tagLoving WivesBrownwood: Tommy Boy Ch. 03

Brownwood: Tommy Boy Ch. 03


February 2015 - Brownwood

She walked in carrying a large tote bag. I started to say something, but she gently put her finger on my lips and slowly shook her head.

"The less you speak," she said in a low husky voice, "the better this'll go. Trust me."

I nodded.

"Good, now go find a chair you can sit in and get comfortable. Oh, I almost forgot..."

She handed me a CD and grinned evilly.

"Be a sweetheart and put this in the stereo? I'll tell you when to start it."

She literally skipped to my bathroom and shut the door behind her. I tried to fight back the anticipation but I could feel my heart racing as I made myself comfortable in an easy chair.

Several minutes later, I heard a sweet voice call out from the bathroom and tell me to start the music. I was a little taken back when I heard the pulsating beat of Halestorm's "I Get Off" fill the room.

"You don't know that I know," Lzzy Hale soulfully panted. "You watch me every night."

My entire living room faded into the background as Angie strutted out. She was dressed in a blue and silver cheerleading outfit, complete with tight sweater top, short skirt and pompoms! She had her hair pulled back into a golden ponytail with a big blue ribbon and looked every part the cheerleader fantasy. Her big sweet smile let me know she knew she rocked the look. While her smile and appearance screamed youthful sexiness, her eyes said something very different.

"I get off on you," Lzzy screamed, "getting off on me!"

I swear Angie's stare morphed into a lioness' gaze as it assessed its prey.

She swayed and twisted with the music in a way that could only be described as an acrobatic dance. For every graceful, sensual dance move there was an overtly sexual athletic one to counter it. I sat in awe as my body was on sensory overload. From her incredible muscular legs to her huge breasts, which were struggling to be released from under her sweater, my brain couldn't process it all.

When she bent over, I could tell for certain all she was wearing under her skirt was a familiar tiny blue thong. I'd always known her ass was a masterpiece simply by the way her yoga pants had clung to it, but to see it bare was... breathtaking. It was small and round with muscular dimples in each cheek. I wouldn't have been surprised to learn she could crush things with her butt cheeks simply by flexing them.

Her strip tease continued and I felt my raging hard-on throbbing to the beat. When she finally released her breasts, I was amazed at the sight. I'd known they were huge, but these appeared to be their own entities. Each one was sculpted by a master, huge, but tantalizingly soft, with soft pink areolas that were too small for the globes they sat upon. Each one was topped with a tiny angry red strawberry pointing to the sky.

Her entire body was mesmerizing. Every body part moved in a different way and at different speeds, but all came together in a complex poetry in motion.

As she strutted towards me, I could see her eyes grow larger as she moved in for the kill. She leaned in close and allowed her breasts to cup my face, then dragged them up to my eyes. I nuzzled and gently kissed them as she let out a soft sigh.

Reaching down, she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. She pressed her incredibly soft pillows into my chest until I could feel her heartbeat. The heat from the touching of our skin caused tiny beads of sweat to form, and I could feel our hearts racing together.

Reaching down again, she slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down until they pooled around my ankles.

"Angie I can't..."

"Shh," she whispered, as she slowly traced the inside of my thigh with her fingernail. "I know, Tommy Boy, I know. Trust me."

When her finger reached my erect manhood, she grinned. I'm average sized, or so I'm told, but thick. She gave my stunned face a wink and slowly licked me from base to head like a lollipop. My groan was probably heard by my neighbors.

She gently kissed the head, smiled and stood up in front of me. Her breasts demanded my attention as they rose and fell with each heavy breath. Tearing my eyes from them, I looked up into her beautiful face. Her smile was a smirk, knowing she had full control of her audience.

"Now," she said huskily, "if you want, you can keep my thong as a memento of tonight."

I leaned forward and hooked my thumbs into the band on each hip. Slowly, I peeled the tiny fabric down over her muscular thighs. I almost swallowed my tongue when I noticed the dark blue fabric was wedged between two swollen pink lips. As I pulled the fabric, it resisted only briefly before breaking free. Angie let a low guttural moan escape and I saw the light glistening in evidence of her excitement as it coated her exquisite womanhood. Stepping out of her thong, she gently pushed me back into my chair.

