tagInterracial LoveBrown Is Beautiful

Brown Is Beautiful

byGrey Eagle 286©

Dr. Alyssa Brewster loved the way her new BMW convertible handled the curves on this winding road. She was not traveling very fast because these were tight turns.

As she slowed a bit more for the next turn she saw a school buss rounding the curve coming the other way. It was half in her lane. She saw the bicyclist on the side of the road. She thought she could miss both of them. She heard a slight thud as she passed the bike. She looked in the mirror and saw the biker tumbling head over heels then stopping in a heap along side the road. She hit her breaks and slid to a stop off the road.

She turned off the engine and jumped from the car and ran back to the biker. He was sitting up now.

"Are you hurt badly", she asked. She looked into clear sky blue eyes set in a very handsome tanned face. Blood ran from a cut above one eye and he was holding his left leg. The knee was bleeding and the toe of the sneaker was shredded. He was covered with dirt, grass, and bits of trash.

"Where do you hurt? I am a Doctor." she said. About that time the school bus driver ran up. "How is he."

"I think he will live. I see nothing life threatening."

The man on the ground looked at her. Her grinned, showing white teeth with a trace of blood on them. "Beautiful lady, this is an erotic dream, right?"

Tears ran from her large brown eyes and down her chocolate colored cheeks. She wiped her eyes and held his wrist as she took his pulse. She took the pulse a second time surprised that it was not very elevated. She looked at him more carefully now. Blood ran into his eye from a cut on the brow. He had bloody spots on his shirt and on his legs. The worst was the left knee and the toes looked bad.

"How do you feel?"

"Not too bad, my left foot hurts pretty bad, other than that it is minor pain."

Alyssa pressed on his eye brow and the trickle of blood stopped. She looked at the bus driver. "Here put your finger on this while I get my bag." She ran back to her car. She pulled off her heels and slipped on a pair of flats she had in the back seat, she grabbed her bag and ran back. The man on the ground smiled at her, "I loved your little heels."

She smiled back, "Thank you, I think you are feeling better. Listen, cell phones don't work here. The nearest paramedics are ten miles away. Let me take you to my house and get you cleaned up. Then we can see if you need to go in for stitches. OK?"

"Sounds good to me, let me get up and see if I can walk. She helped him up. The bus driver helped her get him to her car. He looked at her car, "I'm not getting in there and ruining those beautiful white leather seats with blood."

She said, "Go ahead."

"No, do you have an old towel or blanket in the trunk?"

"Hey, yes I do." She ran back and opened the trunk. She came running back with a blanket she spread over the seat. He slipped slowly onto the seat. She closed the door. The bus driver told her his name and she wrote that and his phone number and address down. He said, "Lady it was not your fault, I was out of my lane and in yours to keep from hitting a dog. I'll stand up for you in court."

"Thank you very much. We will have to see how things work out. I'll be in touch."

Alyssa climbed in the driver's seat and started her car. The biker looked over at her. "My name is Brad. Bradley P. Murphy the third to be exact. Most people call me Trey."

"Are you related to Dr. Brad Murphy?"

"Yeah, sort of, he is my dad."

"Really, he is my neighbor. Are you a doctor too?"

"No, Mam, not hardly."

"Oh! I know who you are, you are the Marine Colonel son."


"Is that your truck and trailer behind his house?"

"Yep. That's is my net worth. All my worldly possessions set behind Dad's house."

"I'm taking you to my house to get you cleaned up. I'll call your dad in just a second when I get you in the house.

She let him lean on her to get him in her house. He was worried he would bleed on her dress or on her floors. She let him ease down on a kitchen chair.

"Please, Dear Lady, change your clothes before you start with me. That dress is really hot on you, don't ruin it, your husband will be very upset."

"I am not married but I'll run and change if you don't mind. I'll call your dad while I do it, maybe he can give me a hand."

Just as Alyssa entered the kitchen there was a knock on the door. She opened it and Dr. Murphy entered. "Trey, boy you look like hell, how do you feel?"

"Don't bother me Dad, I'm busy admiring this beautiful little girl in her shorts and T-top. Wow!"

"Trey, this lady is a very, very fine doctor, so mind your manners."

Alyssa smiled at both of them. "Leave him alone when he is complimenting me please Dr. Brad. I love it, but he makes me blush."

"Oh! I hadn't noticed you were blushing." He grinned.

