Brotherly Desires


James heard the doorbell go, and opened it to find his neighbour standing there with a smile.

"Hi James, I'm wondering if I could ask a favour? My broadband's down and I have some urgent emails to send. Would I be able to use your computer for half an hour?"

"Sure Dave, come on in and I can help you out!"

Dave grinned at him as he squeezed past. James had had a crush on his hunky older neighbour forever. Everything about him was delicious, and he thought he'd even caught Dave watching James getting dressing up in his bedroom; when she peered out the window, she'd noticed movement from his room, but the lights had been out so he could never be sure. Dave had never mentioned it anyway. At the time, James had wondered if Dave was getting off, watching him pose in lingerie. The thought had turned James on so much that he nearly cum in his panties, and since then, he'd always made sure his curtains were open, just in case!

As Dave headed towards the lounge, James stopped to get a good look at his sexy arse; he was just about to follow his neighbour into the lounge when his brother Paul appeared.

"I'll help Dave out James. I've a few things to chat to him about anyway; I need to sort out some things before I start my internship at the bank."

James didn't even bother arguing; Paul always got his way. He was only a year older, but had been the dominant one for as long as James could remember. They'd never gotten along very well, and Paul seemed to enjoy being a prick to him. James watched them both go into the living room before he headed back upstairs; for a second he considered having a wank thinking about his sexy older neighbour, but instead decided to plan his outfit for the weekend. He dug through his drawer, looking for his favourite lacy panties, before realising he had left them in the drier downstairs.


He'd have to be quiet. His family knew he was gay, but the cross-dressing was still his secret. And he'd prefer if the way they found out wasn't with his brother finding him with a handful of lingerie!

He creeped downstairs and tiptoed past the lounge, trying to get into the kitchen as quietly as possible. As he was stealthily opening the kitchen door, the lounge door eased open a crack and he heard some very strange noises emanating from within. Feeling brave, James poked his head around the door and saw something that took his breath away!

Dave was sitting across from the door, completely naked and completely focussed on her brother. Paul, on the other hand, still had a T-shirt on, but was naked from the waist down, and his rock hard dick was evident as he slowly eased his lips down Dave's cock. James was shocked; he hadn't known either of them liked cock, and hadn't even guessed both of them would be so well hung. Paul was slowly stroking his dick as he sucked, and it looked to James like it was about eight inches long. He'd never had one that big! Dave was even longer but not as fat, and a pang of jealousy swept through James as she watched her brother swirl his tongue around Daves purple bellend. It looked delicious! James realised he was as hard as both of them as he watched them play, and quietly rubbed himself through his jeans as he watched.

"Fuck Paul that's it.....go nice and slow.....I want this to last," Dave moaned from his chair, "Its been weeks since I've had you to myself.....I've been dreaming about your mouth."

Paul slowly eased the long hard cock from his mouth, and smiled as he began kissing up Dave's muscular body; soon he was leaning over Dave, still grinning as he moved in to kiss him softly. James got even harder as he saw their cocks rubbing together. He'd never looked properly at his brother before, but he was almost as tasty as Dave. They were both nicely muscular, and the sight of the two big dicks sliding against each other made him weak at the knees!

"I want this to last forever Dave" Paul whispered between kisses "I want to make you cum again and just need to stay my brother doesn't interrupt us." James watched as Paul reached for Daves gorgeous dick, his fingers wrapped around his length and squeezing softly as he kissed back down Daves hairy chest, stopping to suck on each nipple as Dave groaned softly.

"Mmmmm that's a dirty idea, two brothers at once! You never know, he might be up for it?"

"I bet he would. I've heard him get fucked. But its not something you can ask your own brother is it?" Paul grinned before trailing his tongue down Daves toned stomach.

James nearly exploded listening to them; he was harder than he'd ever been, and it sounded like they wouldn't have any problem with him joining in. He didn't even need to think about it; he just hoped Paul was going to take his time like he promised; James needed time to get ready!.

He sneaked back upstairs and got dressed as quickly as he could. Being a closet crossdresser, he'd already had a lot of practice with changing in a rush, and James put it to good use. He was all dressed up in minutes, and put some finishing touched to his make-up before giving himself a final once-over in the mirror. James crept softly back downstairs, trusting the carpet to muffle his heels, and got back to the door to check he wasn't too late. He was in luck, Dave was still moaning softly with his fingers running through Pauls hair. He was leaning back on the sofa, with Paul still kneeling between his legs. Her brother was completely naked now, eyes closed in pleasure as he bobbed on Dave's fat cock. Perfect!