She leaned forward and slowly dragged her breasts over my groin, up across my stomach and chest before she pressed her face close to my own, crushing herself into me. I felt her hand gently find my own and she covered it before squeezing it closed over her damp thong.

"Angie," I said, my voice shaking.

"Tommy Boy," she whispered and squeezed my hand holding my memento. "That was your reward for all the hard work and dedication you've shown this last year. Not only for losing the weight, but for your dedication to Erica and me.

"I know you've been pushed past the point where if you were to touch me, you wouldn't be able to stop. You've shown you'll honor your promise not to take from me what I won't give you. You continue to surprise me, Tommy Boy."

I felt her let go of my hand and gently began to stroke my cock.

"I can't..." I hissed.

"No," she hissed back, "you can't... but I can! This isn't me rewarding you; this... this is for me!"

She crawled up my body and straddled me as she lined up my dick. Gently, she began to lower herself onto me and I felt the intense heat of her pussy as it slowly engulfed me.

I'm not sure what a mouse feels as it is slowly swallowed by a snake. I suspect it's a combination of many things: the thrill of the sudden rush of adrenalin, the terror of realizing its life, as it knew it, was about to end, and the overwhelming physical sensation of being crushed by undulating rings of muscles as it's pulled deep inside the snake.

I believe I'd a brief glimpse into that experience. I was overwhelmed by the realization that tomorrow would shine on a very different relationship between Angie and me, and it terrified me.

Angie continued to work her way down my shaft in such small increments it felt as if I was a foot long down there. I let out a low moan as I felt her pull me deeper inside.

"Oh... my... gawd," I groaned and looked up at Angie.

Her face was contorted as she squeezed and released. The rhythm was only broken by her short gasps for air. When she was finally seated with me completely engulfed, she let out a slow soulful moan.

"Oh gawd," she hissed softly, "so... good."

I had the obvious epiphany I wouldn't last much longer.

"Angie," I whispered.

"Got... all... night," she panted.

She leaned forward and devoured my lips with her kiss. I felt her begin to rise and rock as she began to pump me. I felt the pressure immediately begin to build.

"Can't last... much longer," I gasped.

"So don't," she whispered hotly into my ear.

I didn't.

My first thoughts as I exploded inside her were a combination of ecstasy, surprise, and terror. Ecstasy, in that I was having sex with my dream girl, and surprise at the amount of fluid that was being pumped out of me, since I felt like a deflating balloon. The terror? That was simple, I was afraid a beautiful woman like Angie, who had access to all different types of lovers, would be disappointed. My fragile male ego, right?

Looking up at her, I saw a look of total concentration, jaw set, breath being held and eyes tightly closed. Moments later I felt the shudder begin around my cock as it seemed to spread throughout her entire body. Angie let out a sharp gasp before she looked down at me and smiled.

"Sorry," I croaked, "it's been a while."

She looked down at me with a questioning look.

"Since before the Christmas Ball," I continued. "Afterwards, I couldn't focus on anyone but you."

She smiled warmly.

"Me, too."

Now it was my turn to be surprised.

"What, no Daniel?" I said, instantly regretting my words.

She peered down at me with a mixture of emotions dancing in her eyes.

"No, no Daniel. Not since before I bought my dress for the Christmas Ball. That's probably why he acted like a jerk that night. Even though we weren't a couple, he still can be possessive at times."

She smiled when she saw me struggling with an unspoken question.

"As for what just happened," she said smirking. "I'm an exhibitionist, Tommy Boy. Being watched and desired is a huge turn on for me, but it's the thrill I get right before it happens that can be overwhelming. When I was stripping, the rush I got before I went on stage was usually more intense than the actual stripping, most nights.

"The thought of taking off my clothes for you these past two months has been very exciting, probably more exciting than I'd originally expected. When we kissed New Year's Eve... I knew I was going to go farther than only stripping. That knowledge, that anticipation, has had me on edge more than I've been in a very long time!

"Tommy Boy, I'm sorry I blurred the lines between us. Well..." she snorted softly and grinned, "I'm kind of sorry!"

"So," I said softly as I tried to gather my thoughts, "all night?"

Angie barked out a laugh and then covered her mouth.

