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Brother Spanks Sister


Lisa started to sleep in my room and we kept another room with her bed and clothes. Our parents were going to visit on occasion and we did not need to confuse any issues in our lives. I did not socialize with my work mates often and that helped to isolate our relationship. Life continued as normal Lisa found a part time job and we spend most of our time together outside of work She is an excellent cook and I like to have some one to look after me Lisa is saving money and we have started to save for holidays together.

I had the best relationship that a man could have with any woman we have each other and our lives continue on the outside as normal. Sex was great each day we found a new way to excite each other. I come home most days to have Lisa suck my cock before tea and after dinner we relax in front of the T.V. exploring each other. It was great for the first six months we got along and had no arguments at all. Then we started to get use to each other and she started to give smart remarks about different things that would happen around the house and other things.

I knew that if we kept going the way we were it was a disaster waiting to happen Lisa knew it to. I was spending my time at work thinking of how to fix the problem and the only solution that I could think of was she would have to shift out of my house which I didn’t want and neither did she. Then it occurred to me that when we were children when Lisa was naughty she would receive a spanking for her misbehavior. When ever she had been spanked she always came back with a different attitude much better behaved and a lot more polite.

I thought the thing over for a few days hoping all the time that she would come to her sensors and let the bickering finish but it continued and I told her if it did not end she would be spanked. When I told her this she knew that I was serious and that I would carry out what I said. I told her this on a Wednesday afternoon just after I got home from work. She had just sucked me off and we got along for the rest of the night well she was not rude or cheeky and we enjoyed dinner and watched the T.V. in each others arms.

She made one remark about an old girlfriend of mine and just as I walking to the bedroom. I then told her she had one more chance and then she would be spanked to help improve her behavior. I looked her in the eye as I said that and she lowered her head saying sorry. I went to bed thinking of how close she had just come to her first spanking in 20 years.

Thursday went well but I was sure that it was on her mind. The Friday night we went out for tea Lisa was dressed in a skirt that was a white knee length with a split up the side as always she looked great and I could not help but tell her. She thanked me with a long kiss as we sat at the table people looked but we didn’t care. We had a great meal and danced for about an hour. We both drank a lot and it started to show as we began to leave we took a cab home and argued about nothing I was in no mood for sex by thenanjd we both went to bed and straight to sleep without anything said between us.

When we woke in the morning Lisa was cuddled up to me which I love. I had been thinking about what I had told her being spanked for her behavior. When she woke Lisa said that she was sorry for the argument that spoiled our night.

I am sure that she knew what I was about to say. I held her in my arms gently stroking her hair I then told her she had been naughty for the last time. I told her that she was going to be spanked for last night. I told her that she would be spanked before bed tonight and that she was to be standing in our bedroom naked with her face in the corner from 8.30 until I came to punish her for the bad attitude she had acquired she said that she agreed with my decision though there was apprehension in her voice.

Her voice shook with excitement as she told me she loved me and would comply with anything I tell her. Lisa then kissed me as we lay in each others arms. I had to do some thing at work that morning and went in at 9am there was a case we were working on and I had to go to the briefing as the case was almost ready for trial the Captain wanted to go through the paper work once more before Court on the Monday morning.

When I got home at 3pm Lisa was reading a book she loves to read and spends hours doing it she reads about three books a week and her weekends are dedicated to it. She sat on the lounge quietly and we talked before she asked if she could suck my cock I told her she could and she went to the task. I thought that was strange she asked me she usually just dose it. I did not take long to come as I had not fucked her the night before Lisa sucked greedily and I come in her mouth I then went to sleep for 2 hours on the lounge.

We ate dinner and chatted as usual though Lisa had a sparkle in her eyes that I had not seen before it was like that she was like the wild look of an animal her nipples stood out against her nightie. I ate tea and went to my study it was 7.35pm as I got up from the table Lisa was picking up the dishes and I left the door of the study open I can see into the bed room for there. I keep my eye on the clock waiting to see if she would comply to my order from the morning in bed she went in the shower and came out at 8.20pm. She went into her room and came out in a dressing gown at 8.28pm Lisa walked to my bedroom and walked in as told she then took off the dressing gown leaving it over the back of a chair.

I could see the corner and she walk to it putting her face in the corner it was not cold so I decided to let her wait for a while. I watched T.V. for an hour all the time leaving Lisa waiting her punishment. The program finished and I went to the bedroom Lisa kept her face in the corner awaiting her fate. I had bough a paddle for the occasion and had decided to use my hand for the warm up. I sat at the end of the bed and told Lisa to walk over to me as she turned I could see she was shaking with excitement. I guided her over my knee and got her it the position that I needed to have her taking one arms and putting it behind her back to hold her in place. I told her that she had been disobedient and rude and that it will not be tolerated for what ever reason.

I then put one hand on her bottom and gently massaged her cheeks as I spoke to her I told her that she is to learn to act like the woman she can be and not what I had been getting of late. I also told her that she will be spanked every time that she behaves the way she has been and I also told her that she will be spanked once every 4 weeks to help keep her in line. I then started the spanking slowly at first and working my hand around the area of her bottom until I could only see pink. Lisa had started to squirm a bit now but she was enjoying every moment of it I knew when she moaned that she was enjoying it she also was lifting her bottom up to meet my hand I could see her pink pussy lips and the wetness oozing from them.

Her odour was bliss and my cock pushed into her side like a piece of steel as I spanked her with my hand for about 4 minutes. I then stopped and went to get the paddle from my brief case I returned and told Lisa to bend over and to hold her ankles she is very athletic and has no trouble doing this. Lisa was very humiliated by my actions and it was showing on her face I could also see a tear rolling down her cheek. She had became a much more timid lady in the last half an hour she was being very brave but that was the only way she was going to get through this and I am sure that she was aware of that she is a smart lady when she wants to be and this spanking was designed to help her to use her brain once again.

I then walked to her side and placed one hand on her back and told her sobbing would get her no were and that it was to early to sob and that I was acting in her best interests. She said that she understood that and I proceeded with her punishment. I had planned to give her 12 strokes of the paddle and told her she is to count out the number as they landed on her bottom. The first stroke was a lot harder than my hand had been and it hit square on. Lisa cried out instantly and I followed with the second without waiting. Lisa was keeping count so far and I hit her with the third in a different spot I held her hips gently as the blows came down harder until I had finally reached 12.

Lisa was almost about ready to come when I finished I then dropped the paddle and pushed three fingers into her finding her clit with my thumb and fingered her to orgasm her cunt was very wet and I pushed the forth finger into her just as she reached the peak of her orgasm. I then guided her to the bed and holding her in my arms telling her it was all over. She layed in my arms for a long time confirmed that she agreed with being spanked and having me having reasonable authority over her we then came up with a safe work which is (red light) it works well with us only ever using it once.

Since that night we get along great and Lisa is spanked on the first of each month as a way to help keep her in line. Sometimes she has to remind me that it is due and fetches the paddle for me I never have to tell her to stand in the corner she dose that without being told and it is always 8.30pm when she stands in the corner awaiting her fate if it is summer I sometimes leave her standing in the corner for up to 3 hours though I have only did that twice. It has added a new twist to our sex lives and we always fuck like crazy after she has been spanked and has became a lot more respectful of me.

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Attrocious English!!!

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