tagRomanceBryan & Carla after the Supermarket Ch. 04

Bryan & Carla after the Supermarket Ch. 04




"Oh my gosh, Carla, I can't think of any better way to wake up to than with you sucking me off. But do we really have the time for this?"

"Mmm," Carla said, removing her mouth to respond and replacing her lip and tongue action seamlessly, using her hand to squeeze and pump him.

He groaned again, opening one eye, this time as Carla added a polishing motion with her other spit-moistened hand at the end of each stroke, reminiscent of unscrewing and attempted re-screwing a champagne cork in the neck of a magnum about to blow under its own steam, taking Bryan back to remembering those wonderful moments last night dancing behind the bar counter with this gorgeous woman.

Only sixteen hours earlier and he would have thought this present level of intimacy impossible. Then, he had no girlfriend or anyone he knew who he loved or loved him as much as he had always loved this girl. Without resolving how he felt about her up to then he had been unable to move on with his personal life. He came here because he felt it would be impossible to move on without this girl in his life, as his wife, or cut off and cauterize his yearning, if he determined that any relationship with her was unachievable.

Yesterday Bryan had somehow survived the shock of unexpectedly meeting once again the girl of his dreams and they had swiftly reformed their acquaintanceship to the extent that during the night she had agreed to marry him.

He had found out that he had a daughter too, one he had not the slightest inkling of prior to less than a complete day ago. So now he had two reasons why he had to ensure their future together. It meant he couldn't stall the showdown that was coming, and it had to be soon, to soothe his troubled heart or break it in pieces forever. And this was no longer about breaking one heart, but possibly all three hearts that were now involved.

Yes, he recalled with pleasure, that session in the pub had been filled with provocation which both thrilled him and threatened his sense of public decency at every turn. Bryan and Carla had danced to their own tune around the serving side of that public bar all evening. For four hours they fully serviced the requirements of all-comer drinkers, but the clientele were mere ancillaries to the courtship dance that had been all about them.

He had squirmed through her every bottle stroke, every lick of a finger to rub away an imaginary smudge on a bulbous glass, how she caressed and polished a champagne flute though they were unlikely to serve champagne at any time that night.

But then, while his back was turned as he operated the till, she perfectly poured for him his perfect beer with a perfect head, her open smiling face telling him that this gesture was all for him. The thought of her emphasising that she was all his by a fingertip dipped into the creamy head, and sucked off that precious finger with her eyes shut in the fullness of her desire, was all he needed to cream the inside of his jeans and send him scurrying down to the cellar on a fool's errand to cool off his rampant ardour.

Now in his new bed, their bed, these recollections brought him to this point of precum, that promise of ecstasy, whilst still having one eye shut, gummed tight during his short but utterly deep sleep of exhaustion.

"Do WE really have time for this?" Carla's acidic reply cut though his dreaming, "Really Bryan? Well, I have needs too, this is not ALL about you, Mr - sorry, Captain - Bryan Taylor, you know. I have needs that have not been met for a considerable time, as you of all people should now be clearly aware. Wait until YOU have a three-year-old demanding all your attention the moment they're awake. One gets used to managing time and now is MY time."

"No complaints from me, Carla. ... I think from now on I'll put you in charge of managing all my time..."

While still stroking him, she got up on her haunches and moved forward until she hovered above him on the bed, her tongue barely protruding her compressed lips in concentration, to get this just right. She stroked the tip of his gland languidly along her hot nether lips, bringing forth vapid sighs from them both. He could feel her moist anticipation as he lifted his hands to her puffy nipples as soon as they came within his reach.

"I need this, my Darling man," she breathed, "I've waited so long."

"We, Sweetheart," Bryan reminded her, "WE have both waited so long for this."

"Clean slate, remember, your wooooords," she hissed back as she positioned his erection at the entrance to her inner core and eased herself down to try and engulf his rod in one go.

"Clean slate or not, Sweetheart," he groaned, "you are still the only woman I have ever wanted to make love to, you were my first, my only, and I want you to be my last forever."

"Last forever ... mmm, I like the sound of that," she giggled.

