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Brother's Sorority Girlfriend


I had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school; I went to visit my brother at college. I left early in the morning and finally arrived at the frat house late that afternoon. Brian welcomed me in and took me up to his room where I threw my overnight bag on his bed.

"That's fine, you'll be staying in here...I'm going to crash in Jim's room down the hall since he left for the weekend," said Brian.

Brian continued, "Let's get something to eat and take a quick tour around campus. We've got a party here tonight that's going to be really fun."

I was really hungry, as I had skipped lunch to make good time, so I was glad we decided to eat first.

After some fast-food, we drove through campus for a quick tour. I saw just enough that I could be conversational with my parents when I got home.

When we got back to Brian's house, I went back up to the room and unpacked. I felt pretty grimy from sitting in the car all day so I also took a shower and changed before the party. I couldn't believe how filthy the bathroom was so I made it out as quickly as I could.

I went downstairs and found a bunch of the guys drinking beer already. "Cool!" I thought. "This is going to be great!" So I grabbed a cup and joined in. Pretty soon a bunch of the girls from the sorority they had invited started to arrive.

I couldn't believe all the hot girls that were there. It's not like I didn't have good looking girls in my high school, its just that these women dressed in the sexiest clothes and weren't afraid to get wild on the dance floor. Then Brian introduced me to his girlfriend Sara. She was a petite girl and wore this sexy little black dress that stretched tight around her body.

When Sara went to the bar to get something to drink, I leaned over to my brother, "nice" I whispered.

"Yeah I know!" he replied.

Brian asked, "Are you OK here? I gotta talk to someone."

"Yeah, I'm fine – go ahead," I replied.

Sara came back from the bar and we started talking. She could tell I felt a little awkward, not knowing anyone, so she hung around with me and made me comfortable. She introduced me to a few of her friends and pretty soon I felt like I had known everyone for years – I'm sure the beer helped with that too. Sara went back to hang out with Brian – they were playing some drinking game. But that was fine - I was having so much fun with everyone I met, and didn't remember seeing her the rest of the night.

By about 1am I was getting tired. I had been up since 6 that morning and decided to head up to bed. As I closed my eyes, my mind raced with the memory of the evening. I could hardly wait until the next year when I'd be living here. I remembered drifting off to sleep with the images of a few of the hot sorority girls in my head. Soon I was sound asleep.

I don't know how much time had passed, but my dream suddenly came back – I was making out with one of the girls I met, Carrie, I think was her name. We were undressing each other and I could feel myself getting hard. The dream became more vivid and I could tell I was coming out of my sleep, but didn't want the dream to end. I smiled as I imagined her hard perky tits rub against my chest. I could just about feel my dick sliding into the vagina of this hot babe, and I thought I might be having a wet dream when I opened my eyes. When I realized I was awake I was in shock to discover a girl on top of me!

I slid my hands down her back and could feel that her dress was pulled down off her breasts and hiked up around her hips. My cock was actually already inside her as she slowly and quietly slid up and down on it. I was totally stunned and froze for moment as this girl kept fucking me. As I heard her purr-like moan in my ear, the shock quickly wore off. I began to fondle and caress her as we began to hump together in unison.

"Oh my God! Yes! Go! Go!" she whispered more loudly in my ear.

Just then I ejaculated; My body quivered as I clutched her body tight to mine.

"Oh Brian...." she whispered.

"BRIAN??!!" I thought! "No way...No, this couldn't be..." But it was; I had been fucking by brother's girlfriend Sara that whole time – she apparently had climbed into Brian's bed thinking I was him.

"I've got to get out of here before she figures this out," I thought.

I kept holding her as I planned my escape. Just then Sara sat up and gasped. She paused and took a look at my face in the dim light and realized her mistake. She quickly got up, fumbled to pull her dress back up and ran out the door. I was petrified. I quickly threw on my pants and shirt and followed her as she hurried outside.

"Wait wait" I called.

"Get away from me!" she scolded.

"But wait, what did I do? C'mon, let's figure this out."

Sara turned and thought for a moment. "Yeah...OK; but not here...let's walk down the restaurant over there – they're open all night." She said.

So Sara and I talked over a few cups of coffee; as we talked, the more it dawned on us how kinky and arousing our encounter was. Sara didn't think that Brian would figure out what happened if we kept it quiet, so that's what we did.

The next day I left to go back home around noon. Brian wished me a safe trip back, and I got in my car and drove off. Before I left the campus, though, I called Sara on my cell phone; she told me to meet her at her dorm in 10 minutes. I turned my car around and went up to her dorm room, and before I left. She opened the door to her room and let me in. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants and a pink t-shirt. The blinds were drawn, and as soon as she closed locked the door, she walked up to me and gave me a long deep kiss. I'll never forget how passionate and fulfilling that afternoon was. Sara and Brian broke up about a month later, but she and I have been keeping in touch.

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