tagErotic HorrorBubble Bath

Bubble Bath


Robert Bentley turned on the taps and looked at the small clear plastic packet.

Oh well, he may as well give it a go, he thought. He emptied the contents into the bath.


Bentley hadn't really gone into the New Age shop with the intention of buying anything. He just wanted to get a closer look at the hot shopkeeper he'd seen through the window. All he'd seen was a glimpse of pale skin and cascading black curls, but it had caused his heart to jump. Curious, and with a little bit of time to kill, he'd walked in to get a closer look.

The small premises were on the corner on the way to the bus station. It used to be an adult book store with dirty, boarded up windows. The new owners had replaced the wooden boards with clean glass windows. The interior was still cramped, but the windows helped give it the illusion of air and space.

As Bentley walked through the door a small bell tinkled above his head. He shuddered at the sound; it brought back memories of stepping on squeaky floorboards when returning too late from some party or other when he'd been a teen. He hadn't wanted to attract any attention to himself. Fortunately the shopkeeper was busy at the counter with a Miss Marple look-alike.

Bentley didn't really recognise anything in the shop. There were things that looked like incense sticks, brightly coloured balls that could have been candles or bath soap, various vials of different liquids and crystals, lots and lots of crystals. Worthless New Age crap basically. He pretended to browse while surreptitiously checking out the girl behind the counter.

Yeah, she was hot, but also with a wacky streak. Her pale face had the classic beauty of a porcelain doll, but enough warmth shone from her cheeks to give her an approachable air. Her black hair fell back across her shoulders in waves of glossy curls. The wackiness came from her clothes. She wore an old fashioned black velvet bodice, like something out of a period drama, and a ring of large wooden beads around her elegant neck.

Oops. She turned and looked in his direction just as Bentley was ogling the lush valley of her cleavage. That was awkward, he thought, looking away. He pretended to busy himself with the shelves of glittering crystals. He was still looking into a glass cabinet when a smiling face, framed with glossy black curls, came into view on the other side.

"Hello, can I help you?" she smiled. Her eyes were hazel and sparkled as brightly as the crystals surrounding them.

"Uh, just browsing," he said. He realised he was staring into the chasm of her cleavage again and she could see he was staring into the chasm of her cleavage again and hurriedly looked away.

"You seem very tense if you don't mind me saying," the woman said. She had a posh accent, proper Received Pronunciation, but with none of the airs and graces of elitism that sometimes conveyed. "You work a lot with computers don't you?"

"I program account transaction handling software," Bentley replied.

And why don't you add 'and I'm a huge nerd' while you're at it, Bentley thought.

"As I thought," the woman said thoughtfully. "All those hours cramped up in front of a screen have blocked up the energy flow of your body. Let me guess, you have real problems relaxing and unwinding."

Lately Bentley had been having trouble getting comfortable enough in bed to get a good night's sleep, but he thought that was more because he'd been under a lot of stress recently.

"I have felt a little tense of late," he admitted.

"That's because your natural energy flow is all blocked off. Your energy has no outlet to escape so it's coiling back on itself. It's like a spring that just keeps compressing and compressing. If you don't release the pressure it will break and do you some damage. We need to find something that will relax you and relieve some of that tension. Ah!"

Bentley jumped at her sudden exclamation.

"I think I might have just the thing," she said, her face lighting up. "Now wait here while I fetch it."

It sounded like a load of New Age bollocks to Bentley, but he was curious enough to see what the shopkeeper returned with.

And he should probably try not to look so obviously at her breasts.

The girl returned with a clear plastic packet filled with a green liquid. It looked like one of those gel packs you might throw in with the laundry, only slightly larger, about half the size of Bentley's hand.

She passed it to him. It was soft and surprisingly warm to the touch.

The girl spotted his nonplussed expression. "Bubble bath," she explained with a smile.

"Bubble bath?"

"Yes, just empty it, all of it mind you, into the tub next time you take a bath."

"And this will help me with the... um... energy flow?" Bentley said.

"It's a special recipe," the shopkeeper said, tapping her nose. "I think you'll find it's very relaxing."

Bentley looked doubtfully at the clear plastic bladder. There was a nozzle on one of the sides to let out the liquid contents.

