Brotherly Love

byCal Y. Pygia©

All of these facts flashed through my mind in but a few moments as I beheld the beauty of my sister's nakedness stretched out before me on the bed we would share this night. I hadn't realized the extent of my studies or of my knowledge of this forbidden act until these details concerning the history and religious aspects of family sex ran through my mind at this moment (of all moments). The realization that incest, even between siblings, had not been everywhere prohibited by all peoples at all times and had seemingly even been approved and enjoined by God on at least some occasions emboldened me, and I slipped my thick, hard cock through my sister's wet, slippery labia and into the velvet-soft, saturated tissues of her bright-pink cunt.

"Yes!" June prompted me at once. "Fuck me, darling brother! I want it fast and hard!"

I entered her to my balls, paused a moment, luxuriating in the warm, wet feel of her depths, and then withdrew the column of thick, hard flesh upon which I'd impaled her. When only the tip of my erection remained within the lips of her cunt, I drove my member forward again, plunging into her sopping depths, Again and again, with as great a force and speed as I could manage, I fucked my sister. Within minutes, I felt the telltale signs of orgasm, and, as ecstasy seized me, I jerked my cock free of June's pussy and spewed my thick, white semen over her belly, breasts, and face. So intense was my orgasm that I ejaculated several streamers of semen onto the pillow and headboard as well as upon my sister's lovely face and golden hair.

I remained within the embrace of her liquid sex until my penis wilted, becoming flaccid again. My labored breathing slowed. My racing pulse and fluttering heart decelerated. My muscles relaxed. Sperm oozed from my shriveled prick. As I regained my strength, conflicting emotions asserted themselves. I felt wonderfully satisfied and content. At the same time, though, on a deeper, perhaps primeval, level, I felt guilty and ashamed. I had fucked my own sister! I told myself. Despite my rationalizations of the act, I was haunted by the sense that I had committed a forbidden act. I had crossed a line. I had done that which was forbidden.

"That was wonderful," June said.

Apparently, my lovely sister, awash in my semen, did not share my sense of wrongdoing and guilt.

"Yes," I said lamely, "it was."

She turned onto her side, smiling at me. Her dainty, soft hand curled around my cum-smeared cock, tugging the loose skin up and down upon the wilted shaft. I felt a stirring in my loins as my penis began to swell and stiffen.

"But it wasn't enough," June said.

I gulped. "It wasn't?"

"Not by a long shot."

My prick continued to stiffen and swell as my sister toyed with it, masturbating me. Her fist pumped the tightening flesh back and forth, up and down, upon the risen shaft of my ballooning member. Her long-nailed fingertips stroked the taut flesh of my shrunken, risen scrotum. Her fingertips rotated my balls inside the snug sack of skin. My cock stood upright, stiff and swollen, against my belly.

Repositioning herself on the bed, my sister took my semen-smeared erection between her soft, full lips. She rocked her upper body back and forth and she bobbed her head up and down, up and down, up and down. The wide "O" of her lips pushed and pulled the flesh upon my rigid, upright prick. The semen on my cock frothed between her lips and bubbled at the corners of her mouth. Within minutes, although I'd just ejaculated, I felt the familiar signs of approaching orgasm. Previously, I had come inside my sister's cunt. (Thankfully, she was on birth control!) Now, I'd spurt my thick, warm, salty nectar into her mouth, over her tongue, onto the insides of her cheeks, and down her throat. In but a few more moments, June would taste her brother's seed.

She surprised--and annoyed--me by stopping.

"What's wrong?" I asked, trying not to sound demanding and trying to repress my consternation.


"Then, why'd you stop?"

"I want you to finish in my ass."

"In your ass?"


My sister, whom I'd thought modest and innocent, had proved, and was proving again, that she was anything but reticent and chaste. Well, that was fine with me.

Once again, she repositioned herself on the bed, this time resting her weight upon her elbows and knees. Her ass was high in the air, and her legs were parted wide. Between her thighs, below the tiny, puckered dimple of her asshole, I could see the slit mound of my sister's cunt, aptly named in honor of the goddess Aphrodite, for the hillock of flesh in which her labia, like jewels, were set is known as the mons veneris, or, literally, the "mount of Venus." Tonight, it had been my mount. The sight of her soft, full labia and the glimpse of bright pink between these slightly parted lips made me want to slide my prick deep into her warm, wet pussy, but my sister wanted me to fuck her in the ass this time, so I would forego the pleasure in favor of pleasing her in the manner she'd requested.

