tagIncest/TabooBrother Sister Ch. 02

Brother Sister Ch. 02


Matt walked into his sister's bedroom. "Hey Bec, how's things?" he asked.

"Pretty good," she replied, looking up from the book that she was reading as she lay upon her bed.

"I was just wondering, out of idle curiosity, as to whether you might like to have your pussy licked?" he asked her.

"You know, I can't say that I've been lying here thinking about it," Laughed Bec. "But since you're offering, I think I'd have to be crazy to say no. After all, I don't think its going to be quite this easy for us to get together like this once Mum and Dad get back from Europe."

Matt grinned and moved over to the bed, sitting down on the end near his sister's feet.

"Yeah, I don't know what we're going to do then, maybe we'll have to encourage them to go out to dinner more often. Or I'll have to move out and get a place of my own so that you can come over and visit.

Do you mind stripping yourself off for me? It will save me a bit of frustration."

"Sure, what is it, three days until those things come off now?" Bec asked as she put the book aside and slipped her track pants and panties down her legs to reveal her pussy. Matt spent some time admiring his Sister's pussy before lowering his face to her crotch and applying his tongue between her lips. He lapped gently and slowly at first, ensuring that he covered every inch of her delectable skin.

Bec moaned her appreciation of the attention that he was paying her and reached down to part her lips for him. Matt knew what was being asked of him and ran his tongue around the entrance to her pussy before sliding it inside and then running it up to her clit. He flicked it back and forth repeatedly, occasionally pausing to travel back down to dip deep inside her delights.

He listened carefully to his sister's breathing, taking notes on when it quickened or when she moaned, knowing that these were indicators that he was achieving the result that he wanted. He took his time. He wasn't in a hurry to make her cum, but was simply happy to enjoy the fact that he was getting to lick his sister's pussy. There was something so taboo about it that it drove him wild and he only wished that he was able to stroke his incredibly hard cock while he enjoyed licking her.

"Fuck that's good Matt," Bec told him, releasing her pussy to caress her breasts momentarily. She pulled at her nipples, watching the way they elongated away from her breasts, stretching tight, then settling back down to sit erectly upon her pert breasts when she released them. Then she returned her hands to her pussy, again spreading her slick swollen labia for her brother to delve between.

She felt him begin rubbing his tongue rhythmically back and forth against her clit, the pressure increasing as he continued to work it over clit again and again and again.

"Fuck yes, Matt, harder!" she said as she felt her orgasm approaching. To think that she hadn't even been horny when he'd walked into the room! "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" she cried out as her body spasmed. She flopped back on her bed, pushing her brother's head from between her legs and clamping them together, crushing her lips as they continued to squeeze and release with the pleasure that flooded her being.

Matt grinned at her from the floor. "I take it you liked that then?" he asked.

"duh," she laughed back at him.

"Well good, I'm glad that I could make your night pleasurable," he said, standing and making to leave the room.

"Hang on, I can't just let you leave like that," Bec said to him as she glanced down to where his cock was clearly tenting out against his track pants.

"No it's ok Bec, I came in here only with the thought to give, not to receive," Matt replied.

"Yes, but maybe you haven't given me enough yet!" Bec said. "I demand that you fill my mouth with your wonderful cock!"

"Well if you're sure. I'd hate to have you think that I came in here with ulterior motives," Matt said, turning back towards her. Bec had sat up on the edge of he bed and reached out and grabbed his cock through his track pants, pulling him toward her.

"I don't care what your motives were, I just want your cock," she laughed, stripping his pants down to reveal his erection. She grabbed it in her hand, wrapping her hand down around the base, sliding it against his balls to maximise the length left to play with. Then she ran her tongue up along a swollen vein on the side until she reached the head of his cock, which she swirled her tongue around before enveloping it in her mouth. She swallowed his cock down to where her other hand was wrapped around it before sliding her mouth up and down along his length, pausing to lick at the tip occasionally.

"Oh fuck Bec, that's amazing," Matt said as he watched his cock disappear into his sister's mouth over and over again.