"How much does it cost?" he asked. He suspected the only difference between it and common-or-garden bubbly from Tesco was around ten times the price.

"Oh don't worry about that," the shopkeeper said. "Think of it as a free sample, your starter on the path to better energy management."


"Before the massage sessions," the shopkeeper said, flashing him a lascivious smile.

And that was how Bentley got to walk home with a small plastic bladder of mystery green liquid in his pocket.


It was certainly frothing up nicely, Bentley thought. His bathtub was starting to resemble a miniature Jacuzzi with all the foam. He dropped in an arm to steer the growing mountain of soap suds away from the taps.

Mmm, that felt quite nice, he thought. The foam tingled warmly where it touched his arm.

Maybe there was something special in it after all.

He got undressed as the bath filled with water. His bathroom was also filling with a pleasant scent. It smelt fresh, a little like mint, but there was also an undertow of something musky like an exotic perfume.

Bentley waited for the water to fill to the right level, turned off the taps and then climbed in.

Oh wow, that really felt good, Bentley thought. The bubbles crackled pleasurably against his naked skin as he slid down into the warm water.

So there really was something to this new age crap after all, he thought. Just lying in the pool he could feel knots he didn't even realise he had start to unravel as he wallowed in the warm water and luxurious foam.

Yes, he could definitely get used to this.

Unbidden his cock popped up out of the water like a pole.

Not every part of him was relaxed, he thought with a smile.

Lying here and luxuriating in the bubble bath was making him feel a little horny he realised. He didn't know if it was the sensation of all the bubbles against his skin or the perfumed scent coming from the water, or a combination of both. Whatever the cause, a pleasurable itch was starting to develop in his balls.

Bentley reached up with a hand and gave his cock a lazy stroke.

Why not, there wasn't exactly anyone here to see him.

He lay back and slowly began to masturbate himself.

He looked at the icebergs of foam floating on the surface of the water and had an idea. He scooped up a pile until it formed a peak around and above his cock. Within it he stroked a hand up and down his cock.

Oh yeah, that felt good. It wasn't like any bubbly he'd ever tried before. The foam was thicker and more solid than normal bubble bath. He actually felt it against his cock. It was also slippery enough that his hand slid up and down with minimal friction. Best of all were the bubbles. They crackled and popped against his skin like a thousand miniature kisses on his cock.

Bentley lay back in pleasure as he brought himself to orgasm and felt his balls spurt a load of cum into the foam.

That was definitely what the doctor ordered, Bentley thought with a broad smile. The shopkeeper had been spot on about him needing to release some tension. He was looking forward to picking up some more of that bubble bath.

...and maybe a massage from the shopkeeper as well.

That was something to look forward to.

Bentley shut his eyes and basked in the post-orgasmic glow. He pictured lying back while the shopkeeper massaged his naked body. In his mind's eye he saw her smooth white hands running over his naked body. He imagined her hands caressing and tweaking his nipples. He felt her lubricated hands stroke up and down his erect cock.

He felt...

Something was lightly gripping his cock and it wasn't his hands.

A thought struck him. When he ejaculated he hadn't felt any of his cum. Not a single dribble had run back down over his hand. The foam surrounding his cock had seemingly absorbed it completely.

There it was again. A soft squeeze as a hand gently gripped his cock. He thought he heard a sigh like the whisper of mist across a lake.

Bentley opened a single eye.

The foam was moving. It was piling up together and rising up out of the water in the shape of a humanoid figure. An 'arm' ran into the pile of foam wrapped around his cock, where it had taken on the rough shape of a hand.

What the f-

"don't be scared -- feed me your arousal -- relax -- lie back -- don't be afraid."

The whispered words ran together like babbling water over polished rocks.

Bentley wasn't afraid. A little surprised perhaps, but not scared. He was too relaxed to feel scared.

And there was the gentle motion of the hand / foam stroking up and down his cock.

That felt too good to be something to be afraid of.

"yes-s-s-s-s," the sibilant whisper continued. "relax -- pleasure -- feed -- arousal -- give me form."

Bentley lay back and luxuriated in the feeling of the foam wrapped around and moving against his cock. A second foamy hand stroked his nipple and ran down his side. A warm pleasurable glow emanated from his body.

