tagRomanceBrother's Best Friend Ch. 02

Brother's Best Friend Ch. 02


Hi everyone. Thanks for your comments on my last chapter. I am trying to find an editor but until I do you will just have to put up with a few more mistakes. Hope you like this chapter, don't forget to rate and comment.



I was finally going to go to a party without a curfew. Allegra told me the recipe while he was away. I always spent more time with her while Ryder was away to make sure she didn't worry too much. I looked up at the clock and saw that I and been cooking for four hours, careful cooking and ringing Allegra to double check on unusual ingredients. The party I was going to started in an hour so I put the sauce to simmer and ran upstairs to get ready.

I looked through my wardrobe and found a mid-thigh black dress with a lacy crop top with long sleeves that would look perfect underneath it.

After I put them on I scraped my hair back into and messy ponytail but not managing to get all of the knots out of the end. I felt like really making an impression so I put on some mascara and clear lip gloss, finishing to my look with a pair of black studded dolly shoes so I could ride. Walking into the kitchen I saw Greg picking bits of half cooked pasta out of the pan.

"Can't you just wait you pig." I laughed, pulling the sauce and pasta off the heat.

"I have had a hard day at work. I expect my meal to be ready for when I come home." He replied throwing a piece of pasta at me. He looked me up and down. "Why are you all dressed up?"

"Ryder and I made a bet and I win going to Lola's party in the club on Ryder's bike." I smiled broadly. "He doesn't believe I know his moms pasta recipe."

"Well, I will go and wake him up so you can prove that you do know it." He started to walk out of the kitchen as I dished up. The two of them came waltzing back into the kitchen looking like ravenous dogs.

It was Ryder's turn to look me up and down, scrutinising what I was wearing. I couldn't recognise the look in his eyes at all.

"You are getting a bit confident aren't you Katie. You don't even know if you're going to win yet." He picked up his plate with a cocky smile. I picked up my plate (which was a quarter size of their potions) and started to walk into the living room. "We are about to find out aren't we. Now sit down and eat so I can get going."

I sat in the middle of the couch and they both slouched either side of me. Greg started to twirl the pasta around his fork.

"I have to say Ryder even though I don't want Katie to go to this party you are going to loose. She knows the recipe." He stuffed his face with his colossal fork full of pasta.

I turned my head to look at Ryder who was about to eat his first mouthful. As I put it in I saw the look come across his face... defeat. He looked at me and I plastered an eat shit smile on my face.

"So do I know the recipe or not Ryder?" I asked in a sickly sweet voice.

He gulped. "Fine you know it." He whispered so low I barely could make out what he said.

"Sorry what was that?" I teased cupping my ear.

"You know the fucking recipe." He said, complete spite filling his voice.

I quickly ate the rest of my plate watching Ryder out of the corner of my eye relish my cooking but hating it all the same. I stood up and turned to Ryder.

"Key's please." I stuck my hand out and he just looked up and my face like I was mad.

"You are not riding my bike dressed like that."

He suddenly stood up making me step back almost tripping over Greg who was too engrossed in his food to notice. "In fact you are not going out dressed like."

I stuck my hands on my hips and glared at him. "I think I am, that was the bet. Now give me your keys." My voice was steadily getting louder. How can he back out of a deal, I thought.

"Go and change and I will drive you to the party." He pointed up the stairs managing to keep mellow.

I turned quickly flicking Ryder in the face with my hair. "Greg tell him." For once I needed my brother.

Greg slowly put his plate down and stood up. "Ryder you did make a deal you have to honour. She can wear what she likes even if she will cause some guys to get beaten up by us." I heard Ryder sigh deeply behind me. I was about to turn round and give him another mocking smile but Greg continued. "But I don't think it is safe for you to ride in that dress. Lola is having her party at Max's club again" Max was Lola's brother "and he said to come down. Ryder can drive you, stay and party with Max and then drive you back."

I glared at Greg like he was insane. He the stern look on his face told me he wasn't going to change his mind or compromise. Screw compromising, I thought.

