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Brown Honey


It was just my luck to be caught in a damn blizzard on my way home from my job as a nurse at Detroit General Hospital. I was just outside Madison Heights, on interstate 75, and a just talking up a tizzy to myself. “Damn, girl, your black bod is way out of its tree for you to be driving in this stuff.”

I could hardly see the cars ahead of me. “Momma,” I screamed as I swerved to miss a jack knifed truck. “Bump, bump, bump, “ sounds came from my car as it went off the road, down the embankment, and came to rest in the medium between the lanes.

“I am going to freeze my black butt for sure, what with the light jacket I have on,” I said to myself, out loud. Got out. Was relieved to see that there was no damage to my wheels. It was my baby, a 1998 red beetle.

A very brave soul, driving a gray ford, pulled to the side of the road. Getting out, the man hollered to me, over the din of the passing traffic, and howling wind, “Should you be in need of a ride, I will be happy to take you somewhere.”

I was one happy girl. Grabbed my purse, and begin to climb up the bank to his car. Half way up, my nursing shoes, with no tread, lost traction. My feet went out from under me, and I fell on my butt, and then rolled over twice, covering myself with snow.

That man was over to me in a flash. He helped me up the slope and into his car. He put his suit coat around me. As we proceeded up the interstate, I noted that the suit coat was a black, pin stripped, wool blend, that was very expensive. In the pockets were pens, note books, and a calculator.

He was intent on his driving and had his eyes on the road. I studied him. A very distinguished looking white man, who appeared to be about forty. He was shorter then I and I would guess that he would weight one hundred and sixty pounds.

“Miss,” he said, “Where would you like to be taken?”

“Take the next exit. Go right at the stop sign. Third light, go right again, and I will show you where. What is your name? Mine is Jennifer Strong.

“Hilton Alexander.” Right then, the announcer on the radio declared; “ Governor Hogan has declared an emergency. All vehicles are to get off the highway as soon as possible. The interstate is now closed.”

“I have a real problem. I have a motel reservation in Midland tonight. I have no idea where I will stay,” my Good Samaritan said more to himself then to me. I did not say anything for a minute. “You can stop at my place for the night. I live alone in a small apartment.”

He looked at me, with a warm smile. “I would not want to sully your reputation.”

“Man, that is the nicest thing you could have said to me. No worry, I have the only apartment over a small store. None of the neighbors know me, or would care. Not sure just where we both will sleep, since I have just one bed, and no couch. You can be a chair potato”

“Anything is better then trying to sleep in my car.”

“I can keep you warn, and feed you something. I owe you that for your courage in stopping in that mess to pick me up.”

After we entered my place, I told him to catch a chair, while I changed my wet clothes, took a short, warm shower, and cooked up some hot food for us both. I had been up since 5:45 AM, and it was now 5:00 PM, so I was tired.

With my cotton PJs on, and my robe, I said to him, from the small kitchen, “ You shower, and change out of your wet clothes. I will have some chops, mashed potatoes, and green peas ready when you finish.”

“You are very kind.”

“I don’t know what his is, or where he is from, but he sure is a gentleman,” I said to myself as I unwrapped the four chops. It was nice, really nice, to have someone with me on a dark night like this. The wind was howled like a banshees, and the snow was beating on the windows.

After the meal, he volunteered to clean the dishes, pots and pans. “Whoa, where do you find a man like you?”

As we sat sipping brandy, I asked the man to tell me about himself.

“I am with a company that supplies computer programming to companies, such as Dow Chemical, that I was going to visit in Midland. I hold a doctorate in electrical engineering.

“I figured that you were a big deal, of some sort.”

“To the contrary, as a nurse, you are more important to this world. I feel that I am most fortunate to have met you.”

“Damn. are you married, Man? Would you be interested with a Brown Honey,“ I said, jokingly?

“Not married, except to my job. You are an attractive woman, and tall. You look like Miss McCoy, that sang with the Fifth Dimension. How tall are you?”

“Five eleven and a half.”

On the TV news, it was announced that the weather people were projecting the storm to worsen. Everything was to be closed tomorrow.

“Look like I’m going to have you around here all day tomorrow, too.

We drank two thirds of that quart of brandy. At ten, I got up and headed for my bed. He waved at me, and settled deeper into his chair.

The covers were just making me warm and toasty when my conscious got the better of me. I returned to the TV area, and told Hilton, “Look, the bed is big enough for us to each sleep on our own side, come on.”

“You are trusting.”

He settled in on his side, with his back to me. In minutes, his breathing rate change told me that he was asleep. I did not know if I liked that. I had been married for two years in my early twenties. Now thirty, it had been two years since I had been sexed. I had severe head aches when on the pill, so stopped using them. The men that I knew were not at all concerned about if the woman they were riding was at a hot time of month, and they and I hated those damn condoms. I had worked too hard at getting my degree, to become a baby factory. Being tall, a lot of guys avoided me.

Laying on my back in the dark, I begin to imagine Hilton riding me with long smooth strokes. My fantasy was interrupted when he rolled over. His arm slid across my breasts, ending up resting between my mounds. He awoke with a start. When he begin to remove his hand, I grabbed it and held it on my breasts.

