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BtB: The Dance


Sometimes when Ashley's in bed and I can't sleep, I fire up the computer and get on IRC, which stands for Internet Relay Chat. Now, before you accuse me of cheating on Ashley with some no good, screen licking, keyboard-humping cyber ho, let me tell you that I never actually have cybersex. See, Ashley and I talked about this and she would consider that cheating and I respect that. However, I don't mind watching other people have cybersex. I think it's a turn on, just like reading erotic stories. That's why I use the nickname 'TheWatcher.' Believe me when I say there's no limit to the number of people on the net that will let you watch.

So, one night, I was online, sitting there in the chat room quietly, just watching the scroll go by. Honestly, I was bored. Not much was happening. It was just me and the lamers trolling for cybersex.

I looked away from the screen, thinking that I might give up and go to bed. I turned back to say goodnight when I realized there were about twenty lines of text directed at someone with the nickname 'DancerDame.' Scrolling quickly, I could see that all of the messages to her were the usual lame cybersex pickup lines. Horrible.

Finally, DancerDame seemed perturbed and asked, "Is there anyone out there who wants to watch me dance?" Seemed perfect.

I asked her, in channel, if I could send her a private message about watching her. She said yes, so I did.

TheWatcher: So, what kind of dance were you thinking?

DancerDame: Well, I was hoping to give you a lap dance.

TheWatcher: That'd be great! As long as there's no actual cybersex.

TheWatcher: I'm married.

DancerDame grins

DancerDame: Don't worry. It's only a lap dance.

With that, we went to our own chat room, Watchers_Paradise. I made sure the room was invitation only and that no private messages would get in from outside.

DancerDame: You ready, baby?

TheWatcher: TheWatcher nods

DancerDame steps forward again and using her leg pushes your knees apart and steps between your legs

DancerDame places her hands on your shoulders and leans forward, blowing softly up the side of your neck

TheWatcher sighs and tilts his head

DancerDame bites your neck then stands up straight again

TheWatcher runs his eyes over you

DancerDame pulls off her shirt and lets it fall to the ground

TheWatcher blinks and grins

DancerDame: hey I'm still wearing a bra

TheWatcher: Don't matter

DancerDame turns around so her back is facing you and pushes her pants down slowly, bending over at the waist and sliding them all the way down

TheWatcher groans softly

DancerDame stands back up and kicks away her pants, then sits in your lap and leans back against you

DancerDame: no touching remember

TheWatcher: Damn

TheWatcher: Okay

DancerDame starts to rotate her hips, first moving them right and left then pushing back against you

TheWatcher groans louder

DancerDame moves her hips in a circle and raising her arms, circles them around the back of your neck

TheWatcher tries to lean forward to kiss your neck

DancerDame: no

DancerDame grabs your hair in her hand and pulls your head back

TheWatcher: Dammit

DancerDame turns her head and bites into your neck and grinds her ass harder against you

TheWatcher grits his teeth and grinds against you

DancerDame stands up and steps away from you

DancerDame turns to face you and pushes you back against the chair

TheWatcher whimpers

DancerDame trails her nails lightly down your chest, scraping your nipples

TheWatcher closes his eyes and sighs

DancerDame kneels on the chair on either side of you, straddling your lap but not touching you

DancerDame: So how turned on are you right now?

TheWatcher thinks before answering

TheWatcher: Extremely

DancerDame smiles and leans forward, brushing her nipples across your cheek and lips

TheWatcher sticks out his tongue and tries to lick

DancerDame pulls back before you can touch her

TheWatcher growls

DancerDame smiles

TheWatcher clenches his jaw and watches you

DancerDame tangles her fingers in your hair and pulls your head back, then lowers her mouth until she's almost touching your lips and licks your upper lip

TheWatcher sighs and tries to lick back

DancerDame touches the tip of her tongue to yours

TheWatcher whines and tries to move his head forward

DancerDame presses her mouth against yours and sucks on your tongue

TheWatcher moans and works his lips against yours

DancerDame pulls her head back and licks her lips then lowers herself so she's straddling you

TheWatcher breathes deep and watches, wanting to pull his hands free

DancerDame: nope. Keep your hands there

TheWatcher growls

DancerDame rocks her hips down and forward, rubbing against you

DancerDame: mmmmm. I like it when you get growly

TheWatcher gasps, his breath getting caught in his throat

DancerDame pulls your hair so you arch back over the back of the chair and bending forward licks your nipple, then scrapes her teeth across it

TheWatcher cries out, struggling to keep his hand behind him

DancerDame bites down on your nipple and tugs

TheWatcher gasps again, arching his chest toward your mouth

DancerDame smiles and bites down harder then releases it and smoothes her tongue across it

TheWatcher breathes quick, ragged gasps, his eyes wide

DancerDame moves her mouth to your other nipple and flicks her tongue across it then blows lightly on it

TheWatcher groans, expecting the same treatment as the last

DancerDame smiles and licks your nipple again hard and fast then straightens up

TheWatcher grits his teeth

DancerDame trails little bites up your collarbone then bites down hard on your shoulder and grinds her hips down against you

TheWatcher growls and throws his head back

DancerDame presses her chest against you, letting the lace on her bra scrape against your nipples and nips your neck playfully

TheWatcher strains against you, wanting nothing more than to pull his hands free

DancerDame smiles and shakes her head no then grazes her teeth up the side of your neck

TheWatcher closes his eyes and takes a deep breath through his nose, smelling your hair, the smell of your skin

DancerDame licks the skin over your pulse then scrapes her teeth across it

TheWatcher cries out just a little

DancerDame bites down on your pulse, digging her teeth gently into your skin

TheWatcher gasps and just manages to keep his hand from going to your head, moving it back behind him

DancerDame growls warningly and bites down harder, feeling your heartbeat pulse through your skin

TheWatcher cries out again, making only random half words

DancerDame releases your neck and runs the tip of her tongue over the bite mark, tracing each indentation

DancerDame rolls her hips in a circle against you then thrusts harder

TheWatcher mutters 'Good god' and shudders

DancerDame leans her head on your shoulder

TheWatcher tilts his head to touch yours

DancerDame kisses your neck

DancerDame: ok I'm doing driving you crazy

DancerDame smirks

TheWatcher: Yes, you are

DancerDame: How was that?

TheWatcher: That was incredible.

DancerDame smiles

DancerDame: Thanks for watching.

TheWatcher: My pleasure!

DancerDame grins

DancerDame: Have a good night.

TheWatcher: Thanks! You too.

DancerDame has left channel Watchers_Paradise

I logged off and realized that I had indeed enjoyed it. My penis was raging inside my lounge pants. Ashley didn't have anything important to do in the morning, so I headed upstairs with a grin and an erection.

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