tagRomanceBruises Ch. 02

Bruises Ch. 02



Deryck Talon pulled his old, dilapidated mustang into the driveway of his Aunt Linda and Uncle John's house. The home was a Victorian reproduction, complete with 3 stories, and turrets in each corner of the roof, on of which Deryck's room was situated under. The pale yellow siding ran throughout the whole exterior of the house, complemented by the dark shingles of the roof, adding charm and elegance to the home. Stained glass was displayed throughout the house, from the doorway to the front windows. Deryck shook his head slowly as he turned off the engine. He still couldn't believe he'd ended up here.

After all I've done, he thought, I'm still being given, not even a second, but more like fifth chance to start over. Sighing as he pulled his backpack, heavy with half a years worth of work to catch up on,

He muttered to himself, "I guess I better not screw up this time. I guess that means getting started on homework."

Wiggling his house key into the lock, Deryck was greeted by a flying flash of brown fur. Knocking him backwards, down onto the snow covered ground, Poe, Linda's cocker spaniel sheltie, packed more punch then she let on.

"Just had to come say hi, didn't you girl?" Deryck smiled, as he gathered both, book bag and dog in his arms, entering the warm house and quickly shutting the door, blocking out the cold January air.

"Anyone home?" Deryck called. After a few moments pause, it was evident he was the first to reach the house.

"I supposed Linda forgot to feed you again huh?" Deryck smirked as he looked down at Poe just sitting at his feet, looking at him with pleading eyes.

Deryck's Aunt Linda worked as a freelance writer for local newspapers, and was working on her fourth novel. Now, she was apparently at a crucial point in her book, often forgetting to do everyday things, most of which seemed to be forgetting to feed the rest of the family.

"All right, all right...how could I say no to those eyes." he chastised softly, leading the way towards the spacious and welcoming kitchen.

After relieving Poe's hunger as well as his own, Deryck trew his backpack over his shoulder and made the trek up the wide oak stairs to his bedroom. Derycks bedroom was one of his saving graces. Not necessarily the larges room, what it lacked for in size it made up for in comfort and height. Situated under the largest turret, a spiral set of stairs was situated in the middle of the sphere shaped room. The stairs led up to a second level to Derycks room, so to speak, this platform was placed right under the windows of the turret, giving him a breathtaking view of the surrounding neighborhood. His aunt had decorated his room in cool shades of blue, varying from the lightest sky color, to the darkest sapphire hue. A double bed took up most of his room on the first level, along with a bookcase and desk with computer. The room was very simplistic in design. The part Deryck most loved about it was the top level, which was basically a matressed floor, covered in pillows and cushions. He thought of this as his nest, and a place for him to be alone. Right at that moment however, Deryck had work to do.

"Might as well begin with the worst", he thought, pulling out his English lit. folder, cliffs notes, and copy of his book.

Fifteen minutes later, he was still struggling with his topic sentence.

"I'm going to need some help," he muttered, as he grabbed his keys, coat and headed back downstairs and out the door.

He knew just the place to clear his head.


Ryn ducked her head just in time as a snowball flew past her ear.

"Nice one" she called out while throwing her own, perfectly packed snowball at her nemesis.

Seven-year-old MiKayla Henderson popped her head up and flashed a quick, taunting smile before throwing herself out of the way from Ryn's flying snowball. Every weekday, and for a couple of hours on the weekends, Ryn babysat little MiKayla. The Hudsons were close friends with Ryn's family and had been for sometime, although both MiKayla's parents were successful law attorneys, which kept them from home more than everyone would like. Ryn loved the 3 hours she spent with MiKayla though. Being an only child, she felt as though MiKayla was the little sister she never had. The little girls head popped up again, bearing the remnance of Ryns snowball on the top of her head.

"Not fair," MiKayla pouted. "There was no way I was ready for that...don't make me get Liam to beat you up!"

The infamous Liam Taylor, Ryn thought to herself.

"Well this has to be a record Kay...you've only said his name once in the half hour we've spent together. Bravo!"

The child just stuck her tongue out again and ran off towards the cold metal jungle gym. Ryn slowly picked up her hat that had been blown of her head during the skirmish and sat on the park bench, watching MiKayla play. She slowly settled into her thoughts. Liam Taylor was MiKaylas half brother. MiKayla's father, Edward Hudson, had been married once before and had profited from that marriage by a baby son, Liam. Although he was thrilled, Liam's mother Anne had been weakened by the birth and got increasingly sicker. Around the time Liam was 7th months old she passed away. Edward was heartbroken and overwhelmed on how to raise a child by himself. It wasn't until nine years ago that Edward remarried and had MiKayla with his new wife Marjorie. By that time Liam was 18 and went away to study abroad. He was apparently the light of both his fathers, stepmothers, and half sisters life. All Ryn ever heard was Liam this, and Liam that. Especially since she had grown older it felt that Mr. And Mrs. Hudson would bring him up more often, raining down compliments on him and how he was smart, funny, and polite.

These compliments were always accompanied by, "If only he could find the right girl," and a wink or knowing smile.

As much as Ryn had heard of this man, she had never seen hide nor hair of him. Granted, the Hudson's always went to him to visit.

Ryn took a deep breath of the frigid air, reveling in the cleanness of winter. Keeping one eye on MiKayla, Ryn pulled out her book for English and her highlighter, intent on making some more notes for writing her paper later. Soon Ryn was so engrossed in making notes and watching Kay she never heard the footsteps come up behind her till her book was plucked away from her hand.