I stormed upstairs and changed my shoes to a pair of ankle boots with high heels. I walked back downstairs. I grabbed my own keys off the hook and walked out of the door. I got into my red convertible mini and back out of the drive and full speed.

I was so pissed off. How could he back out of a bet like that? I started to calm down as I reached the club. I parked my car quickly and walked to the door where I gained instant access because Lola and told the bouncers to let me straight in.

The club was filled with people all crushed together on the dance floor with heavy dance music playing. I scanned the room until I found Lola by the bar with her latest catch. She was wearing a bright red boob tube dress that barely covered her and red stilettos. Lola is gorgeous but in a fuck me way and she definitely uses this to her advantage.

"Oh my God you made it!" she screamed over the music, hugging me tightly in excitement. "How did you get past your guard dogs?"

I smiled at her. "Well, Ryder made a bet with me and he lost. By the way are you going to introduce us?" I indicated to the boy draped all over her.

"This is Sam. Babe this is Katie, you know my best friend." She cooed at him.

"Nice to meet you." He said while squeezing Lola butt.

"Ditto." I replied.

"Do you want a drink then?" Lola asked, calling for a bartender.

"Yeah, I'll have a Jack Daniels and coke."

Lola turned to me with a strange look on her face. "What's up with you, are you upset or pissed off?" she turned to Sam. "Babe piss off for a bit." Sam left quickly as my drink arrived. I only drink whiskey when I was upset and Lola had learned this habit.

"Ryder wouldn't give me his keys to the bike even though that was part of the bet and he made me feel like I had dressed like a right slag." I knocked half my drink back in one go, loving the feel of it warming my insides as it went.

"Well I think you look amazing!" she exclaimed. "I have said this so many times, that man fancies you!"

I laughed. "Yeah right. Why would he want me when he could have any girl her wants?"

"Cause you are gorgeous girl! You know what we need?"

"I can only guess..."

"Shots!" she shouted. She called the bartender over again. "We need six tequila shot, some lime slices and some salt." The bartender nodded and walked off returning quickly with Lola's order.

"Ok 1...2...drink!" we both started to do the shots in a row before laughing at each other's reactions. "Seriously you need to get laid Katie."

"Why, what difference would it make?" I drank the last of my whiskey.

"Believe me, it made me who I am today." She slurred already quite drunk. One thing Lola couldn't do was hold her drink.

"What's that... a slag?" I joked.

She thought for a moment. "Yeah actually." We both burst out laughing. She suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled in the direction of the dance floor. "We must dance, to get you laid."

We both started to dance, Lola seductively, sticking out her bum and bumping people with it and me, dancing without a care in the world with my dance training giving me a gracefulness. After a while Sam appeared and started to grind Lola's ass into his crotch. A few boys tried to do the same to me but I always just changed which was I was turned or moved to get away from them. After the sixth boy tried decided I was tired and went to get another drink.

As I ordered another whiskey I looked at the booth at the end of the bar to see Ryder, Max and three other men standing there drinking. Ryder had his eyes fixated on me. By the time my drink arrived I was angry that he had come to the party. I grabbed my drink and strode over to him.

"What the hell do you think you are doing here?!" all the other men around the booth were now looking at me, surprised. Ryder kept the same smug expression on his face though.

"I am here having a drink with my friends and eyeing up that hot piece of ass over there." The other three dared to laugh but Max looked nervous seeing me fly off the handles a few times with Ryder. I looked to the right and immediately spotted who he would be eyeing up.

I laughed. "She has a boyfriend. A long term boyfriend."

"Yes but I am the man who breaks up relationships." He replied cockily.

"Why you selfish dickhead! You would break up a relationship, a happy relationship, for a lay when you could pick anyone else." I screeched at him.

Max who was the closet to me so he whispered in my ear. "Hey Katie it's my fault he's here. Don't make this any worse."

I sighed. Max always made sense and his smooth voice somehow always made me calm down. "Fine I won't." I whispered back.

"By the way, see the man in the left hand corner of the booth, looking you up and down." He whispered again.

