byEgmont Grigor©

This story is set in New Zealand with Kiwi spelling.

* * *


The screaming of Carolyn Orr brought her parents running to the bathroom. Hugely in tears she accused her younger brother Buck of pushing a finger up her ass.

"Oh Buck, how could you!" yelled his mother. "What were you two doing in the shower together?"

Buck, always quick, said, "Saving hot water."

"He was soaping me all over and then did that to me," Carolyn sobbed.

His mother, hugging Carolyn, snarled at him, "Out, out."

"No, fuck it. You take the weeping Miss Righteous out of here."

That was the opening his dad Roger was waiting for. "How dare you speak to your mother like that; how dare you sexually assault your sister," he said, slapping the left side of his son's face and as the other hand launched to slap the other cheek Buck sank a fist into his father's beer belly.

A wide-eyed look of surprise gripped Roger as he flew two feet back against the blue and white tiled wall and sank down on to his arse and vomited mostly beer.

"Your father, you've killed your father," Beryl Orr screamed.

"Dad, oh dad I love you," Carolyn yelled and pushed her mom aside to reach her father first.

"This is a fucking circus, I'm going to my room," declared Buck. He was ignored.

Buck had a nap and at 7:00 joined the family for dinner.

Danny his kid brother took a huge risk by whispering how far did Buck get his finger up Carolyn. Carolyn glared at Danny and if looks could kill he was a dead 15-year-old.

Beryl went to the head of the table, and with her hands resting on the shoulders of her white-faced husband said, "Buckley, your father and I have bad news for you. We want you to have dinner and then go to your room and pack and leave this house after breakfast in the morning and you are not to return, ever."

"Why? Why over-react because my old man can't take a punch?"

"Carolyn has confessed to us what you two have been doing over the past seven months and we find that totally revolting and unacceptable."

Buck looked surprised. "Carolyn, you and I made a pact we would never tell a soul?"

Carolyn looked at the tablecloth, ignoring him.

Danny asked, "Were you two fucking?"

"Go to your room Danny."

"No mom, I have a right to ask that question."

"You have no rights unless I say so," Beryl said, walking to the bench and picking up the wooden jam spoon.

Danny sat defiantly.

"You attempt to hit Danny with that mom and I'll take it off you and whack you with it."

Shocked Beryl said, "Roger, do something."

Roger muttered, "Sit down your stupid bitch and stop being provocative."

When Buck sat down everyone relaxed but ate in silence.

Buck then packed two bags and went out to the family room where everyone was watching TV.

"Drive me to the bus station dad, I'm leaving now."



"Go to hell."

"I will," said Carolyn. "Buck I was emotionally upset and just blurted it out."

Buck patted her on the butt and said, "I understand, you are a woman." He said to his mother and father, "You two go easy on Danny -- light discipline is okay but if I hear you have beaten him up I'll be back and break both of your arms."

"Danny's a little asshole, just like his big brother," Beryl said.

"Blame yourself mom. Danny and I inherited your aggression."

"Can I come to the station with you Buck?"

"Sure thing Danny. Is that okay mom?"

"Yes and now fuck off."

At the station Buck sent Danny off to buy him a girlie magazine.

"I'm sorry Buck, I'm responsible for all this."

"You are indeed Carolyn so learn from it... learn there are times when you just have to keep your mouth shut. The truth is I should have left home when I was twenty, but I was too comfortable and have wasted those five years in many ways. Look, I sent Danny to get that magazine for a purpose: I want you to teach him about sex, like you have done for me."

"But he's only fifteen?"

"You'll know when the time is right. Just as you did with me you'll catch him in your panties and bra. It's the moment requiring enlightenment."

"I'll think about it."

"Good girl. Now no matter what mom and dad say, I want you to invite me to your wedding."

"There is no wedding in sight."

"It will come Carolyn. You are a swell chick. Try to lighten up a bit and you'll be surprised the different that will make and remember guys who only want sex won't marry you. Look for guys who share your interests and have other things on their mind beside sex."

"You sound like my older brother and yet you are younger than me,"

"I look at the big picture, always the big picture sweetheart, that's why I'm leaving tonight rather than go in the morning. I have committed to doing it and what's the use of dragging it out?"

"Any more advice?"

