tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrother's Birthday Party

Brother's Birthday Party


During the late 80's, I was a college student at a large university in the south. I lived with my brother at the time. Craig was two years older than I was, and it was a good arrangement. We had a small house off campus, and had a lot of fun. For a few months of this time, it was my great luck to share the house with his lovely girlfriend/fiancée Kathy, who is now his wife.

At the time, I had known Kathy for about five years, and she was a constant source of fantasy for my sexually oriented mind. Even today, she is a very attractive woman, but at the time she was a veritable goddess. Kathy was 5'6" tall, 110 pounds, and she possessed long reddish-auburn hair. She was a bit skinny, perhaps, but I like skinny women. Her tits were about 34 B, with small, perky nipples that hardened easily and often. Kathy had a naturally sexy air about her, and a knack for wearing the right things. She was certainly no slut, as my brother was the only man she had ever slept with. But Kathy was also not a prude, and I could hear her moans of pleasure at times as Craig fucked her in the next room.

I was in a near-constant state of frustration from being so near to her, but being kept at a distance. Kathy was quite comfortable with me, and she would dress very scantily around the house when he was gone. He worked nights, and she was forever walking around in a T-shirt and panties. I would never miss a chance to catch a glimpse of her panty-covered crotch as she crossed her legs or shifted on the couch, and she caught me staring at her pussy several times. I guess she knew she drove me crazy, but she never let on that she noticed.

I would often spy on Kathy, and it was helpful that the only bathroom in the house opened into the hall between the two bedrooms. I would make a point of coming and going as she was entering or exiting the bathroom. Sometimes I would get lucky and see a perky nipple or a flash of pubic hair. Then I would wait a few minutes and look through the keyhole to watch her as she bathed, relishing the sight of her soapy boobs, watching the water drip from her distended nipples.

At times I would see the glorious sight of her snatch in its full, thickly furred glory, and I would drool over the pink outer lips of her cunt revealed as she would stand up and rinse off. I would often have a pair of her freshly discarded panties wrapped around my cock as I watched, and I imagined how great it would feel to have my throbbing rod buried in those tight lips. I would always end up blowing a big load into her panties and would put them back where I had found them. I am sure that she wondered sometimes why her panties were as wet as they were, but if she suspected me, she never let me know.

The night that I will always remember was my brother's birthday. It was a warm day and promised to be a warm night. We had decided that after he got off work at about ten P.M., that we would all go out and get drunk. As it was his birthday, we planned on really having a big time and getting a little crazy.

I restrained myself from watching Kathy get ready that night, but she spent a long time getting ready in the bathroom. I spent some time getting ready myself. I had always dreamed of a chance to get into Kathy's panties, and this looked like I might have a chance to at least mess around with her some. Kathy did not drink much, but when she did, she got drunk easily. She also became much less inhibited when she had been drinking. We all smoked pot back then. I had acquired some excellent weed that was very potent. As she got ready, I rolled a large joint, and mixed in with the grass a diced up Quaalude. Quaaludes are history now, but as some of you remember, they were the best drugs ever created for loosening someone up. I finished rolling the joint, and diced up two more Quaaludes with a razor blade. I had a bottle of champagne, and I planned on starting everyone off right with a glass of bubbly before we left.

Kathy came out of the bathroom and I did a double take. She looked awesome. Her auburn hair was perfectly coifed about her shoulders, and sparkled in the light. She wore a tight red dress that was approaching skin-tight level around her flat stomach, and which flowed out from hip level down to mid thigh, where it ended in a lacy trim. Her tits were in a sheer bra, and her already hardening nipples were nicely showing through the material. Kathy had a nice tan, and her firm brown legs were shaved, encased in sheer stockings. Kathy never wore pantyhose. A pair of low-rise red heels and earrings completed the picture.