She was sore from last night. It had been four years since she first and last time she had made love this close to dawn. It was only a couple of hours ago, although it seemed longer, since they last coupled and that had been a fast and furious fuck in contrast to the glorious hours of foreplay, interplay and after-play preceding. Now, she was wet and slick inside, from both their earlier secretions, but she did move up and down twice during her gentle descent in order to ease his entry, before she had satisfactorily absorbed him within her inner depths up to his hilt. He helped her in her task by thrusting up as high as his body would bend and then, together, they moved in instant and remarkable harmony. They built up a slow, determined rhythm, that soon had them both breathless.

"Darling ... if we are going to do all we need to do this morning ... we're going to have to make this the fastest fuck on record," Bryan said as he thrust up harder.

"We better had," she agreed breathlessly, and changed from moving her whole torso up and down on his cock, to hip action only, so increasing the timing of her thrusts, noting with pleasure that Bryan quickly responded to the new rhythm and adjusted his action to match hers in return, "I hadn't realised you were going to take this long to wake up after I started sucking you, Darling."

"And I thought I was still having the same wonderful dream I'd had for the last four years ... one so memorable, so real, that I never tired of and was reluctant to wake from and thereby induce a premature conclusion to my pleasure. You should have pinched me to check if was dreaming."

"And I needed you to pinch me too- Ow! That hurt! My nipples are so sore!"

"Well, I do worship them, after all, and I had sadly been neglecting my devotions for so long."

Carla bounced increasingly harder and faster on his bed, their bed. Their bodies slapped together enthusiastically like the animated handclap of a desperate parent at her child's dying stand-up comic routine audition. He knew she was getting closer to her release, her hair thrashing about his face as her head rolled, her face and throat flushed, the veins standing out on her neck. Her inner core felt hot enough to spontaneously combust. Only their combined juices, they had individually concluded, could save their lives! Bryan could feel her body tense and begin that tell-tale tremble, so familiar from his all-encompassing dreams that were fuelled by the well-worn memories of the single night of passion these star-destined lovers had shared in common. He slackened the reins he held on his own passion, letting his emotions go free, determinedly stroking his cock deep into her inner core, to beat her to her release for just this once, to provide her with the hot catalyst for her own wet climax.

Then she collapsed onto him, so suddenly that he thought she must have fainted. He pumped a couple more times, feeling equally enfeebled as his brain's instructions to his legs faltered in his ecstasy and he had energy enough only to place his arms around and embrace her. He kissed her neck with lip, tongue, then teeth and she stirred with a groan.

"Darling? Are you all right?" he asked.

"Mmm, yes, Darling, I'm just fucked, really fucked," she replied sleepily, "I could get used to this, you know."

"I certainly hope so," he laughed, "I think we need to reinforce our muscle memories by regular training."

She pushed herself up on her elbows and looked into his eyes, "I know you pinched my tits, so I'm certain that I'm not dreaming any of this, so I didn't just imagine through wishful thinking that yesterday you asked me to marry you and today holds the additional promise of a ring?"

"You didn't imagine it, my own dream darling girl, but we do need to get going and collect our flower girl first on the way."

"Flower girl?"

"Well, you need one of your bridesmaids to be a flower girl don't you?"

"Bridesmaids! Oh my god! I need to speak to my Mum. She's been imagining me walking down the aisle since, well forever."

"And I need to speak to your Dad ... after which I am then going to ask you properly, once we get the ring."

"Ah, the bended knee bit," Carla said, "we're doing the whole thing, proper dress, bridesmaids, flowers, the bells, are we?"

"Of course the bended knee bit to start with. And the guard of honour in full dress uniform and swords drawn over our heads. And I will definitely be trying to ring your bells if it takes me all night! We are only doing this the once Sweetheart, so it has to be the works."

"Promise me, Captain Taylor, no big-arsed Army tank with tin cans tied to the back and L plates made from white card and red lipstick."

"Well, you'll have to keep your friends in check with that regards, I promise I won't suggest that particular idea to Jenny, but she can be pretty wild thinking stuff up like that herself. Now, we need to get a move on and that means showering separately, otherwise, you know what will happen ... so, you wanna go first or second?"