Bec just continued to suck on her brother's cock. As she sucked him, she decided that she wasn't going to be happy with just the oral sex and decided that she'd need to fuck him as well. She released his cock from her mouth and climbed onto her bed, kneeling down and facing away from him.

"Put your cock in my pussy Matt, I want you to fuck me from behind." The bed put her at the perfect height and Matt stepped in behind her and slid his cock into her sopping wet pussy. They both moaned as he buried his large shaft entirely within her and then started to slide it in and out. Bec pushed back against every thrust.

"Fuck, I can't wait until you can use your hands properly," Bec said to him as they fucked, "I really want to feel your hands on my hips as you slam that cock into me."

"God I just want to be able to run my hands over your beautiful skin, especially the bumpy bits we like to call tits!" Matt laughed as he continued to thrust his hips at her, burying his cock in her pussy.

Bec reached between her legs and stroked her clit briefly before deciding that she wanted to do something else for Matt. She flopped forward on her bed, off of his cock and he nearly fell on top of her as he thrust automatically forward and met no resistance.

"Oh shit!" he laughed as he regained his balance.

"Sorry," Bec replied, laughing as well, "there's something I want to do for you." She jumped off the bed and went to her dresser where she grabbed her hair brush. She then lay down on her bed as Matt encouraged her and told her just how much he'd wanted to see this.

Bec slowly worked the handle of the hair brush into her pussy, managing to get it in a little further each time she slid it in as the handle became coated with her pussy juices. When she had it wet enough, she was able to slide it back and forth like a cock invading her pussy. She kept her eyes on her brother's face, loving the mad grin that split it as he watched her hair brush disappearing inside her pussy.

Having an audience to do this for drove Bec wild and soon she was ramming the brush in and out at a rapid rate, making sure the angle was just right to maximise her pleasure.

"Let me suck your cock Matt," she panted, wriggling on the bed until her head was hanging off the edge. Matt knelt where she could access it and moaned as she felt her mouth envelope him. She sucked him hard and worked her pussy over until she felt that familiar sensation that announced she was going to cum.

"Oh fuck!" she cried as she released her brother's cock from her mouth. She craned her head forward and both she and Matt watched as a stream of cum sprayed from her pussy as she withdrew the hair brush.

"Holy fuck!" Matt said as he saw his sister's pussy squirt its pleasure off the other side of the bed and onto the floor. Her hips and legs were convulsing with the force of her orgasm.

Bec recovered and then grinned at her brother. "That was intense," she laughed.

"Intense? That was fucking amazing!" Matt said in awe.

"Now I need to make you cum before that thing bursts," she said, nodding at his cock; which stood erect and pointing toward the ceiling. She had Matt sit on the edge of the bed and then knelt between his legs, taking his cock in her mouth, enjoying the fact that she could taste herself on him. She sucked and sucked until finally Matt exploded, filling her mouth with his cum. She swallowed the first spurt, but he flinched the second time and it hit her on the chin and breasts. Bec laughed it off and when he was finished, went to the bathroom to clean up.


"How does it feel?" Bec asked Matt as they got into the car to drive home.

"Fantastic," Matt replied, flexing his fingers with his hands in front of his face. They were pink and scarred from where he'd been pinned together, but at least now his hands were his own again. He turned to his sister and said, "I can't believe how much I've wanted to do this," and he reached out with his hand, about to seize her breast, but she slapped it way.

"Hey! Not here you idiot!" she laughed.

"Damn, I suppose not," Matt laughed in return. Bec started the car and drove them home.

"I think you'd better sit on those hands," Bec teased him when they were half way there. "I can tell from that glint in your eye that any moment you're going to be tempted to reach out and grab me.

"Hmm, maybe telepathy really does work," her brother laughed, consciously putting his hands back into his lap.

The ride seemed to last for an eternity to Matt and when they finally did arrive back at the house, he followed Bec inside, his eyes glued to her butt as it wiggled its way in front of him, clad in a pair of tight brown track pants. As she passed over the threshold of the door, he reached out his hand and cupped one pert cheek.

Bec jumped forward and away from him in shock, turning around to glare at him, but Matt just shrugged, trying to look innocent.

"Hey, I'm a guy, we're not built with much in the way of restraint you know," he said.

