tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBubbles In The Bathroom

Bubbles In The Bathroom


It had been a long hard day's work and I was exhausted. Working in the garden all day and night had worn me out and I was covered head to toe in dirt and plant bits. I walked in the side door of my cozy gray-sided house and started shedding my work clothes as I stepped from the small side office into the large kitchen.

Grabbing the hem of my green tank and pulling it up and over my head I tossed it into the laundry room. I walked into the bathroom on the other side of the kitchen and started some hot water running and poured some of my new SkinMilk foaming bath into the steaming tub. Heading back towards the laundry room and kicking my nasty and sweat soaked olive green shorts and even sweatier nasty panties into the laundry room. As I paced back towards the bathroom I thought I heard a sound in the living room, which wasn't comforting considering my naked and sweaty state. Grabbing a towel from the bathroom and wrapping it around me I eased towards the living room, stopping just shy of the doorway and listening intently.

I shrieked and jumped as a black shadow streaked past me towards her food bowl. Damn that cat!

"Louie what the Hell is the matter with you? You scared the shit out of me! You cannot be that damn hungry I've already fed your furry ass!" I shouted at my lovely black and white psycho cat.

"Here I am dirty and worn out from working all day and yet I still have to serve your Highness? Humph. When will you serve me?" Grrrr, I stooped over and ladled out yet another cupful of her kitty food and then remembered the running hot water.

"Oh, Shit! If that water has run over I'm throwing you in, Miss High and Mighty!"

Tripping over my towel on the way to the bathroom I almost had a heart attack when I saw the mounds of fluffy white bubbles dripping down the sides of the bathtub. Holy crap, I thought, now that's a lot of bubbles! The only sign that the tub held anything other than bubbles was the massive cloud of steam drifting about my head like a halo.

Letting out a sigh of relief I let the towel drop to the ground and reached up to my hair and began the horrid process of pulling it out of a rubber band.

Which is when the intruder who scared the cat into the kitchen in the first placed stepped into the bathroom behind me.

Letting out a half-shriek, half-gasp, trying to jerk my hands down, and trying to jump away didn't help. My fingers were still caught within the tight rubber band and the man just grabbed me about the waist and shoved me hard against the sink counter top. With the steam on the mirror I couldn't see anything but the bottom half of him pressing against me. I could see he was dressed in black and could feel his hard cock against my ass through his jeans. One of his hands grabbed mine on top of my head and squeezed my fingers hard and tight imprisoning them within the rubber band.

I could feel my heart beating wildly against my chest, the pain of the attack leaving me gasping for breath and slipping out short little bursts of panicked screams. His other hand had come down to my chest wrapping underneath my right tit and covering my left with his hand. When his fingers began to close on my nipple I started trying to shove back against him and tried to jerk my hands from my hair, but this only caused him to thrust against me harder and to push my head down towards the countertop shoving and turning it against the mirror allowing me to glimpse him out of the corner of my eyes. His fingers gripped my nipple so hard I cried out in pain and he ground his hips against my ass and he finally spoke to me.

"That's right you fucking cock tease, you already know how I like it," He grunted at me. "Keep struggling, I like it when you struggle."

I was gasping in pain and fear and my body was trembling from my struggles.

"Please," I sobbed, "Please don't hurt me!"

He pulled me back up to him twisting my head to the right and pulling at my hair painfully. I grunted and a few more pathetic sobs burst out, but I couldn't move if I wanted to. His mouth was right at my ear and with his every breath he sent a traitorous tremor down my body. His lips were touching my ear now and he let a small moan slip through his lips.

"Mmmm, I've been watching you for a while now," he said as his hips began a rhythm against my ass. "And I know you. I know you want this as much as I do. If you're good I'll let you fuck me." As those words coursed across my ear his hand matched the rhythm of his hips, the fingers still pinching my nipple.

"Ughh. Unhh. No! Please let me go, I won't tell anybody if you let me go! Please!" I cried, but my struggles only inflamed rhythm of his hips. "Please leave! I don't know you! I've never seen you before!"

