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Brutal Love


The beauty that stands before me is bound lusciously in white nylon rope. The rope is tied about her in a dress form and wound around her swollen pussy lips, already glistening with excitement. Her pert breasts are bound tightly and her pink nipples are erect. Her tits are already turning a light pink color from the binding. I command her to turn around and bend over. She obeys like the good little plaything she is. I smack her really good on her ass and a blush handprint appears instantly. I watch as her snatch gets a little wetter, though she does not dare to make a sound. I feel my prick harden in my pants. I am tempted to pull it out right now and fuck her raw, but I calm myself. My plans are worth waiting for.

I give her another rough spanking and feel my own hand tingle from the impact with her firm ass. I grab at her hips with both of my hands and dig my nails into them. I feel her body give off a shudder in response.

I stand her upright and turn her to face me. I lean forward to kiss her plump pink lips and pause to bite the lower one. She tries to lick back at me in desire and I smack her across the face even though I'd love to have her tongue in my mouth. She stops abruptly in her attempt to kiss me back, remembering her place. Such a good little slut. "I didn't say you could touch me, whore. On... your... fucking... knees... and beg my forgiveness," I order her.

"Please, Master. I am sorry that I disobeyed. I will please you better next time, sir."

This is the perfect opportunity for me to get a teaser of her sweet mouth, so I unzip my jeans and, grabbing her hair roughly, force my thick and now fully hard cock in her mouth, gagging her until her eyes water and leave black mascara trails down her pale cheeks. I see her face get red and I release her. She gasps for air when I yank it out of her throat. Her mouth felt like heaven but I must have control and resist fucking her skull until I release my full load down her throat.


I leave her, still kneeling on the cold wood floor, big brown eyes begging for more than I'll allow her. Her skin is ridden with goose bumps and I can almost see her heartbeat under her well-endowed rack. I take my time to make her wait until I finally return with an anal plug and a long coat. I point her towards the bed and she eagerly struts over to it. I walk up behind her, grab her head, and shove her into a doggy position, once again, over the bed. I take my hard cock, and having spit on it, shove it in her ass. Damn, she feels good. I can feel her muscles clench at me and its all I can do to not pound the hell out of her. From the way her body responds, I can tell she wants me to. She is the only one who could make me so fucking horny so quickly, but I do not dare let her know this. I pull out and shove the plug into her and fuck her hard with it. Her quim is soaked thoroughly. I let it rest deep inside her and pull her back to a standing position by her hair. I throw the coat over her. "Put it on, bitch!"

She robes quickly, only too happy to please, and stands waiting further instruction. My next instructions are bound to get a protest and I'm looking forward to punishing her for her refusal. "Let's go. We're going out."

Her eyes get round in shock and she stammers.

"I said let's fucking go!" With that I slap her ass hard. "Don't think you won't pay for your disobedience when we return!" I shove her towards the door and she leads me out of the house and towards the car. We drive for what must seem like hours to her before I turn into Wal-Mart and park. She looks at me again, pleading with her eyes and I ignore her.

I am the complete gentleman in public, opening her door, offering my hand to her, and leading her inside. It is obvious to me her vulnerability and she is convinced everyone else can read her as well. I do not calm her fears even though I know that no one else would ever imagine what she has on under that coat... or rather her lack of. My cock is still rigid, especially now that I imagine her plump ass, open to the air beneath the coat, plug still in place within its depths and those hairless twat lips dripping their wetness onto her thigh. I lick my own lips in hunger for her sweet cunt.

I lead her around Wal-Mart, browsing though item after item, making small talk casually. She nervously bites her lips and glances around expecting to see gaping mouths. She starts to relax and I walk her to a clothing rack. I hug behind her, making it look like I'm just hugging her, and grasp onto the plug through the coat. I fuck her with it right there as I whisper in her ear what our return home will bring. "I'm going to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours and you're going to enjoy it like the good fuckhole you are. Then I'm going fist that fat sloppy cunt of yours. But I'm not going to let you cum. Then I'm going to fuck both your nasty holes with as many dicks as I can manage to squeeze in there. I will not let you sleep all fucking night. You will ask for more, no matter how much you hurt. You will tell me how dirty of a slut you are that you need that many to even please you. Do you understand?" I whisper. She nods, I stop fucking her, and we resume our walk. I can see the trails of her wetness running onto her ankle.

