tagLoving WivesBucket List Boning Ch. 02

Bucket List Boning Ch. 02


Recall Jonette and I had dated for three years and lived together for two years. About nine months ago we began discussing marriage and our future. I am 31, once divorced and having had several serious relationships and a short marriage, am convinced that Jonette is the one for me.

Jonette is a beautiful, bright, warm 26 year old woman of Swedish and German heritage. She has beautiful skin and soft flowing shoulder length wavy hair, greenish eyes, and a sweet girl next door smile. She is charming with a good sense of humor, eager, curious, determined, hard working, and fun to be around. While not a "life-of-the party" personality, she is comfortable around most anyone and well liked. With a well toned 5'-4", 123 pounds body shaped into a delightful 34C, 25, 36 inch figure she is also veerrry nice to look at. I could easily see myself growing old with Jonette.

Jonette had one prior serous relationship but has pretty much been my special project over the past few years as she has learned to enjoy a full and active sex life. We've tried all the positions, every room in the apartment and a few at our places at work, a little porn, some toys, and my favorite -- photographing her in her growing wardrobe of sexy lingerie and outfits. Jonette has been an outstanding "student", learning with enthusiasm and outgrowing the narrow image of what constitutes an intimate relationship that she grew up with. We are very compatible in the bedroom and out.

Several weeks ago we were watching the Bucket List movie on cable and began talking about things we wanted to do in our lives. One thing led to another and after several months we ended up on a fascinating journey to fulfill a sexual experience bucket list for Jonette before our planned wedding.

The first experience, reported in "Bucket List Boning" involved her seducing a shy young man.

The experience was fun for her and gave her a boost in self confidence as well as fun memory. The young man had obviously enjoyed the experience and had sent Jonette a beautiful huge bouquet of roses and a nice thank you note for the "experience". Jonette enjoyed both the sex and the experience of being lusted after and the teacher in the sexual relationship. And the best news - it didn't create any emotional hang ups.

Two bucket list items remained:

2. Give in to a lustful urge and satisfy yourself with a hot jock, and,

3. Submit to a weekend of entertaining a wealthy businessman.

Jonette had mentioned she had an idea for item two, satisfy yourself with a hot jock. One of the trainers at her gym would be moving back to Brazil in a couple of weeks to take care of the family business. He had been hitting on her at the gym for months and she did find him physically attractive though too arrogant and superficial to enjoy his company much. She thought a little going away present in the form of a romp in the sack would be a good plan for item two. But she was nervous as he was quite physically intimidating and had a reputation as a very successful Don Juan.

Nothing much was said about the bucket list for the next week as things reverted back to normal. In the mean time I was contemplating how I could arrange for the third item over the next several weeks. Finally as the time till Hector's departure to Brazil got closer I asked Jonette if she was still thinking of bedding Hector for his going away present.

She gave me her coy smile and said, "Yes, still thinking about it. He has continued to flirt and tease me about being a good girl who was afraid to have a little fun. Maybe he is right. It would be fun to surprise him and give in to his advances, but I've also thought about pretending to be interested and then leaving him high and dry."

I said, "Next time he teases you, grab his package with one hand and tell him you can't sleep with him unless his cock is at least half as big as his ego. Keep your hand on him then tell him he could stop by the apartment after work to see if he measures up. Then maybe he can get his going away present. And remind him to bring a box of condoms."

Jonette grinned and her aroused nipples were clearly visible through her bra and blouse. I said, "It's obvious that he excites you so go for it and have a little fun as long as it's safe. Besides, you don't have many options as you need to get the bucket list completed in the next few months before the wedding."

Jonette looked a little flush from just thinking about it. I wasn't sure she would be aggressive enough to make it happen. Her natural demeanor was reserved. Grabbing some guys package was way out of character for her. I turned and said, "You might need to lose the sports bra and have a stiff drink before you go to the gym the next time."