“That’s, a, err, not a bad place for that to be.”

His hand cupped my right mound, caressing it, slowly. With a rustle of the covers, his mouth latched onto my dark brown nipple, causing a shiver to shake me, with my nipples perking. I moaned. I stopped him. “Hilton, let me get up. I’ll be right back.”

“What are you going to get?”

“A glass of brandy for you to sip while I spend some time with your peter.”

He held me around my shoulders. I said,”Hilton, this is my bed, so I get to be the quarterback. I love to suck on a man for a long time. Your job is to be comfortable, just lay there, and don’t you blast off too quick.”

“Yes, Ms. Strong, Sir!”

We both laughed, as I slipped off the bed. I turned on the small bed side light, so we could see each other. I quickly shed my bottoms, but left on my top, for now. With a smile on my face, I thrust out my naked pelvic area at him with a couple of quick “Bunts.”

“You are a sassy lady.”

When I returned with the brandy, he was propped up at the end of the bed. He sipped the brandy, that I had handed to him as I crawled between his legs, and undid the snaps of his pajama bottoms. His uncut, very thick cock was before me.

“I’m not very big, I guess”

“You men. You all think that all of us woman are two feet deep, and need a horse cock to run our motors. Your dick is a handsome six inches, and it will bump my bottom, just dandy. Now hush up, and let me get down to a serious examination of this horn that I’m going to play the Trumpeter’s lullaby on.”

My tongue gently touched the bottom of the bulb of his cock. Glancing at his face, as I nibbled down the side of his cock, I saw a content, excited look on that face.

“How long has it been since somebody took care of you right?”

“Never, Jennifer, Never.”

“Well, Mr. Man, we are going to drain your gun tonight three or four times. It is my safe time of month. I’m off for the next two days, and You are just going to have to put up with letting me do something with your handsome peter, every time that I can make it get stiff.”

With the brandy, and me getting really aroused, I was warm enough to take off my top. As my mouth ran half way down his cock, he grabbed both of my breasts. “My, my, my,” I said to myself, “This white man is really turning me on.” His smell was different, not bad, just different, then the three men that I had sex with before. I begin to run my mouth up and down his pole with a steady, smooth, slow, motion. A moan escaped his lips, as he let my breasts swing free. They now ran up and down the side of his legs, as my head bobbed.

“Please let me put it in you, Jenn?”

With out a word, I rolled onto my back beside him. “Jenn, are you a virgin. Your opening is tiny.”

“I’m no damn virgin. Put that thing in and do... me... Man! Yess, Oh, Yes, Oohhhoooo. Youuu arrreee so compact between my legs. Yyeessss”

Now, I know that I make too much damn noise when I am being humped, but I just can not stop myself. “Yes, yes, yes, go, go, go, go, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, go, go, go.”

Every time he thrust into my cunt, I announced the event, with my little chant.

He tensed up, and just as I exploded with my orgasm, he begin to thrust hard, with that ass of his in high gear. It was delightful.

He went back to sipping the brandy, while I returned to a mouth examination of his pleasure machine. It was a tad redder now. He rubbed my kinky hair as I bobbed up and down on him.

With the brandy gone, he rolled me off him, and we got up to pee. When he returned, he had two glasses of brandy, from a new bottle. To me, he said, “You sip on yours, while I get a portion of chocolate cream pie.” Before I could answer, his face was buried in my pussy.

“Hilton, you have to know that this girl, really, really likes to have herself eaten, hard and fast, with the man jumping her bones, and giving her a hard fast stir with his cock when she starts to orgasm, now don’t you?”

“You are something, woman. I did not know that there were woman that are as much fun as you are?” With that, he ran that tongue of his deep in my snatch.

We ate and fucked on and off for the next two days. The storm cleared. He left. I thought that I would never see him again.

Three days later, there was a knock on the door. I damn near dropped the frying pan I was holding, when I opened the door, and he said, “Hi.”

He kissed me, and sat me down in a chair.

“I need to tell you some things, and then ask you a question. First, I own my company, and will complete the sale of it to IBM next week. I will never need to work again. I was married for two years in my twenties. Since then, my work has been my life. I am going to travel, all over the world. I want you to travel with me.”

“Man, did you fall out of the sky,” I said, interrupting him. I would love to play with you, but this gal wants to get married and have two babies.”

“Jennifer, this is what I will offer you.” He pulled a small box out of his pocket. Opened, it revealed a wedding ring. “I want you to be my wife, getting married as soon as we can. Then, we will travel and see anything, and everything, either of us wants to see, for two years. After, we will settle down in Augusta, Georgia, where we can have children, and I can play golf at “Augusta National,” where I am a member. You are “A Brown Honey,” and I want you for my own.”

Laughing with joy, I hugged him, and said, “You got me Man. I’m yours. Do you think the members of Augusta will give you some friction over having me as a wife?”

“They might, but only once. I would mention it to my friend, Tiger Woods. The member would be gone.”

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