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Bubble Bath


Before we get to the good stuff this was listed under first time cause this is my first time here and the first story I ever wrote.

I'm Sitting in a hot steamy bubble with some candles lit. You come home and think that no is home.

Then you hear a faint moan come from the bathroom. So you decide to take a peak, the door is open just enough for you to see through.

As you look in you can see me in the bathtub. To your amazement you can see my hand under the bubbles right above my pussy and you realize that I'm touching myself.

Your cock instantly starts to get hard as you watch me please myself. In your head you are thinking how you wish you could touch my hot wet pussy. I'm starting to moan louder now and you hear your name pass from my lips.

Your cock is now so hard that all you want to do is pound it in my pussy. So now you are debating on what to do, then you realize I have finished and am getting out of the tub.

I stand up and you see my body in the candle light as you watch the bubbles slide off me. I know you are watching me because I had planned for you to hear me when you came home.

You still think I don't know your there so you watch as I dry off and start to put on my clothes. At this point you want me so bad that you can taste my lips. So you slowly open the door and to your shock I'm not surprised to see you.

I say hey baby I was just thinking about you and you say I know I saw you. I ask you if you enjoyed my show and you say yes and I want to please you. I'm standing there in nothing but my black bra and black see through lace panties.

So you pick me up and sit me on the counter of the bathroom sink. We start kissing and you unsnap my bra and start to lick at my nipples. You all ready have me in rapture since I had climaxed moments before by my own hand.

You pull down my panties. So now I'm naked on the counter sitting there waiting for you. You now move from my nipples all way down to my clit. You spread my legs and start to rub my clit while licking my sweetness.

I like to see you on your knees and you have me moaning really loud now. Your cock is so hard you can't stand it anymore you want to feel yourself inside me. So you pull off your pants and I can see how hard you are now.

I grab your cock and guide it into my pussy. You tease me for a moment with it but you can't resist my hot wet lips. So you shove your cock into to me and I scream. Now you are working my pussy good, but you want me from behind so you pull out and bend me over the counter.

Your back in my pussy now and I can barely hold in my pleasure. I love your cock deep inside me while your spanking my ass and pulling my hair. You raise my head so I can look in the mirror and see you and you can see me. I can tell you are about to cum.

So you start grinding me harder and faster. You have me moaning and screaming and saying your name. You feel so good in my pussy baby. Suddenly you shove your cock deep and hard in my pussy.

I let out a cry of ecstasy. You by now have pulled your big hard cock out of me and have started to cum on my ass. I love feeling your hot cum on me. You turn me around and kiss me tickling my tongue with your own.

We jump into a hot steamy shower and I wash your body all over and then you wash mine. Then I start to kiss you while letting the hot water run on your back. I grab your cock and play with it while I kiss you and move down to nibble at your nipples. Then I slowly work my way down to your cock.

I can all ready here you moaning. I know you like when I suck your cock. I lick the tip and lick and up and down while playing with your balls. Then I start pumping your cock with my hand while I lick and suck on your balls. I can tell your in rapture cause you're grabbing the shower handle.

I know you can barely contain it. So I start sucking your now hard again cock is all the way in my mouth. I'm deep throating you now as I hear you say OH BROOKE! That feels so good baby.

You tell me your going to cum but you want it on my face and not in my mouth this time. SO I lick the tip and let you explode all over my face. I hear you moan loud and I can feel the hotness of you fall on my face. I lick and suck at your pulsating member until you are completely emptied.

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