I hadn't notice him before but I looked now and he was gorgeous. He had amber eyes, a masculine face and a full blown six pack from what I could see under his tight black t-shirt. He was covered in tattoos that I found totally hot and he was wearing a peaked black beanie so I couldn't see what his hair was like. His golden eyes were in the process of what looked like visually undressing me.

I turned my attention back to Max. I nodded in response to his question.

"Well he thinks you are hot so ask him to dance."

I smiled. I turned my whole attention back to the group. "I don't know who everyone is. Can you introduce me Max?" I winked at him. " Of course this is Jay..." he pointed to an aggressive looking man "This is Marc..." he pointed to a gangly man "And this is Aiden" he pointed to the gorgeous man. "Guys this is Katie."

I smiled sexily while locking eyes with Aiden as they said hello back. Now this was the bit I hated but needs must. My mouth went suddenly dry so I downed my drink which seemed unusually small and opened my mouth to ask him to dance. But I was cut off by him.

"Hey do you want another drink?" he asked flashing a lopsided grin.

"Sure." Jay got out of the booth so Aiden could get out and sat back down.

"Do any of you want a drink?" my heart sank thinking he was just being polite with me but as the boys started firing orders at him he said "Guys I was just being polite." He placed his large hand on the small of my back and guided me to the bar.

"So what are you drinking then, lil un'?" he drawled at me.

I smiled at the fact he had already given me a nickname. "I'll just have a beer, please." I flashed him another smile as I rested my elbows on the bar sticking by bum out as I did so. This act was rewarded with a lingering gaze from Aiden and the bartender. God, I thought, the drink has definitely made me more confident.

He ordered two beers and gave me his full attention again. "Wow a girl who doesn't order light beer is a rarity."

"Well I'm not like most girls." The drinks arrived and I took a swig from the bottle.

"I can see that from what you're wearing." He took a swig from his own bottle giving me his lopsided grin again.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked not knowing whether to take it as an insult or a compliment.

"Well I mean you dress elegantly, obviously not trying to grab a boy's attention. You dance for yourself, not for an audience. It's refreshing to see a girl not intent on luring a guy to bed." His face was full of sincerity and what he had said made me feel good.

"Thanks." I said airily.

There was silence because I was so amazed he had told me this without holding back. He took this opportunity to look at my bum again. This time I decided to draw attention to it.

"Would you be checking out my ass by any chance Aiden?" I asked jokingly.

He laughed. "I'm just looking at one of natures beauties."

I cocked one of my eyebrows. "Wow, what a line." I teased taking another drink.

"Not a line, just the truth." He took another drink of his beer. "Want to dance?"

"Yeah go on then." I smiled and started to walk to the dance floor.


I don't know why it was bothering me so much. Here I was talking to this really hot girl who was literally all over me but I could not stop watching Aiden and Katie. That had been talking, drinking and dancing for like 3 hours now. I could see him moving closer and closer to her with each change of a song.

"Hello are you even listening to me?" the girls annoying voice chimed. She was hot but boring and annoying. My full attention was back on her again.

I sighed. "Sorry I was just a bit distracted." She turned around to look in the direction I had been looking. "Well if you want to get in that bitch's bed I'd move quickly. Looks like her man is about to make a move."

"Hey don't call her a bitch, Jane. You don't even know her!" I growled at her annoyed she was passing judgement on Katie when she was actually doing much worse with me.

I was suddenly aware of a light sensation on my cheek. I realised the girl had slapped me pathetically. "What was that for?" I asked incredulously.

"My name is Jeanie, not Jane!" she yelled and stormed off.

I laughed at myself before looking back over at Katie. Jeanie was right, Aiden was about to kiss Katie. He was grasping her chin lightly and tilting her head upwards, slowly moving in to her luscious lips. Unaware of myself I started to stride towards.

As I reached them I hooked my arm around Katie's waist lifting her over my shoulder and ripping her away from Aiden. I started to walk towards the door as Katie began to pound on my back with her dainty fists.

She was yelling things at me such as "what do you think you are doing" and "Put me down". As I walked out of the club and I searched for Katie's car when I heard her say "You lot get him to put me down."

