tagInterracial LoveBrotherFuture Part 5

BrotherFuture Part 5


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**I suggest you read previous chapter if you are not familiar with the storyline.

* * * * *

Chap. 1

"Get money!"
DMX-Belly (1999)

"Where the fuck is this clown?" Hakim asked himself impatiently for the tenth time in fifteen minutes as he waited on a crowded street corner with a bookbag strapped to his back. He looked like a student waiting for a bus. But in reality, he was waiting for a drugdealer named Lennox. In the bookbag, was a kilo of cocaine.

Hakim had been working for Tony for about a month counting cash and making deliveries to drugdealers all across the city. The work was harrowing and dangerous but the money was stacking like pancakes! Hakim had recently moved out of his mother's basement into a very nice, partially furnished apartment on the north side of the city. Tony had also let him have the use of one of his many "hoopties" so that Hakim could handle his job and enjoy his newfound freedom. He had been let go from his job at the country club because of a fire in the kitchen. He was relieved but his p. o. didn't share in his joy.

As Hakim looked up the street, the car he had been waiting on pulled around the corner. The tan-colored, Toyota 4Runner came to a stop right in front of him. Hakim jumped in and the truck pulled away from the curb.

The driver, Lennox, was a steady and loyal customer of Tony's. He was Jamaican and stood 6'3", 215lbs. , muscular, with braids in his hair. DMX's, "Bring It Right Here", was playing heavily on the truck's cd player.

"What's crackin', mon?" Lennox asked.

"These chips, Nox... gettin this money, yo," Hakim answered.

"I hears you, mon" Lennox said as he reached around and in back of Hakim's seat and pulled out a gym bag and handed it to Hakim.

Hakim took the bag and unzipped it. Inside was a Nike shoebox. He reached inside and pulled the box out. He then pulled the rubber band off of the box and peeked inside. Inside, neatly stacked were rows of hundreds, fifties, and twenty dollar bills.

"Looks straight," Hakim said as he reached into his bag and pulled out the kilo of coke and replaced it with the shoebox. He then placed the kilo into the gym bag and placed it on the floor behind Lennox.

"Right here is cool," Hakim said as the truck slowed to a deserted street corner. He dapped Lennox up and then exited the truck quickly.

Hakim immediately began walking due east. He walked for approximately 3 blocks. He spotted his black, 1990 Toyota Camry and got in it. After starting the car and pulling away from the curb, he pulled out his cellphone and dialed Dominique's apartment.

"Hello?" Dominique's sexy voice answered.

"What's up girl? I picked up that hoagie you wanted. You want me to bring it over?" Hakim said as he spoke in code. Tony had warned him never to talk directly about their business over the phone. Dominique was well versed in talking in code.

"Yeah. I'm hungry as hell. Thanks, baby," Dominique answered sweetly.

Chap. 2

"You are beautiful; but learn to work, for you cannot eat your beauty."
- Congo

Hakim arrived at Dominique's apartment thirty minutes later. She answered the door wearing loose fitting slacks and a camisole. Her hourglass figure was tremendous! Hakim could make out the indentations of her always-erect nipples through her camisole and bra. Her nipples always seemed to be visible no matter what she wore!

The more time the two of them spent together handling Tony's business, the more attracted they were both becoming towards each other. Dominique had begun to wonder whether Hakim was attracted to her or not. He hadn't made the slightest move on her and they had been working together for approximately two months. For some reason, that fact intrigued and excited her. Usually, men could not resist her feminine assets. Dominique always made sure to wear something clingy when she knew her and Hakim would be working together. She liked to tease. Had been doing it all her life. She had caught him gazing at her on numerous occasions as he took in her shapely form. She was used to it. What she wasn't used to was having to figure out how to approach a man who acted as if he could care less about getting with her.

"Maybe he just likes to look," she had thought on more than one occasion. Hakim went into the livingroom and pulled his bookbag off of his shoulders. Sitting on the couch, he unzipped the bag and pulled out the shoebox. Dominique went into her bedroom and retrieved the money counter from its hidden location under the floorboard near her dresser. They would first count the money by hand and then run it through the money machine to check their accuracy. The machine only processed denominations of five's, tens, twenties, etc... and so on. One-dollar bills had to be counted by hand.