"Erica is at Mrs. Harper's tonight," she said softly and nodded. "We've got some time."

"Good!" I grunted as I struggled to stand with Angie still wrapped around me like a python. We both laughed as I frog-walked us to my bedroom. Arriving at my bed, I turned on a bedside lamp, and began unwrapping Angie, much to her amusement, before dropping her onto my bed. She lay there on her back and stared up at me with a smirk.

"What?" she said coyly.

"You are the most incredible person I've ever met," I said softly, "I'm awestruck you'd give yourself to me tonight. It's the most incredible present I've ever received."

This time, I saw her begin to get uncomfortable. I knelt down between her legs and heard her soft gasp.

"Tommy Boy," she said warily, "you don't have to do that since you've... oh... oh my gawd!"

I'm not a big fan of creampies, but they don't bother me either, at least my own. I'd no intention of cleaning her, but I did want to caress and suckle on her. I was sure she was sensitive down there, but she surprised me when she gasped and clamped her thighs when my tongue flicked her clit.

"Oh gawd! Please don't stop!"

It didn't take long before I felt her go rigid, and then the small tremors began. When she'd ridden the last wave of her orgasm, her legs went limp and I slid up beside her. Gently I wrapped my arm around her.

"Oh, Tommy Boy," she sighed deeply, "That was nice."

"Nice?" I replied, a little annoyed.

"Well nice probably wasn't the right word." She chuckled. "You'll have to forgive me; I'm trying to come back to Earth. My thoughts are still dancing in the clouds.

"So," she said, rolling towards me and gently began stroking my quickly recuperating manhood. "When this bad boy is up again, what's next?"

She certainly didn't have any problems reviving me again, or for a third time. I explored every inch of her over the next couple of hours, archiving every mole, curve and fold. When we were both completely spent, and even raw to the touch, we collapsed into each other's arms.

I heard her chuckle before she cleared her throat.

"I'm afraid to ask again," she said still trying to catch her breath, "but... what's next?"

I grinned and gently rolled her away from me. Sliding up behind her, I snaked my arm between her breasts and cupped her cheek.

"Oh my gawd, are we going to spoon?" She laughed. "Tommy Boy, are you sure you aren't a woman?"

"If you're still questioning that," I snorted, "then I didn't make much of an impression, did I?"

She giggled, and I felt her hand reach behind her and gently pat my manhood.

"Don't worry, stud," she said softly. "You've already made quite an impression."

I pulled her body back into me. I felt the incredible warmth of her ass as it nestled into my groin. Angie let out a long contented sigh. I held her silently for a long while. I didn't want this night to end. I'd thought she'd fallen asleep since her breathing had slowed and her body was now completely relaxed, so she surprised me when she spoke.

"Tommy Boy?" she whispered in a small little voice.

I thought at first she was teasing and she was going to say something playful or silly. Instead, she asked something which stunned me.

"Was it everything you'd hoped it would be?"

I wanted to yell and ask her if that was a joke. How could she not know she'd given me the best night of my life? How could someone so beautiful, so disciplined and strong be that insecure?

Then I had an epiphany. I didn't know this woman lying beside me as well as I'd thought I did. Even though she'd let me into her life and I knew her better than most, I still made stereotypical assumptions based on her looks, her words and her actions. She'd given me her body, now she was trying to give me something else, something very rare. She was vulnerable.

I thought for a moment on how to reply. I could tell her how wonderful tonight had been and try to soothe any fears or doubts she had or I could tell her the truth, the whole truth. Doing that would leave me very exposed, but then she'd allowed herself to be vulnerable in front of me so I had to hope she wouldn't destroy me with her reaction.

Damn, I surmised, I'm standing at the edge of the abyss again.

"Yes and no," I replied softly and felt her stiffen.

"Angie," I sighed, "yes it was everything I'd ever fantasized about and more. Having sex with the girl of your dreams is something few men ever get the opportunity to experience, but it's not at the top of my bucket list."

"Now I'm scared to hear what's at the top of your list," she said, trying to hide her discomfort with teasing. "What is it, having sex with two dream girls?"

"No," I said softly, "it's making love to the woman of my dreams."

Angie became eerily quiet. It took her a few seconds before I felt her breathe again.

"Tommy, I..." she started.