As we shop, we pick up certain items to purchase... a large bottle of lubricant, a tall pillar candle, an extra firm pillow, and a bar of soap. She looks at me curiously, but doesn't utter a word.

I can tell that the long drive home is torturous for her and I slow down despite my urge to run home to play. Once again, as we arrive home, I play the perfect gentleman part until we are safely inside with the door shut behind us. I grab her by the hair and force her down the hallway and into the bedroom. I throw her down on the bed and for a moment it almost seems as if she is afraid. Maybe I've gone too far.

"Take off that hideous coat!" I scream. She quickly removes it but remains on the bed. I remove my own clothing, climb onto the bed, and straddle her pretty little face. I smack her across the cheek. "Open up, you little bitch!" I shove my cock full force into her mouth and she gags again, face reddening and tears welling up in her eyes. I ram my dick in and out of her face until I almost cum, but I refuse to give her the pleasure. "For such a whore, you sure are terrible at sucking dick." I backhand her across her face again, but secretly being careful to not bruise up her perfect face.

I grab my knife from the bedside table and cut off her bindings and remove the plug. Grabbing the lube, I wet my hand down and shove it deep into her awaiting twat. She screams out and I love the sound but I punish her anyway by shoving the bar of soap into her mouth. I fuck her with my thick hand until she loosens and begins to get close to orgasming all over me. She is dripping wet. I grab the pillar candle next and shove it in. It's a very tight fit even with my hand preparing a space first. She grits her teeth into the bar of soap involuntarily. I remove the soap before she chokes and mutter a warning in her ear.

I open a drawer next to the bed and withdraw various dildos, all jelly secretly for her comfort. I roll her over onto her belly and pick her up at her hips with my nails digging into the fleshy curves. I pour lube all over her ass and bare pussy and begin shoving dildos in both holes until I can tell that she can't take any more. I fuck her with them, five total, and her body bares down in pain and she starts to shake. I hit her in the back and shove her head back down onto the bed. "Tell me how much you fucking love it. Tell me what a whore you are!"

"I'm.. such a whore... I am so... nasty and... loose. Fuck me, Master... I fucking love... all... those... cocks..." She strains to talk through her teeth as she bares down on them.

I remove myself from the bed, grab her by the ankle, and drag her off the bed. She hits the floor with a thump before I twist her over and command her to suck my cock like a good little fuck toy. She bobs her head eagerly, preferring this to being spread open with such a load of cocks. She rolls her tongue around my cock and gags herself with my dick. She licks my nuts with my dick pounding her throat. I feel her saliva dripping off of them and rolling back almost to my asshole. I shove her away and, tilting her head back onto the bed, I sit on her face and make her tongue fuck my asshole.

Leaving her again, I retrieve the new pillow and throw it at her. I sit across from her on a cushioned chair. "I want you to fuck that pillow. Rub that sloppy snail all over it." She folds it slightly and begins to grind her clit into it. Her face reddens and she glides back and forth over it until she's surprised by how close she is to cumming. My dick throbs and I crave that gorgeous ass of hers. When she looks at me for approval, I point to my dick and she gets up from the bed. "Crawl." She gets on her hands and knees and creeps towards me, tits bouncing with each movement. She gets to me and I gag her once more with my cock before pulling her up to sit on its massive girth. She happily bounces on it, enjoying the intimacy. I love the way her pussy swells after such rough play until it is tight as fuck on my dick. All that stretching and it only gets tighter. Her wetness rolls down my nuts and over my asshole. She starts to stop, obeying the no-cum rule, and I shove her down hard and fuck her. She cries out that I have to stop or she'll cum. I continue anyway. She showers me with her hot cum. It sprays onto my stomach and fills up the well of my belly button. It shoots so far up my body that I can taste it. I join her and cum deep inside her, shooting multiple streams of hot sticky jizz into her snatch.

I shove her to the floor and tell her to stand and bend over for me. She does as she's told and I can see my cream erupting from her pussy. I smack her hard on the ass in approval and more cum oozes out from a twitch in her cunt.

Such a good little fuck.

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