I wondered what panties she was wearing, and I vowed that even if nothing else happened, I would at least find out the answer to that question. She had on a strong perfume that added another intoxicating element to her entire outfit. I told her how great she looked, and she thanked me and asked me when I was going to get over the loss of my girlfriend and start dating again. I laughed and said that I was holding out for her to ditch my brother so she could have me. She laughed and said, "wouldn't you like that?" We laughed about it and at about that time Craig got home. He got ready quickly, and then we smoked the joint before leaving the house. They both commented on its potency. I took only a couple of hits, but made it look as if I was smoking right along with them. Then I broke out the champagne. They were both pleased with it, especially Kathy, who loves champagne. I poured three glasses of the sparkling liquid, adding a diced up Quaalude to both of their glasses. We drank a toast to my brother, and all of us drained the glasses in one drink. They both mentioned that the champagne tasted a little funny, but both agreed that free champagne was a good thing, and I told them that if they didn't like my champagne that I would keep it.

We arrived at the club, and we sat at a table and ordered a round of drinks. After being there for a while and enjoying the music, I could see that both my brother and Kathy were feeling no pain. I ordered us some more drinks, and while I drank sparingly, I made sure that they both drank theirs up. Kathy wanted to dance, and as she went to the dance floor, all male eyes in the room (and some female ones, too, I'm sure,) were on her. Kathy looked stunning, and she was dancing wilder than I'd ever seen her before. She spun around and around, gyrating with the music, and as she bounced up and down I saw several men staring at her. Her nipples were poking out distinctly through the red material of her dress, and her breasts were bouncing up and down frantically.

A slow number started, and she grabbed Craig and was practically dry-humping him on the dance floor. Her crotch was grinding against his leg as they danced, and he had his hands on her ass, softly kneading her firm flesh. After a few minutes they came back to the table and I whispered to Kathy that I wanted to dance with her, too. She smiled and said, "after awhile". I ordered more drinks, and Kathy excused herself and staggered off to the ladies' room. I told Craig that she was a little drunk, and he said that he was, too.

When she returned, I grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. She willingly came with me and we began dancing to some fast songs. I was watching her tits bounce around, and as she whirled by I began to brush her boobs with my arms and hands, enjoying the feel of their firmness as she moved. A slower song started, and Kathy turned to head back to the table. I stopped her and pulled her into my arms before she could resist. She muffled a short, tired objection as I pressed my body against hers, but her heart wasn't in it and she gave in, allowing me to rub my growing cock against her leg for about a minute. She was still able to think somewhat more clearly than I expected, though. She pulled away after she realized that I had managed to press my hard thigh against her mound and was rubbing her pussy up and down my leg by holding her against it with my hands on her ass. We went back to the table, and she sat farther away from me than she had been earlier. I had made her nervous, and although my brother did not seem to notice what had happened, she was obviously upset. She loosened up after a few more minutes, though, and the growing effects of the alcohol, the marijuana, and the Quaaludes were obviously beginning to knock Kathy out. I managed to get part of one more drink down her, and Craig finished his last one. I announced that we needed to go home, and they agreed, Craig slurring his words badly and Kathy just grunting something that could have been "OK."

I paid the tab and got Craig on his feet. Then, between the two of us, we were able to get Kathy out the door and into the car. He fell into the front seat and I drove home. It was just a few blocks, and luckily the police were somewhere else. I parked the car and helped Craig to his feet. I told him that I would bring Kathy in after I got him inside. He was beyond caring.

As I looked at Kathy, I saw that she had pulled her knees up in the car and that her dress had slid up her thighs almost to her waist. Her lacy red panties were clearly visible in the glare of a nearby streetlight, and a few dark, crisp hairs were poking out from under the soft material. My dick jerked as I stared at the beautiful sight. Things were definitely looking up.

I somehow got up the stairs and into the house with Craig, and I knew that to make my plan work, he had to be out, so I laid him down in his bed. Quickly stripping off his clothes, I covered him up and turned out the lights, leaving the door cracked. I then went to retrieve Kathy.

She was still lying as I had left her, and I took a minute to admire her beauty before I roused her. I laid my hand on her thigh. No response. Easing my fingers upward, I gently caressed her mound, waiting for any sign of waking. There was none. I eased her onto my shoulder, and picked her up facing me. Kathy was out cold, and I could feel her soft breasts flattening out against my chest. With one arm supporting her back and head, I held her legs with my other arm and carried her up the stairs. As I walked I whispered to her that she was gorgeous and how good she felt. Wanting to ensure that she was asleep, I told her I wanted to see her pussy. Still no response. I took her into my room and placed her on my bed. She lay still. Her breathing was heavy and completely even. I decided to see how far I could go.