Hakim and Dominique sat on her livingroom floor and counted endless stacks of cash from the day's activities. This was becoming their normal routine. He delivered coke and picked up cash. At the end of the day, the money was counted, recounted, stacked, and stashed. Tony would pop in unannounced throughout the week. He refused to use the phone to discuss business and discouraged everyone he worked for to watch what was said across the phone line.

As they worked, Hakim could not help peeking quick glances at Dominique's titties. The camisole she was wearing barely held her tits from bursting. His eyes were hypnotically drawn to the deep crevice between her large melons again and again. The thick points of her nipples showing wasn't helping matters any. His dick started to uncurl within his jeans.

Meanwhile, Dominique snuck her glances in. Her eyes tried to focus on the cash she was counting, but they kept being drawn to the large bulge that sat between Hakim's crossed legs. She had watched the progression of his hardening dick lengthening in his jeans. She had guessed correctly that a man his size would have a bigger than average sized dick, but how much bigger than average was it? That question kept repeating itself in her head like a mantra as she counted.

"I need to take a break. Shit, I can barely keep my eyes from crossing, tonight!" Dominique said as she stretched her arms over her head. Her breasts rose up magnificently... and then spread. Her nipples seemed to be beckoning him.

"Me too," said Hakim as he rotated his wrist and grunted. He then took off his watch and began to massage his wrists. The phone and pager in his jeans pockets were poking him in the thighs so he took them out and placed them near the chair he was sitting in front of.

"Want something to drink? I have beer, juice and water," said Dominique as she stood up directly in front of Hakim and presented him with a heavenly view of her well-formed hips... and further up, her hardly unnoticeable nipples and breasts.

"Juice," Hakim said as his eyes went from her hips, to her breasts, and finally to he eyes. She seemed to be smiling... or smirking.

"Be right back," said Dominique. She then turned and walked towards her kitchen. She knew Hakim was watching her soft, wiggling ass and it excited her to no end! She wanted to get her tease on with him, but as she reached for the cupboard to retrieve two glasses, the thought hit her that she wanted something she could feel between her thighs. The guy she had been dating was nice. He was the first stable brotha she had met in a long time. He worked... had his own apartment... had a nice car. But he didn't have what she had grown used to. Good, big dick... 7-9 inches. Boyfriend was pushing 5-6, at the most. It wasn't that it wasn't satisfying... just not enough!

Hakim watched Dominique dreamily. He knew she was attracted to him. He sensed it each and every time they got together to do this business. He liked her. She worked as a legal secretary in a large law firm, downtown. She was intelligent and thoughtful, but this was business... plus she had a man. Tony had let Hakim know that Dominique had a guy she was kinda seeing for 3-4 months.

Apparently, the guy had no idea what Dominique did on the side to make money. And she wanted to keep it that way. She was smart enough to know that Tony trusted no one around or near his money except her and whoever else he assigned. If shit came up missing, Tony wouldn't hesitate to slump any motherfucker he deemed to be 'suspicious'. Fuck what you heard!

Hakim stood up and stretched. He realized he had to take a piss so he started walking towards the rear of the apartment to the bathroom.

Dominique came out of the kitchen with two tall glasses of juice. She placed the glasses on her the livingroom table. As she bent over, she smelled her armpit odor.

"Damn, I need to change out of this blouse and put some more deodorant on!" Dominique said to herself as she headed towards the rear of the apartment to her bedroom. She entered her room and closed the door... leaving it one-quarter open.

At the same time, Hakim was pissing on her toilet seat. He had leaned forward and his dick went crazy, spraying the place! He looked around for some toilet paper, but the roll was empty. He looked up at the selection of towels and couldn't bring himself to soil her clean linen. So, he zipped up his pants and flushed the toilet. He then backed out of the bathroom. He heard in a noise in the bedroom and went to reach for the door...