Above him the clear shape of a body was taking form out of the bath foam. As he watched the torso expanded and filled out. Two lumps of foam grew outwards and took on the shape of a ripe pair of breasts. More foam rose out of the top and grew into the slender oval of a head. The foam was forming into the shape of a pretty young woman right in front of him.

The body of foam floated forward and around Bentley's erect cock. He moaned with pleasure as the foam surrounded him. Inside there was a crackling sensation like miniature explosions of pleasure as the bubbles burst against his skin. Bentley erupted in orgasm and felt his sperm drawn away from him and into the centre of the foam.

A girl was solidifying on top of him.

At first there were piles of soap suds in the shape of a young woman; then there was a young woman lathered from head to foot in a thick layer of soap suds. Slender arms emerged from the lather. She reached up and brushed it from her face to reveal a strikingly beautiful young woman with high cheekbones, full sensual lips and sparkling blue eyes. She pursed those full lips into a luscious pout.

"Yes, give me form," she whispered.

Wow. A goddess had appeared right in Bentley's bathtub, right on top of him. Was there some kind of hallucinogen amongst the 'special' ingredients? If it was going to keep sending him these visions then Bentley didn't care.

Long blonde hair covered in creamy clots of lather cascaded down her back. She brushed the foam away from her chest to reveal two perfectly round pink breasts. Her dusky nipples stood erect.

"What are you?" Bentley asked in awe.

"I'm for you," the girl replied. "I've been summoned to relax and pleasure you."

She lifted her body up out of the water above him. A lot of her flesh was still hidden behind a layer of white foam, but Bentley could clearly see the raised mound of her mons and the hairless labia of her pussy beneath it. She lowered her upper body down on him until her sensual lips brushed first his chin and then fluttered along the line of his jaw.

"Are you relaxed," the nymph whispered softly in his ear.

She sat astride him with her knees tucked down on either side of his body. He'd already cum twice, yet his cock was still erect and hard. He felt its head brush through a small globule of foam until it rested between the soft lips of her pussy.

"Does this give you pleasure," she murmured in his other ear.

She slowly sat down and drew his cock inside her.

It was heavenly. He felt his cock plunge into the waves of thick, creamy foam at her centre. His manhood was buried in a thick froth that moved against his skin like the softest, most delicate flesh. And the bubbles... each fizzing pop sent sparks of pleasure running down his cock.

She sat back up until she was upright above him. Water and bubbles of foam cascaded down from her ripe breasts. She looked down at him with bright blue eyes and a dirty little smile crossed her sensual lips. She lifted her hips and began to slowly rock up and down on top of him.

Within her Bentley's cock was buried in pillows of thick froth that slurped and fizzed against his skin. He could feel the beginnings of a third, even more massive orgasm, stirring within his body.

She sensed the tightening of his muscles that indicated his coming orgasm and gripped him tighter with her knees. She clamped her pussy right down on him until her labia were kissing the root of his cock.

"Yesss," she hissed. "Feed me. Give me form."

Bentley groaned as the orgasm peaked within him. His groin bucked, sending a wave of water cascading over the side of the bath, as he felt his balls and cock fire a great jet of sperm into her frothy centre. He felt an immediate response as he felt more foam boil up around his cock, becoming thicker and more solid.

That had to be it, Bentley thought. He was never much of a fast repeater and he'd cum three times already. He even felt a little dizzy, like he'd just run a long distance race with too little training.

"You like my foam don't you?" the girl said. Coquettishly she twirled a hand in the water, spinning a small float of foam.

"It's very relaxing," Bentley said. "And it... sort of... made you... I guess."

"Then we shall have more," the girl smiled mischievously.

Bentley felt a powerful suction around his cock. She was sucking the bathwater into her vagina he realised as he watched the water level drop.

The girl brought up her hands and played with her erect nipples. "You'll like this," she smiled.

She squeezed her breasts and gave a little sigh. Bentley felt her body contract above him and then it felt like his bath had become a real Jacuzzi as she forced the water back out of her vagina. Only it wasn't water anymore. It was foam, mountains and mountains of creamy white foam. It squirted out of her pussy in great waves until the bath was full and delicate little coalescences of bubbles spilled over the side and gently floated down onto the tiles.