"Obviously," Bec said. "So maybe I should teach you some patience. Maybe I shouldn't let you touch these today." As she said it, she cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed them together, loving the reaction on her brother's face as the idea penetrated his head.

"Or maybe I should apologise and beg a lot," Matt offered.

"Begging ... I quite like the sound of that," Bec said, grinning, "Get down on your knees and beg brother. Matt laughed, but closed the door behind him and dropped to his knees in front of his sister.

"Please Becky, please please please may I hold your perfect little breasts in my hands?"

"No," Bec replied and turned away.

"Why you little ..." Matt said, laughing, getting up from his knees and moving to quickly close the distance between him and his sister. Bec laughed harder and dashed away from him, running up the stairs, intending to make the security of her bedroom where she'd be able to lock him out. Despite his period of convalescence though, Matt was still too quick for her and caught up to her on the stairs. He grabbed her ankle and she fell forward, catching herself with her hands.

Matt moved up the stairs over the top of her so that she was pinned beneath him.

"Maybe I didn't do this begging thing right," Matt laughed, his hands grabbing his sister's hips and turning her so that she was on her back beneath him. His cock was already erect and he lowered his weight on to her, grinding his erection against his sister.

"Pretty please may I touch your breasts my gorgeous wonderful beautiful sister?"

"Well I don't think it counts as begging if I'm not in a position to say no," Bec replied. Matt descended a couple of steps, leaving the path well clear for Bec to get away should she so desire.

"Please????" he drawled childishly.

"You know, I think you can, because although you've been a bit naughty about it, you haven't actually touched them against my will and for that you can have your reward."

Matt's hands travelled near the speed of light to close over his sister's breasts, but when they arrived, he was cautious and gentle, taking them in his hand and squeezing ever so slightly. He could feel that she was wearing a push-up bra and desperately wanted to get to feel the actual flesh of her breasts against his hands, but wasn't about to ruin the experience by rushing. He increased the pressure of his hands on Bec's breasts and then released them, before squeezing gently again. They felt awesome.

"My god Bec, I can't tell you how much it turns me on to finally touch these," he said, unable to remove the grin from his face.

"Well you're not really touching them yet," she laughed, "But maybe if you let me off the stairs I can arrange a more intimate physical inspection?" Matt leaned over his sister and kissed her, pleased with the willingness with which she accepted it, feeling her tongue snake out to join with his between them. The he stood up, freeing her to move completely.

Bec glanced at her brother's crotch which was around her waist level due to the difference in their elevation on the stairway.

"Hmm I think I'm getting an idea of how turned on you are," she said, winking at Matt before standing up to move to her bedroom, feeling Matt's hand caress her butt as she set off.

Matt followed his sister into her bedroom, loving the fact that as soon as she was inside, she started pulling the white t-shirt that she was wearing up over her head to reveal the yellow striped push-up bra that housed her breasts.

"Wait, can I take it off for you?" he asked as she turned to face him with her hands reaching behind her to the bra clasp.

"No, I think I'd like to tease you," Bec said, "Why don't you sit over there?" she indicated the chair at the desk in her room. Matt wasn't about to argue and took a seat. Bec stood in front of him and turned away so that he was looking at her back . His eyes drank in the sight of her skin, admiring the smooth taut curves that disappeared into the top of her brown pants.

Bec started working her hips, dancing slowly and seductively, her hands playing with the bra straps on her shoulders, slipping first one and then the other off before turning to face him so that her breasts were almost free, but still held within the bra. She reached up to the cups, crushing them against her breasts, squeezing them before pretending to pull the cups down to expose them, but releasing the material and pulling her empty hands down instead. She slid the straps back up onto her shoulders and turned away from him again, this time her hands releasing the clasp at her back and letting the two pieces fall away to expose her back. Matt would have loved to have knelt behind her at that point and placed delicate kisses on the small of her back, but she turned again, holding the cups of her bra against her breasts. She reached up to slip off first one and then the other strap so that only her hands now held the bra against her flesh. Then, leaning back slightly, she removed her hands. The angle of her torso prevented the bra from falling but as she straightened up she replaced her hands and hence continuing to hide her pert breasts from Matt's view.