Still, there was nothing wrong with dipping my prick into her cunt for a moment to lubricate my member.

As I did so, my sister protested. Her body stiffened. "Mark! That's not my ass."

"Relax, sweetie. I'm just lubing up."

After a few strokes inside her lovely cunt, I reluctantly withdrew. Holding my erection in my fist, I guided it between the silken cheeks of her full, round buttocks. The glans pressed against the ring of her anus. Overcoming the resistance of that tight, round muscle, I continued to drive my prick forward, through the firm sphincter and deep into her ass. I stopped only when my lower belly was hunched over her bottom and my pubes and balls shoved against her lower ass cheeks and perineum.

June gasped. "Your cock is so big!" she cried. "I feel like you're going to split me in half. I've never been so crammed full of cock, so stuffed with prick!"

"I'm sorry," I said, backing out a few inches.

"No! Don't! I love being filled with your cock! Fuck me, Mark. Fuck your sister, hard and fast in her ass. Be my husband as well as my brother."

Once again, I felt a twinge of guilt. My prick was plugging my sister's ass, and I was about to butt fuck her as I'd already fucked her cunt. I couldn't help feeling that such an act was wrong, perverted, and, despite the Bible's references to it as a sometimes-acceptable act, immoral. However, the sight alone of my cock impaling my sister's lovely bottom more than counterbalanced these misgivings. Lust had made moral matters seem irrelevant. I gave in to the sinful lusts of the flesh and began to fuck June in the ass, driving my manhood fast and hard through the wide-stretched circle of her anus and deep into her more accommodating rectum.

When my balls slammed into her perineum, I again pulled out, leaving only the purple, swollen glans of my cock inside her asshole, and plunged home again, ramming my thick, hard prick as far as possible into her bowels. Back and forth through her gaping anus, I pumped my prick with greater speed and force until I was fucking her with a passion that bordered upon violence. June, rocked beneath my every advance, gasped and moaned, squirming beneath me as her tits bounced and swayed, her belly heaved, and her legs flexed and straightened, her buttocks flattening and rebounding.

I fucked my sister as if she were a slut or a whore, and she loved it. However, the intensity with which I drove my prick back and forth through her anus, plunging it repeatedly into her impaled bottom precluded the longevity of the intercourse. Within mere minutes of my having introduced my cock into her ass, I was spurting my seed. As the semen erupted from my balls, I jerked my cock free, firing the warm, thick, white rounds of ejaculate over my sister's creamy, smooth buttocks and along her sculpted back.

Spent and exhausted, I collapsed atop her, my cock riding the semen-slick furrow between her cum-splattered buttocks, and lay still, my heart beating wildly between her shoulder blades, my breath coming and going in quick, short gasps, a film of sweat cementing our naked bodies together, so that we, brother and sister, had, as husband and wife, become as one flesh.

We slept as never before, exhausted by our lovemaking and the complete draining away of all tension, anxiety, and care in which our sexual activities had resulted. Within minutes, June was slumbering, my sperm drying into opaque streaks and dollops that became dry, brittle flakes. I watched her a while, lightly caressing the smooth, flawless skin of her buttocks and hip and thigh. Then, I slept a deep and dreamless sleep, uninterrupted by guilt, remorse, or shame. Such feelings had vanished, seemingly ejaculated along with my semen.

In the morning, as I kissed the incredibly beautiful woman beside me in bed, I had only gladness in my heart. "Thanks for the most wonderful night of my life."

She kissed me back. "You mean one of the most wonderful nights of your life. We're 'husband' and 'wife,' remember--or, more accurately, 'bride' and 'groom.'" She smiled at me as she added, "I've already booked the same cabin for next year."

I grinned.

"For our first anniversary."

I kissed her again. That was one date I would never forget, I thought. "You're one hell of a bride, sis."

"But we needn't wait a year," she observed.

"I'm glad to hear that," I said.

She kissed me again, her hand closing upon my penis. "Brotherly love is the greatest love a girl could ever have."

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