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Brygida Ch. 02





It's almost 10:00 pm here, so around 4:00 your time. Maybe you'll get home to find my package today. We didn't do much after we got here, just walked around for a while, went to the grocery store and had dinner at a little Italian place. I had pasta with a gorgonzola sauce and onion soup, plus tried some of the local beer and wine. After dinner, they gave us a free round of grappa; I didn't realise at first what it was, and it reminded me of a sweet sake. I still haven't had a good rest, though I napped on the bus from Vienna to Budapest. The apartment is quiet, so I'm going to join everyone else in slumber.

I miss you, honey.




And now it's morning. I slept pretty well, got in about ten hours and only woke up twice. I'm not sure yet what we're doing today, possibly going to a museum or two. They have a city bus and subway pass that also allows you free or cheaper admission to a bunch of the local attractions, so we're going to go pick up some of those.

We're staying in the Pest part of the city. I took pictures yesterday of buildings that were shot up in the 50s, when they were trying to oust the communists. Some of the holes are huge. I wonder how thick the walls of those old buildings are.

The subway here is awesome; it's very fast and the trains come often. I'd be somewhat afraid to use them drunk, though – the escalators move at breakneck speeds and I wouldn't bet on the train doors stopping for human blockage.

It's so different here; and I like it, though the language barrier creates interesting problems and being broke out here sucks.



We meandered about for a while; our first stop was a train station, where it took almost two hours to acquire our rail tickets for Sighisoara, Eger, Krakow and back to Vienna. It was a bit of a pain in the ass, but at least we won't have to do it again. We picked up some Hungarian cigarettes, and they're strong but not bad.

When we finally left the train station, we ended up at St. Steven's Cathedral. It was beautiful but poorly lit because of the sky being overcast. Hopefully the few pictures we took will turn out well. We stopped at a giant marketplace for lunch – I got a giant plate of meat and vegetables drenched in some sort of paprika sauce, and it was amazingly yummy. I also had a Dreher beer, which I liked more than the Kronenbourg last night. We came back after tromping through windy rain and puddles to sample sweets and drink super yummy wine that cost the equivalent of about 75¢ a bottle.

I'm feeling better now, but was pretty bummed earlier... The whole trip feels awkward to me at times, particularly with me being so short on cash. Plus I don't have anyone to talk to, especially the folks who were helping me deal with being dumped back home. I'm still second-guessing my decision to come along, though I am grateful to be here.



Christ, woman, I fucking miss you to bits! I wish I could run out and call you right now. It's around 11:00 pm here, so I think 5:00 your time. You should still be at work. We ended up going to a neat little bar near the apartment last night. They didn't have food, but after a heavy lunch and snacks, beer was enough. Unicum, the national liquor, is interesting but not so yummy. I think we figured out that it has cardamom in it; the aftertaste was somewhat like that of curry. I also had a few shots of Ouzo, and everyone but Tom's stepdad was drinking Arany Aszok - decent and very cheap beer. We came back a bit earlier than Tom and I had hoped. Of course, he wanted to get all snuggly and then pushed me away as soon as I was comfortable there. And I'm dumb enough, desperate enough for human contact, that I keep going back for more.

Today was a death march day. We went out to the communist statue park, by way of three buses. Took lots of pictures, including some goofy shots where we posed with the giant statues. Then we went up to the castle hill in Buda, took the funicular car to the top of the hill and walked around the area for ages. Before heading back down, we visited a neat but silly labyrinth and splashed around in puddles for a while. The highlight was the random wine fountain, which made the entire cavern smell like wine-drenched earth. It made me want to strip naked and perform a ritual on the spot.

By the time we'd made it back down to civilisation, I felt as though my feet would fall off. And then we walked another mile or two, including a trek across a huge bridge, before stopping for dinner.

When we made it back this way, Tom and I were hoping to pop into the bar again; it was damn cheap fun and we really wanted to stop by a second time before leaving Budapest. We'd both like to do a bit less of the death marching and more of the living as the locals do. What's the point of being on vacation and going like the damn Energizer bunny every single day? It's not exactly relaxing, and who needs to hit every tourist attraction in town when you're only there for a few days?

Oh well. I really wish we were already home, and we've got twelve days left. Tomorrow is Turkish bath day, but I already doubt I'll be up for doing much else. My back, legs and feet are still killing me from earlier; days like this, I'd kill to find a stash of painkillers. Damn lack of insurance!

I almost forgot... For about half an hour on the trolley earlier, I cried. I was frustrated about everything, particularly Tom. I was exhausted. And M's backpack was open. I thought he knew I was behind him, so I closed it. He turned around and glared at me; I told him that his bag had been unzipped. "And you almost got smacked," came his reply. He was grumpy too, I guess. Anyway, that was kind of the last straw after I'd been holding in the tears all morning. I'm not sure if nobody noticed, they didn't want to embarrass me, or they simply didn't care. That half an hour really sucked.

And I still miss you terribly.


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