any further, because I know I love my husband and he loves his wife, but when he put his hand on mine, guiding it toward his waist, I wasn't so sure any more. I started to see it in his eyes that he wanted me as much as much as I wanted him at that very moment.

Deciding not to waste any more time, I lean forward, placing my lips gently against his, waiting for his to move against mine, and returning the kiss. As he did, a soft moan escaped my lips, but was almost immediately silenced by a loud snore from the bedroom startled the both of us. I jumped so far that I landed on top of him, pushing him down on the couch involuntarily.

He wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer into him. I can vaguely feel his erection poking into the side of my hip, which releases a new flood of juices into my panties. I've never been this wet before in my life! Maybe it's the forbidden aspect of it, or maybe it's the way he has been looking at me all night. I don't think my husband has ever given me a look like that in all our four years of marriage.

I slowly start to move my hips against his erection, adjusting so I'm able to place the front of my panties on the tip. I'm wearing a knee length skirt and button up shirt, which I wore to work earlier today, but haven't found the time to change out of. I pulled the bottom of the skirt up, so he can feel less material against us as my hips worked.

My breath soon became ragged, as does his, and I could tell that we are both very close to our destination. Ever since high school, I've always wanted to see a man cum in his pants or underwear, and tonight it was one of the last things on my mind until it actually happened. "I'm getting close to cumming, are you going to stop?" He asked me with a deeply lustful look in his eyes. "Not a chance, I'm close too and I'd like to cum together." "Works for me" he replied.

The circular motion of my hips slowly started to add a little pressure, pushing his erection harder against my clit, begging for the attention inside my panties. I could feel the familiar warm throb start to become more and more prominent between us and I breathlessly whispered, "I'm about to cum, you close?" He nodded a reply and pulled me in to kiss him as he thrust up against me, grunting into my mouth. I could feel my senses give way and my panties fill with the wetness of my ejaculation, then the wetness from the front of his pants start to seep through, further heightening my climax.

My skirt and panties peeled off easily, especially with the extra lubrication. Then his gym shorts and boxer-briefs followed. I stopped for a few seconds to admire his cock, it seemed to only be about 6 inches, but the width seemed perfect. Stopping short to make sure I could still hear snoring from both bedrooms, he laid me gracefully down on the carpet, putting a fleece blanket below me to prevent carpet burn.

Placing his elbows on the blanket around me, he moved his hips to place the tip of his cock right at the opening of my vagina, swaying from side to side. We enjoyed the different sensations of his movements until I decided I couldn't take it much longer. I thrust my hips upward, taking his whole cock into me at once. A low growl escaped his lips as he lowered himself on top of me, taking me into his arms. I met his thrusts with mine, finally finding a rhythm we could both enjoy.

He whispers in my ear, but I couldn't understand him because it came out half grunt, half growl, mostly. But the familiar swelling of his cock inside me indicated that he was close to another climax, and I wasn't far behind him. The feeling of the first hot jet spawned an equally successful tightening in my vagina, squeezing his cock as we both came together, basking in the feeling.

"Wow, that was amazing," he said, a hint of sleepiness in his voice.

"That it was," was the only reply I could muster.

After a small, sleepy discussion, we decided that we'll relish in the small chances we get, like the one we just had, but we'll leave it up in the air. We both love our spouses too much to let the sex complicate things, but we enjoyed it too much to quit forever.

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