Nothing else was said about the bucket list or Hector. The following Monday I got called out of town to meet a client and had Jonette take me to the airport Tuesday morning. It was the week that Hector was leaving and I was a little anxious about not being around. As Jonette dropped me off I gave her a particularly passionate kiss and told her to have fun. I had left a bottle of Sangria on the counter at home – a subtle reminder.

Tuesday evening I talked with Jonette and everything was routine. Wednesday was the same but Jonette mentioned she was going to the gym on Thursday. I called Thursday evening and Jonette giggled when she answered the phone. I asked if everything was ok and she said she was fine but had a few drinks at Hector's going away party at the gym so he was giving her a ride home.

"I can't talk now," she said. "Hector thinks he is going to get his going away present - he is trying to get his hand up my skirt while he drives. By love. I'll fill you in when I meet you at the airport tomorrow."

Needless to say, I was anxious for the next 24 hours. Jonette met me at curbside. We had only texted short notes so I had no idea what had happened. After I loaded my luggage and kissed and hugged Jonette – she looked great with a big warm smile and passionate kiss – we headed off. My first and only words for the next 20 minutes were, "Well, tell me about it."

Jonette handed me a piece of paper which I quickly recognized as the bucket list I had prepared months ago. Item two was checked off. I had presumed as much but was anxious to hear the details. Jonette started the story.

"I took your advice and had a glass of wine before going to the gym on Thursday. It was late afternoon and Hector was there and quickly told me it was his last day and that there was a little party from 8 till closing and he hoped I would be coming. He then proceeded with his usual complements of my body and suggestive comments noting how I was running out of time to have a little fling before he left. He proceeded to tease me about being a goody-two-shoes who was afraid to have some fun. As I neared the end of my workout he returned and continued the teasing. It was then that I took your advice and with my right hand grabbed his crotch very firmly. Fortunately we were out of sight of other folks. I got a hand full of balls and cock and squeezed it as I issued your challenge, "My fiancé won't let me fool around with anyone whose ego is bigger than his cock."

You should have seen the look on his face. He was completely taken aback and momentarily silenced. I continued, "If you want your going away present from me you need to come to my place after your party – and bring a box of condoms." Hector stood motionless but I could feel his cock hardening as I continued to hold it. I finally let go, smiled, and walked to the next machine to finish my workout. Hector finally relaxed and walked away.

I headed home to clean up and have dinner before stopping back at the party. The gym was closed early and there was about twenty of us, several staff member and some regular customers who visited over drinks and appetizers. I had a couple of drinks and enjoyed the group. Hector was very friendly and gracious thanking me for coming to the party. After awhile many of the folks headed off and it was about time to head out. Hector asked me to help him carry some of the food to the kitchen area. As soon as we were behind closed doors he gently grabbed me and pinned me against the door. With his right hand he grabbed my breast and said, "If you were serious this afternoon I'd be delighted to take you home. If you weren't serious, I'm just fondling you to get even." Then he kissed me and placed his other hand on my ass to pull me even closer. He was a good kisser and being held in his massive arms was exciting.

If we hadn't heard voices coming I don't know what would have happened at the gym. We quickly gathered our things and headed out. I don't know if Hector was nervous about me driving after a couple of drinks or if he was reluctant to let me out of his site for fear I would change my mind. I rode with him to our place. We were on the way when I got your call. Hector was driving with his left hand and had his right hand pawing me like a horny teenager. I was wearing my red miniskirt and he was trying to pull it up and get his hand up my skirt. It was so tight he didn't have much luck as I blocked his advances and shooed him away. When I took your call he quickly slipped his hand in my blouse and blatantly felt up my boobs as we drove down the street. By the time I hung up it was too late for any protests to have veracity. He had reached across my front and slipped his hand over my right boob and was softly rubbing my nipple gently through that white lace bra you like so much. When he realized I had quit protesting he withdrew his hand and at the next stoplight he leaned over and unbuttoned my blouse nearly to my waist to give him more freedom and a good view of my chest. My mind was racing as he continued his manipulations. Not content with the overflowing cleavage and skimpy bra, he slipped his hand inside the bra cup and continued his assault on my rock hard nipples. I placed my hand in his lap and was rubbing his crotch as we drove the last few blocks. I had all I could do to give him directions. Finally we pulled into the driveway.

