Brother to Sister


It all started when I was 9. I was born with a twin sister. We use to dress in each other's clothes to trick our parents. On one fateful day, we had gone over to a neighbor's house to play. Unknown to us at the time, our parents were having a very heated argument which would lead to separation and eventually divorce. But that is jumping a little ahead. As I said, we were over at a neighbor's house playing when my sister suggested that we switch clothes before heading home to play a joke on our parents like we usually did. So I readily agreed and swapped my normal boy's short, t-shirt, and underwear for her frilly panties and dress.

Upon arriving home, we noticed a moving van in the driveway, and my bed and dresser being loaded in the back of it by some movers. Dad come out of the front door at that moment and directed me inside while he talked with my "brother." Our joke seemed to work like normal. Little did I know, that was one joke that we wouldn't get the last laugh on.

I entered the house to find Mom sitting on the couch. She looked like she had been crying. I crawled up next to her, remembering to smooth the dress under me like my sister did. I asked her what was going on, and she explained the Dad was moving out and taking my "brother" with him. When I heard this, I ran to door just in time to see my sister and father driving away. That was the last time I saw my sister.

The rest of the night was a blur. I don't even remember going to bed. Mom woke me for school the next day. As I lay in bed, I felt the frilly lace on the sheets and the softness of girls pajamas on my body. I opened my eyes to see Mom walking out of the closet holding the school uniform jumper that my sister would wear. That is when I realized what this situation really meant for me. I was going to be living as my sister. Mom walked out of the room with a comment about hurrying up so I could eat breakfast before going to school.

I dressed in what was now my school uniform and hurried down stairs. I tried to explain to Mom that I was really hear son, but she said she didn't feel like dealing with my jokes. She said she understood that I was missing Dad, but I was going to live with her and that was the end of it. The way she left the conversation told me that I had to resign to my fate of being a girl.

As we arrived at my sister's school, now my school, I noticed my sister's friends. Since I had never been to this school since it was an all girl's school, I feared I wouldn't know my way around. Fortunately, my sister's friends mistook me for my sister, and I just followed them. I quickly fell into the roll of my sister, answering to her name and talking with her friends about the usual girl stuff.

This continued on for years all the way into my senior year of high school. I could obviously never forget I was born a boy with the constant reminder between my legs, but I tended to ignore it most of the time and becoming use to wearing a dress every day. By some fluke of genetics, my voice never deepened and I never started growing facial hair. Instead, I started growing breast and my hips started to widen. Like my friends, I became interested in boys and even dated a few. I never did anything more then make out with them since I was aware of "large clit" in my panties was not what they were expecting.

Senior prom was a month after my 18th birthday, and Mom had bought me a gorgeous dress to wear as my gift. Unfortunately, my boyfriend at the time decided to give me the "gift" of finding him cheating on me with one of my friends in the closet. I guess he didn't like the fact that I didn't put out. Needless to say, we broke up that day and I was left with a dress for a dance I had not date for. My best friends felt bad for me and asked their boyfriends if they had any single friends that could take me. Thus, my blind date for prom was set up.

I arrived with my friends and their dates in the limo we had rented. As I walked into the hotel where the prom was being held, I saw a guy wearing a tux and holding a corsage. He was slim and cute. I walked up to him and introduced myself and asked if he was to be my date. He was, in fact, my date and we spent the night dancing and talking and getting to know each other.

We discussed our family, and I found out that he was also has divorced parents and lived with his father. He had attended an all boy's school till he started high school, where he started in the local public school. Since he was smaller then most guys, he had not pursued sports and instead spent his time studying and had earned a scholarship to the school of his choice. He had decided to attend the same local college I just happened to be attending so he could continue to help his father run his business. As we talked, we found out that we had a lot in common, and I really started to

As the night wore on, people started leaving the dance. They either headed upstairs to their hotel rooms, or off into the night to go wherever. I hadn't planned on doing anything else after the prom, but my friends told me that their boyfriends had gotten rooms upstairs and that they were going to have a little party in their rooms. They begged me to come, so I turned to look at my date with the questioning look of what he wanted to do. He agreed with them stating he had planned on partying with them anyway and had gotten a room too. So I agreed to join them for their party.

When we got off the elevator on the proper floor, it seemed like the entire floor had been rented out for this party. There were prom attendants all over and my date and I got passed some cups with some punch in them. After a few sips, I could tell there was more to the punch then actual punch; but it tasted good, so I kept drinking. We danced and dank more punch and next thing I knew I was drunk. There was no way I could go home like this. My mom would kill me. So one of my friends called my mom and told her that I was staying at her house after prom. Mom said that was fine, and my date escorted me back to his room so I could lay down.

When we got to his room, sleep was the last thing on my mind. The feel of his well toned body against my supple skin as he helped me down the hall had turned me on. We entered his room and I turned on his and pinned him up against the back of the door and kissed him hard. His goatee tickled my chin a bit as we kissed, but I enjoyed every second of it. My clit sprang to life and strained against my panties. I was to drunk and horny to care and continued to kiss my date. Head lead me over to the bed and unzipped my dress before laying me down on the bed in just my bra and panties. My hard-on must have been obvious, but my date didn't seem to notice or care. He stripped his tux off and crawled onto the bed next to me. As we kissed, our bodies pressed against each other and my breasts squished up against his toned chest. My clit pressed into him. It was then that he did something I never expected. He reached down into my panties and started stroking my clit. I decided to reciprocate, and reached into his boxers to stroke his cock. That is when I noticed the lack of the penis that should have been there. Where it should have been was the same hole that all other girls had in between their legs.

Urged on by his continuing stimulation, I proceeded to slide my figured inside of his and felt his moistness. It wasn't long before my fingers were replaced by my clit and few fucked to abandonment. We feel asleep in each others arms and didn't wake till the sun shown in through the window. I woke to find him watching me with a smile on his face. When I asked him what he was smiling about, he stated that he never expected to end up in this situation since he wasn't equipped like most guys but was glad it happened. I responded to similar feelings about my extra features as well.

That is when I came to yet another realization, this guy I have just lost my virginity to and clearly took his was not just any guy. This was a girl who had been raised a boy and somehow gained the secondary characteristics of a male. With this thought coming to mind, I had to ask the ultimate question; the one that could change forever what we had just done. I asked him if when his parents had gotten divorced, if he had left behind a twin brother that was dressed in a dress while he wore his brother's clothes. The answer I got was what I worried it would be. This guy who was the first to find out my secret, the guy I had just had sex with was actually my sister. Well I guess he was my brother now and I was his sister. I could tell by the look on his face as he answered that he had the same thought I had.

The warmth of his body against mine and mine against his must have made our bodies think differently then our minds, cause my clit began to grow and rub against his wet slit. Without thinking, I started to buck my hips against him as my clit searched for his hole to slide into it. Before we knew it, we were having sex again. After I pumped him full of my girly cum, we decided that we needed to talk about what we were going to do. We were brother and sister, but our bodies and hormones said differently. We hadn't seen each other in a very long time and most people never knew or barely remembered that we even had a sibling. Since no one knew we were related and we would never be able to do more then date anyone else because of our special circumstance, we decided to date and keep the fact that we were related a secret.

We quickly feel in love and were rarely seen apart from each other. We continued our relationship into college and on our graduation day, he proposed. But that is another story for another time.

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