tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBrotherly Voyeurism Ch. 04

Brotherly Voyeurism Ch. 04


It had been several weeks since Danny had last seen Emma, but the thought of how he had unloaded himself all over his brother's girlfriend's breasts was constantly on his mind.

At least once every day Danny would find himself opening up the video file where he watched Emma first sucking, then fucking his older brother Max. And each time, he would recall how later that night he'd watched as Emma had come into his own room and sucked his cock while his brother slept in the next room.

After a weekend away with friends from college, Danny returned home desperate to see the video once more. He'd thought about telling his college mates about his antics with his brother's girlfriend, but the risk was too high. He certainly wasn't going to risk letting them see the video, so his laptop was left safely at home.

Within hours of his return, he sat down on his bed, and lifted the laptop screen ready to open up the video. Only as the screen came to light did he notice anything different. There in the middle of the desktop was a new file. He clicked on it as he read the filename: "Something New"

He was keen to open up his own video, but intrigue wouldn't allow him to leave this file alone. He knew there was a risk of a virus, but at the same time couldn't help but wonder how it had come to be there on his desktop. He double-clicked the file, and waited the agonising seconds while the program opened on his screen.

Eventually, the program appeared, and in the centre of his screen he instantly recognised an image of his own bed. He glanced up at the desk across his room, from where the image was clearly taken, and there he saw his trusty digital camera. Looking back at the screen, he watched as the button moved across the foot of the screen. It suggested it was a video, and yet nothing changed in the picture.

Or at least, for a while. Then, from the corner of the screen a band of light first appeared, and then was shielded by the movement of bodies. It didn't take long for Danny's cock to start to rise as he recognised the shapely body of a naked Emma, quickly followed by his equally naked brother.

Emma jumped quickly onto the bed and knelt on all fours, shifting her body slightly so as to provide a perfect profile to the camera on the desk. Danny watched as, more casually, his brother strode in behind her and began to run his hands over her ass cheeks. Under any other circumstances Danny felt saw he would switch off any video containing such obvious footage of his brother's erection, but this time he only felt aroused as he watched Max's shaft pointing in the direction of Emma's pussy.

Danny began to rub his own cock through his shorts as he watched Emma gently stroking her clit while Max ran his hand along the opening to her cunt. Then, he watched with surprise as he saw Emma's fingers move directly from her own moistened clit, to the case of his pillow on the bed. Looking round, he noticed the same stain still on the pillow beside him where she had clearly deposited her own sticky juices that night.

He began to wank himself as he saw Max step up behind Emma and carefully guide the tip of his cock towards her waiting pussy. Watching, as his brother slowly slid forward until the entirety of his cock was buried inside her, Danny saw a smile emerge across Emma's face as she received him.

Almost immediately, Danny's own strokes fell in time with those of his brother as he watched the gentle fucking on the screen before him. Then, as the pace rose, so too did Danny's movements along his own shaft.

The rhythm was only broken - for both brothers - by the abrupt movement of Emma from her position on the bed. Without any warning, she pulled forward, leaving Max's cock in mid-air and began to step back to the floor. Dragging Max, she pushed him back onto the bed and swung his body round. This time she was in control.

Carefully she repositioned herself, making it completely clear that she was the camerawoman in the whole scenario. For a moment the screen was a blur as she brushed past the camera, and then almost instantly, the picture was aglow. While Max lay back on the bed, Emma leant forward to suck on his now wetted cock. And as she leant forward, so the camera focussed directly on her soaked pussy as she pushed her ass back towards the lens.

Danny could barely see his brother now, save for the occasional glimpse of his balls as the beautiful Emma lifted her head to the tip of his shaft. But his view of Emma was exquisite. His hand ran more quickly over his cock now as he watched Emma's fingers creep along the luscious wet lips of the beautiful pussy that was spread on the screen in front of him.

Danny imagined himself sharing in the scenario. He wanted so desperately to turn and see the whole thing being played out live in front of him, so that he might slide his own cock into that hole that had been filled by his brother just moments before. The thought of it filled him with excitement as his cock bulged between his hands, filled with the excitement of cumming inside her.

The tempo raised even further, Danny beating away furiously now, he watched as the pussy moved from the screen in front of him. Carefully Emma turned herself around to face the camera, and then gently backed herself towards Max on the bed. The lens refocussed as Danny saw her pussy lower itself carefully down onto the tip of his brother's cock, before sliding down his shaft, covering him completely.

Just as he thought he could take no more, Danny smiled at the screen as Emma's face came into view. He watched her bouncing breasts - breasts that just weeks ago had been covered in his own semen - as she rode his brother reverse cowgirl.

Then, a smile on the screen. A reaching arm. And with a knowing wink from Emma, the screen went black.

But Danny suspected, not for the final time.

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