I turned to see Aiden, Max, Marc and Jay standing behind me. Aiden with his fists balled and the others with shocked faces. " Ryder put her down before you start something." Aiden growled at me. He didn't intimidate me at all. I knew his muscles were a mixture of steroid's and long days at the gym but he couldn't punch for anything. I laughed at him.

"Seriously do you think you could take me on, gym rat?" I was torn between decking him and getting Katie home.

I saw him wisely back away slightly but he made the stupid mistake of opening his mouth again. "Why does she matter anyway? Like you say every holes a goal."

He had crossed the line and I was seeing red. I quickly flung Katie off my shoulder and pushed her into Max who held her still so she wouldn't be caught in the middle of the fight. I simply walked up to Aiden who reached to punch me. I easily blocked him and flung my fist at him with all the force I had.

I heard a crack but I didn't know if it was his nose or jaw. As he was crouched over I brought my knee up connecting with his nose making him fall backwards onto the floor.

"That motto goes for every other girl except her, you piece of shit." I saw him start to try to get back up again so I kicked him once in the ribs crippling him again. "Stay down you motherfucker."

I looked at Max who was still holding a struggling Katie whose eyes were filled with angry tears.

"Seriously Ryder, get Katie home before any police show up." He gently shoved Katie back to me, and I put her back over my shoulder. She had been shouting the whole time but I had managed to drown her out. "I'll drive your bike over tomorrow."

I fumbled in my pocket and tossed him my keys. Marc and Jay were helping Aiden on the floor who was staring at me with hatred filled eyes. There's another friend I've lost, I thought.

I started to walk towards Katie's car, with her kicking me again in the chest. As I reached the car I put her down and blocked her escape root.

"Give me your bag." I demanded.

"Why the hell did you do that?! To try and look all hard or just to ruin my life again!" she screamed at me.

"Just give me your bag, we can talk about when we get home." I kept my voice as stern as possible with my face just as stern.

"I'm driving home you ass." She opened her bag and started to fumble with her keys to open the car door. I could tell she had had too much to drink from the fact she was crying and stumbling.

"You're too drunk to drive. Just let me." I was starting to get irritated.

"I am not drunk!" she sobbed stumbling again.

I give up, I thought. I easily snatched the keys from her hand, unlocked the door and shoved her in the back seat, climbed into the front seat and put the child locks on all within 30 seconds.

That drive home was almost unbearable. She was sobbing quietly in the back seat, sniffling occasionally. I had caused her to be like this yet again but it was definitely the first time I felt guilty.

We pulled into the drive way and I unlocked the doors. She immediately climbed out and stumbled to the door. I was hot on her heels as she stormed into the house. Her tears had dried up quickly and were replaced with blind anger.

"You stupid dickhead! I cannot believe you knocked him out." She screamed at me.

Greg quickly appeared in the hall and was staring at her. "What is going on?" he asked calmly.

Katie turned to him and quickly said "Ryder knocked out Aiden just because I was talking to him and practically kidnapped me from the party. All in all he was acting like a complete bastard!"

Greg turned to me. "Would you care to fill in the gaps?"

I was angry again now replaying what had happened in my head. "She fails to tell you she was acting a complete slut, grinding against him and about to kiss him."

Katie lunged at me using all her weight to knock me off my feet and started to claw at my face. Greg quickly grabbed her around her waist easily pulling her off me and then holding her slightly suspended in the air, her legs kicking out wildly.

"Hellcat calm down." Greg was trying to soothe her back into sense while I stood there watching. She was beautiful when she was angry and all that built up anger would be amazing riding my cock to climax. I grinned at the thought but Katie took it as I was laughing at her and started struggle harder against Greg. I shook my head.

"Fuck it Greg, I'm going out." I picked up the keys to Katie's car and walked out of the door. I heard her screaming to come back with her keys but I ignored them.

"Well Greg is going to have a fun night" I said quietly to myself. I didn't know where I was going to go but I knew I needed to find a girl to get my mind off Katie.

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