Brothers And Sisters


The pain did indeed mix with the pleasure and she felt it coming, her shame at how her body was betraying her. Little did she know there would be more to what was transpiring, additional shame yet to be suffered.

A hand in her hair, a sharp pull, her mind and eyes forced to focus on the scene before her. A tube now in place, leading from the mask the man wore to a rubber bulb which was being placed in her right hand. Her look of confusion turned to one of horror as she heard.

"I thought this might be a bit of added incentive for you my dear. What you hold in your hand is literally the difference between life and death, observe." With that the woman flipped a switch and to Jaci's dismay the stranger's body began to strain helplessly at his bonds, his head flailing back and forth.

"Squeeze the bulb my beauty" and as she did so his body began to calm. "You see, only you can provide him with the air he needs to breath but I'm wondering if you'll remember when your desire takes you away. You know how I love to hear you find your pleasure so you will do so now and if you falter, I shall remind you thus."

The blow was a vicious one, the flogger, its many tentacles, the leather straps striking her across her bare back, her body once again forced to begin rocking, the delicious mixture of emotions taking hold and thus her own journey began.

All of the lines which Jonathan had written to her, telling of the fine line which existed did little justice towards what she was experiencing. It took literally seconds and though she tried valiantly she couldn't stop the animal like cry, her back arching, her body convulsing, her orgasm like nothing before, engulfing her very soul.

Wave after wave of pure decadent pleasure until suddenly noticing the man beneath her struggling yet again. Frantically she began to pump, air flowing freely again but she had stopped to do so, her reward striking suddenly, the bite immediate and with a cry she began anew.

Time did actually cease to exist. Her entire life centered around periods of intense delight, moments of excruciating pain and in between efforts to save the helpless figure, the man beneath her lost in his own silent world, another helpless, hopeless victim.

Her vision was clouded, shadowy figures moving in front of her, a wicked smile on one's face. The second behind playing her body like a fine instrument, striking when least expected. Both of them pleased with their efforts, sharing in the scene playing out before them.

It could have been days but instead was mere hours that passed, the time finding both their bodies covered in sweat, hers barely moving anymore, unable anymore to distinguish between all the emotions which finally had blended into one. She was hardly aware of the hand in her hair which was plastered against her skin, taking purchase, forcing her eyes to look into his.

This time when he looked into her eyes all he found were two, dull almost lifeless orbs, no reaction to be found. To his amazement though her hand though shaking violently continued to steadily pump away at the ball clutched within. He reached up pulling the tube from the mask before with a smile saying, "Well done my pet. I hope that was as I promised a night you will never soon forget."

All she could do was sit there, lost between madness and exhaustion, her hand even after the rubber ball being removed still squeezing as if the task was to continue. He next undid her bonds though she still made no sound, nor effort to move. Seconds later the door once again opened then swung shut, the lock in place, the room growing dark as her mind did too. Her last conscious thoughts though one...of revenge.

When she awoke she did so with her body laying atop his, her head on his chest, still together as one. She lay there, every muscle in her body screaming in protest, a soft moan coming forth from her lips. With that she felt his body stir for a moment as she heard his heartbeat slowly in his chest.

"Can you hear me?" she softly said, silence her only reply. She sat up, her hands going to her nipples, forcing them to remove the clamps, knowing from the stories she had read in the past that which she would be forced to endure. The blood rushed back into her swollen breasts and she welcomed the pain, helping to clear her mind, allowing her to focus on the task at hand.

As he climbed from her precarious perch, a long sigh escaped from her lips, he no longer filling her. Looking down she watched in wonder, his manhood coated completely white, a remembrance of her bodies reaction to his. She gently, almost tenderly took the rings from his body though it did little to diminish his ardor.

She knew what he needed and she did so without thought, once again letting him experience the pleasure that was her mouth. It took only a few brief moments and she accepted his offering, not a moments complaining or remorse, swallowing his seed, his pleasure her purpose for that brief moment in time.

She stood beside him for a moment, looking down in the dim light, wondering how he had come to play his own part. She watched as his body relaxed as best it could, falling prey to its own exhaustion as she closed her eyes and began to think. There had to be a way out, something and as she considered all the options before her she began to plan.

It was several hours later that she heard his approach and for the first time since the ordeal had started luck was on her side, he was alone. He opened the door, turning on the light and to his surprise found Jaci kneeling, her hands in shackles, the whip coiled before her as her eyes pleaded with him, her voice husky with emotion saying.

"Please m'lord, I beg of you. I want to feel the lash from your hand. I need you to take that which is yours. I must have more, please, I beg this of you", as she forced her eyes down, a classic submissive stance, a desire to serve.

