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BrotherFuture Part 6


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**I suggest you read previous chapters if you are not familiar with the storyline.

Chap. 1

"It's better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret"

-Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Hakim's mind, over the last few weeks, had been focused on revenge on the deceitful motherfucker who had helped to put him in jail for four years. Four years he could have spent in college readying himself to play professional football and more importantly, getting a degree. He had wanted to accomplish that goal for his mother. She had always stressed education to him and his younger brother. He had planned on rescuing his mother from the inner city ('hood) and purchasing his mother a brand new home in a nice suburb. He had had many scholarship offers to play football from the top schools in the nation. He was All-State and regarded nationally as one of the top wide receivers coming out of high school. At the time, he had thought his future was secure. But as we all know, ain't shit guaranteed in this world for anybody...especially Black men! He had spent four years locked up for some shit he had not done! Set up by two racist motherfuckers, Flip and his father, who had connections, then sent off to prison to be treated like a nigger on a plantation by more racist white men! But he had come out stronger, more aware of the reality that Amerika represented for him and other Black men like him. The chasm of meaningful opportunities that seemed to exist between Black men and just about everybody else. When the guards acted like the racists motherfuckers they were, he had learned the art of THE SLOW FUCK. The theory was to take your time setting a person up. Smile in his face for a month before one day suddenly knocking his fronts out as he's sitting on the toilet taking a shit!

Hakim had been tempted many times over the last few weeks to run down to the law firm where Dominique and Flip Saunders worked. He daydreamed that he would walk in, pull out his 9-millimeter, and shoot the snake motherfucker between his eyes. But, he realized that he would have to take his time and let the plan come to him. He made the decision that he would spend at least an hour or two each day gathering more information on Flip's life and his family. What was he into now? If Flip could be counted on to be Flip, he was into something he shouldn't have been...something illegal. Since Dominique worked with the shithead, she would definitely be of some help to him. The fact that Flip had propositioned her worked in Hakim's favor. Yeah, THE SLOW FUCK was going to be a headbanger!

Too many times he had seen young, Black men rush off reacting hastily. Only to get themselves into shit they could not/would not have been prepared for. 'Six-feet dirt naps' types of shit! Too many of them were so filled with fear that they didn't measure up to some convoluted stereotype of what it was to 'keep it real', that they were killing and being killed at alarming rates 'keeping it real'...literally and figuratively.

Chap. 2

"Never let work drive you, master it and keep in complete control"

-Booker T. Washington, 1932

Hakim was still rolling with Tony. Still making deliveries. Still stacking dough. Working for Tony had taught Hakim a lot in the few months since they had hooked up. Tony was a smart motherfucker who it seemed possessed the tightest connections in the city. Everybody wanted to get down with him and get money but Tony was selective. He had told Hakim one day while riding through the north side of the city in his black Range Rover that there was no need to go after all buyers. It was a seller's market. WHY take risks fucking with peeps that shopped around for the best price on coke? He considered people like that to be unnecessary threats. That was because they would inevitably end up going shopping once again and have information about you and your organization to spread to your competition. It was best to keep a tight yet lucrative circle of hustlers who you dealt with on a consistent basis. They would be less tempted to go shopping because of the consistency of the supplier. Plus, when somebody got popped, you knew who it was and what he or she could possibly know about you. With 'shoppers/drifters', you never saw it coming when 'po-po' was at the front door threatening to come up in your spot and rip your shit to shreds because of information from said 'shopper'.

Hakim sat and soaked up all the knowledge/information he could absorb from the TOP DOG in the game. He had no choice but to sit and learn. Information like this did not come everyday. At the same time, Hakim had thought that if he was going to be the best at something, it damn sure couldn't be the drug game...and only the drug game! He needed options. Viable ones. He could not/would not allow himself the illusion that the drug game was his present and future. The drug game was a short and violent life. Fuck that fantasy shit they writing in Hollywood! In the drug game success was brief, danger was always an eye blink away, and trust was no longer part of your vocabulary. You really couldn't enjoy the 'success' (whatever the fuck that's supposed to be in the underworld) because you were always looking over your shoulder waiting for it all to be taken away. Sorta like the life that crack (selling or using) takes away from its partakers. Double-edged sword if EVER there was one! Motherfuckers were running around like the drug game offered some kind of 401k plan or something! The point was to get the money and run to something positive. A means to an end...not the whole fucking enchilada!