"Yeah, three things: Ignore dad, try to get mom to become your friend and aim to be married by the time you turn thirty."


"You set yourself a target with plenty of time to see it happen. Make sure you keep in the right places where nice guys will notice you."

"Thank you my darling. Kiss me."

"Cripes Danny, that guy in the news stand shouldn't have sold you this hot one. Keep the change."

"I assured him I was eighteen and offered to go to my car to get my driver's license for ID."

"Good one buddy, and try not to be a smart-ass with mom. She's still capable of killing you. Use to brain to out-smart her and make sure she doesn't notice. If she barks at you just say yes mom; that's the only thing she wants to hear."

"Yes Buck."

Buck grinned. "You're a fucking quick learner buddy. If I want something from you guys I'll contact grandma. Danny of I can land a decent job and settle in I'll eventually send you some money to come and stay with me during the school holidays buddy."

"Mom won't let me."

"Danny, use your scone. You'll be off to stay with grandma, won't you?"

"Oh yeah. With your brain I have no worries about you Buck."

Buck turned away and brushed something from his eye.

"Right, you two fuck off. A bus will be here soon. I don't want mom screaming at you for taking too long."

No one had asked where Buck was going. He wouldn't have told them anyway. He'd caught a northbound InterCity bus and arriving in Auckland called Aunt Maggie, the younger sister that his mother despised. Aunt Maggie had always sent Beryl's children birthday presents from the day they were born and as the children aged the presents became more sophisticated and more expensive and cut off when the niece and nephews reached fifteen, an arbitrary figure that she'd decided without explanation.

"It's Maggie."


"Buck who? It's not a common name."

"Buck from Hamilton Aunt Maggie."

"Oh Buck, darling. Are you in trouble?"

"Yes, in a manner of speaking. Your sister has thrown me out of her house for sexually interfering with my sister and because when my dad hit me I hit him back."

"Oh Buck."

"Is that a sympathetic comment?"

"Oh my, your voice is deeper and by that comment you appeared to have matured. Are you wanting a bed and some loving?"

"What level of loving?"

"Buck, steady on. I am your aunt. I'll send Donald for you. Where are you?"

"At the Sky City Coach Terminal in Hobson St."

"Oh darling, it's just a 10-minute walk down to our apartment in the Viaduct Basin. Would you like to walk to us -- I'll give you directions?"

Donald would be a girly guy. Maggie had been married twice and had a few other guys besides. She picked guys who'd fawn over her. Buck had stayed with her when he was eighteen waiting to go to university to study business management. She was between guys at the time and was bored. One night she got him almost drunk and jerked him off, using her tits as well, and when he finally blew Buck found it difficult to believe how far he shot two streams over her head and then half covered her tits with cum. 'Oooh my big boy', she'd cooed, but she wouldn't allow him to stick it into her. She managed a limo hire service and had shares in the company.

He knocked at the door to the swanky apartment. She answered and her eyes widened in surprise and she said, "Ohmigod."

"It's your nephew," the 25-year-old said and his aunt, only nine years his senior, said, "I know and just look at you."

Buck felt his zip, but it was done up and looked down and found no sign of food on his shirt so asked what she meant.

"You've grown into a hunk, that's what."

Donald was knitting for fuck sake and his hand was like a wet fish when they shook hands at Maggie's introduction.

"Donald is a city planner and is knitting me a skirt to my design."

"Oh yeah," offered Buck and Maggie asked to be more forthcoming.

Buck looked at the tits he'd cum over all those years ago and thought he'd like a repeat performance. Perhaps he might get that if he were nice to Donald.

"Oh that is most interesting Donald and holding down a job like that and knitting to design. You must by a guy of many talents?"

Donald checked to assess Buck's expression and then accepting the comments as genuine said, "That is lovely of you to say that Buck."

Buck thought 'lovely'? There was no way he'd bend down in front of Donald!

Sun was streaming into his tiny bedroom next morning when Maggie walked in completely nude.

"It's the first time you've seen me like this if I recall correctly," Maggie said, climbing in against him. She reached between his legs and began coaxing his cock to operational readiness.

"Yeah, nice tits."

"Oh thank you my eloquent young man."

Maggie played around until she had him sexually excited and then turned around on him, lifted a leg into the air and said, "Take me."