Hector stopped the car and looked at me with a grin on his face and desire in his eyes. My blouse was apart and most of my right boob was pulled out of my bra. It's a good thing it was dark out. As he looked at me he asked if I really wanted him to come in. Before I could answer he asked what my fiancé would have said if knew some guy had his hand in my blouse playing with my boobs while we talked on the phone. I smiled and told him it was your idea for me to get a little experience before the wedding.

Hector grinned and said "Good, you've come to the right man!" then leaned over and gave me a quick kiss then proceeded to unhook my front-hook bra as we sat in the front seat of his pickup. As he sat staring at my boobs he said "Let's get those delicious things inside and have some fun." Leaving my bra cups dangling he buttoned up two buttons so we could get out of the truck and walk to the apartment. As we headed to the door I told him "No condoms, no pussy." At which point he quickly returned to the truck and grabbed a bag from under the seat.

Once in the house Hector wasted no time. He undid the remaining buttons and slipped off my blouse and bra in the living room. I was self conscious with the lights on standing there topless with my boobs and nipples swollen from his fondling. I offered Hector a drink. He declined and said he had other things in mind for his hands and mouth. Then he began kissing me. First gently on the lips, then with more passion as his tongue explored my mouth. I was running my hands over his chest and back as we continued. He is truly a massive specimen with huge arms and rippling muscles everywhere. I couldn't even reach all the way around him. He was wearing his usual skin tight black turtleneck top and black slacks to show off his physic. As the kissing continued his hands roamed over my shoulders, neck and back then proceeded down to my hips and butt. He felt me all over and held me to him tight enough that I could feel his growing cock pushing against my stomach. He soon found the hook and zipper on my skirt and wasted no time in undoing it. I had pulled his shirt part the way up and was undoing his belt. He broke his hug and peeled the tight skirt down over my hips. I was wearing those matching white sheer lace panties. He moaned his approval, complementing me on how my gym sessions had left me with a great figure. As he studied my body I motioned for him to lose the skirt and slacks. He smiled and stepped out of his slacks then pulled the tight turtleneck off revealing his hairless olive skinned body. He was wearing long legged briefs with a very obvious bulging pouch.

Jonette was driving home as she was telling me the story of her experience. I was listening attentively on pins and needles. As she was describing the bulge in Hector's shorts I was sporting my own bulge and gazing lustfully at the cleavage Jonette was showing off as she drove. She turned and asked me if I wanted her to continue. "Are you kidding me? Of course." I said.

She continued. Hector pulled me to him and moved toward the couch. He sat on the arm of the couch and pulled me to him steering my body so his mouth found my breast. He nuzzled his face in my breasts and covered them with kisses. His hands were all over my ass rubbing my small panties and feeling me everywhere. His mouth latched on one nipple and he kissed and sucked it more aggressively as he got even more excited. One hand slipped up the leg in the back of my panties and his fingers probed my crack and stretched from behind toward my warm pussy lips. I was panting and moaning as he kept up the pace for what seemed like ages. I was supporting myself by resting my hands on his shoulders and back. As he paused to catch his breath he slipped my now damp panties down my legs. He turned me slightly sideways and slid one hand up between my legs and placed his fingers on my pussy lips and began softly stroking. He quickly found my warm moist slit and had his finger dancing over my clit and between my pussy lips. For several minutes he gently teased my clit with the fingers of his right hand while his left hand danced from my lower legs to my shoulders with most of his time spent rubbing my ass cheeks.