"HEY! Give it ba-" Ryn cut off her sentence as she whirled around and saw who had grabbed her book.

Deryck Talon stood there with a crooked grin on his face and a knitted cap on his head. Wow, Ryn though as she studied Deryck's face. Once again she was amazed at how good looking this guy was. At her first glance she could have sworn his hair was black as a ravens wing, but upon closer inspection she saw it was the darkest of browns. She also noticed the perfection of his chiseled jaw and perfectly shaped nose. His mouth, curved into the smile that was quickly becoming distinctively his were soft and full. But the thing that caught her gaze and held her riveted were his eyes. They were a hazel color that changed easily. Out there in the cold, they were dark blue, almost obsidian, while before in the classroom they were an azure color. Either way they held her at a standstill. Shaking herself slightly Ryn rationalized that he must be too good looking for his own good, otherwise he'd be the perfect guy. Slowly he ambled around and sat next to her, tossing the book lightly between his hands.

"We always seem to be meeting this way don't we?" Deryck said.

Ryn was shocked at first by the affect his deep voice had on her. Reaching out the grab the book back, he pulled away again keeping it just out of reach.

"Whatever do you mean," Ryn said innocently as she lunged a final time, completely missing and landing on the ground. "Ouch"

"Here let me help you," Deryck said chuckling while holding a strong looking hand out to her. Ryn looked at it skeptically before timidly taking it as he hoisted her up.

"We always seem to be meeting whenever this book is around, which seems to be often." Deryck explained.

"Well, perhaps that is because we've only talked to each other, what is it, twice?" Ryn answered as she brushed loose snow off of her pea coat.

A small, high-pitched voice broke between the two as MiKayala shouted, "RYN, HEY RYN! LOOK AT ME!"

MiKayla was hanging upside down on the metal climbing bar.

"That's nice Kay if you want to kill yourself! Get down or no marshmallows in the hot chocolate."

Ryn turned her attention back to Deryck who was watching with interesting in his eyes.

Raising his eyebrows questioningly, "No marshmallows huh? That's awfully harsh. Boy if I were her I'd boycott you as my big sister."

Ryn glared at him momentarily before smiling, "I'm her babysitter...and the little brat knows that I'll give her marshmallows even if she commits homicide."

"Well isn't that endearing."

"Oh yes, quite the charming picture of an eight year old huh," Ryn sat back down on the bench and Deryck soon followed.

Sighing she asked, "So, your names Deryck right," even though she defiantly knew the answer.

"Yes, and your Ryn. Mr. Radakims class." Deryck answered.

Nodding she looked at him again, "So why are you out here and not working on your paper?" she asked.

"Or are you just fond of going around taking innocent citizens books?" she smirked.

"Well, I was going to the library to find some help. English isn't exactly my thing, but I saw this park and I decided to stop and walk around. What about you?" Deryck asked.

Ryn smirked yet again, "Besides babysitting I WAS being productive and making notes for later...till someone took my book that is. By the way you still haven't returned it."

She pointed to the tattered book still clutched in his hand.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that. Here you go."

He handed the book back to her and their hands brushed. Ryn quickly pulled away flustered and looked at Kay swinging herself upside down on the swing set this time.

"I swear she's going to kill herself," Ryn commented.

"Well I'm sure that will liven up the marshmallow debate." Deryck said as he followed her gaze towards the child.

"She may be crazy but she's incredibly intelligent and can throw a mean snowball. I've got the ice caked head to prove it." Ryn said as she shook her hair out.

Deryck groaned. "If only she knew something about symbolism and I'd be set. I'm really not looking forward to this paper, when's it due by the way?"

Ryn glanced at him, "Radakim always gives us two weeks for papers. And look, if your having problems with your paper, especially since your new, I could always, I don't know, help you out a couple of nights a week."

Ryn's cheeks flushed pink as she said this. Deryck looked apprehensive.

"Thanks, but I think I can manage this on my own."

Ryns cheeks heated further and she looked away.

"Um, yeah, okay. Well I should get MiKayla home before she freezes to the jungle gym."

She quickly got up throwing her hat back on her head and calling to the girl. Deryck suddenly called out as Ryn was heading to her mothers car she had borrowed. "Hey Ryn, how about we meet at the school library after school tomorrow. I could use the help."

Ryn froze in mid-step and slowly turned.

"You don't have too," she said, suddenly hoping he wasn't just saying it to make her feel better. But why do you feel disappointed in the first place, she scolded herself.

"I'm sure you can handle the paper," she called and continued walking.

Running to catch up, Deryck grabbed her arm. Through her coat she could feel the warmth of his hand and it made her breath catch in her lungs. He turned her around to face him and inched his face closer.

"I really would need the help," he said while staring into her eyes.

Ryn shivered and looked back until MiKayla came running up and barreled into Ryns legs. Laughing, Ryn righted herself and turned to Deryck.

"Sure," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Ryn got in the car with MiKayla and started the ignition. After they arrived at MiKayla's house, Ryn was still seeing Derycks eyes in her mind.

"RYN! Your going to burn the milk!" shrieked MiKayla, bringing Ryn back to reality.

Oh geez, she thought, this is going to be an interesting two weeks.

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