tagFirst TimeBrotherly Love Ch. 01

Brotherly Love Ch. 01


He took my hand in his and pulled me towards his house.

"You wanna play a couple games of b-ball? It'll get your mind of that disaster of a birthday party." He asked curiously after a moment.

"Sure. I was hoping you'd say that." I smiled. "I had to get out of the house. I can't believe Logan had Jacklin over and they were makin' out all over the place at MY party!"

"She's such a bitch," His deep brown eyes gleamed devilishly.

"Yeah, that's her." I nodded. Mark glanced sideways at me quickly and I saw him out of the corner of my eye. We both burst into laughter and he urged me to run with him. We began to race along the street and Mark let go of my hand.

"Come on old lady get a move on!" Mark called over his shoulder at me.

"Oh my God I can't believe you called me old!" I tried to run faster so I could catch up to that ass in front of me and kick it.

"Oh yeah baby, one more birthday and you'll be twenty! Ha!" Mark slowed his pace so I could catch up.

"You're not so young yourself ya old geezer!" I teased, "You look like you're running out of breath all ready!"

Mark stopped dead in his tracks and turned around. I didn't have time to think before I slammed right into him. He held his ground and grabbed my arms in his strong fingers.

"Now you listen to me Jaimie, I am NOT a geezer, that's Derek's department, he's the one that's almost thirty." Mark moved his face closer to mine and for the first time in the six years I'd known him, the smell of his cologne and just the smell of him started to make my heart beat a little faster.

Now I don't think I'm ugly - I've got clear skin, big blue eyes, straight teeth (my parents shelled out a fortune for that), my hair is long and dirty blonde, and I'm definitely fit, but for some strange reason, I'd never had a date all through high school and even after. Not for lack of trying mind you, I'd worn all the nice tight fitting clothes, and I'd played sports with the guys to get into their circles. I'd tutored the jocks, and I'd even gone to all the parties and got drunk. But not once was I asked out, and not once had I been kissed either. I swear I'd blacked out at a few parties, but when I awoke the next morning, everything still felt intact, so I'm sure I'm still a virgin too.

Mark, on the other hand, has to beat the ladies off him. He's got scruffy brown hair, and these deep pools of brown eyes that you can lose yourself in some days. He's got dimples when he smiles his killer smile, and his teeth would blind you they're so perfect. He's cuter than I don't know what, he's got a rock hard body, and has never been ashamed to show it off. He keeps up with his share of dates, and I do believe he's pleasured every one of those lucky girls. Nevermind the fact that he's the star of the basket-ball team, and he plays hockey and swims and plays volleyball too. Everyone knows Mark and every guy envies him.

Mark and I met through our older brothers, they were best friends for a few years before my freak of an idiot brother introduced me to Mark. Now, I know I shouldn't be so hard on Logan, he was responsible for me after our parents' deaths, and he's only acting the part of Dad/big brother as best he can, but ugh, to pick the one girl who's was mean to me throughout high school, Jacklin, aka "the bitch", to be his woman, I'll never know...

"Jaimie, you hurt yourself?" Mark's deep voice brought me out of my daze.

"Yeah, just having a hard time breathing, that's all." I thought about complimenting him on his damned fine aroma, but we'd never been like that with each other, we were 'plutonic' friends. Mark's the womanizer beyond belief and I'm just some wallflower who can't get a date.

"Well you better jump start those lungs if you think you're going to try to beat me at b-ball." Mark shoved me backwards but held my arms until I regained my balance.

"You suck so hard at b-ball, I don't know why they even keep you on the team!" I gave him a playful shove in the shoulder and he grabbed my long blonde ponytail as I tried to get away. "OW!"

"What's the matter princess? Can't keep up with the big boys?" Mark gave a light yank on my hair before letting go.

"Well considering, I've never been able to play with the big boys, I'd have to say I'm not sure how." I tried to make a joke but it came out wrong and I almost started to cry. A huge lump formed in my throat and the last words sounded choked.

Mark instinctively pulled me back into his embrace and squeezed me tight.

"Don't worry baby, I'll show ya how us big boys play."

I looked up into his deep brown eyes and for a second I could've sworn I saw them twinkling. Was he seriously coming onto me? After all this time? No, there's no way he'd be like that. We were best friends and that was it.

"Gee thanks." I rubbed my face into his shoulder for a second to attempt to wipe any traces of tears off my cheeks and onto his shirt.

