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Brown Sugar


For those of us from the tropics there is a special sweetness that comes from having brown sugar. In anything, it provides a natural sweetness that is not equaled by any other sugars. That maybe one reason why our inclination towards rum is so easy. In my case I equate the natural brown sugar to this girl I met at university. Of all the women I have been with, and I have had a full swing, there was something special in this case that remains fresh in my mind so many years later.

It is interesting how it all unfolded. There was no plan, just basic attraction and an initial sexual experience that was breathtaking and mind blowing. We were enrolled in a course at university, which, looking back meant very little to either on of us. I could not help but notice her. She was medium built, had great legs and made sure they were seen by everyone at all times. Flaunted assets was never an issue that affected me therefore the fact that she was inclined to show off her body did very little to grab my attention. It might have been the fact that I was in a serious relationship at the time, had to work after school and also had my fair share of admirers to deal with. She never grabbed my eye, although I did see her. In fact, on one occasion, a project gave me cause to visit her in her apartment, which was an uneventful occasion that we could both barely remember after a few weeks. The effect of her presence ended soon after, not that I would have noticed. When our course ended; we went our different ways.

My quest for knowledge and professional qualification led me to doing another course. She was there. We greeted each other and started chatting with all the others going after the same academic medals. It was nice to be there with a few people that, at least, I was familiar with. The programme was set to be challenging based on the course outline; teamwork was going to be major feature in the assignments. The group I found myself in was just great, the ideal environment for learning. There was a mix of intelligent, ambitious guys and girls, the perfect setting for the types of discussion that generate ideas and good grades. We, the guys, as instinctive as it came, found time to discuss the girls in the class, our preferences and the developments that were becoming more obvious every week. I was getting aligned to a really cool girl, who although she had a guy, was more than interested in me. Eventually, I obliged and my weekends were a combination of deep academic activity as well as physically pleasurable activities. We both knew it would not have lasted for long but sought to enjoy it while it lasted. While there was a little remorse when we finally got to where we called it a day, there was a little sadness to see it end. Another experience for the records.

After fifteen months, numerous assignments, countless hours in team meetings, we were nearing the end. Our last semester started and so did a most memorable era of my life. As was the norm in the previous semesters, we were again place in groups to do another barrage of assignments. Interesting, the course was one that I was really looking forward to, although I was really tired of having to be stuck in a group. I do consider myself flexible, adaptable and a great team player but like with food, or anything that has to be done repeatedly, there comes a time when one wants change and a new approach. Going solo would have been my preferred mode for the last semester. No luck. I was in a group with all women. My luck. While they were all nice persons and easy to get on with, there was the inevitable challenge that would befall any male in this situation. Having to spend endless hours either together or on the phone led to a bonding, which remains, till today.

It started on one of the long team meetings that went way into the night. On one of the breaks that we took I began to express to Nancy that I thought Karlene was really sexy with the most desirable legs. Nancy seized the opportunity to tell me that she was single, contrary to what we all thought and more importantly that she was keen to get laid, having been on a sex break for almost a year. I could not believe my ears, or luck, but not wanting to seem to eager I waited to hear more. The full scoop on her recent relationships and lack of sexual activity filled the next thirty minutes. Nancy was keen that I should get quickly at it. I did.

After our group session I offered her a ride home. It was a drive of nearly forty kilometers, enough time to break the "I want to fuck you" ice and get started. Our exchanges were deep; strangely not a word was mentioned about anything sexual. On my way back home I felt a little silly. This was not I. I could not understand how having gotten a golden chance to get it on with Karlene that I was stalling. As the weeks went by however, we got to talk more and the subject would always stray away from academics to all kinds of other subjects. Finally, we agreed to hang out after one of our group sessions. The others girls were now aware that there was some chemistry between us; it was left for us to consummate it. Our date was to see a movie at the drive-in. When I went to pick her up I was stunned. She was in a white shorts with red tube hugging her neat breasts but struggling to keep her nosy nipples in check. Her skin was flawless and her legs were shapely, shaven and silky. There was clear evidence that she was excited about the possibilities and her general demeanor all evening spoke loudly.

