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Brother-in-law's Treat


This is the follow up to the story of how my wife was accidentally exposed, in a revealing nightie, to a landscaper working at our property.

Although I kept pestering her to tell me whether or not she had planned to get caught in such compromising circumstances, she always told me not to be so stupid. However my suspicions were aroused and I started to watch her behavior more closely.

The next incident of note happened a few weeks later, when we paid a weekend visit to her sister's house on the outskirts of Birmingham (England).

Whenever we visited them, sex was off the agenda as she was always worried that the sounds would carry through to her sister and brother-in-law's bedroom.

Now her brother-in-law, Mark, had always had an eye for Kathy (my wife) and I had noticed how he was always flirting with her and taking every opportunity he could get to brush up against her. I had suggested to her on a few occasions that she should let him get a feel of her tits or maybe give him a bit of a flash of panties, but she always told me not to be ridiculous as he was married to her sister.

Anyway, on the night in question, we had all had a couple of drinks and watched a movie on VCR. At about midnight we all retired to bed. As normal Mark stayed behind to turn all the electrical appliances off and to lock up, etc.

We said goodnight to Kathy's sister and went into the guest's bedroom. I undressed and got into bed and watched while Kathy stripped off to just her panties then put on a pair of (boring) striped pyjamas.

She climbed into bed and I immediately tried to get amorous. It was a total waste of effort as I was told to stop it because we would make too much noise.

I rolled over and tried to get to sleep. After a couple of moments she said that she was uncomfortable and that the room was too hot. She then slipped off her pyjama bottoms and tried to settle down.

After a few more minutes she announced that she needed to use the toilet. In the half light I saw her get out of bed and stand up. As she opened the bedroom door the light from the hallway flooded in and as she walked out I thought I caught a glimpse of her naked bottom!

I quickly flicked the bedside lamp on and examined her pyjama bottoms. Sure enough there, tangled inside them, were her panties. She must have taken both items off in the same movement.

The pyjama top alone probably does not even fully cover her ass. In fact didn't I get a good look at it as she walked out? How much of her pussy was exposed? The lowest button is probably a good few inches from the hem, would it flare open slightly?

I heard Kathy go into the bathroom and lock the door after her.

I tried to remember if I had heard Mark go to bed yet. No, he couldn't have because the hallway light was still on. I was really surprised that Kathy would walk to the bathroom wearing so little.

Then I heard Mark lock the front door and start walking up the stairs.

At that moment I heard the bathroom door open. The bathroom is situated immediately at the top of the stairs. With Mark only just having gone up a step or two he would now be looking directly up at Kathy!

I assumed that she would hurry by, but instead I heard the two of them talking. Although I couldn't hear clearly what was being said I could hear the occasional giggle coming from them.

It was only when I heard Mark continue up the stairs that I became fully aware that he must have been looking up from below the level of Kathy's feet for the entire length of the conversation! Surely he would have a good look at her pussy!

Would he now be looking at her ass as she walked away from him to our bedroom?

I had left the bedside lamp on and when Kathy returned to the bedroom the first thing I looked for, and saw, was a clear view of her nice, dark pubic hair peeking through the gap at the bottom of her pyjama jacket.

She looked a bit surprised that I had the bedside light on and hurriedly turned it off and climbed into bed. I was feeling confused but nevertheless excited and, despite myself, I was sporting a very solid erection.

I thought that I had best roll over and wait for it to go away and thus avoid having to answer any embarrassing questions about what caused it when, to my surprise, she climbed on top of me and, telling me to keep very quiet, lowered her warm, wet pussy onto my stiff cock!

I held on tightly while she rode me for all she was worth, not a word was spoken.

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