Matt rubbed his hands against his crotch. His cock was as stiff as a board and he would have loved to just take it out and start tugging it.

Bec turned away from him again and he saw the bra fall to the ground. As she turned herself back to face him, her hands again covered her breasts, giving herself a hand bra. She pressed her breasts flat and moved her hands in circular motions and even though he'd seen and sucked on his sister's breasts, it felt to Matt like he was about to see them for the very first time. Bec moved her hands slightly and parted her fingers and Matt realised that she was revealing her nipples through the part in her fingers. He stared.

Bec then slid her hands down from her breasts and over her abdomen, caressing her stomach as her brother's eyes feasted upon the sight of her breasts. She ran her hands back up to her perfectly smooth, pert orbs and took her nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers as she advanced on her brother, pulling and twirling them gently.

Just as he reached out to touch her, she turned away from him and backed into him, dropping her butt onto his lap where she could feel the length of his cock as she ground down against it. Matt moaned and his hands reached around his sister and took her breasts within them for the very first time. As with when he'd held them when she was dressed, he was gentle, carefully caressing them, squeezing them within his hands and crushing them gently against her rib cage, delighting in the soft, yet firm feel of them.

He sat there, playing with Bec's breasts whilst she continued to grind herself against his erection, sighing and moaning. Then she stood up again. Matt reluctantly released her breasts from his grasp as she stood and was going to stand as well, but Bec told him to stay there. He remained seated and Bec bent over and touched her toes in front of him. Matt eyed his sister's butt in her tight pants and the way that it clung to her pussy between her legs.

He rubbed his crotch again as Bec stood and her hands moved to the top of her pants. She wiggled her butt as her hands slid the pants down, exposing a black thong nestled between her butt cheeks. With her pants now sitting just below her firm little bottom, she again touched her toes and this time, pulled the pants down her legs as she went. Matt leaned in to peer closely at his sister's pussy, the thong barely covering her lips. He placed a palm on each cheek of her bottom, caressing it, allowing his fingers to dance lightly upon her tight arse. He ran a finger down the crotch of the thong, pushing it slightly, causing it to slip between Bec's now clearly moist lips. Bec moaned and didn't move.

Encouraged, Matt traced his finger alongside the fabric, connecting with her skin. Bec shuddered slightly but didn't pull away. With his other hand, Matt slipped a finger under the thong and pulled it out from between her lips and to the side, exposing his sister's gorgeous, swollen and wet lips. Revelling in the freedom that he now had with his hands and fingers, Matt slid a finger directly down his sister's wet slit and then slid it inside her pussy, pushing it in as far as he could. Bec groaned loudly, rocking back against the intrusion. Matt leaned forward and placed a kiss first on her left butt cheek and then on her right, before spreading them with his hands and running his tongue over her slit.

"Oh fuck that's good," Bec said allowing him to lick her a couple more times before standing up and turning around to remove the thong. Standing naked, she reached her fingers down between her legs and felt her pussy. It was sopping wet. She slid a finger inside herself and then rubbed her pussy juice on her nipple. She pulled the nipple away from her breast, and then allowed it to slip from her grasp.

After repeating the move on her other breast, she slipped her finger into her pussy again before looking Matt in the eye, pulling it out and then sucking her finger clean. Matt groaned as he saw his sister taste herself. But then she simply dropped down on her knees and told Matt to remove his pants.

Matt stood up and shed his pants in moments, his large cock springing free, pointing skyward as it strained to become even bigger than it already was. Bec put a hand on Matt's stomach and pushed him back into the chair. Then when he was seated again, moved in to take his cock in her mouth whilst he sat and watched. She sucked and slurped and licked and bobbed her head up and down along the length of his massive erection.

Matt groaned over and over as he watched his cock slipping in and out of his sister's mouth. He wanted to fuck her now. He wanted to shove his cock deep within his sister's pussy and ram it home over and over again, but she was relentless in her sucking and eventually Matt had to warn her that he was going to explode. She didn't even miss a beat. Bec just kept sucking until she felt the explosion within her mouth and quickly swallowed down the warm salty seed of her brother.

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