"Okay, enough of this crap, let's go so I can beat your ass!" Mark kissed my forehead and let go of me at the same time. He started to jog along the street again towards his house.

"Wait up Marky!" I yelled as I lagged behind him.

He burst out laughing, turned around to run backwards, tripped and fell flat on his ass. I caught up with him and fell on the ground beside him, dying of laughter. He sat up and made a grab for me. I jumped away and squealed. He lunged for me again and managed to grab a hold of my foot. My shoe came off and he held my ankle tightly.

"Don't tickle me! Don't you dare!" I pleaded.

"I wanna see you wet yourself." He shook his head and grinned wickedly.

"Marky, you know I will! I always do! Now let me go!" I whined. He thought for a minute and then a sly gleam appeared in his eyes. He let out an evil laugh and let my foot go.

"Uh-oh. Oh no! You better behave yourself!" I warned.

"Oh of course. I wouldn't dream of anything else." He smirked and stood up. I pulled my shoe back on and stood up too. He immediately snatched me up into his arms and flung me over his shoulder.

"Mark-y!" I whined and held onto the back pockets of his jeans. "If you drop me..." I warned as I inhaled his musky scent. I immediately realized that I had always loved the way he smelled.

"Wouldn't dream of it. And ruin your pretty little face?"

"Just hold onto me tightly." I said seriously.

"Okay, okay." He laughed and headed towards his house again.

He walked up the driveway and right into the house about two minutes later.

Derek - Mark's twenty-three year old brother, and my older brother's best friend - was in the kitchen.

"Mark! Where ya been?" Derek called out. Mark took me into the kitchen and stood in front of Derek.

"Finding a good contestant in the new game show: Test the Temperature of the Water in our Pool." Mark replied seriously.

"Derek! Don't you dare let him! Please don't! I beg of you." I cried out.

"Don't even think about it bro. She's my prisoner." Mark laughed and headed out the sliding doors and onto the deck. He walked about three steps towards the pool before I started to kick and struggle.

"Put me down!" I shrieked.

"If you say so." Mark replied and held me out over the pool. I screamed and tried to grab him.

"NO! Don't drop me!" I cried out helplessly and then decided I wasn't going to win so I held onto Mark's large forearms as hard as I could and hoped he wouldn't drop me into the water.

"Jaimie! Hold on!" I heard Derek yell.

"Back off Der-!" Mark's voice was shrill as he saw Derek running towards us. Derek came to a halt as he slammed into Mark. I flew out of Mark's grip and landed in the pool. Mark lost his balance, grabbed onto Derek, and they both fell in.

I came up choking and swam towards the other two. Mark came up first and then Derek.

"You stupid-" I was cut off as Mark clapped his hand over my mouth.

"Don't say it. It wasn't my fault." Mark explained.

"Damn right it was." Derek snapped. "You shouldn't have let her go."

"Like I had a choice! You hit me so hard I thought my neck was gonna snap!"

"It should have." Derek replied dryly.

"Would you two shut up!" I growled. "You are both freaking idiots! Argument finished."

"It wasn't my fault!" Mark protested. "I was-" I cut him off this time by pushing him under the water.

"Way to go Jaimie!" Derek laughed and gave me a high-five. Mark pushed me off him and came up sputtering.

"Don't ever do that again!" Mark warned me.

"If you can't take the heat..." I began but Mark threw himself at me. I tried to back up, but realized I was back against the side of the pool already. "Augh!" I screamed as his cold hands clamped down on my shoulders.

"Can't take the heat?" Mark smirked.

"No, you're cold! Your hands are like ice!" I cried and pushed him back.

"Terribly sorry Madam. Here, see how you like this instead." Mark pushed up tight against me. He was freezing cold, although that was hard to notice with the front of his finely sculpted body pressed up against mine. The fact that the water was so cold made my nipples harden and I was sure Mark could feel them through my thin T-shirt and his as well. I sure as hell could feel what the cold water was doing to the member in his pants, no wait, that would've been the opposite effect, uh oh. I thought I'd die if he didn't back off soon. It was all too arousing for me and apparently for him too. Mark was my best friend, nothing more, nothing more was to ever happen between us, we'd made a pact. Although with him so close it was hard...


More to come! Please comment if you enjoy my stories! I would love to hear your opinons! If you can figure out who my Mark is "loosely" based on, I'd love to hear your ideas too!

Thanks for reading! I'll post the next bit soon!

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