Finally he announced, "You're ready." And he stood and removed his briefs. A rock hard cock popped into view. I was momentarily stunned – no not by its size – but by the fact that it was completely hairless. He had shaved his whole pubic area. It made him look bigger and I might note, quite attractive. He might be a tad longer than you but is definitely thinner. Hector laughed at my reaction to his bald package. He directed me to get him the condoms he had brought and in short order he was ready to go with a hot pink condom. His tender foreplay came to an abrupt end as he pulled me to the couch and positioned me on my back. He climbed between my legs then took the pink cock in his right hand and asked me if I was ready to be a naughty girl. I responded, "Fuck me you big hunk."

He squeezed my boobs briefly then positioned his cock between my pussy lips. A steady push and he was in to the hilt, grunting as our pubic bones met.

He nailed me in that position for what seemed like ages but in reality was only about 10 minutes. I was squirming and panting as he pounded away. I had been horny ever since you left and his impressive body and the naughtiness of having sex with him had me completely aroused. His muscles rippled as he pumped into me with the discipline of someone doing reps on a weight machine. He reached his hands around my ass and lifted me with ease as he pushed in deeper. His back arched and he drove in even deeper then exploded. I could feel him pulse several times as he pumped the condom full. He rested only briefly then pulled out. He quickly removed the loaded condom and tied it with the expertise of someone who had lots of practice.

He excused himself and inquired as to the whereabouts of the restroom while I laid naked and exhausted on the couch catching my breath. A few minutes later he returned. Still stark naked with a semi ridged cock bouncing as he walked across the room. He brought me a warm washrag and large towel and announced unceremoniously that he was going to fuck me from behind over the arm of the couch next. I told him that was fine but that he couldn't go home until I had a chance to ride him cowgirl style. Hector sat next to me and we resumed kissing and exploring each other naked bodies. He found that sensitive spot on my neck and took great pleasure in making me squirm as he nibbled my ear and neck. He's ticklish so I got him back a little until he finally grabbed me and laid me over the arm of the couch with my head on the cushion. He slipped on his condom, this time a blue one and playfully spanked my ass as he positioned between my legs. As he pushed his cock in he was chattering about how much fun it was to be fucking another man's fiancé. That theory about lasting longer the second time around didn't work. Hector was excited and came after about 20 thrusts.

That round ended with restroom trips for both of us. I turned on some music and fixed us each a drink and we sat and visited about his move and our wedding plans. It was a little after midnight. I excused myself and went to the bedroom. I wanted to get a comforter and decided to put on some sexy lingerie to set the mood for round three. I chose that pink demi-cup bra, with matching garter belt, thong panties and black stockings. When I walked back in the living room Hector's eyes bulged. I spread the blanket on the floor and told Hector to lay down. I sat next to him and gently caressed his cock, gradually bringing it back to life. I don't know if it was my hand job or the fact that Hector was fondling my ass and breasts and feasting his eyes on the pink lingerie, but in any case he was at full mast in short order. I rolled on a black condom then stood next to him and slid down my panties. I straddled him and told him he was about to get fucked as I lower my pussy. I steered his cock into my pussy as I sat on him. I slowly rocked back and forth and up and down with occasional bounces to drive his cock even deeper. After about ten minutes of grinding I was getting close to coming. I took one of his hands and placed in on my breast then the other on the other breast. With one of my hands I began rubbing my clit. I closed my eyes and arched by back getting very close. Hector had pulled both tits from the bra cups and was massaging my nipples. Then I erupted in a delicious screaming orgasm as I thrust on Hector's cock. As I squealed in pleasure Hector bucked then pumped the black condom full of his cream.

Jonette went quiet. I asked, "Then what happened?" She smiled at me and said Hector thanked her for the good fuck, got dressed and let himself out.

She then said, "I went to bed fully satisfied sexually but missing you by my side. When I woke up this morning I checked the second item off the bucket list, picked up the house and went to work. So how was your trip?"

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