"First, but I've nothing to wear-"

"I'll sort out a tee shirt and sweatpants while you shower, you'll have to go commando, but's only in the car to the car park and on to your-"

"Car park?"

"Your car has a child seat, Darling, mine hasn't. We will address that deficiency today, but it's too early now. So, go commando just for the car journey, you can change at your Mum's and bring whatever you like home with you afterwards."

"My Mum's? Home?" she teased as she eased herself up and Bryan fell out of her, with a trail of mess that she tried to cup as best she could with her hand, "so this is my home, now?

"Yes, but I ... look, get showered and changed, then pop the kettle on for a cup of tea and we'll talk about what's got to happen today before we go get Brie."

"OK, but I've got something important to say before we collect Brie," she said, looking him straight in the eye.

"So have I."

"All right. Do you remember where my Mum and Dad's house is? It's been a while."

"Yes, I drove past on my way to the hotel the day before yesterday."

"But it's in a cul-de-sac."

"I know, I had to turn around at the bottom, it's a really tight turning circle, I had to have two goes at it. So come on, Trooper, jump to it!"

"Yes Sir!"

And she was gone. While she was in the shower, Bryan sent brief text messages to his Mum, Dad and older sister Ellen.

When he came down dressed in jeans and a tee shirt after his own shower, Carla was bustling around with cups and saucers to put on the kitchen table. The tea pot was already on the brand new table, sitting on a wooden platter she must have found in a drawer.

She bounced around in a different tee shirt and sweats to the ones he had left on the stripped bed for her. The sweatpants were in desert camo design, while the white top had the badge of the Household Cavalry regiment 'Life Guards' discretely embroidered on the left breast. They were far too big for her but she looked more petite and even more scrumptious than she normally did, even in scenes from his dreams.

"Where'd you find those?"

"Hanging up in your walk-in wardrobe, with all your uniforms, it looked like you wear these ones for working out. They are well worn, but nice and soft and look well lived in."

"Yes, I run in those every day when I'm on base. They're getting old and tatty now, I should get my Corporal to get some more out of stores for me when I get a chance."

"Your Corporal?"

"Staff Corporal Saunders, my old Squadron Corporal, he ... well, shall we just say he has a way of getting around the Quartermaster Corporal that doesn't come in the sort of manual lying around military stores."

"Ah, a female Corporal is she?"

"Yes, she's too short to be a Trooper, but in the Stores she is all strictly business, but Staff Saunders has found her soft centre, and I didn't even know she had one!"

"Is that why he's called 'Staff'?" she looked at him coyly.

He laughed, "Probably. We don't get invited to the Corporals' Mess very often, but when we do, even though she outranks him, she's simply and affectionally known as 'Q', and she hangs onto Staff's arm all evening."

"Good for the Corporal, I say.... Why isn't he a Sergeant?"

"Because we don't have Sergeants in the Household Cavalry, and we have never had them in the Life Guards. We are all tradition in the Guards."

"That's why it says Life Guards on this tee shirt. It made me think of you saving our lives."

"Well, you saved mine."

"I think we saved each other, Bryan. Brie and me have been floating, barely keeping our heads above water emotionally, Although we were surrounded by the love of my family, we felt we were incomplete."

"I know what you mean. I felt fulfilled in my work, but five minutes after signing off each day, I just felt that my life was empty."

"Hey, cheer up! We have great day ahead. And I do love this house. With that hand gadget, I drew the bedroom curtains open while you were showering. Wow! What lovely sunlight streams through early in the morning."

"It is double aspect, so the window on the short wall faces east and gets early morning sun, the other two windows face north so the room will remain cool in the afternoon and early evenings during the summer months."

She set down the plate of cheese biscuits and part filled carton of milk and turned to collect the cups and saucers from the side. "I couldn't find any biscuits or anything, just these cream crackers."

"Sorry, I got distracted during shopping in the supermarket yesterday and missed half the stuff off my shopping list."

"Me too, but I have had more practice than you, both in shopping for a week's meals in one go, and in being distracted. A baby does that to you all the time, so you always have to have half a mind on the task in hand."