Movies are a major thing for me but today I could not concentrate. Karlene wore a most enticing fragrance and her nipples were making it challenging for me. We engaged in animated chatter with laughter coming freely for both of us. The ease with which we conversed and linked was fascinating. I never imagined that it would have been that easy. Finally, I teed-up and went for the action. I reached over and touched her breasts. "You have very sexy breasts," I said as I pinched on her nipple. She shuddered as it in the midst of a deep earthquake. There was no need for a response, the reaction was enough. Her frivolity was transformed into a lusty, tempting smile followed by a most astounding pronouncement. "I you want to fuck me, that's fine with me. We need not play head games," she declared. There was a moment of silence. It was not what I expected but it was what I wanted to hear. Even with the clear offer to consume, I wanted to enjoy more. We stayed, petted like teenagers and finally I took her home. As we drove to her friend's apartment, I developed the perfect script for the rest of the evening. It was not to be. When I got to her apartment, her friend was there waiting for her and there was little option but to postpone the inevitable. As we kissed goodnight I was tempted to offer to pick her up after her friend had left. I opted not to; instead I went home, relaxed, watched TV and smiled at what was developing.

It had to happen and we were both agreed on that point. When and where were the variables that we allowed to remain elusive. The course got to crunch time with assignments due and loads of studying to do. Our final assignment was due in about two days, which resulted in our most intense sessions for the entire course. In addition there was the preparation for final exams. It was tense. On the final afternoon, final exam done, assignments tendered, we all went to have a drink at a local bar. It was all for fun and a reward for all the hard work that we had put in for a year and a half. The drinks flowed as fast as the jokes, which was just what we all wanted. There was a sense of relief, achievement and transition. We knew we would be passing into a new phase of our lives, even if Karlene and I never looked at it like that. After more drinks than was advisable, I offered to take her home. Our laughter continued all the way to her place and having parked at her gate for a while just chatting she invited me to come inside, citing that it was getting chilly. Her room was clean, fresh and orderly. I had been there for just a moment before but now I got to take a complete view.

She went into her bathroom, leaving the door open and shouted that I should make myself comfortable as she was having a quick shower. I noticed some CDs, which prompted me to insert Kenny G's Silhouette. Soon she was behind me as I sat scrolling through a magazine. Her fruit flavored body wash dominated her entrance, which became even more tantalizing as she applied lotion to her smooth skin with a flavored body lotion. She applied the lotion in the most graceful, sexy way that I had ever seen. For the first time, I saw all the way up her naked body as the towel wrapped around her gave way to allow the complete motion from her foot to the top of her thighs. I got a quick glimpse of a well shaven crotch neatly nestled between the most beautiful legs I had ever seen. After putting on black mini skirt and white tank top, Karlene finally sat down on her bed giving me a peep at her pussy. I was tempted to touch. I did.

The passion was natural. We kissed in unison as if we had practiced before. There was no need for words as we were both horny, a little drunk and ready to be fucked. It was nice and slow however, without lacking intensity. I worked my way down to her sensitive nipples; they were more than receptive and soon she was bucking her hips. She still had her skirt on which was evidence of the conservative person that she was deep inside. Strange. We were not full undressed as I was still had my pants on. My cock was extremely had and as I climbed on the bed beside her I took her hand and allowed her a full stroke. She gasped and smiled with desire. I took my pants off, climbed into the bed and took my finger all the way to her pussy. The heat was expressive, the juices were inviting and the pulsing sensation was more explicit than I had ever seen. I slowly rolled her skirt towards her waist, got on top of her and slowly slid my cock inside her. I cannot remember a more sexually satisfying moment than the feel of the juices, muscles and heat of Karlene's pussy on my cock.

As I pushed my cock deep inside her I could feel the deep connection of our bodies being complemented by a mutual satisfaction in our minds. She moaned with pleasure as my motions became faster. My cock was at one with the sweetest pussy it had ever met and the effects on my mind were beyond words. I uttered strange noises as I sunk deeper into her love hole and with each retraction, almost as if I were getting a fresh breath, there was the desire to go deeper to get more. We fucked slowly and deeply for a while, gradually building the tempo till finally I filled her with a thick load of cum. There was a refreshing feeling of completeness that overcame me, that even when she rolled over to kiss me, there was still this fixed expression that was not accompanied by words. "Are you staying the night?" she finally asked. It was not my intention to stay as some of the other guys were waiting on me to take them home. "I wish I could but ...," I uttered before she put a finger to my mouth. "No problem, this was wonderful and it is fine for you to go. I understand." she said with her warm, understanding voice.

As I drove back to the bar, I was in another realm. I had experienced the ultimate point of my sexual life and nothing could affect me. As with the consumption of real brown sugar, the sex with Karlene was real, sweet and natural. It went down and was felt at every point in the process. It was not the same as the others, as with having the real rum, there was no way it could be mistaken. Our relationship grew, our sex life blossomed and finally we agreed to spend the rest of our lives together. While there were other things that eventually led us to make that pronouncement, the impact of that first day when my cock was introduced to the brown sugar in that pussy, was a major milestone.

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