tagRomanceBruises Ch. 01

Bruises Ch. 01



"Ryn! Ryn! Hey!" Kathryn McClain stuck her head in her locker wishing the high-pitched voice belonging to Kristin Stuart would miraculously cease.

Yeah right, thought Kathryn (or known as, 'Ryn' by her beloved friends, nix Kristin of course).

"The day Kristin shuts up is the day I get impregnated by the lunch lady", Ryn told her best friend Lily who was currently trying to shield Ryn with her A.P. Literature notebook.

"What could she possibly want?" Ryn questioned while watching Kristin struggle her way through the throng of students in her teetering spiked heels and ridiculously short skirt.

"No clue", said Lily "but she's extremely lucky that the school has heating...what the hell is she thinking wearing something like that in the middle of January?" Indeed, not only was it January but it was January in Pennsylvania, not a bright idea. Then again, it was Kristin.

Kristin skidded to a halt in front of the locker next to Ryn.

"SO!" she begins excitedly, "Word on the street is we have a new student!" Ryn just shook her head slowly.

"First of all, I wasn't aware Laughlin had a "street", second of all we have at least 5 new kids every year, what makes this one any different?" Ryn said in an exasperated tone. After all, she and Lily were late for their Literature class and she wasn't in the mood for mindless gossip.

"Because…this ones a boy…a hot boy might I add and he's like 3 years older then us...I'm not sure why yet but I will most def. find out for sure!"

"Oh I'm sure she will," mused Lily, replacing her notebook to her neat stack of books in her arms.

"Oh she's just probably horny and hopped up on vikadin…ya know the usual." explained Ryn. Together the two girls headed off to their last class of the day.

Literature was without a doubt Ryn's favorite class. It was common knowledge throughout the school that she was the "writer" and the "talented one".

"If only they knew where that talent profited most," she mused, glancing at a black glossy book a student was carrying in their hands. She shook her head and looked at Lily who glanced at the book and immediately shared the same look. They continued down the hall with the bemused expression on their faces, keeping the simple secret they shared between each other.


Why the hell did I come back, was the first thought running through Deryck Talons mind. He was, after all, turning 20 in a week and therefore had the adult right to keep himself out of school. But as in accordance with his aunt and uncles rules, he could live with them if he went back for his last year of high school he never got to complete.

Not only are they putting me at the mercy of high school hell but I have to keep my GPA B plus or above and get 'involved' with the school. He shuddered at the word…he was never one for extracurriculars. And now, to add an extra touch of the ironic fate his schedule had landed him in 8th period A.P. Lit., something the office was not willing to change and something he wasn't looking forward to. Deryck relaxed in the seat his teacher had assigned him, right smack in the middle.

At least I have an okay teacher, he thought.

As soon as Deryck had walked into the classroom (another ironic twist of fate, his 7th period class was right next to the Lit. room) Mr. Radakim had made it clear that he was willing to help Deryck since his schedule was, well, less than desired. Deryck started to study the back of his Wuthering Heights book while students trickled in. Right where he was rereading the sentence about ever lasting love the bell rang and class was called to attention. During the first round of notes, two girls suddenly came bursting through the door into the classroom. "Ahh ladies…late again I see? Tsk, tsk, tsk! Into your seats you go!" The tall blonde straightened up and giggled.

Wow, Deryck thought. I guess there are their bonus sides to high school…high school girls.

"Yo, sorry Mr. Radakim. I didn't mean to interrupt," she said, rolling her eyes. She then took a seat two rows across from Deryck. Meanwhile, Deryck was still contemplating the blonde when he realized the second girl was still flustering around, trying to recover the many books that had fallen out of her hands and purse. "Um…Miss McClain…do you need some assistance?" Mr. Radakim asked. "No, no I'm fine. Sorry about that Mr. R." The girl finally straightened up and Deryck got a nice long, surprising look of her. Medium height, slim, and blessed with a mane of auburn hair that reached down to the small of her back in a slight curl at the end. A shock of bangs were parted to the left side of her face, half covering startling green blue eyes which were almond shaped and perhaps just a bit too large but beautiful nonetheless. She had a slim, ski slope nose with a dusting of freckles across her pale skin and lips that could be described as nothing but pouty were currently turned into a disgruntled frown as she took the last empty seat, right next to Deryck. Mr. Radakim returned back to the notes on the chalkboard while the girl, newly named Ryn, shifted around restlessly in her seat, seemingly looking for something. It was then Deryck noticed a book lying near his feet. Bending down he picked up a rather worn edition of Wuthering Heights.