One by one, I removed her heels, quietly placing them on the floor. I then pulled up the front of her dress and gazed at her pussy. The tops of her garterless stockings and the red crotch of her satin panties framed her luscious box perfectly. I stared for several seconds, then decide I had to see her naked. Reaching behind Kathy, I unzipped her dress and worked it over arms, leaving it in a puddle at her midsection. I unclasped her bra and took it off, freeing her tits to fall out of it. They were slightly conical, and the nipples had softened with her slumber. I grasped a nipple and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, feeling the bud firm up and reach out for my fingers.

I repeated this with the other nipple, then took the first one in my lips and began gently sucking it. I was able to completely remove her dress at this time, and it fell to the floor to join the rest of her clothing. While keeping her nipples busy with my tongue and fingers, I eased my free right hand down and began stroking the inside of her thighs with my fingertips. She still showed no response, so I slipped my fingers under the edge of her panties and began to caress the smooth flesh. Her body was responding to my actions, and her breathing quickened. Her nipples were by now hard, and I slipped her panties down her thighs now and left her naked except for her stockings. I decided to leave these on.

I quickly gathered her clothes together and took them into her room. Dropping these into a pile by their bed, I checked on Craig again. He was in a deep sleep. Thank God. I returned to my room and quickly removed my clothes. My cock is only about six inches long, but it is very thick, and it was rapidly becoming harder than it had ever been before. I eased Kathy's legs apart, and gently got between them. I placed my face close to her pussy and deeply inhaled the invigorating scent of musk, sweat, and sex. I ran my tongue up and down both outer lips, occasionally dipping into the cleft of her tangy slit. Her cunt began to lubricate, and as I placed my tongue onto her clit and began suckling it she gave out a low moan, opening her legs wider. I kept up the assault on her clit, savoring the smell and tangy taste of her steaming cunt. I was able to insert first one, then two fingers of my left hand into her wet pussy after a few minutes of this, even as I continued to gently work her nipples over with my right hand.

Kathy's cunt was thoroughly saturated by now, and a wet spot was appearing on the sheet under her ass and pussy. I knew that she would not stay under forever, and although I hated to quit eating her, my cock was screaming for release.

I knew this opportunity might never arise again, and I intended to take full advantage of it. Taking one last taste of her sweet nectar, I eased my raging cock to her slit and rubbed the head of it up and down the entrance to her cunt, wetting the swollen purple glans with Kathy's hot juices. In one long, slow motion, I pushed my cock to the hilt inside her wet, steamy, slit. Rocking myself against her mons, I began a slow, deliberate motion that was the most pleasurable experience of my young life. I began to fuck Kathy with long, smooth strokes, bottoming out in her squelching pussy harder and harder. I was fucking my brother's fiancée! I had dreamed of this for so long, that now the reality really hit home. I savored the feel of her tight cunt as it gripped my engorged cock, and I continued to suck and twist her nipples at the same time. Her tits were full to bursting, as if straining to reach my searching tongue. I sucked them harder and harder as I continued to slam my cock into her pussy.

I fucked Kathy's hot body for at least ten minutes before I could feel the beginnings of a huge orgasm welling up in my balls as they slapped against her ass in a steaming, slurping rhythm of my making. I knew she was on the pill, so I did not worry about pulling out. I could not have stopped had I wanted to. Feeling the first beginnings of my orgasm, I slammed as hard as I could deep into her pussy and stayed there as I felt the gouts of lumpy liquid flowing from my cock, spurting in hot jets as I filled her womb with the creamy substance.

I remained inside her for a few minutes until I was completely soft. I then quickly carried her into her room and placed her in her bed. She began to rouse up for just a second, mumbling about wanting a drink of water. I quickly got her a glass of water and held it to her lips as she took a sip. Her eyes flickered open as she realized that I was not Craig and that she was naked. I ran my hand down her body very briefly one last time before she could react, and said; "you're beautiful." She just stared at me for a few more seconds before dozing off.

She never mentioned a word about it.

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