James slipped around the door and caught Dave's attention, watching as his eyes widened in surprise. She grinned at the sight, and raised a finger at his painted lips to make sure Dave kept quiet. James moved carefully across the room, thankful for the carpet still muting the click of her heels. He relished Daves look of lust, and put an extra swing in her hips as she moved towards him, making sure her brother still hadn't noticed her before she leaned over to nuzzle Daves ear.

"Hi Dave, I'm Jen. And tonight I'm your plaything." She whispered throatily before she kissed him again. As she pulled back from him, he took in the sexy little crossdresser that stood before him, smiling coyly. Jens tight blue dress barely covered her tiny pert bum, and gave him a fantastic view of her thighs above her lacy black stocking-tops. The stockings and her six inch black heels made her legs look sleek, slim and amazing. A mane of jet-black hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her eyes sparkled as she ran her tongue over her ruby lips.

Jen kept her eyes locked on Daves as she dropped to her knees beside her brother. She watched him work on Daves fat cock, his head bobbing softly with his lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. She was a little shocked that she'd gotten this far without her brother noticing, but at the same time, she knew that if she were in his place, Dave's massive dick would have her full attention. Feeling bold, and as horny as she ever felt before, she leaned in slowly, trying not to disturb her brother until she got her lips on Daves wet shaft. Jen slowly kissed her way up his big dick as her brother sucked on the bellend, until finally their cheeks brushed together. Paul instantly jerked away, startled and staring open-mouthed as his cross-dressing brother kept her attention on Dave; her mouth worked upwards, planting soft kisses all over him until she reached the tip. With a grin, she ran her tongue slowly around his enormous purple bellend and listened to Dave moan in pleasure above them. As she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock, Paul smiled and brushed her long hair back, getting a good view of her ruby lips slipping down to suck.

Jen shivered in delight as she felt her brothers fingers brush against her cheek. She was wrong earlier, she was more turned on than she'd ever been! Her brothers touch was like a spark of electricity, and Daves cock filling her mouth felt perfect. She eased her lips back and pulled the cock from her mouth, giving her big brother a sexy grin. He was staring at her with a look of pure lust in his eyes; making her feel like such a whore! She pursed her red lips and blew him a kiss before slowly licking Dave's wet cock, tasting the mix of precum and spit her brother had left behind. Then, never breaking eye contact with her brother, she slipped her lips back over the fat dick in front of her, taking as much as she could inside her warm mouth. It felt amazing, and as she began to suck in earnest she felt Dave's fingers wrap through her long hair, urging her on. Another shiver ran through her body as she felt Paul move beside her; he'd begun to work on Dave's cock as well! Jen eased the long fat prick from her mouth and watched her brother cup Daves balls as his tongue worked around the base of his shaft.

"Jesus this is hot" Dave murmured in appreciation as Jens tongue went back to work. She swirled it around Daves bell-end again before she slowly worked downwards; she traced down his throbbing shaft, moving to meet her brother at the base. She wasn't sure how he'd react, but Jen needed to find out. Within seconds, she was opposite him, with both their tongues working around Dave's cock; the first touch was tentative, but it was like another electric shock for Jen; it felt so taboo and so hot! She waited for him to recoil, but instead her cock jumped under her dress as she felt Paul push back against her tongue before continuing to lick. After that, it felt natural; it felt perfect!! Each touch lasted a little longer than the one before, and soon they were kissing around his shaft. Jen moaned in ecstasy at his touch, and both of them slowly moved their mouths up his shaft, their lips still locked together. As they reached his bell-end, Jen felt her sexy brothers tongue run over her lips and push inside her mouth. For a second, Dave was forgotten, and Paul and Jen pulled away from him, lips locked together as she sucked on her brothers tongue.

"Fucking hell, this is the hottest thing I've ever seen!" Dave moaned from above them. "I knew I had one dirty cocksucker for a neighbour, I never realised I had two! Now all I need to know is which one of you wants me inside you?"

Jen pulled back from Paul with a smile, loving the taste of him on her lips. "I need it bro. I need a shag so bad. You want to watch me get fucked? Your little slutty sister got so turned on watching you suck; now she wants you to watch her get used. Is that OK?"

Paul moaned in approval and she grinned, kissing him again as Dave sat back on the couch. Jen stood up slowly and turned her gaze on Dave. His dick looked even bigger now, standing straight up for her and slick with their spit. She couldn't wait any longer, and straddled him on the sofa! As she lowered herself onto his lap, she felt Dave's hands on her, tugging her dress up over her hips as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel his fat dick pressed between her ass-cheeks, and hoped her brother was enjoying the view of the big cock pressed up against her tiny black thong. Her long red nails ran down Dave's chest before he pulled her against him, planting soft kisses on her ear and moving down to her red lips.