James had been waiting for this moment, his body reacting to the dark haired beauty from the moment he had first laid eyes on her in the club. The thought of possessing that which his dear brother loved leading him to waste no time. Advancing quickly upon her, leaning down to pick up the snake like object on the floor.

His thoughts were on the pleasures to be found, not on what was transpiring next as Jaci swung her wrists as fast as she could. The cold, hard steel collided with the side of his head, his entire body crumbling in a heap before her. She scrambled to her feet, grabbing her clothes, ready to run but of the corner of her eye she saw the helpless figure still imprisoned and she knew she could not live with herself if she left him to his plight.

Quickly she searched the unconscious figure, frantically looking for the keys to freedom. As she did so, she looked upon his faces, a single tear coming to her eye wondering how she could have been so fooled by his kind words and gentle ways. A hard lesson which she knew would haunt her for eternity.

The keys! She pulled them from his pocket, racing over with trembling hands and began to free the helpless man. He stirred at her touch, the tension of the rack finally releasing, his legs freed, then his arms as his body fell onto the table. She had to help him sit up, his body weak from the ordeal. The small key was last, the one which fit the lock holding the mask in place.

It opened with an audible click, the two halves of it still stuck together and Jaci had to pry them apart. They finally gave way and with that not one but two pairs of eyes grew wide with confusion and wonder.

Jaci staggered back, her hand clasped over mouth as if to prevent a scream, his blue eyes etched in pain, his voice wearily saying, "M"lady? Jaci, is it you?" She nodded frantically, her voice almost hysterical as she pointed toward the still figure on the ground. "Jonathan, I thought, that is, who, who is this?"

Jonathan finally saw him, his eyes turning hard, his voice filled with contempt. "I fear he is my brother m'lady, my twin, James."

She staggered, almost falling as her face drained of all color. Her voice faltering, "I, I didn't know, I never knew you had a...twin."

His smile was almost sad, his voice in reply once again hitting home. "Nor did I know that you had one as well Jaci."

It was almost too much to bear, her eyes growing wide, a single whispered word spoken, "Jackie?"

He nodded, "It was she who imprisoned me m'lady" and she remembered the eyes of blue behind the leather mask, it was all so clear now as once again her hands went to her face, hiding from his sight.

It was her turn now to speak, a voice filled with pain and sorrow saying, "It was she who lashed you, she who tortured you. She used me to bring you such pain. You must...hate me."

His gate was slow but measured. His steps leading to where stood, her body shaking with emotion, the tears falling to the ground.

He leaned close, his voice warm in her ear saying, "But it was you who in such madness that brought me such pleasure amongst the pain was it not m'lady?" She nodded, his hand gently lifting her chain, their eyes meeting. "I could never, ever, hate you my beauty."

His smile touched her heart and she forced one in reply only to hear a moan from the fallen man beneath them. Jaci looked at Jonathan and to his surprise he saw a wicked gleam in her eyes while hearing a voice unlike her say, "I...have an idea."

It was nearly an hour later that a knock came on the door, the man in swashbucklers garb answering it, bowing as the lady walked past, her body encased in the all too familiar leather garment. She saw her sister pinned to the wall, the familiar marks of the lash across her back but before she could pick up the whip two arms encircled her, holding her tightly and with that, Jaci slipped her hands free from the shackles and advanced upon her.

She struggled against his grip but he would not budge and seconds later she felt the hood being pulled from her face and she came face to face with her own blood. "I should have known", Jaci's voice having turned cold, causing Jackie's face to blanche, her sisters smile as wicked as any she'd ever seen as she pointed to where she had just left as seconds later it was her sibling who wore the bonds. "Excuse us for a moment m'lord, I need to have a few words with my sister" and with that he bowed and left them momentarily.

Yet another hour passed and then the two henchmen entered, having been summoned. What they found were the two familiar sights of the man on the rack, his mask in place, his body struggling mighty while the woman now wore her own mask, gagged, impaled upon him, the only sight her blue eyes defiantly staring though her body was obviously aroused at what was transpiring.

"Ah, there you are" the man in the swashbuckler's outfit said, holding out the whip to one, the flogger to the other as they bowed before him. The lady in the black leather cat suit stood by the door, waiting patiently as she heard him say, "We have grown weary of these two, they are yours for the remainder of the weekend, do with them as you would", both men's eyes growing wide as they looked upon the helpless prey, beginning to frantically pull at their bonds helplessly.

With that the two began to leave, the woman though stopping long enough to say, "Oh, feel free to use anything and everything here at your disposal and if you are successful in breaking these two, there will be a handsome bonus. Have fun you two" and as Jaci and Jonathan left they shared a secret smile as they heard the lash strike home and not one but two muffled screams.


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