"I promise to get more involved in baby care, Honey. We'll collect something to eat from the diner after picking up Brie, but come sit down, I need a word with you before we leave."

"Remember, I've got something to say, too."

"Let me get mine out of the way, first."

"Good, I'm a little bit nervous about mine."

"Me too." He squeezed her hand, continuing, "when I neared the end of my three-year short Commission, I wondered what I was going to do for the rest of my working life, seeing as I was a sad and lonely man-"

Carla grasped both his hands, her face concerned at the years of pain endured along. She at least had Brie who she could love enough for two.

He squeezed her hand and stroked the backs of them with his thumbs and continued, "and I considered what was in store for me after my time in the Army was done. I love being in the Army, I took to the life well and discovered I was good at what I was doing. It was like being part of a huge family that worked hard at being in harmony, so that every working part was considered important enough to get the right training and equipment to do the job. But if I signed on for 21 years, there would still be an end to that life somewhen, so where would I go? Moving close to Mum and her sort-of boyfriend, was an option but they were only getting older and I knew my future wasn't there. Besides, the houses in Berkshire, where I was based and Sussex where Mum lives, were too expensive."

"What about your sister Ellen?" Carla asked, "I didn't know her at all really, she was leaving secondary school just as I joined, but she came back to talk to us about her exciting career as a long haul airline hostess. She's so beautiful, like a runway model."

"Yes, I was in the hall for her talk, too. Ellen's thirty now and we found that she was also thinking along the same lines as me. This time a year ago neither of us had any ties to anywhere but here, the town where we both grew up. No family here now, other than Dad, his girlfriend and baby, but we have long-standing friendships, a few of which I keep up from a distance."

"Such as your mates the other night?"

"Yes, and in the light of my chats with Ellen, I took up her suggestion that I come back here to live. Ellen doesn't exactly know about you, only recognising that my lack of relationships must have had its origins here. I had concerns about bumping into you, with my misconception that you'd married and had a settled life here. Ellen said I needed to man up and come and see you, whoever you were and your circumstances."

"But a year ago you didn't."

"No, to my shame at that time I didn't. I now wish I had."

"But you have now."

"Yes, my Darling, I have."

"Good! It was a step in the right direction."

"It was, as it has turned out. But I wasn't thinking that at the time, just 1) get some property, 2) get a job, and 3) get to see you, find out if I had a chance."

"How could anyone refuse you a second chance?"

"I'm so glad you did. So, I looked at properties online and bought this house for a long term investment. It was better to use the money I'd saved, plus the money my parents had saved for my further education, after they split up. I kept it on deposit, and would have used for University if I found Army life unbearable. Just sitting in an account though, it was earning virtually no interest. I got the temp job at Tanners's and thought I would call on your parents in the first week or so here and find out where you lived, before talking to you."

"Who knew that we would shop at the same supermarket?"

"Exactly. So my best laid plans have been scuppered."


"Yes, knowing from last time around how long it was before we actually had our first date, I allowed myself three months to try and get back with you and see if you were willing to be the heart of my future happiness."

"I want to be there with you, my happiness depends on it."

"I am over the moon about that and I want this to work. However, when I said I did the extra year to make Captain, I'm afraid I said a white lie to you."


"I didn't want to frighten you off by telling you I had already signed on for 21 years, not just the one year."

"So what are you doing here, doing a temporary job?"

"I am on a leave of absence, using accumulated leave, until I start my next appointment in October, and I wanted to do something useful with that time."

"So where is your next appointment?"

"Sandhurst in Berkshire, about 30 miles from London."

"Not somewhere dangerous, with giant spiders and snakes and stuff?"

"No, not at all. So, you could live here in our house with Brie and hopefully a growing family, while I commute back for weekends, or you could follow me to live in married quarters and we'd rent this place out. I want you as my life partner, Carla, the mother of our children. I would love to hold you in my arms every night, but sometimes, and it would be for months on end, I do have to go to vulnerable places where you couldn't be safe to go."

"Yet you would be safe?" Her face had frowned, her eyes wide with some alarm.

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