"Relax, Angie," I replied gently, "I'm not asking you to feel something you don't. I know you don't feel the same way I do. It's disappointing, but understandable.

"At the top of my list is to make love to the love of my life. She'll be my dream girl regardless of what others may or may not think of her. The sex will, of course, be good because it'll be between two lovers, but it'll be so much more than that. I hope to be able to give her everything I am and she'll desire to give me all of herself as well.

"I thought I had that with Leah, but I was wrong. It turned into a one-way love and those, sooner or later, burn out.

"Angie I want to thank you for the gift you gave me tonight. It was incredible, partly because you're so damn beautiful, but also because you care for me, at least as a friend. I know you tried to make tonight very special and you succeeded!

"But," I said softly, "even though you gave me your body, you detached emotionally at times. Please understand I'm certainly not complaining, but I wanted you to know I noticed it.

"Angie, I've never been able to separate sex and love. Almost every woman I've ever had sex with, I've had some feelings for. I was never like Leah. I couldn't simply go out and fuck somebody. I tried that back in college but it always ended badly. Most of the time we both left feeling cheap and unfulfilled."

"So you had feelings for Tara?" Angie said softly.

"Of course," I replied, "You knew I would; that's why you sent her to me. You knew after I'd met her I couldn't hurt her. You knew I was... safe."

"Yes," I could hear the smile in her voice, "and you were the great guy I'd hoped you'd be. Tommy, you've no idea how much you helped Tara regain her self-esteem."

We laid there quietly for several minutes before she broke the silence with a small whisper.

"So you have feelings for me?"

"Please, Angie," I whispered in her ear as I pulled her tight. "You've got to know I love you more than just as a friend. I know, you think I'm only in love with your body, but you're wrong. Yes, I love your body, from your impressive breasts to your incredible ass to your beautiful face, but I love so much more of you than that."

She was still for several seconds before I felt her stifle a small sob.

"You don't know me, Tommy Boy," she whispered. "If you did, you wouldn't think of me as some kind of dream girl."

We were silent as we lay in each other's arms. I wasn't sure how to proceed without stepping into an emotional mine field.

"Did you know I've been married twice?" she said softly.

"No," I replied gently, "I didn't."

"The first was when I lived in Dallas."

"Is that why Dallas is so hard to return to?"

She rolled over and peered into my eyes. Slowly she nodded and I saw her eyes begin to water.

"Yes, it's painful to go back home and see the disappointed looks and even sneers from those you called friends. What's worse is some of it still comes from some of my family, as well."

She wiped away a stray tear and took a deep breath.

"We started dating when we were seniors in high school. I was a cheerleader and had recently broken up with our star halfback. Jimmy had been dating a girl who'd moved away that summer. Even against our parents' wishes, we got married right after graduation. Hell, we were eighteen and adults, or so we thought.

"Jimmy landed a full-time job at a local plant and I was going to school and working part-time as a waitress. Jimmy didn't have the grades to go to college, but I'd received a partial athletic scholarship to play volleyball at the University of Texas at Arlington.

"That first year we were poor, but happy, and then I got injured during the spring. We were out with another couple and had been partying when we were in a car accident. Everyone came out of it okay but me; I twisted my back. It was bad enough that it not only ended my volleyball career, but also put me out of commission for about a month. In the end, I lost both my job and scholarship.

"To make up for the lost revenue and stay in college, I started stripping. I'd always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but this was a new experience. Jimmy didn't mind, at least at first. After several months though, it began to eat away at him. Then he got laid off and everything went to hell.

"He started drinking more and his supposed friends who he hung out with made it worse. They'd constantly tease him about my stripping. A couple of them would even show up and tried to pay for a lap dance. Needless to say, things at home were tense.

"Our fights typically followed the same old pattern. He'd make some sarcastic accusation, I'd deny it and scream at him, he'd tell me to quit stripping and I'd tell him I would as soon as he could support us. It was a toxic cycle.

"It didn't take long before he started becoming secretive about his whereabouts. I'd heard he'd been sniffing around his ex-girlfriend who was back in town, the one who'd moved away the summer before we'd started dating. When I confronted him, he denied it. One night I left work early and went looking for him. I found his car in her driveway with the house dimly lit.

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