"Um, which hole?"

She giggled and said he was not having her arse until he earned it.

Buck gave her what he'd call 'a right royal bollocking' and when they came off their highs he asked, "How was that?" and felt a little like strangling the bitch when she said, "Not too bad; you have much to learn."

"Teach me, please."


Three times a day for five days they were at it and quite a big of useful tutoring was delivered.

During the midday fuck on Friday Maggie said casually, "Donald would like you gone before midday tomorrow. He thinks you've been here long enough and he suspects you are fucking me."

"Can't you talk him around?"

"He found condoms in the bathroom trash can. He doesn't use them and he owns half the apartment."


"I've arranged for you to stay with my ex-father-in-law, the first one. He might even offer you a job if you shape up well."

"Is he married?"


"Is he gay?"

"You have to be joking. I'll take you around after dinner so pack your things."

"So you don't want me to stay?"

"It doesn't matter to me either way. I've loved fucking my sister's son, knowing it would really send her crazy if she knew, but Donald wants you out and my first loyalty is with him. He shaves me two or three times a week and does my nails and talks to me intellectually. Once you've gotten what you want you just grunt at me and talk about things that interest you."

"I'll never be a Casanova will I?"

"No but don't worry. You'll find a woman who thinks you play her tune."

"I want to thank you Maggie for putting me up for six days and for being so patient and understanding and particularly for being so friendly. You are a wonderful woman."

"Darling, you said that so beautifully. Thank you."

Bushy eyebrow Frank Rossford looked a fairly tough guy but his manner was pleasant. After Maggie departed Buck said, "This is kind of you and it came out of the blue."

"I see Maggie once a week for lunch. She mentioned you had a business degree. Did you fuck her?"

Buck hesitated. What a thing to ask a guest! Perhaps he should answer carefully.

"To answer that question outright could be embarrassing for Maggie?"

Frank grinned and said well answered. "Adding to what Maggie has said, it tells me you have some depth to you rather than being just another young 'taker' as so many youngsters are today. You may stay here for up to a month but if I'm bring a woman home I want you out of here until midnight although there is one woman who wants to meet you because she needs a guy like you to date her daughter who's recently arrived back after working in London for five years."

"I only date good looking women."

"I can assure you she looks good."

"I think there's something about this, perhaps a connection between you and this woman returning home?"

"When I want you to speculate I'll invite you to do so."

"Okay, keep your shirt on." Buck asked was sort of business did Frank operated.

"I own the Meridian Holiday Apartments built on the site of one of the old wharves that became obsolete with the introduction and growth of container shipping. That newer development is half a mile east of my apartments."

"How many apartments?"

"Two hundred and sixty comprising 120 2-bed, 90 4-bed and 50 6-bed units."

That's impressive -- 900 beds at say $150 a night including breakfast that's $135,000 gross a night."

"I think I remember doing that exact figuring when I first thought of going ahead with the project -- er, the bank and me. Trouble is we've never been much more than half full on any night since we opened eight months ago."

"Well there are two answers to that, actually three. Either you fouled up on the design and marketing is misfiring or it could be a combination of both."

"You're confident of yourself for someone not long out of university."

"We were taught to analyse, find solutions and be confident."

"And to charge big fees."

Buck grinned. "It's no use me lying to you as you fuck my aunt so know about me."

Frank smiled and made no denial.

"I've had trouble finding a permanent position. Apparently I don't interview well and at my young age half the prospective employers expected me to have had 10 years' experience."

"That's a polite way of saying bugger off."

"Yeah. It's occurred to me I need to make my breakthrough by teaming up with someone like you Frank. You have rough edges too."

"You are a cheeky sod. Those employers or HR people interviewing you must have sensed that or you didn't bother hiding it. Let's go over the road to my favourite bar."

A number of people greeted Frank as he walked to the end of the bar. A barmaid said hi warmly and scarcely looked at Buck.

"Lora this is my friend Buck."


"Having a bad day Lora?" Buck asked. She flashed a look and perhaps noting he looked sympathetic said. "My husband is having an affair."

"Hmmm. That's difficult. Have you asked him why?"

"I don't have to. It's because I work at till 11:00 at nights."

Buck said, "Talk to him about it. Tell him you are working your guts out to bring in extra money and for what?"