As he made runs all over the city to different neighborhoods delivering coke, Hakim began to take notice of all the young, Black and unemployed brothers standing on street corners. They were wasting their lives away in bars and the streets. Having heard from their parents, relatives, friends of the family and every other poor Black that the White world was a scary, fucked up place to be, these young warriors had given in before they were even eligible to enter the foray! What was weird was that the only contact these Brothers ever had was with law enforcement or some agency of law enforcement or social services! That's part of the reason their view of the world was so fucked up! Add the deliberately criminal education that the local public schools offered and you had a recipe for disaster.

Hakim had made up his mind years ago while he was in jail that he would try his hardest, sacrifice whatever he had to, so that he would be able to do what he wanted in life without becoming slave-minded like the majority of young Brothers in the inner city. Lost without a cause to identify with. Disconnected from their dreams by the lack of opportunity, insight, and discipline. Like Hakim, most had never received the gift of fatherly guidance. Communities of fatherless, Black men. Lost in the haze of fear of not being prepared to handle manhood, many had succumbed to the ravages of misguidance. Not knowing where to turn, many had taken roads that led to self-destruction. But Hakim had not let that define him. If his WEAK, pack of CHERRY KOOL-AID IN THE OCEAN ass biological father didn't want to claim his son as a real man has to and should, HIS ASS had to deal with that! In jail, Hakim had learned that YOUR LIFE is your responsibility, NO ONE else's. Fuck a motherfucker not being in your life. CELEBRATE LIFE, regardless!

He had run into his cousin, Steve, a few days earlier. He had first fucked Amanda Worthington (see Part 1) at Steve's house, four years earlier. Steve was now a corporate attorney. He was making madd cheddar. Had a family. Nice home. Took vacations, etc... He had been genuinely happy to see Hakim. He had written Hakim consistently over the four years he had been locked up. They had exchanged numbers and hugs. It was always good to see family. Plus, Steve had been very pleased and encouraging about Hakim talking about attending school. He had told him that if there was anything he could do to help, to give him a call.

Chap. 3

"I was to declare the truth unto the people,"

-Sojourner Truth

It had been a few weeks since Hakim had fucked Dominique. And fuck was the correct term, because sista-girl had a thing about getting the lining knocked out of her pussy! She was seriously hooked on his big dick and told him so every opportunity she could! They both had decided that it was too risky for the two of them to be fucking around when Tony had expressly told them that was a no-no. It had to be about business. You can't lay pipe and pick up your paycheck in the same spot. Too many feelings going on! Dominique had admitted to him that her body craved him nonetheless and that whenever he needed some company, not to hesitate to call her. To prove her sincerity, the last time he had picked up a package at her spot, she had dropped to her knees and sucked his dick till it spurted forcibly into her wet, sucking mouth. He had to keep her around. She was to be an integral part in his plan for getting retribution on Flip.

In the drug game, women abound. They are everywhere ready to be yours for a price. Money or product. Take your pick. The finest women at your disposal. Willing to do ANYTHING your heart desires. True freaks that work the circuit from drug dealers to professional athletes. One minute they're ignoring your ass, the next they're crowding at the club with their pupils replaced with dollar signs! That shit is hard to resist! Get a little chedda' and all of a sudden you're 'the man'. Cheddar changes shit...for reals. Grimaces become smiles. Hatred turns to love. Intelligence becomes stupidity as mental laziness sets in. And THAT'S when your ass gets set up!

In this game, women were not to be trusted. This was DICK and BALLS...period! Women were weaknesses that could be used against a man at anytime, unsuspectingly. Smart drug dealers (if there is such a thing) used women as pawns. The king has to be protected at all times. That's why big money players have so many women. The queen is in there...somewhere. But there is always confusion to who she is. Never let your business interfere with your personal life! The two don't match and they AIN'T supposed to! The quickest way to fuck an enemy's head up is to fuck his bitch. An enemy will kill up the city about one of his friends but if he finds out someone has been tapping his queen's KITTY in a major way, his pride becomes fucked up and so is his reasoning and thinking. And that's when his ass gets got!