His soft chuckle tickled my ear as his harsh breathing began to arouse me even as I struggled against his intrusion into my safe and secure world. "You want you're hands down, Cunt?" He asked as he shoved his knee between my bare legs causing my pussy lips to spread open.

In the moment I didn't answer he loosened his grip on my abused nipple and began to massage it gently. Breathlessly I tried to fight it, to not give in to this first demand, but my aching arms seemed to answer for me.


"Yes what, Cunt?" He moved his knee higher now, spreading my legs even further.

Oh god, what? Why is he doing this? I thought to myself, just don't think, do as he says or he'll hurt me even worse! "Yes, Sir!?"

Another sickening chuckle and he eased his hand off of mine reaching to his pocket he pulled out a knife and cut the rubber band from my hair and fingers. Allowing my arms to drop he slid his right arm lower over my body his fingers splayed out over my skin. My hair nearly black with the sweat and steam fell in a wavy mess to just below my shoulders. Looking in the mirror I could see us clearly now. My naked body pressed against his, my brown eyes wide with terror and something more. My chest was heaving and it looked like he was enjoying every movement. He was a couple inches taller than me with sandy blond hair and cold gray eyes.

"You are one nasty bitch. You know that Cunt?" He said as he shoved me forwards pulling his knee back.

I heard him unzip his jeans and when I looked into the mirror I saw his hands drop his pants. He was so close I felt him pull his cock out and I felt droplets of liquid hit my ass crack and drip down inside my thighs.

"Tell me you want it Cunt!"

His voice was huskier and his hands were all over my ass squeezing and pinching. Every touch disgusted me and yet I could feel my pussy tingling and my ass backing into him.

As he started to press forwards one hand on the back of my ass and the other gripping his cock and sliding it up and down my exposed pussy slit I couldn't help quivering each time he ran it over my clit. My nipples were tight, puckered and pressed against the cold countertop and my breath was heavy; exposing me and my want.

He laughed when he saw my face in the mirror. "Tell me Cunt," he demanded once more.

"Please!" I begged.

"Please FUCK ME!" I shouted and sobbed out at the same time he rammed his cock home.

"Ohhhhhhh! Oh God YES!"

He started raping my little pussy, fucking me harder and harder. I could hear my juices squishing and squirting out as his cock invaded me. Everytime he rammed into me my head got shoved against the mirror until my face was pressed against it and his thrusts quickened even more.

Pounding inside me I could hear his hips slapping my ass. Oh God, I thought, is he going to cum in me? Even as I thought that he started grunting both his hands gripping my hips so hard it hurt. Until he pulled out of me, my legs gave out and all that held me up was lying half on the counter. I thought he was done until he started to pull me back and let me sag to the ground, but his hands gripped my hair and pulled me towards the toilet.

I started to struggle again until he sat down on the toilet and forced my face onto his cock. I knew what was expected of me. And I knew that he would get his way no matter what so I took a tentative lick at his cock. For the first time I tasted my own pussy. My juices coated his dick and I found I wanted more. I wanted more pussy and more cock. My hunger took over and I began to suckle in earnest, letting my hands stroke his balls and any cock shaft my mouth and tongue couldn't reach. I started to bob my head up and down feeling the smooth skin sliding in and out of my mouth. When he put his hands on the back of my hand and started to fuck my face I knew he was going to cum in my mouth as he had my pussy. He started to cum and when he did his cock spurted in my mouth, down my throat until I gagged on it and it started squirting out of my mouth and all over my face. When he was done he made me lick his cock clean and pull his pants up and button them for him. He left me there on the floor my pussy and jaws aching, my body sore.

I crawled to the bathtub and slid my body into the heat of the water and letting the touch of the bubbles sooth my body. Closing my eyes I once again felt his touch on my nipples, his hips thrusting his cock in and out of me until I felt my pussy start to tremble and shake and squirt it's fluids into the mouths of the bubbles.

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