As she opened her mouth to suck on Dave's tongue, she gasped in surprise. Pulling away from the kiss, she looked over her shoulder to see Paul on his knees, alternating his tongue between her arse and Daves cock. Both of them moaned in approval before Dave spread her cheeks wide. "Tongue fuck her Paul," he groaned, "Get her nice and wet.....get us both ready.....I need to be inside her."

"Oooooohhh fuck yes" Jen whimpered, burying her face in Daves neck. She'd never been rimmed before, and now it was her brother who was sliding his tongue around her arsehole. "I love that so much Paul.....don't stop.....lick me.....lick me bro." Her brother lapped harder as she urged him on, and Jen groaned in delight at the sensation. It felt unbelievable, she never wanted it to end! "Tongue my hole baby.....tongue your dirty sisters hole" she squealed as she squirmed against Dave, finding his mouth again and pushing her tongue inside. Her dream had always been a threesome, and this was the hottest one she could imagine!

Just as her brothers tongue was becoming too much to bear, he pulled away, and Jen finally felt Paul press Dave's bellend against her hole. Both Daves cock and Jens hole were wet and sticky with Paul's spit, but his dick still felt massive, bigger than anyone she'd ever had before. Dave smiled at her softly and pulled her close, his hands still spreading her cheeks as she felt his hot breath in her ear. "Don't worry babe," he whispered softly "we'll go nice and'll be so good."

As Paul pressed Dave's big cock against her, he kept working with his tongue, lapping hard. His warm tongue flicked over Jens arse before he swirled it around Daves shaft, keeping him wet as he began easing Daves throbbing cock inside his slutty sister. He heard Jen groan in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Dave's fat bellend squeezed inside her. Her hair was thrown back as she cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh Jesus're the biggest I've ever had.....I've wanted you for so long.....put it all inside me.....Make me yours."

Dave grinned at her and slowly pushed deeper, holding her hips as she took him all. "Fuck baby you're so fucking feel so good.....such a perfect little hole."

Jen moaned softly as she began to grind on her neighbour, slowly at first as she buried her head in his neck. It already felt amazing, and it only got better when Dave began fucking her, pushing deeper inside her tight hole. She squealed loudly as she threw her head back, and finally noticed her brother beside her, stroking his huge hard-on as he watched. Without a thought, she reached out for it and wrapped her fingers around him, feeling him throb as she wanked him off. Her brothers big dick was irresistible to her, and as she bounced softly on Dave's dick, she smiled sweetly, looking up at her brother as she pulled him close, taking his cock between her red lips. Her tongue swirled around it, and she grabbed his arse to pull him deeper inside her willing mouth. The sound of her brother moaning turned her on so much, and she began bouncing harder on Dave's cock. She was impaled at both ends, and as Dave's heavy balls slapped against her arse, she took all of Pauls length, deep throating him as he stroked her hair. Jens whole body felt like it was on fire, and she pulled her brothers long dick from her mouth, staring up at Paul with a look of pure lust in her eyes.

"Fuck my mouth bro.....use me," she sighed "fuck me hard.....give me your cum." she ran her tongue along his prick before shoving her tongue into Daves mouth again, kissing him furiously "You too Dave.....fuck me like a whore.....I want your cum so bad.....fuck me.....I need your spunk.....fuck me hard."

Jen went back to work on Paul, and groaned as he pushed his dick inside her hot mouth. Both holes were filled again, and both Paul and Dave were pushing deep inside her, grunting in pleasure as they used her. She felt like such a filthy whore, and nearly screamed when Dave pulled completely out before slamming back inside her.

"Oh fuck Jen.....Oh fuck.....I'm so close," he groaned, pistoning inside her hot arsehole, "I'm going to fill your arse.....fuck I can't hold back.....fuuuuuccccckkkkk!" He gave one final thrust, and Jen collapsed against him as she felt his cock explode. Her lips were still wrapped around her brothers massive cock, and she felt him grab her head as he moaned her name. His cock swelled between her lips, and rope after rope of creamy cum filled her mouth. Jen swallowed eagerly, still softly grinding on Daves softening dick as she took all the spunk that her brother had to give. She finally pulled away, and opened her mouth to show her brother the last of his load before she gulped it down. It tasted fantastic, and Jen knew instantly that this wouldn't be the last time she got some.

Both Dave and Paul were spent, and collapsed on the couch as Jen finally pulled herself up. She knew her make-up was smeared and her dress was in disarray, but the way the two still looked at her made her feel so desirable. She leaned over and gave each hunk a long, passion-fuelled kiss, before muttering about how she had to go change before their parents got home. Knowing two sets of eyes were on her arse as she left, she made sure to keep her dress hiked up, and put an extra sway into her walk, even as she felt Daves cum begin to trickle from her used hole. It was the first time she'd been fucked like that, but it certainly wouldn't be the last!

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