Chap. 4

"He may not come when you need Him, but He's right on time"


Dominique had been funneling information about Flip from his secretary, Clarissa, a very pretty and naturally blonde-haired honey. Dominique suggested that Hakim should meet the woman. Apparently, she had a lot of information that would be useful to him concerning the comings and goings of Flip. Hakim and Dominique talked about how they were going to get him introduced to Clarissa. They finally decided that Dominique would invite Clarissa over one weekend to use her apartment buildings indoor pool. The weather was going to be very hot over the next few weeks, according to the local newscast. Clarissa had mentioned that she didn't do much on the weekends, as her boyfriend traveled for work in various cities across the country and only got to town about once every other week. Hakim asked Dominique to set it up for the upcoming weekend, if she could.

The next day, Dominique had lunch with Clarissa and let it drop that she was going to lay out by the pool this weekend as much as possible. Clarissa remarked that Dominique was lucky to have a pool to use. Dominique asked Clarissa if she would like to join her. She added that she would enjoy the company, is she chose to come. Clarissa told her that her boyfriend had mentioned that he was coming to visit her this weekend. She had not seen him in three weeks. Dominique offered her cell phone number anyway in case her plans fell through or changed. Clarissa took her number and thanked her knowing that she would not need the number THIS weekend. Three weeks without her boyfriend, Chad, and the physical release he offered her was damn near maddening!

Saturday arrived. The weather was to be around 85 degrees that day according to the local news channel. It was sunny with a slight breeze by the time Dominique came out in her peach colored two-piece bathing outfit. As she sat by the pool and rested, many older men ogled her curvaceous body. Dominique paid no mind to the stares of the older, mostly white men and a few of the women. They stared on the weekend but couldn't utter a word of 'hello' during the week. Ignorant motherfuckers!

Dominique thought about Hakim and the plan he was trying to put together. He had not, as of yet, told her why he was so interested in Flip. When she had asked, he had replied, "Just some personal shit between us,". Dominique had enough common sense to realize that it was so grimy shit, whatever it was. She had heard from friends and associates in the drug game just how ruthless and efficient Hakim had become within the 'game' in the span of a few months. She had come to find out that he was a man not to be fucked with, in the least. She found that to be another brick on the 'house of awe' she had built for him.

"RING-RING" went Dominique's cell phone, which was lying next to her on the patio.

Dominique picked it up on the third ring.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hello, Dominique. It's Clarissa. How are you?" said Clarissa.

"Girl, I'm out here burning my ass off by myself, that's how I am. If you're not doing anything, you should get your butt over here before this suns go away!" said Dominique, while laughing.

"That's why I was calling. Chad called and cancelled our get together this weekend. H-He-...," Clarissa trailed off, sighing.

"Aw, Clarissa. I hear the stress in your voice. Come on over and tell me all about it, okay?" said Dominique, in a sympathetic tone.

"I'll be over in about an hour or so, okay?" Clarissa said.

"I'll be here, girl. I have some wine coolers, too. Let's make it a girl's day!" Dominique said as she giggled.

"That's exactly what I need! Let me get ready," Clarissa said.

"See you in a little while," Dominique said before pushing the disconnect button on her phone.

She immediately began dialing numbers on her phone. She contacted Hakim and told him that Clarissa was on her way over and that she seemed to be a little upset. Hakim told her to page him as soon as Clarissa arrived. He asked her a few questions about Clarissa and then told her what he wanted her to say to Clarissa once she arrived at her apartment building. He wanted Clarissa relaxed and unsuspecting. He also added to Dominique that he would be hooking her up with a few hundred dollars for the favor. Dominique asked him if he was going to fuck Clarissa. Hakim answered that he had not even seen the woman, so how the fuck could he answer a question like that? He needed this information, he pointed out to her. If that's what it took, well, he was willing to do it! Plus, he added, how did she know the woman would want to get down like that? Dominique replied that he would get his answer when he got his ass over there and met Clarissa. Hakim sighed heavily before Dominique added that she had not had any dick in her life for a few weeks and needed to break up some berries. She told him if he did decide to fuck Clarissa (and she was willing), she wanted to be fucked, also.