"What do you think Frank?"

"Unless you two talk about it nothing is going to change and even then nothing may change. But at least you gave him a chance before you dumped him should that happen."

"I don't want him to go."

Buck said, "Then talk to him and no shouting. The best time for that is right after he'd had a piece of you."

"You're all right, you know that Buck. May I buy you guys your first beer?"

When Lora walked away Frank said, "You know you probably have screwed up Lora's marriage?"

"Excuse me, but what was happening before she began talking to me about it?"

"Um... Oh I get you. She was thinking her marriage was screwed."

"Right Frank, for an older guy you are not so dumb."

Frank sank some beer. "You just could be the answer to my business problem."

"Oh yeah, and how do you figure that?"

"Your mind comes in from the left field."

"You mean I think laterally?"

"Yeah. I bet you've even figured out about my illegitimate daughter."

"The homecoming girl?"


"Do you have other kids Frank?"


Buck said, "Jesus."

"Maggie thinks a lot like you. She told me you were my best chance with Capri -- her name is Capri Cameron. I sleep with her mom sometimes. A month after Capri left for London her mom got pissed at a party we were attending. She was missing Capri and I said something like did it really matter. She burst into tears and said she was really missing her and I would miss her too if I got it into my thick head Capri was also my daughter. She then went to pieces when she realized what she'd just said and we finally got it sorted."

"Does Capri know?"


"That makes it difficult. Does Capri know you?"


"Ah, that's something we have going for us."

Frank, a great cook, set another place for dinner and obviously was waiting for Buck to say something. Buck took the salt and pepper to the table and the tray of sauce bottles that bachelors tend to have as part of standard setting and said nothing. Frank asked him to set three wineglasses, with emphasis on three.

Still no comment.

Frank finally roared, "Aren't you going to ask who's coming to dinner?"


"Well who is it?"

"It doesn't require rocket science Frank -- it's Capri's mother."

Frank snorted how the hell could Buck enjoy surprises when he had a mind like he said and snorted again when Buck asked what was so great about surprises.

"Honey, this is Buck Orr I've told you about."

"Hi Buck."

"Hi Honey."

Frank looked confused and the visitor smiled, almost giggled, and said her name was actually Sally -- Sally Cameron."

"I told you that," Frank huffed.

Sally read Buck's face and said, "He hadn't told you my name had he?"

"No and please excuse him; he's uncharacteristically nervous. Are you married to someone else?"


"Oh god," Frank whined.

"I'm looking forward to meeting Capri. I gather you want me to treat her softly, supportively and not touch her."

Sally looked surprised. "Did Frank tell you that?"

"No, all he said was it was necessary for you to approve of me."

"And you worked out the rest?"

Buck scratched an ear and muttered what else was there to think?

Sally, being female, didn't back off. "And what else have you thought about this situation?"

"That Frank's been holding out on me. He wants to place Capri in his holiday apartments business -- I would think Capri is a marketing specialist -- and he wants me there in some role to reveal to Capri at the right time the relationship between you two and Capri."

It was difficult to tell who's jaw had dropped the lowest; probably Sally's.

There was silence so Buck fetched the bottle of white wine. The other two stared at him as he poured until Sally recovered and said conversationally, "Tell me about yourself Buck." That indicated to him that the inquisition was over.

As soon as they finished dinner Buck excused himself and said goodnight, that it had been lovely meeting Sally. She kissed him goodnight and said he was a very nice man with rough edged and laughed when he replied, "That's what all women say."

"You won't appeal romantically to my Capri."

"Does it matter?"

"I suppose not."

Buck grinned and looking at Frank said, "But Frank thinks it would be good if it happens?"

"Yes," she said and Frank slapped his forehead.

Buck went over the street to the bar. He was pleased to be told by Lora that she and her husband had had a big fight followed by reconciliation and their relationship had taken a definite turn for the better. She said she was hopeful it would get even better as her husband was interested in her again.

She asked, "What is your advice now."

"Don't rush it. Facilitate but don't push it."

"Thanks. Have a beer on me."

Frank had waited up for Buck when he returned just after midnight.

"A good fuck?"

Frank skipped that provocation and said, "You pissed me off when you revealed my master plan."

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not."

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