Brother Sister Sex Therapy


"Uh, no." Mike was rubbing Christy's tits and leaned over to suck on her hard nipples. He let his had drift to her pussy and started rubbing his middle finger up and down her pussy gash.

"Mmm that feels great" Christy said as she stroked Mikes very hard cock. Mike sank two fingers rather abruptly into her pussy.

"Ughh.." Christy moaned as Mike started finger fucking her. She bucked her hips to meet his thrusts while he sucked on her tits.

Dr Lowenstien was very pleased with how the day was going.

"Christy, what did you say next?" Dr. L. asked. Christy was in a passionate heat and it took a moment to regain her composure.

"Mike I want to know how it feels to fuck. I don't want you to fuck me, I just want you to get on top of me so I know how it feels."

"You got it sis" Mike teased as he moved into position.

"Just a moment," Dr. L. interrupted.

"Christy put this pillow under your butt, it will improve the angle of your pussy. And both of you put lots of this KY lubricant on. It will make dry humping less dry and more fun. Now Mike, remember no cumming unless your cock is inside your sister's sweet little pussy."

They did as they were told and Mike got into position with his well lubricated cock above Christy's well lubricated pussy and laid his cock on top of and outside her pussy. He lowered himself down and kissed Christy passionately for what seemed like a very long time then started to slide his cock back and forth along her pussy gash. Dr. L. was right it felt amazing. He started dry humping, or fake fucking or whatever it was called in earnest. The sensations were incredible, it almost felt like he was really fucking his sister.

Christy started to buck her pussy against Mike's thrusts, she wrapped her legs around him and really went town. All too soon she was gasping and panting and humping hard back against her brother's cock when her body was racked with an intense orgasm. "oohh,, Ohh. Mike ,Fuck oh Mike.." she gasped until her orgasm subsided and she collapsed beneath Mike's naked body.

"Am I too late" Their mom asked.

"MOM! what are you doing here?" Christy screamed.

"Oh I didn't mean to scare you I just wanted to see. Dr. Lowenstien and I switched places, I think you were too preoccupied to notice. So did you do it this time? Did you fuck?"

"No mom we haven't fucked." Christy said.

"Good then I didn't miss it." their mom said.

"Mom are you going to watch?" Christy asked.

"Of course."

"Mom, this has been such a crazy day" Christy said. "All the things Dr. L. read to us in your letter. Are you really saying I must have sex with Mike? I mean what if I wanted to say no? You wouldn't force me to fuck my own brother would you." Christy asked.

"Dr. Lowenstien shared with me how you get turned on by rape fantasies, so I will go along. Yes dear, I am ordering you to fuck your brother. You have no choice at all. If you dare say no, Dr L. and I will just have to tie you down. So now you have a choice, you can either lay their and enjoy it while your brother rapes you, or I will tie you down and your brother will still rape you. Either way you are going to be raped. Does that answer your question dear?" Her mother said.

"Yes." Christy said now shaking with nervous anticipation.

"Now Mike you look like you are going to explode. Line up the tip of your dick against her pussy. That's good, now slowly start to push it in."

Mike did as he was told my his mom and his dick started to sink slowly but tightly into his little sister's very wet, very hot pussy. It was an indescribable feeling. No matter how good fake fucking was just inches inside a real pussy had it beet a million fold.

His cock was half way inside her when Christy said "Mike, hold on. Stop for a minute. There is a lot of pressure I need to get used to it."

"Mike ignore her, just pull back a little and start fucking her with only half of your cock length. Then slowly start to push it deeper. Remember her fantasy, she want's you to rape her, so rape her already." Their mom said.

Mike liked what he heard and pulled out then started to shallow fuck his sister. Her sultry pussy steamed around his hard shaft. In spite of himself he started pushing deeper within just a couple of strokes. He couldn't help it.

Christy was starting to gasp "Mike slow down, hold on I'm not ready" Mike couldn't slow down, he just kept pushing his cock in deeper and deeper until it was balls deep. He arched his back and it felt like he put his full weight into his cock as he held it fully buried inside his sisters tight twat.

"Ohhh Mike..." Christy gasped. Mike pulled almost all of the way out and them slammed his cock back to the root insider his sister.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. ugh,..." Christy grunted as her brother fucked her. In and out and in and out. He was like an animal out of control. His body needed this more than it needed anything. The pumping back and forth inside Christy's pussy, it was all that mattered in the world.