The sensation of all her foam gushing out around his cock had been too much. Another massive orgasm shuddered through his body. The dizzy feeling grew and with it came a small amount of nausea. He felt like he'd just run a marathon.

"Whew baby, that's me done," Bentley said. "I think you've emptied me right out."

The foam surrounded him in a pleasantly warm cocoon. The soft bubbles slid against his skin like liquid silk. He felt more relaxed than he'd ever felt in his life.

"I think not lover," the girl replied, and her voice sounded lower and throatier.

There was an undercurrent to her voice that sent a sudden chill through Bentley.

"Can you feel it?" she whispered.

Inside her a strong reaction was taking place, triggered by his sperm. Her frothy centre was boiling up and he could feel thicker, creamier foam spilling out around his cock.

How was he still hard?

"The more cum you spurt in me the more foam my body produces and the more foam my body produces the more you'll want to cum in me."

She dabbed a small splash of foam on his nose.

"You'll keep cumming in me until there's nothing left of you."

Her blue eyes faded into two opaque white pools as she looked down on him.

Her cunt squeezed and a thick pillow of white foam rolled out over his stomach and legs. The foam squirted down between his legs and engulfed his balls in tingling pleasure. Cooing ecstatically the girl moved up and down, her lithe body slapping against his and driving more of the foam out across his body in waves.

In the heart of it Bentley felt his cock spurt again, pumping yet more sperm into her foamy centre. Greedily she received it and he felt her frothy insides begin to boil up again.

"What are you?" Bentley asked. He tried to will his body to move but his limbs gave no response. Her foam surrounded him in a tingling embrace. Where it touched him warmth sank into skin and relaxed his muscles to the point they could no longer move.

"I am Mistress's succubus," the girl replied. "You are the sacrifice that brings me into this world."

"Why me?" Bentley asked. He was paralysed. His body refused to obey his brain's commands. He could already feel the next orgasmic wave start to build inside him. "What did I do to deserve this?"

The succubus laughed. "Does the spider bother to answer the fly?"

She cupped hands to her breasts and Bentley watched as her nipples squirted dollops of creamy white froth into her palms.

"Do not fear. I will be gentle."

She laid her cream-filled hands on Bentley's chest and began to massage the soft substance into his nipples. It was indescribably pleasurable.

"Relax," the girl breathed. "My body is becoming accustomed to yours. The cream it produces will grow more pleasurable each time you release your seed inside me."

The wave broke and yet another orgasm ripped through Bentley's body. He felt his traitorous cock pump more of his sperm -- and precious energy -- into her ravenous vagina. The nausea and dizziness grew.

He was going to die and his body felt like it was receiving the most wonderful massage possible.

"Yessss. Feed me. Make me whole. In return I will fill your last moments with purest ecstasy."

She folded her body over his and through the foam until her breasts brushed against his chest. Her body convulsed and Bentley felt her breasts and pussy squirt thicker, creamier foam over his naked body.

Oh god, it felt so good. Every nerve in his skin sang with pleasure as it came into contact with his flesh.

His cock spurted more of his life away into the warm creamy centre of her body. While the surface of his body was enveloped in pleasure, inside he felt hollow and a cold chill started to seep into his bones.

"Yes, let it all out," the demon whispered in his ear.

Her body squirted more and more thick foam around Bentley's body until both of them were hidden behind a cloud of quivering white bubbles. Then, within her foam cocoon, the succubus began to feed in earnest, sucking every last drop of life from Bentley's cock as his body shuddered with one last, never-ending orgasm.


The full-bodied figure of a beautiful blonde girl, still covered in little patches of soapy lather, stood up in the bath and pulled out the plug. The water drained away until it revealed a ghastly reminder of her recent passion. At the bottom of the bathtub, swaying in the last dregs of draining bathwater, was the empty skin of Robert Bentley.

The succubus looked at it thoughtfully before carefully rolling it up and lifting it out of the tub.

Her mistress might be able to find a use for it, she thought.

She walked out of the bathroom. Behind her, caught in the air currents of the closing door, a small dollop of foam swirled in the air before lightly landing on cold white tiles.

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