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Brown Sugar Dreams


The way I met this girl was by her getting offending by me staring at her. I was in this gas station in my home town getting something to eat. It was one of those places where they have a dinner on the side. While I was sitting at one of the tables waiting on my food, this young and sexy black girl came and sat down across from me. She was so fine she made my mouth drop. She looked to be in her early 20's she had coal black skin that shine off the sun that was shining in on the dinner. Her hair was long and soft, she was wearing a pair of white shorts that climbed up her hips. She had on a tight top that made her nipple just pop right out. The more I stared at her the more I thought of fucking her in my mind. Starring staring at her legs, I was noticing the way her white socks contrasted with her dark sexy legs in my mind I imagined my white cock contrasted with her pussy.

She then noticed me staring and asked, "What the fuck are you looking at?"

I replied, "I'm looking at you of course."

She then snapped at me with, "You got a problem white boy?"

I replied, "No, I have no problem really, I was just noticing your beauty."

She then looked at me with wide eyes of shock. She walked over to my table and sat down across from me. She was blunt about it. She said she was sorry for giving me an attitude. she explained by saying she never had white man comment her with her beauty. I could understand because the both of us being in South Carolina, its understandable by the race system of people.

I offered her a cup of coffee or a drink and she accepted. She told me that she has never been with a white man in her whole life, but she has thought about it many times. I explained to her that I'm not like most white people, I love all women and all people. I told her I judged people's heart and not their skin. I also explained to her that I craved black women, because they are the most beautiful to me. We exchanged names, her name was Natasha.

So we exchanged each other's numbers and after a few days we started dating. this one night she invited me to her house to meet her mother and sister. I pulled up in her drive way and I felt so nervous looking at her two story house. So as I walked in her house her mother and sister greeted me. I shook her sister's hand and her mother greeted me with a handshake too.

After her mother and sister went to bed we cuddled up on the couch. We started kissing each other with long and slow kisses. She whispered in my ear to tell me that she wanted to play around some. So she reached down and unzipped my pants to touch my already hard cock. She started to stroke it slowly in her hand. I then put my hand down her shorts. I started to massage her wet pussy touching with my index and middle finger on her clit. her mound was so wet and hairy.

She then started pull down my pants. I whispered to her "what about your mother and sister "she explained that both of them were sleepers and if we would be quiet then we can have no problem. So she pulled my cock out of my boxers to expose my hard and ready dick. She took my cock into her warm and wanting mouth, running her tongue up and down my dick and balls. after about a few minutes she laid on the couch and exposed her panties. I then starting to slide her panties off to expose her dark hairy bush. I started to lick her pussy with my tongue. Driving my tongue as deep as it could go into her wetness at the same time I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Within seconds she started bucking and cumming.

She then straddled my cock. as my cock entered her pussy I gasped real hard because of the sensation on it. She started to move up and down on my cock slowly. I heard a noise down the hall, I looked in the darkness of the hallway and noticed someone standing there. Which shocked me in a way, but the goodness of Natasha's pussy took my mind off of someone watching us. Natasha never noticed anyone watching. I thought it might have been her twin sister and I thought it was erotic for her watching us. So then when Natasha started to cum I felt my balls tighten up. she climbed off of my cock and took it in her mouth sucking down every drop.

We got dressed and cuddled up on the couch. When it was time for me to leave me and Natasha kissed softly and planed our next night in a hotel room, so we could be louder and relax more. The next day I received a email on my computer from Natasha instructing me to meet her at the days inn in town. The email told me to get a key from the front desk incase she was running late from work. So after getting the key I walked inside the door the lights were dim and I could smell the scent of incense burning. I heard the shower running and saw a note on the nightstand instructing me to get undressed. I went to the bathroom door and it was locked and when I tried to talk I never got an answer, so I figured the shower was too loud. So I got naked and laid across the bed. I laid on the bed naked with my cock at full mass for about 10 minutes.

I heard the shower water come to a stop and the door opened. All I could see was steam and a dark figure in the doorway...

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