She said. "I think we can handle everything here. Let us get him up on my kitchen table and see what we have. I'll get hot water and a bunch of wash cloths and towels. I put a butterfly on his eyebrow to stop the bleeding, I think it needs a stitch or two, what do you think?"

"Stop trying to watch Alyssa, so I can see this cut, boy. Yeah, it's gonna take two stitches to hold this shut. Let's look at his knee. That looks like three there, what do you think."

"I agree, sir. Let's get his sneaker off." Do you think we need to cut it off?"

"No, he is tough, just tell him what you are going to do so he is ready for it."

"Thanks a lot dad."

"Do you want to go to the hospital and have some orderly take it off?"

"No, I'm fine with it, do what you need to do, can't be any worse than when you pulled Tommy Farrell's arrow out of my butt that time."

"As I recall I was a little upset and wasn't too gentle."

"You got that right, dad."

Alyssa was giggling at the two of them as they bantered back and forth. She could see that there was a lot of love between them. She gently cleaned his arms and legs. She had him set up and helped them get his shirt off. She noticed his broad shoulders and his ridged stomach, narrow waist, his muscular arms and legs. Hummmm.

"Let's get his shorts off too," she said.

"No way," he yelped, "No way."

"Son, Alyssa is a doctor, it won't bother her."

"It will bother ME. She is a real hottie in my eyes. I know what will happen."

"What?" she grinned.

"You know what'll happen. It's happening now." Alyssa was impressed by the size of the bulge in his shorts. She picked up a towel and covered his midsection with it. She reached under the towel and unfastened his shorts. "Raise up a little," she said, and grabbed his shorts and underwear and pulled them down. She left the towel in place and told him to roll over so she could check his back.

Trey felt her gentle little soft hands touch places on his back. They moved softly over his back then over his ass. He was as hard as rock now. He raised his eyes and saw the smile on his father's face. He closed his eyes and relaxed and enjoyed it.

Dr. Murphy said, "I'll get some more water." Trey felt her lift her towel and heard the sharp intake of her breath as she saw him. At least she didn't laugh. She looked at him and said everything under there looked fine, no dings at all.

Trey's father said, "everything functional under there?"

"Yes, it sure is. Apparently unhurt and functioning properly."

"OK then, let's start sewing, that ought to relieve the tension." He winked at Alyssa. He asked if she had every thing she needed. She said she had sutures and stuff but no local anesthetic. Trey's father looked at his son seriously, "Don't you think we should get you to the hospital?"

"What is your assessment of the total damages, Dad?"

"Two stitches on your eyebrow. Three on your knee, several broken toes on your left foot. Various small scrapes and cuts that don't amount to much, Band-Aid stuff."


"I concur in all respects."

"OK, I do have a morphine ampule in my first aid kit in my truck. I don't think need it though. Get on with it. If I need it I'll let you know, OK."

Alyssa looked at Dr. Brad, "Do you want to do it?"

"No, go ahead, I'll assist." Trey felt her gentle hands wiping around the brow, she put a cloth over his eyes and suddenly he felt her soft lips brush his. "That's for being so brave." Then he felt a sharp pain in his eyebrow. He inhaled rapidly and held his breath. He felt the tugging as she pulled the cut together. He heard her say "Cut it." He exhaled and waited. He felt her feather light touch, then the sharp pain again. She tugged a little. "Cut."

"No fair! I didn't get a kiss first."

He heard his father laugh, "Sweetheart, I think my boy would let you do an Appendectomy without anesthesia if you kissed him enough." He heard her giggle and the cloth was pulled from his face. Her face was only inches from his. She pressed her lips to his. "There, grit your teeth on this next one, there is dirt and sand in this cut, I will have to clean it out. I will try irrigating it first, but I may need to scrape it some."

"Kiss me again and give it your best shot."

The warm water stung as it washed over his knee. He did grit his teeth as she rubbed places with a Q-tip. He heard her say, "That looks good, the blood is bringing out a little more dirt. I think we should just go for it."

"I agree." He felt the first stitch go in then he felt hot drops on his thigh. She said, "Let me wipe my eyes, I really hate hurting him, he is so sweet."

"Kiss him again and he'll be OK."

It was a sweet tender kiss.