Hakim replied that she shouldn't get her hopes up because fucking was not his primary mission or reason for talking with the woman. Dominique replied that a good fuck could garner him all the information he needed. Hakim laughed realizing that she spoke truth. How many women had he dicked down in the last few months that turned around and told him all the information he ever needed to know about a rival or enemy? Women were like that sometimes. Black, white, Asian, etc... Give em' some good dick, and they seemed to lose control and start bumping those gums, yacking like hyenas telling everybody's business! Dominique told him to wait for her page. She hung up the phone and waited for Clarissa to arrive.

Chap. 5

"A woman is a woman until the day she dies, but a man's a man only as long as he can,"

-Jackie "Moms" Mabley

Clarissa hung up the phone and began getting her gear together for her trip over to Dominique's. As she packed her gym bag with clothes, she began muttering to herself. Her boyfriend, Chad, had called her about an hour earlier and informed her that he was staying over for a few more days. He had went to Chicago to attend a computer conference and said he would be back in town by Saturday. Clarissa suspected that he was staying over for pleasure instead of business.

As of late, he had not been the attentive lover she had first met. In the beginning, about a year ago, he seemed totally focused on her happiness and pleasure. But recently, he had become 'Mr. Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am' and Clarissa was beginning to suspect the reason why. During their phone call, Clarissa heard a female voice asking where the towels were! Chad tried to play it off by coolly stating that it was the chambermaid in his room changing the sheets, but Clarissa knew that no employee of a major hotel would dare enter a resident's room and start housecleaning while the resident was still in bed!

"He must think I'm a fucking ditz!" Clarissa said to herself after slamming the phone and sitting on her bed, crying.

Once again, she had allowed herself to fall in love with a jerk! When was she going to learn, she asked herself. What was it about her that was defective? Clarissa was a naturally beautiful woman, though she was conservative by nature. She hardly ever wore make-up, as her skin was damn near picture perfect. She stood 5'6" and weighed 135 pounds. She possessed several striking features. First, she had long, blonde hair that hung down the middle of her back. Second, her face was delicately boned and refined. Her nose had a few freckles on it, yet, was aquiline in shape. She possessed full lips that stayed soft and sexy even when she chose not to wear lipstick. A slender neck that accentuated the softness of her face. Small shoulders. Large, pendulous 35C breasts that warbled whenever she moved. Trim waistline that led to pleasingly full hips and thighs. Her ass was something to marvel at...for real. She definitely had ASS! A soft, bubbly onion. Clarissa had always thought her ass to big and round but little did she realize that it was one of her best physical qualities. Long, lean legs completed the portrait.

Clarissa decided that she would just wear her swimsuit under a t-shirt and baggy running pants. After her conversation with Chad, Clarissa didn't feel much like dressing today. She was in a depressed mood and just wanted the company of a potential friend and the sun to cheer her up.

Clarissa grabbed her keys when she finished dressing and exited her apartment. She rode the elevator down to the garage, got her car, and began the 20-minute drive to Dominique's apartment.

Chap. 6

"I have come to the center of a stagnant pool where I drift aimlessly around a slow oozy backwash of putrid nothingness"

-Alice Nelson Dunbar, 1984

Hakim was 30 minutes away from Dominique's apartment as he started his drive towards her apartment. Dominique had not given him a description of Clarissa. He hoped she wasn't unattractive. Having to talk to an ugly woman on such a nice Saturday would be brutal! The description that Dominique had given him was not very descriptive. She had said that Clarissa was easy on the eyes. That was a plus! If he could, he would seduce her. He began to rationalize that it was the beginning of a trail that would lead directly to Flip Saunders (the asshole who had set him up, four years earlier). He had to begin getting some information on Flip.

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