Chrsity thought 'oh my god my brother is fucking me. Mike is taking my virginity.' But Christy's young teenage body was really beginning to like it. She started to hump back against Mike cock. Grinding against her brother's weapon with every stroke. When suddenly Christy started screaming and gasping and grabbed onto Mikes shoulders hard as she came in an orgasm that stunned her with its violence. It was the most intense feeling of her young life. It felt like her pussy and then her body was exploding and shaking uncontrollably, and it felt like it would never end.

Mike had had enough and came, shooting jet upon jet of boiling hot semen into his sister's cunt. He just kept pumping cum into her for what felt like two minutes when he finally collapsed on top of her, oblivious to anything or anyone else.

"That was so beautiful" Their Mother said.

"Mom, don't say that, it's embarrassing." Christy said.

"Don't be silly" she replied.

"Mom. would you really have tied me down if I had said no?" Christy asked

"Not only would I have tied you down, I have the ties right here that Dr. L. gave me and I had already figured out how I was going to do it." Her mom answered.

"Oh my god, you're serious. You would have forced me to fuck Mike. To rape me!" Christy exclaimed.

"Does that turn you on Christy? And don't lie to me" Her mother said.

Slowly Christy responded. "I guess so."

"Yes or no" Mom asked.

"Okay, yes. But Mike even if it had gone that far you wouldn't have rapped me, I mean for real, if I really didn't want you to fuck me?" Christy asked.

"Of course not, I love you I wouldn't do that." Mike said.

"Oh I seriously doubt that Mike" Their mom said. "Considering how horny you were, and If I had told you you could either rape your sister or find a new place to live. And the simple fact that your sister was only resisting getting fucked and calling it rape because it turns her on. Oh yes, Mike you would have done it. You would have raped your little sister. But I don't think there is any way you could really fuck her against her will.

'After everything Dr. L. has told me, it's clear now that she not only wants sex, but needs its, as much as you do or more. Girls just like to pretend they don't want to fuck as much as guys do. That's why they like rape fantasies. It takes the guilt away. They are not sluts, they are beautiful ladies who men find so attractive that men cant' help fucking them. But It's just a fun fantasy." Their mom said.

"Now when we get home you two can freely fuck all the time." their mother said.

"Mom, I don't think we're going to as sex all the time. I mean, I think it's cool that you are okay with it. You are probably the coolest mom there is. But he's still my brother, I think I would rather this happen only once in a while. You know, on special occasions, like vacation as so on. Besides when I get a boy friend I don't think he would like it too much." Christy said.

Then there mom said, "Well Christy, according to Dr. Lowenstiens research project, we have made a few more changes. First niether you or your brother will be allowed to date until you are 21 years old. You need more maturity to select a good mate. But as you have learned from Dr. L. a healthy sex life if far more important then most people know."

"I can't date until I'm 21!" Christy said stunned.

"No, but you can still have lots of great sex right now." mom said.

"You mean?" Christy said.

"Yes I mean with your brother." mom answered.

"So lets go over the house rules." Their mother continued, "No breakfast before sex. No homework before sex. And no going to sleep at night before sex."

"What?" Christy and Mike exclaimed.

"You heard me." Their mom said.

"Are you kidding that's like three time a day?" Christy said.

"Actually its four times a day on the weekends. But you can sqeeze that fourth time in anytime you want to." mom said.

"Oh my god." Christy said. "You can't be serious."

"Not only am I serious. But I'm doing it for your own good. This regime of sex, according to Dr. L. will harden your bodies, develop your minds. increase your stamina, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex, for when you are old enough to date." mom said.

"Oh and one more thing." Mom said, "No more clothes around the house."

"What? Huh? we don't leave out clothes around the house anymore" Mike defended

"No Mike, what I mean is you are no longer allowed to wear clothing around the house." mom said.

"Are you kidding" Christy said. "I'm not walking around naked in my own home all the time."

"If you still want to call it your home you will" mom said. "And one more thing. You both need to learn to be more comfortable with your bodies so for now on we are removing your bedroom doors." mom said.

"Come on mom this is crazy. If we do everything you want us to do, then you will see us having sex without the doors on. You can't mean it" Christy reasoned.

"Oh yes I mean it. In fact that brings me to the next rule. Of the three or four times a day that you have sex, you are only allowed to have sex in bed one of those times. The rest of the time it must be out and about inside or outside the house." mom said

"Mom, come on you want us to have sex where you and dad can see us?" Mike asked.

"That is so you will learn to be more free with sex and your bodies. And so we can give you instructions if needed." mom said.

"Now we are almost home. Don't bother getting dressed. You will never have clothes on again inside my house, and that is an order. Today has been a big day. we will start tomorrow."

Then mom said, "Were home, time to start your new life."

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