The next two stitches were not so bad. She started putting bandages on all the wounds. His eyes never left her as she worked. She felt his eyes on her. She felt a tingle as she remembered the kisses. Damn he was a real hunk, she smiled to her self. A hunky hunk. She knew her panties were going to have to be changed very soon. She couldn't believe this man was effecting her this way. She looked up and saw Dr. Brad standing at the sink, she looked down at Trey. It seemed as if her heart stopped for a second. She leaned down and kissed him again. She felt his warm tongue touch her lips. She opened her lips and her tongue met his. It was a heavenly kiss. It seemed to last forever. His big gentle hand was behind her head. She was dazed as she raised up. Dr. Brad was gone. She looked down along his body. The towel was gone and his erection stood like a flag pole jutting up from his loins. She moved toward it as if she was in a trance. She just had to touch it, simply had to. He watched and held his breath. She touched it with the tips of her fingers. She softly rubbed it over her cheeks, then brushed her lips tenderly over the head. She jumped back, startled at what she was doing. She felt fluids running down her legs. She ran to her room.

Dr. Brad came in from outside. He had fresh clothes for Trey. Trey told him he thought his dad should go back to the accident scene and recover the bike. His dad said he would and left. Trey got dressed and sat in chair and waited for Alyssa. She walked in and smiled at him, "I am very embarrassed by what I did, Please forgive me. I don't know what came over me. I just don't do things like that."

"I am sorry too. Very sorry."

"You are?"

"Yes I am, I hoped and prayed it would happen again. It was the most wonderful and intense experience of my life. I felt as if we had made a magical connection. I am devastated that you didn't feel it too."

"I did feel it, I just didn't know how to handle it. I never had a feeling like that before. Never."

"Did you like it?"

"OH! Of course I did. I loved it, but it scared me too! I felt so vulnerable. I felt as if my whole soul was opening to you and wanting you to join me and be one with me. I just couldn't resist the need to touch you. Touch all of you. I have felt as if I was drawn to you inexorably ever since I first met you. What is happening to me?"

"It is exactly the same thing that is happening to me. I think we should go slow here. If you agree I would like to go some where with you for dinner tonight. I need, really need, to be with you and to learn everything about you. What you like, what you don't like. I want you to find out everything about me. There are a few thing I am not exactly proud of but I want you to know them too. I need this. I can't help it. I feel I can tell you everything and that you will not judge me too harshly. I must be your friend as well as your soul mate. Damn, excuse me, listen to me, I don't talk like this. What is happening."

"Do you want me to tell you what I think?"

"Yes I do."

"I guess I have limited experience in this area because I have never felt like this before. I do not know if you feel exactly like I do, but I think I am falling head over heels in love with you."

"God, you are right! I am not ready for this but I can't help it."

"I'm not ready either. I just got out of a bad relationship. It never felt like this though."

"Me too!"

Alyssa walked to Trey and took his hand and asked if he thought he could walk to her den. He said he could but it might be slow.

They sat, hips touching, on a comfortable sofa. He turned toward her, "I have to do this." He pulled her towards him and leaned to her until their lips met. It was a long, long sweet kiss. He looked at her, "Wow! I have never been kissed before." Let me move away from you so we can talk."

She smiled gently at him, "One more kiss first." They kissed again. He moved away a bit but still held her hand. She giggled, "I don't think we can get very far part. I want to be touching you. I need to be touching you."

"I know!" He looked at her, he loved what he saw, her black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Her brown eyes were wide set. Her nose was small and her lips were sweet and thin. None of her features were typical African. In spite of her chocolate skin she had European features. She was very beautiful. He wanted to touch and kiss and taste all of her. He was afraid he would scare her off if he went too fast for her.

He looked at her and smiled, "I need to talk with you. It is important to me that you know who I am and help me come to a decision about what to do in my life."

She looked at him. "Before you start, I must tell you how

I feel, knowing this may help you. I now know I love

you with all my heart and soul. I will go where you go, I

will sleep where you sleep, I will live were you live as long as you want me. I am yours forever if you want me."

"Yes, I love you too! Help me with my problem. I am a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps. I have reached a crossroads in my career. I have sixteen years of service. I will be eligible to retire in four years. If I want I can join the Marine Corps Reserves and serve out my four years on weekends. However I can be called back to active duty at any time. At this time it would be very likely I would have to go back for some period of time. My other option is that I could resign my commission and become a civilian. I would not get my retirement. I have never worked in a regular job in my whole life. I am highly trained as a squadron commander of fighter jets. Not much call for people like me anywhere else."

Alyssa smiled at him. "My love, I know the perfect job for you. I will take you as my personal love slave. I will see to your every need. All you have to do is love me."

"I don't know if I am qualified for that position."

"Oh yes. You are the only man in the world who is qualified for that job."