Well, she must either have gotten this really cheap or this isn't her first time reading the book, he mused. Tapping her desk gently with his pen to get her attention, she practically jumped out of her seat all together.

"Uh here's your book I think." For the first time their eyes met and Deryck felt something odd. It was timid yet strong eyes meeting defiant and unsure ones.


The rest of English Lit. class passed slowly for Ryn. She kept shifting around in her seat, and when she finally sat still, her right foot would start to shake, then if she switched legs, it would be her left. Finally she gave up, planting both feet firmly on the floor. No matter what position she was in, she felt as though the new boy, Deryck Talons', eyes' were on her, causing her to fidget even more. Ryn, thoroughly bored with the notes on a book she had read countless times, and thoroughly uncomfortable with the staring finally wrote a note to Lily.

*So, the guy next to me is clearly the new boy. Or should I say man. How old is he anyway, nineteen, twenty? Anyway, whatever age he is I wish he would quit looking at me…I'm afraid the leg shaking will reach Richter scale soon.

Oh yeah…can I get a ride home?


Ryn quickly passed the note while Radakims back was turned…well "chucked at" is a more accurate term. Landing in her hair, Lily picked it out while giving Ryn a face reminiscent of recess in fourth grade. Ryn watched Lily's face while she read the note. Her eyebrows rising in interest, Lily bent her head scribbling furiously on the scrap piece of paper. Quickly (and more gracefully), she gave the note back to Ryn. Opening the folded paper carefully, Ryn quickly read Lily's response.

*First, I want your handwriting. Second, so THAT'S why your spazzing over there. I thought you were having an epilepsy fit or something. So he's staring at you huh?….hmm…interesting, very interesting. :) He may look older than us but girl, he's hot! Maybe Kristin was on to something….just kidding!…kind of… anyway, sure I'll give you a ride home, meet me in the side parking lot. You know the spot.


"Okay delinquents! Here's your first assignment for this book, and it better be good. I want you all to write a three-page paper on good vs. evil, portrayed by symbolism. Oh yes, no double space."

Mr. R just smiled as the groans began to escalate throughout the room.

"Aw, music to my ears," he chuckled.

The bell rang as Ryn crinkled the note, dropping it in the trash on her way out, then strode towards the door, looking forward to going home and starting on the assignment. Suddenly she collided with an unyielding warm surface, knocking her backward and onto the floor.

"Not again!" she wailed as her books and purse took another trip around the classroom floor.

"Sorry bout that," the deep voice of Deryck Talon sounded above her. "Here, let me help you pick up."

The two of them scurried over the floor, retrieving books and items from her purse. Deryck picked up the Wuthering Heights book again.

"Déjà vu huh?", he asked with a smirk.

Ryn was momentarily startled by the affect his look had on her. His eyes met hers and held her there, locked for a minute.

"Uh….um…yeah..th-thank you.", she stammered.

"Hey kids," Mr. R said," when your done staring at each other, I'd like to get out of this school at some point too!"

Ryn straightened up, bracing her books on her hip while her cheeks heated in embarrassment.

"Thanks again," Ryn muttered, practically running out of the classroom and down the main steps, stopping at her locker long enough to grab her coat.

Reaching the main doors, Ryn pushed through to the frigid winter air.Taking a deep breath of the crispness she continued on to the side of the building looking for Lilys car.

"Hey Ryn! I'm over here!"

Ryn turned to see Lily leaning against her old light blue Lincoln.

"So, what took you so long?" Lily asked as they settled into the car starting the engine.

"Let's just say A.P. English is never gonna be the same and I might have a broken tailbone. I wish I could go one day without bumping into someone or something."Ryn grimaced.

Lily smirked as the car pealed out of the parking lot.

"Yeah but where's the fun in that?"

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