Chap. 3

Dominique had taken off her blouse. She had also decided to change into her 'around the house' bra. As she slid her arms out of her bra and slid it down her arms, the door slowly opened.

"Dominique, I need some toilet paper, babe... I-I... OH SHIT! I'm sorry D, my fault... shit!" said Hakim as he stuck his head in the door and saw Dominique's' tremendous hard nippled 37C's staring at him in the face!

"Hakim! Shit, where do you live in a barn?!" Dominique said, as she made no move to cover herself. She slowly turned towards her bureau dresser and opened a drawer.

"Look, Dominique, I'm sorry for... " Hakim began to say.

"What do you think of this bra?" Dominique interrupted him as she turned back towards him holding up a lace bra.

"I think it looks beautiful and even better on you," Hakim said as his gaze rose to her eyes and he could see the look of comehitherness in her eyes. His dick was at full mast!

"Would you help me with the back?" she said as she turned her back to him and began putting her arms through the straps.

Hakim straightened up and walked into the room. He stepped behind Dominique. He smelled her excited pussy as his hands came to rest on her back.

"Hmmm... that feels good... your hands," Dominique said as she stood still waiting for Hakim's next move or words.

"It looks good, D. Real good... " Hakim said as he stepped closer to Dominique and nestled his hard pant-covered dick against the crack of her slack covered ass. He moved his hands from her back to her arms and began to rub them.

"Hmmm... " Dominique moaned as her nipples hardened even more. They were beginning to ache as they filled with blood signaling her heightened arousal.

Hakim brought his hands off of her arms and ran them along her stomach in slow, sexy circles. Her belly was warm to the touch. Dominique leaned backwards while settling her asscheeks even tighter against his dick. Her pussy was becoming very wet!

Hakim ran his hands along the underside of her breasts as Dominique thrust her ribcage out towards his hands. He then brought his hands around her entire breasts and squeezed her nipples softly with his thumbs and forefingers. He was impressed with the firmness of her heavy breasts.

"Fuck, you got some long, tasty nipples. I want to lick them. Turn around. Can I lick em, D? Can I put my tongue on em?" Hakim said as he bent down and kissed her bare shoulder.

"Y-Yessssss... ," Dominique said as she felt Hakim's hardening dick begin to saw vertically between her bouncy asscheeks. Whatever he had in his pants was wide and long. She could feel the heat of it, too.

Hakim began backing toward the bed while still holding onto Dominique's breasts and nipples. As he approached her bed, he sat. He then leaned forward and ran his tongue along her back. This sent a visible chill through her body as she moaned. He then slowly turned her around with his hands on her waists.

The sight that Hakim saw caused him to suck in his breath, momentarily. Dominique turned to face him and presented him with two perfectly formed chocolate orbs with long, erect nipples. Hakim began kissing and licking his way over her luscious flesh till he came to her nipple. He looked at it a moment seeing the outer part bulging and brown, the center hard and raised. He put his lips on it and sucked gently. It tasted divine!

Dominique loved the attention Hakim was paying to her breasts. It felt like he was paying homage to them. She never imagined he could be so gentle yet skilled with his mouth. Her nipples were so hard they were beginning to hurt!

"Mmmm... ," Dominique moaned as Hakim began to fondle both of her breasts at the same time while continuing to nip and lick at her highly erect nipples.

Hakim slid his hands off of Dominique's full breasts and onto her hips... and then onto her ass. He gripped her ass in his large hands and softly yet firmly squeezed. Her excess ass flesh ballooned around his fingers as they sank into her soft, shapely ass.

"Ahhh... ," whimpered Dominique as a chill shot through her upper body and caused her to jerk away from Hakim's demanding tongue. Her nipples were at least a half-inch in length by now... she had never seen them so long, so hard, and so excited!

Hakim slithered his tongue off of Dominique's glistening hard nipple and sashayed it downward towards her belly button. He dipped his warm tongue into her navel and twirled it around. Turning her, he began to lick the area above her pants waistline. His hands were now resting on her ass and lower stomach, respectively.