"You want me to be a househusband?"

"I just want you, anyway I can get you. I know I would die if you went off to war. I can not bear the thought of you being away from me. The only solution I see is for you to resign. Move in with me. You don't have to work. I know you can not just sit around the house. Go back to school. Manage my money. Learn what you would like to do. I will support anything you want to do. I know that is what you would tell me if the situation was reversed, right."

"I guess that is what I would say. I will have to think about it, the only thing I do know is that I need to be with you."

Alyssa watched him lay his head back and close his eyes.

"Darling, please get up and let me help you to my bed. We are both tired and tomorrow is a Saturday and we can sleep in. Here, lean on me, I am stronger than I look. That's good." She stood him by her bed and unbuttoned his shirt. She carefully helped him get it off. She helped him remove his pants. He had to sit down to get his pants over his bandaged left foot. He sat and watched her undress. She smiled at him and pulled down her shorts and her panties together. She picked them up and walked to her closet. She pulled her T-shirt over her head and threw it in the hamper too. She walked to a wall switch and turned a knob and dimmed the lights. She came to him and put her knees between his and pulled him to her. Her soft breasts pressed against his face. He searched for and found a nipple with his lips. She softly moaned as he sucked it right in his mouth. She held his head tightly to her breast, then guided it to the other nipple. Her nipples were delightful, long, warm and rubbery. He never wanted to stop nursing at them. She asked him to stand and she turned down the bed. She gently pushed him back on to the bed. She put her thumbs in the waistband of his under shorts and asked him to lift up bit. He did and she pulled them off. She slipped in bed beside him. She snuggled up beside him. Her little hand caressed his chest and moved down to his washboard tummy. His hand pulled her face to his for a long kiss. Then he gently touched her breast with his finger tips. They moved around her breast and felt like she imagined a butterfly would feel. The hand cupped her breast and softly felt the weight of it. Suddenly he moaned, "I can't stand it. I need you now." He pulled her up over his body and she reached down and guided him to her love tunnel. She gasped as he lunged upward trying to penetrate her. She moved him a little and pulled his erection into her. He thrust in her mightily. She laughed happily, "Oh yes, I love that. Yes! Yes! Yes! It's so very damned good. Better than I dreamed it would be. Do me more, Yes, harder, deeper. Oh! Oh! Yes indeed. That is the way. Yes. Hurry and join me. I am almost there." He groaned and said, "Now, right now! I'm cumming now." She felt his hot sperm pulse deep inside her. She threw her head back and screamed OH! YESSSSSSSS." A few moments later she again snuggled up to him and kissed his lips. "I love you Trey, I really do. You are a perfect lover. I want to rest a bit and just hold your cock and wait for it to get hard again. Then I will show you how much I love him. I want him in my mouth." Trey said, "Girl please climb up here and sit over my face and he will wake up pretty soon."

She moved up and kissed his lips, "You do that?"

"Come up here and find out. That's right. A little bit more." He pulled her down on his mouth. His tongue searched for and found her clit. "UNGHHHaa" she wailed. "My god that feels good. Aw yesss, unhuhn, right there, right therrrre. Yes! That's it. Yes!" She was very wet now and he lapped at her pussy. Savoring the taste. Alyssa started rubbing up and back over his face. Suddenly he grabbed her and held her still. She stopped and Said, "OH! Your stitches. Did I hurt you. Let me see Oh I got you all wet. I am so sorry. Let me get a hot wet wash cloth and clean you up."

"No, not yet, he is ready now, you promised."

"Are you sure?"

"Hell yes, I'm fine." He felt her little hand grasp his rejuvenated erection. He raised his head to watch and pulled a pillow under his head.

She examined his penis very carefully. She loved the strength of it. It was about eight inches long but very thick and massive. It was perfect. She lifted his balls gently and grinned up at him. "I'm so very glad none of your essential equipment got hurt. I love it so much." With that she lowered her mouth to the head and softly slipped her lips down around it. She could only get about half of it in her mouth. She pulled up off it and then licked and kissed down to the base. She buried her nose in the tuft of hair there. She loved the slightly musky smell. It was intoxicating. She got the shaft slippery with her saliva and tasted her own juices. She moved her hands up and down the shaft while her lips loved the crown. She saw his scrotum had contracted so that his testicles were now tight up under the shaft. She marveled at natures way of protecting his reproductive organs while he was making love. The source of his sperm could not be left hanging vulnerable!

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