Dominique felt Hakim's hand begin to glide towards her embarrassingly wet pussy. He rubbed her mound gently as he guided two of his fingers across the crease in the front of her slacks.

"Hmmm... mmmm... ," Dominique moaned as she felt her secretions being spread around her pussy by Hakim's fingers and her wet panties through her pants.

"Fuck, her pussy is wet!" Hakim thought to himself as Dominique began to push her pussy mound up towards his fingers. The combination of his licking and pseudo-fingering was causing her to whip her head back and forth as she fought off her impending orgasm.

Suddenly her hand grasped the back of Hakim's head and her thighs clamped shut around his hand. She moaned deeply and loudly. Her moans then turned to whimpers as she looked down to see him wetly licking her swollen nipples. Her orgasms raced from her pussy to the nipple he was suckling on and back again several times. Her hips began to jerk to and fro as she began to return to Earth from her unexpected yet intense orgasm.

"RING... RING... RING..."

"Damn! Shit!" They both said in unison as Dominique reached for the phone. She glanced at the caller id that was attached to the back of the cordless phone.

"SHIT! It's Tony. You know he can't find out about this shit! His ass will trip... for real," said Dominique as she pressed the 'talk' button on the phone.

Hakim pulled his hand free from the grip of Dominique's thighs as she stepped away from him. His fingers were glistening. He brought his hand up towards his face, nonchalantly, and sniffed his fingers. Her pussy aroma was sweet and delicate like honey.

"Hello? Hey, what's up boy? Yeah, he went out earlier and got some coffee with cream... ," Dominique said as she talked in code about the days activities with their boss, Tony.

Hakim sat on the bed still staring at Dominique's magnificent figure. Her nipples were jutting out as if they were searching for someone. Her stomach was taut yet sexy. Hips flared out to graceful, long legs. He noticed the wet spot on her slacks, also.

Dominique watched Hakim gaze at her body. She knew that things had gone too far and that this phone call was a warning in disguise. She sighed inwardly realizing that this couldn't happen and that they were could not finish what they had started. "Fuck, I won't even get to see that big dick he has trapped in his pants," she said to herself as Tony droned on in her ear.

"Okay, T... all right... sho nuff... I got it handled... okay... see you tomorrow," Dominique said as she pressed the 'talk' button to hang the phone up. She looked at Hakim and smiled a cheerless smile.

"I know, I know... damn, that call couldn't have come at a worse yet perfect time, ya know? But look, this ain't going to detract from how we get down, though... ," Hakim said as he looked wistfully one last time at Dominique's superb breasts before she began to pull on her bra. She turned her back to him and he got up and snapped her bra closed for her.

Hakim wrapped his arms around her and said into her ear, "You know what I was about to do up in here, don't' cha?"

"I think so... shit, I know it felt good as fuck. I see that time away didn't do you no harm," Dominique said as slipped into a blouse.

"I better get my ass to the crib. I need to lay my ass down after the day I've had," Hakim said as he walked towards the bedroom door.

"Hakim," Dominique called out.

"Yes," Hakim answered as he turned around to face her. She was turned towards the mirror fixing her hair. Her back faced him.

"I just want you to know that my titties have never been made to feel like you made them feel just a little while ago... and I don't think I've been THAT wet in a very long time... you got it going on," said Dominique as she smiled into the mirror and looked at Hakim.

He returned her look as he said, "Dominique, I've known since the first time I laid eyes on you, you were going to try to tease me... and that I would like it. But if that phone hadn't rung, I was prepared to see how far you would go to tease me," Hakim said as he backed out of the room before reaching for the door handle.

"Today... there would have been no teasing, Hakim. That's how you had me, boo. That shit doesn't happen to me... hardly ever. That's why I'm telling you what I'm telling you, baby," said Dominique as she turned around and gazed into Hakim's eyes. Hakim blew her a kiss and a smile before closing the door.

Chap 4

"He is a fool who treats his brother worse than a stranger."
- Nigeria

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